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My concerns about the Kerry Edwards ticket

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posted on Aug, 1 2004 @ 04:16 AM
If you are in the millitary than vote for a president who wont lie and send you for resons that are not just. Like oil profits. Cutting the pay also sucks if you serve full time. being stationed in Iraq were people hate you and wish you gone.
For what? If we wanted saddam hussein dead pay for Iraqi freedom fighters to over throw him. we know how! But no Bush and friends are greedy fools. Bush has not made America safer. I don't understand those who wish for Bush to be reelected over haveing kerry. Rudy Gulliani loves Bush. bush was a sleep at the wheel against terrorism. reading a childs book in elementary school. valuable seconds ticked away...... He just sat there. Hum what a lame duck. I am not a Democrate or Republican. I am a Patriot, simple as that.

posted on Aug, 1 2004 @ 04:53 AM
Well, Edgar, I have to disagree. Replacing Bush with the Kerry/Edwards ticket may not be the answer to what you are seeking.

As a regged 'Unaffiliated' I have choices. One choice is to determine who is lying and just selling themselves. Look at the Dem party and see the suggestions I have. What does the Kerry party have that the Bush party hasnt? Truth's? Experience? Justification?

posted on Aug, 1 2004 @ 10:18 AM
donguillermo, you have a real hate inside of you. If you are unable to debate a subject without attacking someone personally then maybe you should not post on this forum. If you are unable to prove your point with facts then do not take it out on the person with a differing opinion than your own.

Zell Miller a Democrat from Georgia just said on meet the press that he wants George Bush for President.

Kerry said he was going to double special forces and raise the military by 40,000 troops but he was not going to send them to Iraq. What is he going to do with them then?

Edwards said before he became part of the Kerry ticket that he would go it alone without UN approval and without support from other nations to war with Iraq.

We know Iraq had WMD because we sold it to IraqKerry was clearly a hawk for war against saddam in the 90's and up untill the war went sour.

I do not want a commander in chief that lied about the troops actions in vietnam. I have talked to vets from nam that served around the same time as kerry and they refute how kerry characterized them as baby killers and rapists.

Kerry is just the wrong man for the job.


posted on Aug, 1 2004 @ 01:01 PM
Kerry has stated many times that he was firmly behind every action made during the Clinton years, 8 years of prosperity, peace and respect for America by our allies and enemies alike.

During those 8 years the deficit was almost completely eliminated, the American economy was the best it has been in over 30 years.
For most average Americans their annual income increased by an average of 6% per year, 2.5 million jobs were created in 8 years of the Clinton administration.

In contrast, shrubs whitehouse has, in just 3.5 years, created the largest deficit spending EVER in American history, supassing the previous record holders, Reagan/Bush1 which took 12 years to create. shrub has nearly tripled uncle Ronnie and daddys mess in one-fourth of the time!!! Americans have watched as their jobs and careers were shipped to foriegn shores, while their companies recieved nice fat tax breaks from shrub, just for screwing nearly 6 million American workers!! Most middle class Americans, still lucky enough to have a job, have had their wages stagnated by wage freezes and wage cuts (I myself, still one of the lucky ones to remain employed, have not recieved a wage increase for all 4 years of the shrub regime).

The military was upgraded, modernized and equipped with the best technology available. If anyone refutes that just look at how the US forces knived through the Iraqi war machine looking for the non-existant WMD's.
YES, that was Clintons military that shrub directed or misdirected at Iraq, rather than staying on focus in Afghanistan looking for the real terrorist.

Under shrub the armed forces have been stretched beyond its capacity, been forced into multiple war-front fighting and have been sent into harms way ill equipped, unsupplied and under-fed!!! Over 1000 American Soldiers & Marines have been killed for the corporate whores who pilfer the Iraqi oil fields and the American treasury, sucking the tax payers dollars away that should be spent to protect our armed forces, not to pay the haliburtons and bechtal corporate scumbags who are raping the American treasury for over $200 billion so far!!

