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How To Stop Islamic Terrorism In One Easy Step

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posted on May, 3 2011 @ 10:00 PM
This thread was conceived as a result of a conversation I was having with another member in one of the 8,466 OBL death threads that was going absolutely nowhere. Actually, it did go somewhere - the HOAX forum.

I felt that this issue deserved a thread of it's own, as I see it as a simple yet effective way of preventing future Muslim terrorist attacks and insurgencies with NO loss of life. I'll kick it off with Judge_Holden's response to my comment immediately below:

You know what I think would have been fair? If I had my way, after OBL was tried, convicted, and executed, his remains should have been dumped into a pit in Shanksville where people could come have a picnic and dump their used bacon grease onto his rotting remains. - - originally posted by OldCorp

The Judge's reply, and my further observations continue...

Originally posted by Judge_Holden
reply to post by OldCorp

We both obviously feel very strongly about how the OBL situation could have been handled, and we both obviously agree that OBL was a scumbag who deserved to pay for his ruthless brutality he bestowed not only on America, but the world as well.

While I understand your position (that he should have been brought to trial), I think that it was both implausible (because of OBL's insistence on not surrendering) and potentially dangerous. Who is to say that terrorists/sympathizers would have taken American's hostage and threatened murder for exchange of OBL? I know it is a bit of a stretch and quite a scenario, but situations like these are quite possible with such a high profile prisoner. Also, wouldn't the threat of retaliation hold some serious weight? What about the endurance of his pathetic image? Don't you think his imprisonment (at least temporarily) would have been even more of a rallying point/badge of honor for other Islamic extremists?

I find it a bit ironic--though I understand the emotion this situation stirs about--that you talk about American standards, and how it is the American way to give him a fair trial, yet you go on to say you wish to see his corpse brutalized and defaced. Is that the American way?

Again, I respect your opinion, and I find your words refreshing compared to a lot of the nonsense and fluff that has been floating around the board ever since the announcement of his demise. I just disagree with it.

If we couch our actions for fear of the possibility of future terrorist attacks, then the terrorists have won: they have "terrorized us" into giving into their demands. I say TO HELL with their threats; we should do whatever is in our best national interest.

As far as desecrating OBL's body with porcine products, I would submit that this one single act would have served to PREVENT terrorist attacks in the future, thereby saving lives - "infidel" and Muslim alike. I'm specifically referencing the Sepoy Rebellion where Muslim soldiers serving in the Queen's army rebelled because the cartridges they were required to use by the British were greased with rendered pork fat. In the Muslim religion, if you come into contact with pork and are killed before you can be ritually cleansed, you go straight to hell - no virgins for you.

Further, I will relate the ("undetermined" according to Snopes) exploits of Gen John "Black Jack" Pershing during the Moros insurgency in the Philippines in 1911:

HOW TO STOP ISLAMIC TERRORISTS...... it worked once in our History... Once in U.S. history an episode of Islamic terrorism was very quickly stopped. It happened in the Philippines about 1911, when Gen. John J. Pershing was in command of the garrison. There had been numerous Islamic terrorist attacks, so "Black Jack" told his boys to catch the perps and teach them a lesson.

Forced to dig their own graves, the terrorists were all tied to posts, execution style. The U.S. soldiers then brought in pigs and slaughtered them, rubbing their bullets in the blood and fat. Thus, the terrorists were terrorized; they saw that they would be contaminated with hogs' blood. This would mean that they could not enter Heaven, even if they died as terrorist martyrs. All but one was shot, their bodies dumped into the grave, and the hog guts dumped atop the bodies. The lone survivor was allowed to escape back to the terrorist camp and tell his brethren what happened to the others.

This brought a stop to terrorism in the Philippines for the next 50 years.

And some US troops are (against orders) doing this today:

Also, many troops are (again, against orders) using Silver Bullet Gun Oil to lubricate their weapons in order to scare Muslims away from fighting.

Whether the story about Gen. Pershing is true or not is really beside the point. The fact remains that this practice scares the hell out of Muslims, and if I were one of them, I'd definitely think twice before engaging any force which coated their rounds in pork products.

Is the practice distasteful? Certainly; however I would think that hundreds or thousands of deaths caused by Muslim terrorists is even more distasteful. If we can prevent terrorist attacks by playing on this religious quirk then I say go for it.

I am NOT a violent man. Soldiers (and Marines) PRAY for peace much more than the anti-military types would like to believe. Taking a life is the most abhorrent and nightmarish thing a person with a conscience can go through. Why do you think the suicide rate among veterans is so high? The guilt associated with taking a life - in self-defense or under orders in combat - weighs heavily on the conscience of US troops, so heavily that some can not live with the things they have done, even if their actions were completely justified.

In my opinion, it is far better to scare a person away from combat than to actually kill him. Win/Win for everybody!

Just my .02

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 10:08 PM
Maybe I can use Hitler urine to keep the Jews away from me. Thanks for the tip.

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 10:10 PM
reply to post by OldCorp

What terrorist attacks?

The only thing that happened to us that came from them was 9/11 and uh... cough no evidence cough.. inside job.. cough.. yeah.

I honestly think that all the taliban really are, are just grown men in sandals and a handful of rice trying to defend their country from being robbed of oil and destroyed and bombarded by drones which are killing their families.

your all being fear mongered beyond recognition =/
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posted on May, 3 2011 @ 10:12 PM

Originally posted by Conscious
reply to post by OldCorp

What terrorist attacks?

The only thing that happened to us that came from them was 9/11 and uh... cough no evidence cough.. yeah.

