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Stargate Universe - Sad reports - Is Pirating the cause of lost ratings??

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posted on May, 18 2011 @ 08:31 PM
Loved the show...hate syfy for pissin about moving the episode days around seriously messed up the viewers kinda hard to watch when you dont know the day its on isnt it ffs.

And for people around the world its the exact same thing AND if its on in canada or USA first and your really anxious to watch the new eps your going to download them aint u i mean cmon why cant they show it same day around the world?

posted on May, 19 2011 @ 08:56 AM

Originally posted by Havick007
reply to post by badw0lf

Because if people download it online it had a negative affect on the networks that try to promote it. They dont have the ratings to match advertising needs.

Why would i watch it on TV wheh i can watch it online with no adds???

If the network loses viewers they lose audience that can view advertising which makes the show not cost effective....

It's all about profit...

It doesn't seem that people are understanding something, that another poster already pointed out.

Ratings are calculated by boxes in CERTAIN (meaning, not ALL, not even MOST) people's homes. These boxes basically record what you are watching, so they can calculate the ratings.

It doesn't matter if 90% of the people in the country don't watch a show, if the people with the boxes watch it, it will APPEAR to be a popular show. It doesn't matter how many people actually watch it, it matters what CERTAIN people are watching.

If you have the box, then you already have cable, yes? So why are you downloading it? You're not. So the downloading of shows doesn't affect TV ratings, it's just ridiculous to think it does.

I thought it was terrible to be honest, I loved SG1 and Atlantis was decent, but I couldn't stand Universe. I hated all the characters, the premise actually was cool but they executed it terribly. They could have turned the show into a Star Trek The Next Generation type show, which probably would have been extremely popular. But no, like someone else said, it turned into a soap opera in space. Just awful. That's most likely why the show was canceled.

Illegal downloading gets blamed for hurting ratings and movie sales for one reason, it's becoming very rare for movie companies and TV networks to actually make a GOOD movie or show. They are pumping out more and more crap that nobody would waste money on. They might download it, but even if they didn't download it, they wouldn't go see it anyway, so it's not hurting anything.

If bands would put out DECENT music, and studios would make DECENT movies, and networks would produce DECENT shows, then it wouldn't be such an issue. But they all make 95% crap, then piss and moan when people don't buy it, and blame illegal downloading.

Another thing, like the guy in the video mentions, how is this any different than just sharing something? If you rent a movie, and let a few friends borrow it, or play the movie while you have 10 people over, are you "stealing" and hurting their profits? No. Just like file sharing isn't doing that. Look at Metallica, they started complaining about illegal downloading. Why? because they started making REALLY crappy music that nobody wanted to buy anymore.

posted on May, 25 2011 @ 12:33 PM
I bet it got pirated because the show sucked, and people were afraid to waste money. Also the plot only fleshes out the know Stargate universe so, it's better off a another series of stargate.

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