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My Intro and question. What really is considered education?

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posted on May, 10 2011 @ 08:40 AM
Long time lurker (Is that the right word?), first time poster. I have commented in the past but have pondered what my first thread would be. Well, here it is.

I am always being told, “You need to stop changing your major! At least get a degree.” In return, I always ask them, “Why? I love learning and I go where my mind takes me”. I dropped out of High School, joined the Military and have not stopped going to school since. Now retired and living comfortably, next to debt free and still attending class.

I see a course that looks interesting and take it. Art, labor related courses like welding and plumbing, History, PoliSci, Computing…heck, even Meditation. All of my classes I attend are bought and paid for right up front. I do each class/course separately when I can afford it and do not take another until it is finished. I have not used my GI bill as yet and will probably do so when I settle on a major.

I say, College does not necessarily equal knowledge. Some (not all) of the folk I hang with are nearing or have their PhD or Masters. Yet they constantly display ignorance concerning life without even realizing it. Many would burn water attempting to cook, can’t build a simple storage shelf in their house and almost to a tee, will look at someone and make an immediate assumption about that individual. They’re annoyed that a plumber or electrician makes more than they do.

One guy I knew made six figures as an IT manager. When the economy took a turn for the worst back in 2001, he was laid off. He refused to take a job that paid less than what he was making before. I had done many odd jobs for him on house his and car, we hung out on the weekends, BBQ’ed, drank beer and talked sports, politics and of course, girls. ;-) One day he was having problems with his laptop and the problem sounded familiar so I asked if I could look at it. He agreed, but you could definitely see the look of, “Yea, right…you? Fix my computer?” on his face. Now mind you, I consider myself a Neanderthal when it comes to computers. (Use the edge of the laptop when driving tent stakes, not flat. It’ll last longer that way. Anyways, I went to the help tab, typed the problem in search and viola! Fixed. The guys mind was so in the weeds that he failed to look for an easy answer first and work from there. He was impressed (Why? I really didn’t do anything special) I looked at him and asked him how his job search was going? He ranted about how no one was willing to pay him what he was worth. He had a degree after all. I then asked him what additional schooling he had done to update his resume. He looked dumbfounded and said…”I have a degree, what don’t you understand?” Three years later and a depleted bank account, he eventually took a job that pays half of what he made, and still moans about it. His moaning about how he got screwed over became so much that I rarely see him anymore, and when I do, it’s still ongoing. Oh…and he still hasn’t updated his educational resume. Last I heard, his wife left him as well. So much for the entitlement mentality.

I run into people like this all the time. Clueless people, who think a degree is the end all, be all. But when it comes to life, they are a box of rocks. Supposedly “smart” people with a buttload of debt. I will admit that there are a few who are well rounded common sense individuals, and they definitely have my utmost respect.

I guess my question actually boils down too...What is knowledge?

My quick summery of knowledge is information that you can use to have a effect on something or someone.

I could go on forever, but am actually curious as to what your opinion is on this subject.

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posted on May, 10 2011 @ 08:45 AM
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