I honestly think that all the taliban really are, are just grown men in sandals and a handful of rice trying to defend their country from being robbed of oil and destroyed and bombarded by drones which are killing their families.

your all being fear mongered beyond recognition haha
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Old Corp is a Christian Zionist, so he needs to spread Muslim fear and hate to justify the killing over there. When he says "national interest" i'm really not sure what country he is talking about.

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 10:16 PM
In my opinion showing fear is a form of weakness. By doing that you open your self to manipulation. Whatever it may be.

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 10:17 PM

Originally posted by mayabong
Old Corp is a Christian Zionist, so he needs to spread Muslim fear and hate to justify the killing over there. When he says "national interest" i'm really not sure what country he is talking about.

I think a good idea would be to compile a list of accounts that are suspected provocateurs or disinfo agents and as they are debunked add them to a "confirmed list" all in one thread.

I'm not saying he is one though, a lot of people have their head in the clouds. I'm talking about the blatantly obvious ones.
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posted on May, 3 2011 @ 10:17 PM
You wanna stop terrorism cold in it's tracks?
Capture Mecca. Put a nuke under it.

If there is one act of terrorism ever again. Say goodbye to it.

No more bs.

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 10:18 PM
Yeah i agree totally, in Guantanamo they should be intravenously fed pork, even the threat of this would be more effective than waterboarding.

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 10:22 PM
Um, OldCorp, what happened to you on that other thread?

This is a bit like using garlic to ward off vampires, IMO (I can see some comedy movies running through my head right now, "Bacon Bombs" or something similar).

While distasteful (unless you like bacon, which I do), I suppose...if it worked, then...maybe (though I really do hate to waste perfectly good bacon). My main thought on this though is that the muslim extremsts probably don't follow islam in the strictest sense, or there would become some sort of "loophole" created by a cell leader to allow the street-level "troops" to operate without fear of...bacon grease.

That's one of the problems with superstition of any sort. It seems silly to outsiders, and it can be used against you.

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 10:27 PM

Originally posted by mayabong
Old Corp is a Christian Zionist, so he needs to spread Muslim fear and hate to justify the killing over there. When he says "national interest" i'm really not sure what country he is talking about.

You are so far from being right that it's not even close to being funny.

If anyone is spreading fear of Muslims, it is the Muslims themselves; why do you think they call it "terrorism?" Radical (a VERY important word) Muslims bomb, behead, and otherwise murder innocent civilians on a DAILY basis; and more often than not, their targets are their fellow Muslims, who are usually on their knees in a mosque praying to the Almighty at the time. Muslims are killed by their "brethren" at a rate that almost makes the death rate of Christians and Jews killed by Muslims statistically insignificant.

Take beheadings for example: The Saudis do it as their form of capital punishment, but the WAY they do it - with a single stroke of a sharp sword - is in stark contrast to terrorists who literally saw the victim's head off slowly with a dullish bade. Radical Muslims use this method SPECIFICALLY to instill fear in those who oppose them.

I reiterate in case you missed the point as you are often wont to do: Muslims themselves are responsible for today's climate of Islamophobia: they need absolutely NO help from me in that arena.

Deny that if you can.

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 10:28 PM

Originally posted by Conscious

Originally posted by mayabong
Old Corp is a Christian Zionist, so he needs to spread Muslim fear and hate to justify the killing over there. When he says "national interest" i'm really not sure what country he is talking about.

I think a good idea would be to compile a list of accounts that are suspected provocateurs or disinfo agents and as they are debunked add them to a "confirmed list" all in one thread.

I'm not saying he is one though, a lot of people have their head in the clouds. I'm talking about the blatantly obvious ones.
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Says the guy with 13 posts.

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 10:30 PM
Years ago in my neck of the woods, Indonesian muslims wanted to build a mosque in our street, most of the local residents opposed the development on the grounds of too much traffic every morning and afternoon for a residential area. The council ruled in favour of the mosque, then a local poured pigs blood across the entrance of the property and threw the pigs head over the fence, in full view of the single resident of the property ( Ali, nice man he used to dress like a sheik and walk his pet sheep up our street once a day with his walkman blearing listening to Arabic)
once Ali saw this he withdrew the development application and moved away.

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 10:31 PM
reply to post by Conscious

WTF? dude, grow up.

reply to post by OldCorp

I'd do it and any other dirty tricks having the same effect. All's fair in love and war. Period.
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posted on May, 3 2011 @ 10:36 PM
reply to post by OldCorp

Hey there Oldcorp, did you finish editing that vid from the observatory?

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 10:41 PM
Have pig, will travel....

Seriously, something has to be better than a long drawn out war.

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 10:41 PM
reply to post by OldCorp

When muslims have control of our banks, media and congress. Then I'll be worried.

They are pissed because we (and our partner in crime) have been meddling in their business and killing their families for decades.

Just blame the religion and don't take responsibility for your countries actions. The easy (willfully ignorant?) cowardly way out if you ask me. Cause and effect don't apply when you're talking about muslims I guess.

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 10:43 PM
I absolutely love it. I never knew that Pershing did that. Your so right. Why can't our leaders comprehend things like that. For the record I'm surprise he was only shot twice. And I would have happily pulled that trigger even if he begged to surrender, which everyone that is sane knows he never would have.

Some of these people that have sympathy for a man that organized funded and directed a mission resulting in the deaths of thousands of Americans. From what I gather they seem to not understand burning jet fuel will burn hot enough to liquify steel. That is why the towers came down. They think it was imploded by our own government. lol These people simply need their citizenship's stripped and then deported at least for a little while

. Now I say that but I really wouldn't want, agree or support our gov doing that. I too am skeptical sometimes about certain things but you have to have some common sense. They don't even realize they help our enemies that want them and their children dead and they actually weaken our country more than any enemy ever could.

