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The Dream: Are you having it?

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posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 10:52 AM
reply to post by BourneConspiracy

Intrestingly enough, the past several nights I have had dreams very similar to this..... I'm always in new places but vaguely familiar because I've dreamt of them before as a kid. Im always thrown into a conflict with a seemingly unstoppable force and I can't seem to stop running. It's my subconscious testing me to see if I'm ready for the shift. I must turn around and face him to quit running from fear.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 03:44 PM
reply to post by Three

Please....please elaborate. I find it strange that I've had ones that are very similar, yet indescribably different...

In my dreams I wake up on a church pew with a small group of people gathered around me, only one being familiar to me (an old friend); although I don't remember HOW I'm made aware, it becomes apparent that we are something of "refugees" and are actually hiding in this church from some unseen 'enemy'...I, having just awoken from a nap or something on the pew, get up and go out with the group to face and combat the enemy (despite not having anything near what I'd consider an 'arm' in the dream [ie. guns, knives, incendiary junk]). As far as I can remember, however, I have always ended up waking up from this dream about the time we actually leave the sanctuary of the church to engage those unseen assailants...

...I guess ours aren't extraordinarily similar in that sense, but I've always thought it weird that (even in a dream) I'd choose to engage in combat with somebody or something having full knowledge that I and my posse are incredibly outgunned...this leads me to believe that we MUST have had some type of "ace up our collective sleeve" (if you catch my drift).

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 03:45 PM

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posted on Apr, 10 2012 @ 07:45 PM
I don't think this is the same dream but reading this thread reminded me that I've had a nudge to share this dream and so I'm sharing it the least, it is interesting, at least to me.

This happened around the end of September in 2009...and I was at a certain point in my dreaming wherein I was dreaming (not just having dreams but dreaming) every night and was able to consistently return to my dream two or three times each night...I drink a whole lot of liquids day and night and subsequently have to go pee a few to sometimes several times at night...I live in a smaller apartment/room detached from my mother's main house and I have no bathroom so I have to walk about 40 feet from my door to her back door and then about 30 feet down to the john...and then back.

My experiences just prior and leading up to this night were somewhat frustrating...I repeatedly found myself "stranded" matter what I was doing or where I was in my dreaming...which was most usually in this shadow-like version of my hometown...with a few strange anomalies that are consistently consistent even in their is best described as the town that is underneath my town...or at least that is how I perceive it.

When I say stranded, I mean this: I would travel to a place in my dream in a car or a motorbike or sometimes even a weird little scooter car thing...and park it my business whatever it was...and when coming back vehicle was not there!

STOLEN! At first I was dismayed and wondered who and why...but then it got to be downright annoying and frustrating...increasingly so.

And if it wasn't that particular was something similar in that I would not be able to find the exit of the building I might be matter what I did or who I asked...there was never a door leading straight out to the exterior! There might be convoluted tunnels or increasingly short hallways connecting endless heavy industrial type doors...but I could only escape...or leave...depending on the predicament...when I woke up and left the dream.

So...that is the frame of reference for my attitude during the course of the dream...important, believe it or not.

This night I find myself in this somewhat shabby (on the interior) double wide trailer...on one side it was like a boys' club or maybe a summer camp mess hall in that it was mainly a very large room with little or no furniture but it seems like I remember stacks of a few chairs in an obscure corner or two, like you'd see in that kind of place...and there was a coke machine! Not an old one but not brand spanking modern new, either...maybe from 15 years ago or so? And there was a little room just off of that one in which I and this strange girl were being sort of kept...there was a large Folgers coffee can in case we (or maybe just me?) had to pee!

There was a big basketball court on the other half of this double wide, which was kind of falling apart at the middle where it was supposed to be joined and secured...I could see clear plastic falling between the two halves here and there and it was generally somewhere between falling apart and neglected but still very inhabitable.

There were many blue skinned Muppet-like beings playing basketball on that least 10 because they were playing a real enough game of hoops with two whole teams yet they were all blue and they were all guys...they all had on sleeveless white basketball jerseys and long shorts...they were into the basketball thing very much, from all appearances. My initial impression of this bunch was that of a particular group of Hispanic boys from my junior high school days that hung around all the time, from the same neighborhood south of town. They had not been a source of threat or even unfriendly to me in any way, and several of them were my friends or acquaintances on various levels through the years...I don't know why the connection but nevertheless, there was that first impression. Maybe it was the cohesion that I sensed that was the source of my perception.

