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Friend seeing tall dark male figure with long nails at edge of bed.

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posted on Dec, 17 2011 @ 11:59 AM
Could be a number of things. Her subconsciousness tries to tell her something. It's a shadow person. It's something medical. I would advise her to get medical advice to start with.

Is she a fearful person? Traumatized? After having had too much stress and/or to long the brain changes. This has been medically proved. You become wired for fear. The part of the brain we share with mammals gets into fear mode where the signals go in a circle. Never ending fear.

posted on Dec, 18 2011 @ 04:12 AM

Originally posted by EvillerBob

Originally posted by porschedrifter
The voice got close then it whispered three words in Farsi, from behind it was right behind her head, moving from ear to ear.

I do not know the exact spelling of these words in Farsi but it sounded like this: Hoova Softa Siiiiiift which translates in English to "Good, soft and hard."

Are one or both of you Farsi speakers? If so, is it your "first"/"primary"/"birth" language but you also speak English, or are you predominantly English speaking with knowledge of Farsi?

She is, I'm not, she speaks Farsi as a secondary language.

Interesting replies, this was told to me by her personally and only to me, nothing has happened since but I did get her to say some prayers. I will try and push her to tell it to leave sternly and see where that goes.

posted on Dec, 18 2011 @ 04:29 AM

Originally posted by LionOfGOD
Your "friends" story holds too many details to be something someone else
told somebody else. Fiction, i say.
I was thinking the same... i find stories like this hard to beleive most of the time anyway but something in me always find them interesting to read...

especially this thread because it seemed to have ended a few months ago with no replies anymore... but suddenly the OP came back a few days ago with more news on the situation

Perhaps its actually the OP who is being haunted and doesnt want ridiculed for it?

posted on Dec, 18 2011 @ 04:51 AM

Originally posted by porschedrifter
Only once did she scream for it to go away, in a dream and it disappeared and the dreams stopped for a few months but then it came back.

If you command them to go away, then they must. If you are too scared to do this, they are free to stay.

If you think this is just a dream then there is not much you can do about it...

posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 03:02 PM
I've been having the same "nightmare" for about a year now, its exactly how you have explained, except this man has never physically touched me. He is always standing at the foot of my bed just watching me, its always in whatever room I sleep in which makes it feel so real. I never see any facial features just a dark figure. And he gives me the worst feeling ever, I remember one night I sat right up in bed and was face to face with it, my bf said I was telling him about a man in my room while I was sitting up asleep,but all I remember is staring at it, no memory of talking. My bf switched our room around thinking it might help but it just moved to the side of my bed.

Anyways it stopped about 2 months ago and I haven't had any trouble sleeping since. Wish I knew what it was though because it scares the crap out of me.

Is your friend still seeing this figure?

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 12:27 PM
These experiences could be the archetypal "dark man" dream. It is typically dreamed by a woman, and first appears during her late teens and early adulthood. Supposedly, it represents all that is unknown to a young woman. Since we often fear the unknown, and to a degree, women are taught that there are certain types of men to fear, this fear of the unknown manifests itself in the more relatable form of a man.

This is, of course, not taking into account this friend's experience while awake.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes has much more to say on this type of dream in her books. She's best-known for writing Women Who Run With The Wolves - but her writing is extensive.

For me, this dream started about a year before going away to college. My "dark man" carried a knife and slowly approached my bed as I lay paralyzed. It occurred about twice a week, and always resulted in screaming myself awake. Once I went away to school, the dreams vanished. Were the dreams the result of my fear of the big bad unknown - an unknown I was slowly becoming more vulnerable to as the space between my parents' protectiion and myself increased? I'm not sure, but I know this: they were certainly dreams. I've had other experiences with entities which were not the result of dreaming - and there is a huge difference in how the event is perceived, processed and understood.

I'm in no way attempting to characterize your friend's experience. I know they can unhinge a person until that person can really feel the fact that they're in control of this plane, and then exercise that control. But I thought it might help to add this bit on - it certainly shed light on my experiences, and at the same time, made me realize there are many subconscious threads tying all women from all walks of life together.

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