However I'm not one of those people that supports the Constitution only when it happens to support my personal beliefs. The Liberals are masterful at that and political terrorism. For example when strongly opposed they will cite racism or call the group or people extremists. Henry Reid blurted it out when he thought his mic was off, just recently. The last example was them stating the republicans were opposed to old people eating and women getting their breasts examined because they couldn't agree on how much to cut out of the budget. who is stupid enough to believe stuff like that?

I think If done properly your suggestion would truly work. But then the same people I'm referring to would have animal rights and religious protests and we would have to stop. That's the Problem and what has created terrorism The Muslims know how weak those people make America.

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 10:49 PM
reply to post by mayabong

You won't be concerned or even believe it then. I think all men should have to serve in the Military. Being in the Middle East certainly would enlighten you. Because then It would be you in danger. Your more concerned about their families than ours. Well your more concerned about their families than they are. Because they consistently blow them up to kill sheep like you everyday. Get a clue! Only if a Muslim blows up your family because they are infidels would you get it.

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 10:56 PM
reply to post by JerryB08

I'm not stupid enough to sign up into the military and go into a country where people hate you. I don't think I'm the sheep here. lol

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 11:40 PM

Originally posted by Conscious
reply to post by OldCorp

What terrorist attacks?

The only thing that happened to us that came from them was 9/11 and uh... cough no evidence cough.. inside job.. cough.. yeah.

I honestly think that all the taliban really are, are just grown men in sandals and a handful of rice trying to defend their country from being robbed of oil and destroyed and bombarded by drones which are killing their families.

your all being fear mongered beyond recognition =/
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Oh really?

2011.05.02 Pakistan, Charsadda - A woman and three children are torn to shreds when religious rivals place a bomb at a mosque.
2011.05.02 India, Birma Pul - Holy Warriors take down a civilian with a roadside bomb.
2011.05.02 Iraq, Baghdad - A Jihad bomb at a hospital garage nearly wipes out an entire family.
2011.05.02 Iraq, Baghdad - A bomb near a coffee shop leaves three people dead.
2011.05.01 Pakistan, Punjab - Four guards are killed when Islamists attack a NATO supply convoy.
2011.05.01 Afghanistan, Paktika - At least four people are killed when a 12-year-old suicide bomber detonates at a crowded market.
2011.04.30 Iraq, Mosul - A brutal Fedayeen bombing at a marketplace entrance leaves at least eight dead.

2011.04.30 USA, Warren, MI - A 20-year-old woman is shot in the head by her stepfather for not adhering to Islamic practices.
THE ABOVE INCIDENT HITS ESPECIALLY CLOSE TO HOME FOR ME: I used to live in Warren when I was going to college. At the time, I was dating an Iranian girl, and when her father found out she was seeing a Christian, he beat her so badly that she never returned to school and I never saw her again.