Each one of these blue dudes had one part of their body which was exaggerated and larger in proportion to the rest of their body...and none had the same part enlarged...for instance, one had way bigger arms...another had huge thighs...and one had big feet, etc...except for the one that seemed to be their leader...they gave me the impression of being a gang...all of them...both sides of the basketball game were really all just one team in the greater sense...this was what they did to kill time, maybe?

But the leader, he was not deformed unless maybe it was his head which was rather large...but they were like Muppets so it is hard to tell sometimes...he was like a cross between Sam the Eagle (on Sesame street?) and a blue skinned Bert, the partner of Ernie...there was no doubt he was in charge and the others all deferred to him in every way.


posted on Apr, 10 2012 @ 07:46 PM
reply to post by queenannie38

(continued from above post)

So...I am on the other side with this frail sort of blue-skinned young girl that seemed to me to be much like Lily Munster in about the age of 17...petite and beautiful and not at all deformed in any way...

She was quiet and it wasn't like she was shy...there just wasn't much to her, on the inside, if you dig. I had the understanding that she was "their" virgin...the girl who would be the mate of the whole blue team and the leader...there were many individuals in that blue bunch of beings but yet in some ways they existed as just one and evidently sex and procreation was one of those ways.

I was somehow her "chaperone" although why one was needed is unclear...since she was expressly there for that purpose and there was nothing heinous or disreputable about the situation in that sense...this was right and proper in their world but definitely they were not human...not at all...I could just feel that they were not and there was no doubt at all about it...they weren't even interacting with me, not the blue boys on the basketball court although from time to time, the Bert/Sam Eagle leader guy would take a look over toward where the two of us females were at...and I could tell that he was very focused in on my whereabouts and general disposition at all time, even when dribbling and shooting baskets, etc...and with his attention...somehow the attention of all his crew followed...but not in the physical sense...only he looked at me...but all of them were perceiving me...

And I was there for some time...long enough to get bored...and to have to pee in that can...and when I peed...I did it in a sort of hidden part of that little annex to the bigger a place that prevented Bert/Sam from locating me the next time he checked my position...and there was a bit of irritation which I bucked up under because I was, by that time, bored...very very bored...and not even close to entertained or even comfortable...and I had started looking around for a door in that trailer...having decided that these blue beings were NOT human and that I would not be doing the girl any harm by leaving her there with them...they were her own kind...that is exactly how I thought that...."They are her OWN kind..."

As well...the chaperon role was growing less and less legitimate in my mind...more and more I could see that it was just a ploy...a decoy of sorts...devised to fool me, mentally, for a time...but to what purpose, I could not even one said anything to me at all...I tried to speak and while I know they understood me...they had nothing to say to me at was not hostile there but it was very detached and not at all intimate in even the most generous way of defining the warmth...they were not my hosts...they were not there for me...but they were very interested in my being there and remaining in their midst for an indeterminate time...I remember that one of the thoughts I had...and perhaps I even spoke it...or rather, inquired about it...receiving no answer at all and little or no acknowledgment...even though I KNEW...I FELT that they heard me perfectly and understood the whole train of that particular train of thought, in me, in that moment...wanting to know WHY I was there and how long did I have to stay?

About that time, my bladder woke me up and I plodded my well-worn path to the bathroom...and on my way there...and while I relieved myself...and on the way back to bed...I grew more and more irritated with the whole frustrating situation...once AGAIN...just like every night had been for a few weeks...I was powerless to do what I wanted to do...and was unable to go anywhere at all...not even outside because there were no doors whatsoever and only a couple of tall narrow windows besides which ONE SHOULD normally find a EXIT...

I was pissed by the time I was back to my bed and I made the decision, without much concern other than I was just damn sick and tired of not being able to be my own person in my world of was my world! But I couldn't do what I wanted to do...and it was getting OLD! So I decided that I would just MAKE A DOOR in the wall of that trailer! And I laid down with that thought...not with a serious or fearful attitude at all but a very non-serious yet determined state of mind...I didn't think of the whole thing as much more than my previous exercises such as intending to experience each of my five senses, one at a time, while dreaming...I thought of this as just another step in my personally devised lesson plan to enhance my night time world...

