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11/3/11 Japan Quake and Nuclear Accident Predictions!

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posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 06:18 AM
Fact is sometimes stranger than fiction...

There are only 2 known individuals on the planet who apparently predicted the exact date of the Japan Earthquake and One of them also warned about a Nuclear Accident that would be connected to a major Quake, so therefore I'm posting this since it more than qualifies as being related.

The names of these Predictors/Psychics are Sollog and 9Nania. (On a side note, for those who aren't familiar, Sollog and a supporter Leo Phoenix aka Xineophoel, were the only ones who predicted 9/11).

In any case, Sollog warned of a historic quake occurring creating a major nuclear accident and called the area struck VALLEY OF THE SUN which Japan was known in ancient times as LAND OF THE RISING SUN.
For those ignorant of history, Japan in Japanese is Nippon, or Land of the Rising Sun. Sollog refers over and over in his Prophecy to the VALLEY OF THE SUN and how the rising Phoenix would die due to the black cloud of nuclear radiation when the great quake hits and causes a nuclear accident.

So for many years he's been explaining how the numerical sequence of 113 (which can also be expressed as a date) will connect to major headline tragedies such as Terrorism, Plane Crashes and EARTHQUAKES and specifically mentioned 3/11 or its euro date 11/3 as a date for such a Super Quake.

In his most recent prophecy called the "010111 Prophecy"
he predicted an ASSASSINATION of a LEADER that involved a BULLET in the HEAD occurring in the NEW YEAR which is exactly what happened.

The same prophecy contained a warning that a MAJOR EARTHQUAKE was imminent connected to that prophecy and his writings.

Even an article from his fans which was written on January 9th 2011 pointed out that:

Now fans of Sollog are saying they think a huge anniversary earthquake may occur within a few days around the one year anniversary of the Great Haiti Earthquake that took over 200,000 lives on 01/12/2009.
Sollog used the analogy of how two massive quakes struck one year apart in Bam Iran on Xmas Day 2003 and the Great Tsunami Quake of Xmas Day 2004 (using EST time).
Will there be a HUGE ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY EARTHQUAKE in a few days?
Those who follow Sollogs writings will clearly see another amazing connection and clue was given referencing the DATE for this major Anniversary Quake to occur that would be similar to the Haiti quake on the date of 1/12.

So indeed, 1/12 is in fact allegorically One day off (or as it was stated this major quake would occur WITHIN A FEW DAYS "AROUND" 1/12) from 1/13 or 311 in reverse which can also be expressed as 3/11.

Did a Super Quake strike on 3/11 or 11/3?

Did he warn this Super Quake would occur in what he described as the VALLEY of the SUN connected to the PHOENIX?

Is a Phoenix connected to the SUN? Is Japan connected to the LAND OF THE RISING SUN? And are the Japanese Reactors located in such an area ie land/valley?

The answer is YES.

As to this other new Psychic, her name is 9Nania who recently appeared on the scene and two days before the Japan Quake hit, she warned that March 11th to 13th the plates were moving and Japan was one of the danger zones. Can't get any more clear than this IMO.

Article here:

Now of course I'm sure most won't see the connection right away or probably at all especially if they know nothing about Sollogs writings or his number/date code. Others will just deny there's any connection and that its mere coincidence of twisting numbers and words to fit after the event. But those in the know who have taken the time to look at all the facts, will see and agree how amazing these quake predictions really are.

What use are these predictions and their purpose?

Both warn of an imminent Earth Shift, where to go to survive, and Super Quakes about to hit such locations on the Western Coast like Los Angeles as well as a catastrophic event possibly occurring around September/October of this year.

Seems the Japan disaster may be a precursor to something much bigger if it was designed to validate these psychics.

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posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 06:30 AM
S+F great compilation, I had followed 9nania, but I did not know of Sollog, this calls for more research indeed

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 06:42 AM
For everyone's curiosity, here is Solog.

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 06:47 AM
The only time I ever saw about sollog's predictions was always after the even. when it would appear on his site, with links to a "paid access" prediction.

All very fishy to me

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 06:59 AM
I am not so sure about Sollog's sources, the way he describes nania makes him sound...not very enlightened...

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 07:17 AM
we will see if this is right or turns out to be another wrong prediction
we cannot change destiny

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 07:42 AM
reply to post by truthseekr1111

Has anyone themselves had any weird synchronicity experiences connected to this event ?

Last week, before the quake, I finished reading a sci-fi novel called THE CLOUD. Towards the end, in order to save the rest of the world from some impending disaster it was decided that Japan (Korea too)had to be innundated with nuclear bombs . Only people in bunkers would survive. They did it and Japan was effectively wiped off the map.