2011.04.30 Iraq, Taji - A child and woman are among three killed when Islamists bomb a judge's home.
2011.04.30 Iraq, Qadiriya - A man and his daughter are shot to death in their home by Islamic militants.
2011.04.30 India, Baramulla - Mujahideen shoot a vendor to death.
2011.04.30 Iraq , Kadhimiya - A village defense volunteer and three family members are murdered in their home by suspected al-Qaeda.
2011.04.29 Pakistan, Karachi - An imam is assassinated by Religion of Peace rivals.
2011.04.29 Iraq Diyala - A family of three, including a girl, is exterminated in their home by terrorists.
2011.04.29 Iraq Buhriz - Four Sunni brothers are shot to death in cold blood by sectarian rivals.
2011.04.28 Morocco Marrakesh - A Holy Warrior walks into a cafe and detonates. Five women are among the sixteen massacred.
2011.04.28 Iraq Balad Ruz - A Sunni straps explosives to his body and walks into a Shia mosque. A dozen are killed in the ensuing blast.
2011.04.28 Pakistan Lakki Marwat - Two villagers are abducted and executed by religious militants.
2011.04.28 Pakistan Karachi - Six innocents bleed out following an Islamist bombing attack on a bus.
2011.04.28 Algeria Oued Djemaa - Islamic extremists murder five security personnel with a bomb.
2011.04.27 Thailand Yala - Muslim 'insurgents' shoot a Buddhist hunter and his dog to death.
2011.04.27 Iraq Falluajh - Three Iraqis are kidnapped and brutally tortured to death by suspected al-Qaeda.
2011.04.27 Algeria Boumelih - Fundamentalists cut two local cops to shreds with a shrapnel bomb.
2011.04.27 Afghanistan Kabul - A 'very religious' Afghan pilot suddenly turns on his American trainers, gunning down nine in an attack claimed by the Taliban.
2011.04.26 Somalia Luuq - A well-placed al-Shabaab landmine catches a civilian bus and sends at least eight passengers to Allah.
2011.04.26 Pakistan Karachi - A female doctor is among four people dismantled during two separate bus bombings.
2011.04.26 Iraq Hawija - Two innocents are leveled in the rubble of their house by Jihadi bombers.
2011.04.25 India Srinagar - Two cops are gunned down along a city street by Muslim terrorists.
2011.04.25 Iraq Baqubah - A minibus driver is among two people blown to bits by Mujahid bombers.
2011.04.25 Nigeria Maiduguri - Boko Haram members bomb a bus stop and a hotel, killing three people.
2011.04.24 Pakistan Dir - A local trader is abducted and slain by suspected Islamists.
2011.04.24 Pal. Auth. Nablus - A Palestinian cop yells 'Allah Akbar' and opens fire on a group of orthodox Jewish pilgrims, killing one.
2011.04.24 India Baramulla - Islamic militants shoot a civilian to death.
2011.04.24 Iraq Baghdad - Seven people are injured when Muslim activists detonate a bomb outside a church.
2011.04.23 Pakistan Salarzai - A Shahid suicide bomber sends five souls to Allah.
2011.04.23 Iraq Kirkuk - A brutal attack on an off-duty copy leaves him dead, his wife injured and his son without legs.
2011.04.23 Pakistan Hangu - An 8-year-old boy dies from shrapnel injuries suffered during a Mujahid bombing of his home.
2011.04.23 Afghanistan Kunduz - Three civilians are disassembled by Taliban bombers.
2011.04.23 Afghanistan Helmand - The Taliban assassinate a former government official.
2011.04.23 Iraq Baghdad - Terrorists shoot six Iraqis to death in separate attacks.
2011.04.22 Yemen Mareb - Eight soldiers are shot to death by al-Qaeda extremists.
2011.04.22 Pakistan Maskini - Armed religious extremists assault two remote checkpoints, killing fourteen security personnel.
2011.04.22 Afghanistan Spin Boldak - Five police officers are dismantled by a Taliban bomb.
2011.04.22 Thailand Yala - One person is killed when Muslim 'insurgents' detonate a bomb hidden in a drainage pipe.
2011.04.22 Iraq Ramadi - Mujahideen bombers take down three Iraqis.
2011.04.22 Pakistan Sindh - Two men are shot to death in separate militant attacks.
2011.04.22 Pakistan Karachi - A Taliban-trained bomber blows up an illegal gambling den, killing nineteen patrons.
2011.04.21 Ethiopia Worabe - Muslims beat a Christian evangelist to death and assault his pregnant wife.
2011.04.21 Iraq Samarrah - A child bleeds out following a Jihadi bomb blast.
2011.04.21 Afghanistan Ghazni - The Taliban take down three civilians with a roadside bomb.
2011.04.21 Thailand Pattani - Muslim 'insurgents' murder a Buddhist in his home.
2011.04.21 Afghanistan Jalalabad - Sunni fundamentalists plant a bomb that kills three local cops.
2011.04.21 Pakistan Peshawar - A man is beheaded by Muslim terrorists.
2011.04.20 Pakistan Karachi - Three Shia civilians are gunned down in cold blood by Sunni assassins.
2011.04.20 Nigeria Maiduguri - Islamists gun down a rival cleric.
2011.04.20 Pakistan Mohmand - A rancher and his assistant are brutally murdered at a Taliban roadblock.
2011.04.20 Nigeria Bauchi - Women are among a group of young Christians murdered by a Muslim mob.
2011.04.20 Dagestan Makhachkala - A cleric is murdered outside his home by Religion of Peace rivals.
2011.04.20 Iraq Mosul - A student is among four Iraqis shot to death by Mujahid gunmen.
2011.04.20 Iraq Baghdad - Sectarian Jihadis detonate a bomb in a Shia area, killing three.
2011.04.20 Pakistan Kurram - Seven villagers are executed in captivity by the Taliban.
2011.04.19 Iraq Baghdad - Jihadis assassinate an official with the education department.
2011.04.19 Iraq Kirkuk - A teacher and her two Shia daughters shot to death by Sunni terrorists in their own home.
2011.04.19 Nigeria Kaduna - Angry Muslims go on a two-day bender, torching over forty churches and hacking and burning over two hundred Christians to death.
2011.04.19 Afghanistan Kabul - A Taliban gunmen goes on a shooting spree inside a government building, killing two guards.
2011.04.19 Dagestan Khasavyurt - Two cops are gunned down by Muslim militants.
