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Any humans above the House of Rothschild?

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posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 02:16 AM
The Vatican and it's relation to the biggest families.

posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 02:21 AM
Pretty sure The Vatican is just a vessel through which the Rothschilds operate and control...just like DC, London, Paris, The U.S. etc....

But for those interested here are the main 13 bloodlines of the original Illuminati -

The Astor Bloodline

The Bundy Bloodline

The Collins Bloodline

The DuPont Bloodline

The Freeman Bloodline

The Kennedy Bloodline

The Li Bloodline

The Onassis Bloodline

The Reynolds Bloodline

The Rockefeller Bloodline

The Rothschild Bloodline

The Russell Bloodline

The Van Duyn Bloodline

posted on Mar, 21 2016 @ 07:51 AM
a reply to: Sahabi

Any Humans higher than the Rothschild's..??
Well i don't know for sure about the 'Human' bit, but i reckon i can give you maybe 15 or so Family names off the top of my head right now that are higher than the 'Rothschild's'..??

Having said that though, their 'stock' has risen hugely by marrying into; the Pallavicini family, the House of Guelph, Von-Habsbourg, Windsor/Hanover, and a good few more.!!

Okay, Names,.. from my own 25+ Yrs of reading/researching history/ancient history, from babylon to Ur, Phoenicia to the Minoans of crete, to the Picts of Alba, and the Keltoi Kings of Briton.. the same Names, Symbols & Emblems kept coming up.. and i saw a pattern, that ultimately led me to the same conclusions each time..??

House of Guelph / Welf - (Britain)
QEII, thru her Grt Grnd Father George Augustus I, King of England etc, and Grand Duke and Elector of several palatinates.. in Welf, Bavaria.

Guelph/Hanover, are 1 + 2 on the list, Guelph is Ancient going back to the crusades.. where they were aligned with the Hohenzollern kings and put a Hohenzollern on the throne of Jerusalem.!!

SAVOIA (savoy)
BRAGANZA - (Spanish) + (Austrian)

HABSBURG - (Holy Roman Emperors for over 600 yrs, and the biggest banking family in Europe. Austria/Spain)

PALLAVICINI - (COUNTESS PALLAVICINI is secretly known as; [The 'Queen of Rome'] and her wedding in the 1950's was so big that QEII delayed hers by 3 mths to save the embarressment of no one turning up to hers..!!

ALDOBRANDINI - (very Big in Commerce, UNIDROIT is instituted at the 'Villa Aldobrandini' in Rome..!!)

OLDENBURG - (All 6 W-Euro Royal lines came out of CHRISTIAN of OLDENBURG,. Q-Victoria married Duke Albert of Oldenburg, and Phil the Greek was house of; Wettin/Wittelsbach/Oldenburg too..!!

EST'E - (Este, Collonna, Borghese, Faranese etc, trace back to the beginnings of the Imperial Roman Empire)


BURGUNDY/BOURBON - (Sun-kings of France)-

(Lewis 'Cass' PAYSEUR Family, the PAYSEUR family 'Trust' contained the largest trust ever known, 90% of Rail in the usa, all rail-land, AAA shares in over 500 companies Paysuer himself started, bought or plundered.. banks, steel mills, cotton mills, car companies, * i believe Cass Payseur owned standard oil & all the getty / rockerfeller / schiff / warburg / springs and others were the trustees till Cass died and his 99yr trusts matured.. and a certain Mr Rothschild was one of his Bankers/Trustees by then..??

Houses of;

WETTIN - Wettin, Wittelsbach, Oldenburg, Guelph, Hohenzollern, Braganza etc, all rel'd thru QEII & Phil the Greek

Well there's 20 i think,..?? (oH, And the real big one that's gone now was; "ROMANOV")

Thru these Families,. well Houses actually, the names sometimes change or morph, but the 'House' they belong to does Not. thru them comes the next level.

I'm not game to pick the 13 from above that are 'The 13',.. but i do know that 'the-13' at the top are represented by the '13' Livery companies & guilds of the City of london corporations centre; "The Crown Temple"..!!