On terror, the Clinton whitehouse stopped no less that 5 terrorist attacks, including the newyears millinium plot and tunnel attackers. So far shrub and his crooks have ignored the urgings of the Clinton folks during the transition in 2000 and the American people paid for that with the lives of over 3000 people on 9-11 and with the lives of over a thousand military men and women in Iraq & Afghanistan!!!

Oil for blood, peace for war, American tax dollars for corporate profiteers?

Have you had enough of this sharade?

If you are not outraged you are obviously not paying attention or you are a billionaire friend of shrubs who has profitted from this farce you call a presidency!!!

America deserves better!!!

Help is on the way!!

Take back America from the crooks who are fleecing America!!


Kerry - Edwards in November!!!

posted on Aug, 1 2004 @ 02:41 PM
ra, are you kidding me? i counted at least 3 things in your statement that cna be contradicted. just for example, the 9/11 commission has stated the foiling the of the millenium terrorists attack was done more by luck then expertise. in any case, the very fact that you only refer to the president as shrub throughout your entire statement speaks amounts to just how much bias you have. i'm willing to bet you're one of the people that never even gave bush a chance, that's been belittling him from day one.

posted on Aug, 1 2004 @ 05:10 PM
Ra, why do you compare Clinton with Bush? Isnt the election Bush against Kerry?

Alan Greenspan raised interest rates in 2000 which in part caused the recession which began somewhere around late 2000 or early 2001. As far as tax cuts for companies with overseas operations, that was legislated in the past (maybe voted for by Kerry) with the intent to expand American companies operations and influences around the world to help counter the Soviets during the cold war. The saying was something similar to no country ever attacked us that have a McDonalds. Kerrys campaign has admitted to outsourcing some of its work to India because they do it cheaper.

Sorry about you not getting a raise for the last 4 years. I took an 11,000-dollar pay cut because of the economy. I did not and you cannot blame the economy on Bush. When he took office we were in a recession. We were then hit by 9-11, the corporate accounting scandals and now high oil prices. I hear people attacking Bush on the economy saying that it is his entire fault; I can only explain their position by their lack of intelligence and or ignorance. High deficit spending is a bad thing but we are at war and sometimes the government has to spend money to get the economy going after such shocks to the economy listed above.

You say the military was modernized and equipped with the best technology, which led to a quick victory and then say it was sent to Iraq under equipped. Keep talking your starting to sound like your candidate.

You talk about Clinton and terrorism let me ask you why was nothing done when the twin towers were hit the first time or when our embassies were bombed or when the USS Cole was hit. What about the fact that Al Qaeda declared war on us. With all of that and the 5 attempts you noted why did Clinton not do more? Kerry was in the Senate why did he not raise his voice about the threat. Kerry did nothing then about Al Qaeda and did nothing about outsourcing, which was going strong in the 90,s.

Ra, your arguments are weak at best and are most likely a knee jerk reaction to your economic condition and not sound reasoning.

posted on Aug, 1 2004 @ 06:57 PM
Just curious, are those spending/deficit figures corrected for inflation?

I dont blame Bush for how much money I do or dont make. It is great that we prospered under Clinton, but I think we were on a downward trend about the time he was getting out of office or shortly thereafter. If you insist on blaming someone I would recommend the cowards that killed ~3000 innocent civilians by flying airplanes into the middle of a crowded city.

Our intelligence is not perfect, and the same thing could have happened under a Democrat or Republican. Bush had the whole thing dumped in his lap early in his term and has had to spend the rest of it sorting things out. Its easy to second guess someone and hit a nerve with the public when our soldiers are overseas getting killed. But Bush is privy to a lot of information that the public, Kerry included, isnt, and I believe that taking Saddam out of power was the right thing to do.

posted on Aug, 2 2004 @ 02:39 AM
I have concerns about Kerry's social programs, especially national healthcare. I have much more grave concerns of GW Bush's gravitation to a police state.

Most of the military systems you list I don't know, but the Patriot missle system is a laughable fraud. Even the latest version has perhaps a 10% kill rate. It is another pentagon money toilet.

The best evidence that we found supports between two and four intercepts out of 44, says Cirincione. About a 10 percent success rate.
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