2011.04.19 Thailand Narathiwat - Jihadis set off a bomb that leaves one dead.
2011.04.19 Thailand Pattani - Two teens are among five people who die from splinter injuries following an Islamist grenade attack.
2011.04.19 Pakistan Khyber - Religion of Peace hardliners slit the throat of a tribesman.
2011.04.18 Thailand Yala - Muslim 'insurgents' set off a car bomb, killing a passerby in a pickup truck.
2011.04.18 Afghanistan Ghazni - No one survives a brutal roadside ambush by fundamentalists on a vehicle carrying six.
2011.04.18 Afghanistan Kabul - A Fedayeen bomber attacks a defense ministry building, killing two.
2011.04.18 Iraq Baghdad - A pair of suicide bombers send ten other souls to Allah.
2011.04.18 Egypt Minya - One Copt is killed by Muslim rioters, who throw a grandmother out of a second story balcony while shouting praises to Allah.
2011.04.18 Somalia Shalambod - A 21-year-old convert to Christianity is pulled from his home and shot 10 times by Islamists yelling 'Allah Akbar'.
2011.04.17 Iraq Baghdad - Four members of a Shiite family, including two teens, are viciously shot to death in their home by sectarian rivals.
2011.04.17 Iraq Kirkuk - Two bombings take down two Iraqis.
2011.04.17 Pakistan Gujranwala - Twelve worshippers at a Pentacostal church are pulled out and beaten by a Muslim mob.
2011.04.16 Nigeria Maiduguri - A cop is gunned down by local Islamists.
2011.04.16 Iraq Hawija - An al-Qaeda opponent is kidnapped, tortured and murdered.
2011.04.16 Somalia Galkayo - A government official is among three people dismantled by a bomb planted by Mujahideen.
2011.04.16 Algeria Azazga - al-Qaeda fundamentalists assault a local security post, leaving at least 14 'apostates' dead.
2011.04.16 Afghanistan Laghman - A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills nine soldiers and a civilian.
2011.04.15 Jordan Zarqa - A mob of Islamists attack police and accused atheists with bats and knives, leaving at least fifty injured.
2011.04.15 Indonesia Cirebon - A suicide bomber blows himself up inside a mosque, injuring nearly thirty.
2011.04.15 Nigeria Maiduguri - Boko Haram Islamists gun down two innocents.
2011.04.15 India Budgam - Islamists drag a female political candidate out of her home and shoot her to death.
2011.04.15 Pakistan Kurram - The Taliban ambush a group of police, killing two.
2011.04.15 Iraq Kut - A young man is shot three times in the head and chest by 'insurgents'.
2011.04.15 Afghanistan Kandahar- A religious fundamentalist wearing an explosives vest detonates in a group of policemen, killing three.
2011.04.14 Thailand Narathiwat - Islamic militants spray the back of a 45-year old villager's head with automatic weapons fire.
2011.04.14 Iraq Yusufiya - Two Iraqis are taken down by a double bombing.
2011.04.14 Pakistan Quetta - A cleric and his student are shot to death by Religion of Peace rivals.
2011.04.14 Afghanistan Paktia - Four Shahid suicide bombers detonate at a police training camp, leaving three recruits dead.
2011.04.13 Afghanistan Kunar - Ten tribal elders are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber who embraced one of his victims.
2011.04.13 Iraq Kirkuk - Terrorists set off a bomb in a restaurant, killing at least one.
2011.04.12 Dagestan Tsumadinsky - Two cops die in a brutal ambush by Mujahideen.
2011.04.12 Afghanistan Faryab - Talibanis gun down three children and their father.
2011.04.12 Iraq Khan Dhari - A vicious double bombing at a home leaves three family members and two rescue workers dead.
2011.04.12 Iraq Iskandariya - Two local cops are dismantled by a Jihad bomb blast.
2011.04.11 Iraq Khan Bani Saad - Ten women and children are killed in a home by Jihadi bombers.
2011.04.11 Iraq Baghdad - A 10-year-old girl is among four Iraqis murdered in a terrorist blast along a city street.
2011.04.11 Pakistan Kanrakai - Women and children are among the casualties when religious radicals set off a roadside bomb.
2011.04.11 Iraq Fallujah - A triple bombing leaves seven dead.
2011.04.11 Dagestan Kidero - Three policemen die when Islamic militants ambush them with machine-guns.
2011.04.10 Iraq Baghdad - al-Qaeda is suspected of killing a jeweler and his son at their shop.
2011.04.10 Afghanistan Farah - Three tribal elders are dismantled by Taliban bombers.
2011.04.10 Pakistan Mohmand - Two security personnel bleed out following a Taliban ambush.
2011.04.10 India Baramulla - A young man is shot to death by Islamic militants.
2011.04.09 Dagestan Kizlyar - A local imam who spoke out against Islamic radicalism is gunned down outside his home.
2011.04.09 Iraq Mosul - Suspected fundamentalists shoot a university professor to death outside his home.
2011.04.09 Iraq Fallujah - Jihadis take down three Iraqis with a sticky bomb.
2011.04.08 Afghanistan Sari Pul - Religious extremists machine-gun the local police chief to death.
2011.04.08 Nigeria Shani - Four election workers are ambushed and killed by Boko Haram militants.
2011.04.08 Nigeria Bogoro - Muslims armed with machetes attack a Christian village and burn at least ten people to death, including several who were elderly.
2011.04.08 India Srinagar - A moderate cleric is assassinated by Sunni hardliners at his mosque.
2011.04.08 Thailand Pattani - A 52-year-old man is shot to death by Muslim "separatists."
2011.04.08 Thailand Yala - A Buddhist man and his companion are shot full of holes by Muslim terrorists..
2011.04.08 Iraq Baghdad - A TV network official is among two people murdered by Mujahid gunmen.
2011.04.07 Somalia Garowe - A peace activist is shot to death by al-Qaeda linked militants.
2011.04.07 Thailand Narathiwat - Muslim 'insurgents' stage a drive-by attack on a veterans office, killing a guard.
2011.04.07 Israel Ashkelon - Hamas successfully hits a school bus with an anti-tank missile, severely injuring a teenage student who dies ten days later.