(continued AGAIN!)

posted on Apr, 10 2012 @ 07:47 PM
reply to post by queenannie38

(continued from previous)

So...I laid down and went right back to sleep and I was instantly right where I had left off...standing in that door-less trailer...irritated and somewhat offended feeling and getting very near the end of my patience...which is quite a far end, more often than not. was a door in the wall right behind where the girl and I were hanging out! was on the exterior wall of the trailer and led to what would be considered the front yard...I looked at that door...right there in perfect form where there had been nothing but wall before I had woken up to go pee....and I didn't even give it a second thought before I threw myself into it, opening it and flying out of it all in the same burst of relief...there was a small wooden step thing like most trailers have at the back door, usually...but I didn't even need it...I just flew down to the ground...and I don't mean I literally flew but was running/going so fast that it was like flying...

And I ran across the yard toward the street...this trailer was on a short street that had only three houses or trailers on either side...and the end of the street was created by it being cut off by a sort of berm that wasn't an overpass or road but was about that same height...and the trailer I had come out of was on the left side of the street as I ran in the direction of that berm...and on the right side of that street...right between the last house on that side and that strange berm...there was a tunnel like was leading off to the right just like a street would only it reminded me more of one of those little houses at the park with the rotating barrel inside of it...the one here was called the "fun house" but it was never fun for me...I always fell and got skinned up while the other kids were running inside that barrel as fast as they could.

I don't know what I knew about that tunnel thing, if anything at all...all I know is that I headed straight for it...crossing the street about the point of the middle house and making a bee-line straight to the entrance of whatever it was.

I was already halfway between my point of exodus and the entrance to that tunnel before the blue dudes realized what had happened...and collected themselves enough to give chase. I guess that new door really threw them for a loop...pun intended...I don't know for sure other than they were definitely SURPRISED.

And I know that I was sure, then, that I had a certain chance to get all the way away...because I also knew that if they caught up to me...they'd take me back and it wouldn't be so easy to make a door and escape the next time...

I got to the entrance of that tunnel thing and it was spinning just like that damn fun house of my was rather long and it wasn't was more like a spinning was going counterclockwise and pretty fast...

I got there and just LEAPED into it...and the blue dudes pulled up sudden and short when they got to about 10 feet away from the mouth of the thing...they knew..and I knew...that for them to leap into that thing would be sudden and certain death for them...irrevocable and merciless death for 'their kind.'

All except one of them, of the followers...a somewhat short fellow who had, I think, a bigger than normal midriff/lower torso...he leaped in right behind me and the others gasped with shock and surprise but not was one of those things they all did as if they were just one being..and it was expressed within them all...not outwardly at all, did they gasp, but they were horrified!

And as soon as the dude following me leaped into the vortex...he was rapidly and neatly torn asunder in many little uniformly sized pieces...maybe a hundred or so or perhaps only 50 to 75...but they were all bright blue and they quickly dispersed around the tunnel as they followed right behind me toward the other end....

I recall looking back and watching these beautiful little blue puffs of somewhat transparent STUFF go around and around the helical grooves of the tunnel, right behind I, too traveled in the same way in those grooves...only in one piece and not harmed at all.

I remember I felt something for the torn asunder dude...not pity but not a negative feeling...I don't know what I felt, really.

And that was the end of my awareness in that dream...I woke up later and tripped out quite a bit..and still do...but I've never been back to that desolate street or that hopeless trailer...nor have I seen any beings like those ever again...

(one last part!!!)

posted on Apr, 10 2012 @ 07:49 PM
reply to post by queenannie38

(this is the last part!!!)

But when I woke up...I had the name of the blue dudes on my tongue and it stayed in my head...they were "Echo and the Bunnymen"...I know that is the name of a band from the 80's I think...but I never listened to them and I only looked them up on Wiki after that was a prominent phrase for some time afterward and also predominant in my little private sphere was another phrase, an idea...which was "PASTOR OF MUPPETS" is the name of a font resembling Metallica's logo...but it was deep in obscure meaning, somehow, related to those blue dudes...Echo and his Bunnymen...I was not a PUPPET MASTER but rather a PASTOR OF MUPPETS.

Sorry so long but I had to tell the tale in its entirety and trappings....

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