My partner is an artist. He completed a new painting just before the quake and brought it home Saturday afternoon.Haven't uploaded it to my PC yet but it spooked me as the painting was dominated by a massive yellowy-orange sun set against a dark red with streaks of black. In the foreground is what looks like a coastline with several buildings, all black and the *sea* is very dark with pools of black in it as if there is oil everywhere. As soon as I saw it it gave me the chills as made me think instantly of Japan because of the massive setting sun (on their flag) and the apocalyptic feel of the landscape he had painted. Also, the night before the disaster he had been reading a book about Japan.


posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 03:32 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

I think synchronicity is always going on, like a channel of awareness we can tap into just by being aware of non causal events, seeing through space and time.

I had a dream an earthquake and tsunami came in a harbor I was at, about a month prior... I was on a boat that got washed inland...

This dream was vivid, and I never remember my dreams, I can't recall any since then really.

so yes, I have had a synchronitic experience.

posted on Mar, 17 2011 @ 09:55 AM
Some more strange info worth mentioning:

Originally posted by truthseekr1111
Originally posted by A por uvas
The Elinin comet is a very interesting topic and the dates of alignment are amazing according to what has happened here on earth.Since Elenin has lined up with earth and possibly caused the Chile and Japan quakes what has happened to the other planets when lined up with Elenin and the sun? Mercury,Mars,Venus,Saturn, Jupiter..... Anything ? If there are other planetary disturbances during alignments of the other planets then you would have a little more info to back your idea.To do that you would have to see the other planetary alignments coordinated with dates and see if there was anything out of the normal on those alignment dates according to the planets.Good luck.

All very interesting posts and great thread...
Indeed, Elenin apparently will pass between the sun and earth 9-9-11

which to me has an even more interesting meaning since 9/9/11 is 2 days or around the anniversary of 9/11...but even 9/9/11 one can see 911 in the date.

So with all this talk about comet ELENIN, perhaps its time to point this out to everyone:

Look at the name, subject, DATE and poster... the same one who posted the previous warning about 9/11 back in 1998 warning of a GREAT EMERGENCY to occur on 9/11 that Google removed (if you'd like to see what that post said they removed recently, pm me)


So With that said, I think my post is worth a bump at this point

seems Sollog, 9Nania, ElNINe, and (comet ELENIN) are about to become legends?

Perhaps Trent Reznor can shed some light on this one, cuz the rabbit hole keeps going and going and going...

Just when you thought the rabbit hole couldn't get much deeper...

The Perihelion (closest to the sun) of ELE NIN in fact falls on SEPTEMBER 11, 2011... ie 9/11

If that wasn't interesting enough, In Jewish Gematria, the word ELENIN is equal to 119 or 911 in mirror.

Furthermore, Leonid Elenin is said to be the Russian Astrologer (although there's questions now whether he is a real person) and LEO BIEDERMAN from the movie DEEP IMPACT who discovered the comet... both names with LEO.

LEOnid is an anagram of and derived from the Latin LEO and Greek LEON symbolized by the LION... More interesting is LION is represented in Jewish Gematria with the same exact value as ELENIN - 119, where L=20, l=9, O=50 AND N=40!

So we now have ELEnin or as some see the anagram in the name as Extinction Level Event

It comes closest to Earth and the Sun around 9/9/11 - 9/11/11 and then leaves in a similar path as on 3/11, around 11/11.

Many are saying that this comet may cause three major shifts of the earth poles (coincidently a magnetic pole shift is underway) associated with its appearance and the first appears to have been the Super Quake in Japan on 3/11 with possibly the 3rd coinciding/aligning between October 28 to November 23rd.

And finally, I can't help wondering whether the webbot's tipping point from around September 11th to November 11th of last year regarding an event being 100 times more catastrophic than 9/11, might have been 1 year off and connects to this year.

Oh and On a side note, On March 19th, "the Moon will be closest to Earth since 1993, 18 years ago. This phenomenon is called ‘lunar perigee’. Meanwhile, there are astrologers who called it ‘SuperMoon’.
The appearance of the Moon on that night will be very interesting to be photographed. But, some astronomers predict, it is worrisome, because it will affect climate patterns on Earth. Some people link the lunar perigee with disasters, like earthquakes. Just for information, a number of disasters on Earth occur when the phenomenon of the lunar perigee, or when the distance between Earth and the Moon nearby. Katrina Hurricane in 2005 was also associated with a SuperMoon.

posted on Apr, 14 2011 @ 02:17 PM
this young lady (a friend of mine
was right on
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