2011.04.07 Pakistan Quetta - Sunni fundamentalists hurl a grenade into a barbershop, killing one patron.
2011.04.07 Iraq al-Rida- A sectarian blast near a mosque takes down two civilians.
2011.04.07 Brazil Rio de Janeiro - A convert to Islam walks into a school and guns down a dozen children, apparently inspired by fundamentalist websites.
2011.04.07 Somalia Bosasso - A tribal elder is gunned down by suspected al-Shabaab.
2011.04.07 Afghanistan Kandahar - Six Afghans are murdered by a Taliban bomb hidden in an ambulance.
2011.04.06 Pakistan Pir Kali - The Taliban kidnap and brutally execute three villagers.
2011.04.06 Pakistan Mohmand - A woman and three children are crushed to death when a suspected Taliban rocket hits their home.
2011.04.06 Pakistan Jerma - Four children playing near a pond are taken down by Mujahid bombers.
2011.04.06 Pakistan Quetta - A suicide car bomber rams into a house, killing a guard and injuring several children.
2011.04.06 Nigeria Maiduguri - Boko Haram Islamists gun down two people in a drive-by.
2011.04.05 Pakistan Darra Adam Khel - A farmer bleeds out following a Mujahideen rocket attack.
2011.04.05 Iraq Mosul - Three civilians at a car dealership are shredded by a suicide bomber.
2011.04.05 Iraq Baaj - Islamists bomb another car dealership, taking down three civilians.
2011.04.05 Iraq Baghdad - Four young children, ages 4,6,9 and 14 are slaughtered in their own home by Mujahid gunmen. Their mother, widowed by an earlier attack is seriously wounded.
2011.04.04 Afghanistan Faryab - Two US soldiers are shot and killed by a terrorist in police uniform whom they were training.
2011.04.04 Pakistan Wana - The body of an abducted tribal elder is found two months after his kidnapping by Mujahideen.
2011.04.04 Iraq Jurf al-Sakhar - A bomb hidden on a boby-trapped corpse kills six Iraqis.
2011.04.04 Pakistan Lower Dir - A suicide bomber detonates at a car showroom, sending eight souls to Allah.
2011.04.04 Pal. Auth. Jenin - A Israeli-Arab activist is gunned down by Islamic radicals unhappy with the secular character of his work.
2011.04.03 Afghanistan Kandahar - Two people are killed in an arson attack by a mob protesting a Quran desecration.
2011.04.03 Pakistan Sakhi Sarwar - Fifty Sufi worshippers are sent to Allah by two Sunni suicide bombers at their temple.
2011.04.03 Iraq Mosul - Islamists fire a rocket into a house, killing a woman.
2011.04.03 Philippines Maguindanao - Moro Islamists ambush a group of villagers with automatic weapons, taking down eleven.
2011.04.03 Nigeria Bogoro - A Muslim mob, angered over rumor of a local Quran desecration storms a Christian village and kills two people.
2011.04.03 Iraq Ramadi - Mujahideen blow up local cop and injure fourteen others.
2011.04.02 Iraq Kubisa - Terrorists shoot six security guards to death.
2011.04.02 Iraq Kut - A merchant and his bodyguard are victims of a targeted sectarian assassination.
2011.04.02 Afghanistan Kandahar - Ten more people are killed by a rampaging mob protesting a Quran burning.
2011.04.01 Iraq Fallujah - Three Iraqis are taken out by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2011.04.01 Afghanistan Mazar-e Sharif - Eight UN workers are among a dozen people beheaded or shot to death by a mob enraged over a Quran burning in Florida.
2011.04.01 Pakistan Khyber - Religious extremists capture and cut the throats of three night watchmen
2011.04.01 Pakistan Dara Adam Khel - A suicide bomber takes out a 12-year-old boy at a market.
2011.03.31 Pakistan Khuzdar - Islamic militants flag down a truck and shoot the driver.
2011.03.31 Iraq Mosul - A 13-year-old boy is beheaded by Islamic extremists.
2011.03.31 Iraq Abu Ghraib - Sunni militants toss a grenade into a home, killing an elderly man.
2011.03.31 Iraq Diwaniya - A civilian is killed by a Katyusha rocket.
2011.03.31 Pakistan Charsadda - A Holy Warrior detonates in a crowd of people, sending at least twelve souls to Allah.
2011.03.30 Pakistan Swabi - At least a dozen innocents are torn to shreds by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2011.03.30 Iraq Baghdad - Five family members are murdered in their own home by suspected al-Qaeda.
2011.03.30 Somalia Mogadishu - Fundamentalists fire randomly at a soccer match, killing a journalist.
2011.03.30 Afghanistan Kandahar - A civilian is crushed to death when a terrorist tries to ram a NATO patrol.
2011.03.30 Nigeria Jos - Fulani raiders attack a college and murder two Christians.
2011.03.29 Iraq Tikrit - Islamic militants invade a government building and go room-to-room shooting and blasting unarmed employees, leaving over fifty dead.
2011.03.29 Iraq Abu Ghraib - Terrorists attack a family home, killing two brothers.
2011.03.28 Yemen Jaar - al-Qaeda radicals blow up an ammunitions factory, killing over one-hundred and fifty people, including women and children.
2011.03.28 Iraq Mosul - Fundamentalists attack a suspected brothel, shooting six women and one man to death.
2011.03.28 Afghanistan Paktika - Three holy warriors detonate amid a construction crew, sending at least twenty souls to Allah.
2011.03.28 Pakistan Khyber - Fourteen security personnel die during a Taliban ambush.
2011.03.27 Thailand Yala - Religious extremists shoot two villagers at a market, killing one.
2011.03.27 Thailand Narathiwat - A plantation worker is murdered by Muslim extremists on his way to work.
2011.03.27 Yemen Marib - An al-Qaeda ambush leaves six local soldiers dead.
2011.03.27 Pakistan Shahidano - A woman is among four people dismembered by a militant rocket on a family vehicle.
2011.03.26 Iraq Muqdadiya - Jihadi bombers take down a farmer and his son.
2011.03.26 Iraq Abu Ghraib - Three family members are blown to bits by Mujahid bombers.
2011.03.26 Iraq Baghdad - A professor is killed in a Sunni bomb attack.
