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Time Travelling

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posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 12:15 AM
While I don't know much scientifically about the topic, it intrigues me beyond belief. Is it, can it be possible? I always found myself drawn to those time traveler stories like John Titor or Andrew Carlssin and often wonder what it would be like to go to another time. Could it physically be done or would the body of the traveler be torn to shreds? What type(s) of energy needs to be harnessed and how would you begin to harness it? I'm no physicist and wouldn't know where to look or what to look for, but can anyone provide some information on the matter in layman's terms for me?

posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 12:25 AM
All you need is a flex capacitor and some iranians that will sell you some uranium.... duhhh.

posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 12:29 AM
Anything is possible... or so it seems... or at least so "they" say...

This site used to be "alright" check it out if you want

also check out...
The Philadelphia Experiment

hope that helps

posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 12:29 AM
Once we discover how to travel at the speed of light we are halfway there. For example...if you were to travel away from earth at the speed of light, a matter of minutes may pass for you but on earth it would be more like years if not decades or centuries.
Im not clued up on time travel but im a firm believer its possible.
If you were to say to someone 100 years ago we would be able to communicate across the planet in real time with pictures and sound they would have laughed at you and told you that you were mad. Even the advent of the computer wouldnt be conceivable 100 years ago yet here we are with things our ancestors couldn't dream of

Moors law says computers double in speed every 18 months...its now 13 months. In less than 20 years that means a computer will have more power than the human brain...maybe thats when we will discover the method of bending time to our advantage. Who knows what the future pretty sure i will see a lot more things before i die...things i couldnt imagine today.

posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 12:43 AM
I read somewhere that you have to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow in the interstitial time. Depending on the amplitude of the neutrons, will determine where one is ejected from the time vortex.

posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 12:46 AM
my first thought is portals. opening a gap in between dimensions, if they even exist in such a way. the biggest problem (besides creating a portal and discovering dimensions) is that you would have to find a way to come out the other side in the right time/place

posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 07:09 AM
reply to post by SnakeShot

wow that was a very "mature" one line reply to a serious question,

Personally i would not use words like "duhh" on ATS without expecting some sort of reply, was you hoping for more Stars or something ?

OP I am sorry i dont have a detailed answer for you.
IMO time travel could very well be possible. If our universe can be created from " nothing " then it is not such a silly idea that time travel is possible really.

For those others wanting to take the p***. I will do it for you. Yes you can time travel - into the future


posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 08:39 AM
I personally believe that Time Travel (of sorts) would be possible within your own mind - so to speak - to communicate with your younger self in the past. Many times in my life I have had what most people call deja vu - where not only do I feel like I just did something or something happened that has happened before... but I can tell what is going to happen next... I have made a habit of mentioning out loud when this happens that I think this and this is about to happen so that people around me can at least hear that I spoke about it before...

Some examples - Here in the town I live in - my wife and I were shopping for china patterns in one of the shops...
I remember mentioning to my wife a strange comment after I witnessed an employee pushing out a cart of dishes on the showroom floor. I commented to her - we both remembered this later on as well... I said " I don't know why she is putting out the dishes when this place is going to be burned down to the ground soon"
True story... not long after we were married - (yes we bought the dishes there too) walking into work - sure enough the place was in flames... I always suspected arson but they didn't find anything strange. (and no i didn't sleep walk and do it)

Another time my wife and I were going to the cinema and she wanted to see the Denzel Washington movie - Man on fire.
I laughed and said "I don't want to see that again - and I know you don't like that movie."
She looked at me strange and pointed out the fact that it just came to cinema and it was the opening day for the movie. I was genuinely confused because I remembered the movie - I even described it to her... I said I did remember liking it but I know she didn't because of the violence and the main character basically dying at the end of the movie.

We watched it anyway - it was exactly how I remembered it and she hated it because of the violence... just like I remembered.

Anyway - deja vu aside - this concept of time travel or previous knowledge of present events leads me to believe that its limits may rest within the confines of ones own lifetime.

In a theoretical discussion I had with someone one day I mentioned the concept of your lifetime being as it were a mark in chalk drawn on a sidewalk. You only have so much chalk to make your mark with then your just chalk dust... your influence fades unless you manage to impact others around you... other chalk lines.

Anyway--- the point being that theoretically you physically have occupied time and space for those years of your chalk line and you would be limited as it were like a runner on a field to stay in your track lines... but in theory you should have resources available to you in time and space through your singular travel... to repeat a portion of your course or revisit it. The limiting factor of this theory is that you cannot occupy someone else's life and travel back further - and more to the point your time travel device would be your own body.
Who really wants to go back 35 years to see the past only to find themselves drooling on a bib staring at people wearing fashions from the 70's.

The second Time Travel scenario I have thought about is that Time is a substance... its fluid and its containable adjustable and as real an element as everything we know to be a substance - but in a state other than one we are used to dealing with.

I conjecture that if in-fact this is the case then to travel through it or to alter at what point in time's flow you appear you would have to do several things... Find out what alters its flow... gravity, magnetism, vibration etc...
Create a bubble of no time... that is... a point in space where a state of no time contamination has occurred - in my theory I call this Null-Space.
Null-Space would in fact be the start of a time travel vehicle mechanism and the container for you the traveler.
Before you enter such a space personally you would need the ability to recreate time flow inside that space in an emergency or risk being forever stuck in that moment of no-time.
Anyway - this null-space needs to be in theory able to be layered upon to manipulate its own position in time through - I guess what we would call transparency or permeability to the substance of time itself.
To be honest building such a machine would be difficult at best because any level of success runs the risk of the device slipping into the vary mode of traveling you are trying to devise...