This is The-Crown, not QEII or Brit Royal Family, not the Brit Empire either..??

The Crown Temple is Privately Owned..!!
The City, is also home to; The BIS bank, the UN, The Fed, World Bank, The-IMF, i even belive that the UPU in Berne is registered in the City of London..??


Pandora's box - the ultimate unseen hand behind the NWO :

Masons & Templars :

Empire of the City :

Hidden secrets of the Alpha course :

The Crown Temple - Secret Society of the Third Way Order - by Rule of Mystery Babylon

Three Corporations run the world: City of London, Washington DC and Vatican City


This Link is MASSIVE : 911:Black nobility, Wiki

“Give me the power of the money and it will not matter any more who is commanding” - Mayer Amschel Rothschild (Vatican treasury banker)
“A man is rich in proportion to the time he can devote to other things than money” - Henry David Thoreau

** Here you go - talk about a list of Names..??
1 Intro
2 Members
2.1 Europe
2.1.1 Merovingian dynasty
2.1.2 Este family
2.1.3 Farnese family
2.1.4 Savoy family
2.1.5 Wettin family
2.1.6 Wittelsbach family
2.1.7 Capetian dynasty
2.1.8 Caetani family
2.1.9 Burgundy family
2.1.10 Breakspear family
2.1.11 Guelph family
2.1.12 Orsini family
2.1.13 Pallavicini family
2.1.14 Habsburg family
2.1.15 Hozhenzollern family
2.1.16 Württemberg family
2.1.17 Grimaldi family
2.1.18 Pallavicini family
2.1.19 Colonna family
2.1.20 Nassau family
2.1.21 Savelli family
2.1.22 Trastámara family
2.1.23 Aviz family
2.1.24 Braganza family
2.1.25 Medici family
2.1.26 Oldenburg family
2.1.27 Borghese family
2.1.28 Tudor dynasty
2.1.29 Thurn und Taxis family
2.1.30 Aldobrandini family
2.1.31 Somaglia family
2.1.32 Zogu family
2.1.33 Orange-Nassau family
2.1.34 Hanover family
2.1.35 Liechtenstein family
2.1.36 Saxe-Gotha family
2.1.37 Torlonia family
2.1.38 Grosvenors family
2.1.39 Rothschild family
2.1.40 Wallenberg family
2.1.41 Karađorđević family
2.1.42 Thyssen family
2.1.43 Bernadotte family
2.1.44 Oldenburg family
2.1.45 Quandt family
2.1.46 House of Windsor
2.1.47 Various Italy
2.2 North America
2.2.1 Morgan family
2.2.2 Warburg family
2.2.3 Schiff family
2.2.4 Rockefeller family
2.2.5 Taft family
2.2.6 Lee family
2.2.7 Roosevelt family
2.2.8 Astor family
2.2.9 Ford family
2.2.10 Bundy family
2.2.11 Collins family
2.2.12 Du Pont family
2.2.13 Freeman family
2.2.14 Mellon family
2.2.15 Kennedy family
2.2.16 Onassis family
2.2.17 Reynolds family
2.2.18 Li people
2.2.19 Oppenheimer family
2.2.20 Russel family
2.2.21 Murdoch family
2.2.22 Bush family
2.2.23 Mars family
2.2.24 Walton family
2.2.25 Sassoon
2.2.26 Van Duyn
2.2.27 Biddles family


posted on Mar, 21 2016 @ 10:20 AM
a reply to: SahabiI remember reading something that had to do with the Rothchilds dinner table. I don't know if it is accurate because I have never seen anything to confirm the story.

But, it was said that there is a place at the head of the table that is reserved, for Satan. I have not read anywhere else that the Vatican or the Queen do this.

On another thought, I have thought, that the mindset produced by the Rothchilds global enslavement, did not originate even with them. It is not a natural human thought process, in my humble opinion. Its inspiration, just as with the mindset of "Secret Societies" had to be inspired from, somewhere else.

So the Rothchilds may be top dogs on the planet, they are only lap dogs to another more secretive power, source. Maybe the original "Gold Diggers"?

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