2011.03.26 Thailand Pattani - A man is shot five times by Islamists while riding a motorcycle.
2011.03.25 Pakistan Kurram - A woman and child are among thirteen Shiites machine-gunned at point-blank range by Sunni gunmen.
2011.03.25 Pakistan Hyderabad - A Muslim mob invades a Pentacostal church, burns Bibles and kills two worshippers.
2011.03.25 Pakistan Karachi - A Shia is taken down by Sunni snipers.
2011.03.25 Iraq Mosul - Islamic militants kill two civilians with a roadside bomb.
2011.03.25 Afghanistan Nangarhar - Two children are successfully taken out by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2011.03.24 Somalia Mogadishu - A woman is among four civilians cut down by al-Shabaab gunfire.
2011.03.24 Iraq Hilla - Mujahideen kidnap, behead and execute four young men.
2011.03.24 Thailand Yala - A 25-year-old plantation worker is shot in the head by Muslim militants.
2011.03.24 Pakistan Hangu - A suicide bomber rams an explosives-packed car into a police station, killing two women and six other bystanders.
2011.03.23 Israel Jerusalem - Palestinian terrorists leave a bomb at a bus stop which kills a female Bible translator and injures thirty others.
2011.03.23 Thailand Narathiwat - A married couple and a female friend are brutally machine-gunned in their own home by Muslim 'insurgents'.
2011.03.23 Pakistan Peshawar - Islamic bombers kill a man riding in an animal cart.
2011.03.23 Iraq Baghdad - Three people are injured in a series of Mujahideen bomb blasts.
2011.03.22 Pakistan Hyderabad - After yelling abuse at worshippers outside a church, a Muslim mob opens fire, killing two.
2011.03.21 Afghanistan Kandahar - Four employees of a security firm are shot to death by the Taliban.
2011.03.21 Iraq Baghdad - Mujahideen kill a woman and wound her son and husband in a shooting attack.
2011.03.21 Afghanistan Kandahar - Two civilians are cut down by Sunni gunmen.
2011.03.21 Iraq Najaf - Two shopowners are gunned down by Muslim terrorists.
2011.03.21 Pakistan Gwader - Islamic militants stage a rocket attack on a construction crew, killing eleven.
2011.03.21 Pakistan Datta Khel - The Taliban kidnap, execute and mutilate four tribesmen.
2011.03.21 Iraq Mosul - Three people are killed by a Jihad bombing.
2011.03.21 Nigeria Baten - Two women and two children are hacked and shot to death during a Muslim raid on a Christian village.
2011.03.21 Dagestan Makhachkala - A court official is murdered by Muslim militants.
2011.03.21 Nigeria Maiduguri - Boko Haram Islamists shoot a man to death in a drive-by.
2011.03.20 Nigeria Jos - A Christian boy is shot to death by Islamic radicals.
2011.03.20 Nigeria Jos - Muslim extremists kill two worshippers with bombs placed at several churches.
2011.03.20 Iraq Diala - Six family members, including three children, are cut to shreads by a brutal suicide bombing at their home.
2011.03.20 Egypt Qena - A Christian has his ear torn off by Muslims enforcing Sharia law.
2011.03.20 Iraq Kirkuk - An 18-year-old woman is abducted and executed by suspected terrorists.
2011.03.20 Iraq Baghdad - two oil company employees are shot to death.
2011.03.19 Iraq Baghdad - A bomb blast leaves three Iraqis dead.
2011.03.19 Iraq Mosul - Terrorists open fire on a construction worker and his wife.
2011.03.19 Thailand Pattani - A street vendor is cut down by Muslim gunmen.
2011.03.18 Iraq Baiji - Three shepherds are taken down by Sunni roadside bombers.
2011.03.18 Dagestan Makhachkala - Two law enforcement officials are gunned down by Holy Warriors in separate attacks.
2011.03.18 Thailand Pattani - Three Thais are shot to death by Islamic militants.
2011.03.18 Iraq Mussayab - Two brothers are shot to death in their own home by al-Qaeda gunmen.
2011.03.17 Yemen Marib - al-Qaeda take out three policemen at a checkpoint with automatic weapons.
2011.03.16 Somalia Mogadishu - A pregnant woman is among ten civilians bleeding out following an al-Shabaab mortar attack.
2011.03.16 Thailand Marib - Muslim terrorists shoot a civilian off the back of a motorbike.
2011.03.16 Iraq Buhriz - Suspected al-Qaeda invade a home, murder a man and injure his wife.
2011.03.16 Iraq Kirkuk - A woman and her newborn baby are taken apart by a Jihad car bomb outside a hospital.
2011.03.15 Thailand Pattani - Three men sitting outside an auto repair shop are riddled with bullets by Muslim 'insurgents'.
2011.03.15 Afghanistan Laghman - A civilian is killed in a roadside bombing by Sunni hardliners.
2011.03.15 Afghanistan Nangarhar - The Taliban plant a bomb in a classroom, killing a teacher.
2011.03.15 Indonesia Jakarta - A bomb sent to a moderate scholar, deemed an 'enemy of Islam', injures four.
2011.03.15 Thailand Yala - Islamists gun down a 69-year-old man.
2011.03.15 Thailand Songkhla - Muslim radicals shoot a Buddhist plantation worker to death an injure his wife.
2011.03.15 Thailand Narathiwat - Religion of Peace gunmen open fire on a tea shop, killing two Buddhist patrons.
2011.03.15 Thailand Songkhla - A Buddhist teacher is murdered by Mujahideen.
2011.03.14 Iraq Diyala - Eleven Iraqi security personnel are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2011.03.14 Nigeria Plateau - Five family members are among six Christian villagers slaughtered by Muslim raiders.
2011.03.14 Afghanistan Kunduz - Four children are among three dozen innocents dismembered by a massive suicide blast at a recruitment center.
2011.03.14 Somalia Fiidow - al-Shabaab militants fire on a public bus, killing four passengers.
2011.03.13 Pakistan Hangu - slamic militants fire indiscriminately into a van carrying Shia civilians, killing nine.
2011.03.13 Yemen Zinjubar - al-Qaeda gunmen murder a local cop.
2011.03.13 Afghanistan Helmand - Six civilians are taken down by Taliban roadside bombers.
2011.03.13 Nigeria Maiduguri - A moderate cleric is shot to death by Islamic radicals in a drive-by attack outside his home..
2011.03.12 Afghanistan Kandahar - Four civilians are cut to shreds by a roadside bomb.
2011.03.12 Iraq Baghdad - Seven Iraqi soldiers on their way to work are brutally machine-gunned in their car at point-blank range.
2011.03.12 Iraq Baghdad - Jihad bombers take down a local.
2011.03.12 Israel Itamar - A baby and two young children are slaughtered in their home along with their parents, who fought the Muslims in vain to keep their children from being stabbed to death.
2011.03.12 Pakistan Hairdin - A married couple and their four young children are turned into debris by an Islamist mortar attack on their home.
2011.03.11 Yemen al-Deyo - Four security personnel are taken out by an al-Qaeda ambush.
2011.03.11 Pakistan Karachi - A seminary teacher is assassinated by sectarian rivals.
2011.03.10 Afghanistan Kunduz - A local police chief on patrol is among three people ripped to shreds by a suicide bomber.
2011.03.10 Nigeria Bauchi - At least three residents are killed when Fulani raiders sweep their village, shooting and burning homes.
2011.03.10 Philippines Jolo - Abu Sayyaf militants detonate a shrapnel bomb outside a school, killing three innocents.
2011.03.10 Pakistan Peshawar - Mujahideen fire on a car containing a peace committee contingent, killing the driver.
2011.03.10 Iraq Baghdad - Islamic terrorists rob a jewelry store to fund their operation, shooting six people to death in the process.
2011.03.09 Iraq Diyala - A 3-year-old girl is dismembered, and her father seriously wounded by a targeted al-Qaeda blast outside their house.
2011.03.09 Iraq al-Makheirja - Mujahideen toss a grenade into a family home, killing a man and a woman.
2011.03.09 Egypt Cairo - Nine Copts, including a child, are killed and over a hundred more injured when a Muslim mob hurls firebombs and shoots into a group protesting a church burning.
2011.03.09 Pakistan Adezai 43 52 A Shahid suicide bomber detonates at the funeral of the wife of a peace committee member, sending over 40 souls to Allah.
2011.03.08 Pakistan Faisalabad - Islamists detonate a massive bomb at a gas station, incinerating over thirty innocents.
2011.03.08 Ethiopia Asendabo - Two Christians are killed when angry Muslims rampage through their community, burning churches and homes.
2011.03.08 Iraq Mosul - Mujahideen assassinate a university professor.
2011.03.08 Iraq Fallujah - A civilian is cut down by sectarian gunmen.
2011.03.08 Algeria Djelfa - Fundamentalist bombers attack a group of bird hunters, killing five.
2011.03.08 Thailand Yala - Muslim 'separatists' knock a man off his motorcycle and then shoot him twice in the head.
2011.03.08 Iraq Abu Ghraib - A government employee is dragged out of his home and stabbed to death in front of his family.
2011.03.07 Thailand Pattani- A Buddhist man is killed and his mother seriously wounded in an Islamic drive-by.
2011.03.07 Pakistan Karachi - A sectarian attack leaves one dead.
2011.03.07 Afghanistan Jalalabad - Hardliners plant a bomb in front of a rival mosque, killing two people.
2011.03.07 Thailand Narathiwat - Islamic 'separatists' shoot a man to death as he is returning home from work.
2011.03.07 Thailand Pattani - Islamists murder a 61-year-old man in an attack the leaves his young granddaughter seriously injured.
2011.03.06 Afghanistan Paktika - Five children are among a dozen civilians who bleed out following a fundamentalist roadside bombing.
2011.03.06 Iraq Basra - 'Insurgents' attach a bomb to a passenger bus, killing eight innocents.
2011.03.06 Yemen Marib - Four security personnel are taken down by al-Qaeda.
2011.03.06 Yemen Zinjibar - Islamic militia murder two men, one at a vegetable market.
2011.03.06 Thailand Pattani - Islamists shoot a 23-year-old man to death in front of his mother.
2011.03.06 Iraq Baghdad - Two students die in an 'insurgent' ambush.
2011.03.06 Thailand Pattani - A 64-year-old man is murdered when Muslim militants fire on a group of teachers.
2011.03.06 Thailand Pattani - Muslim militants open fire on a market, killing a guard and seriously injuring four patrons.
2011.03.05 Iraq Hilla - Terrorists take down four Iraqis with a roadside bomb.
2011.03.05 Pakistan Mohmand - Two members of a peace committee are taken apart by a Taliban rocket attack.
2011.03.05 Iraq Khalis - Terrorists burst into a cafe and shoot dead two patrons.
2011.03.05 Iraq Abu Kamis - Suspected al-Qaeda gunmen murder a civilian.
2011.03.05 Pakistan Karachi - A cleric and his son are murdered by Religion of Peace rivals.
2011.03.05 Thailand Pattani - A Buddhist monk is shot through the head in a Muslim drive-by. Two others are injured.
2011.03.04 Pakistan Nowshera - Sunnis detonate a powerful bomb at a Sufi mosque during Friday prayers, taking down ten worshippers.
2011.03.04 Egypt Sol - A Muslim mob, angry over a relationship between a Muslim girl and Christian boy, kills the two fathers and burns down a church.
2011.03.04 Pakistan Danda - Terrorists shoot a man to death outside a cafe for the crime of insulting Islam two years earlier.
2011.03.04 Pakistan Karachi - A radical Sunni group is thought responsible for the murder of a factory guard.

And that was just Islamic Terror Attacks For the Past 2 Months

Just since 9/11, there have been over 17,147 attacks by Islamic terrorists against innocent civilians, and if you will look at the list posted above, MOST of the victims were also Muslim. I emboldened a few of the worst ones.

Here are the rest (I don't have three days to type them all out.)

The rest of 2011
From Sept 11th to the end of 2003

I believe you were saying something about how Islamic terrorism was related to US actions in the aftermath of 9/11, and how the Taliban were dudes in sandals just protecting their homes against the "invaders?"

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