Anyway that is where null-space should come in... to you the outside observer anything you place inside it would be outside the contact of your current flow of time and thus allowing you to manipulate the items or layers of the mechanics of the device.

So in theory your layers of time permeable material and layers of null-space or time free layers would allow you to create a submarine as it were - the concept being that shielded lining would allow you to manipulate the flow of time in, around, and through the vehicle to varying degrees of manipulation.

Imagine a submarine that is pressurized from the depths of the sea. Its entire internal structure is designed to travel through the water - unrestricted to a point to manipulate the flow and speed it travels in... by using the substance of water itself to maneuver.

So now imagine that water is not water but time... Your device would in-fact need to be a sub within a sub...
We are creatures well used to being in this substance of time... and just like the wrong air or water pressure being present - our mind and our bodies would struggle in any other environment other than the one we are used to being in...

So... We would have to pressurize or contain the flow and regulate the movement of our NORMAL stream of time so we can be free to push buttons and examine the outside world and so forth.
Outside of that chamber - I would presume a layer of null-space would be needed because we want to isolate ourselves from the flow of the time traveling - then a layer of manipulatable time in which we use vibration, flow, current, frequency, pressure, spin, and other variables to try to alter our internal machines course and position in space time.

Furthermore... the old joke applies... when your done traveling in time... will the earth be beneath you?
Your device may need some space worthiness to even get to earth.

So in brief summary of what this garbled mess mentions so far is that we would need to both contain our current living environment of air, food, water, time flow, in the inner device. The outer device being the one that does the work... and using it to manipulate time around you while you sit comfortably used to your flow of one second passing after the next.

This does leave a few big issues that would have to be solved with trial and error (I hope without killing yourself)
Finding yourself in deep space because the Spiral Arm of the Galaxy moved away from you.
Finding yourself in the path of the moon, comet or sun etc... finding yourself buried in the earth.
You engage the device and watch as the device works perfectly... leaving you without an outer device because it is consumed somehow in the effort of traveling (age - or non-existance due to it being uncreated)
Or worse... a leak happens in time shielding and you freeze forever or age or regress.

I suppose now thinking like this... if the first major hurdle is possible to make a point in Null-Space. That the next likely conclusion would be that if you could enter null-space physically but have a device designed to pull you out of null space at a predetermined interval you could easily go forward in time personally but going backwards would be difficult in this way.
To go backwards in time... you would have to reverse the flow and frequency of time around you without it affecting your device. So, thats why the time submarine idea came in.

Time as a substance.
Well, armchair science is a great thing. So no fundamental hangups with full knowledge and book learning to get in the way - all that makes the above run-on thought process possible...
Time has been determined by science to be several things...

Time is - not universal in its flow and influence - the atomic clock tests at least hints at this and a study by NASA as well at some point (i think it was nasa) indicated waves of variations in time pattern and influence on atomic clocks.
Time is - needed to observe change - or in our brain - the observation of change of things around us.
Time is - observationally - perceptively - fleeting in tasks that we enjoy - increasingly slow in tasks that we hate. (don't think this is usable though)

As beings in time we would not be able to operate outside of time itself without danger to ourselves seeing how we need each moment to - breath, send blood around our body, produce energy, let alone think and move.

Inside a so-called pocket of our own time - we would in theory be able to go about our normal observations while an outer device does the moving though time for us - allowing us to be unaffected by the travel but able to observe the results of the traveling.

- To my knowledge the above ramblings are original and all mine... if they are complete nonsense please feel free to ignore it all... if it makes sense at all and your part of a secret Gov organization working on such things... you know my number and I take cash or work on contract.

posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 03:07 PM
reply to post by johngtr

Yes but you contributed so much more.... so thank you... hypocryte.
Not my fault you can't take a joke.
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posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 03:20 PM
reply to post by SnakeShot

Wow what a delayed response and i did contribute much more actually, i am not a hypocrite

You barley even covered your second line then my " friend "

read comments carefully before you post accusations, how am i a hypocrite? Seriously.
i answered the question without having to resort to a 3 year old's vocabulary of " duhh "

I will contribute more again if you like on a similar subject that relates to the thread topic sort of indirectly
if you would like to follow this link

BTW you spelled hypocrite wrong : )

Edit - I can take a joke sir, you do not no me so therefore you cannot judge me and i have every right to express my opinion , your first post is against T & C also ,

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posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 03:36 PM
reply to post by johngtr

Delayed response? Do you think I'm a robot sitting here on ATS 24 hours a day looking to immediately respond?

"barely even covered my second line" What does that even mean?

You answered the question by stating your opinion that you believe time travel is possible... WOW... thanks for the insight.
And yes that is hypocritical because your coming down on me for making a joke yet all you did is do a one-liner on your opinion.

What part of "Duhh" is not related to me joking? But your taking it seriously like I think a flex capacitor is real and the op is stupid so I'm calling "duhh" on him?

-Oh no... I spelled hypocrite wrong.... I'm such an idiot... duhhh..

Ok.... heres my two cents to make you happy (and johngtr, I don't mean 2 actual pennys):
Yes Time travel to the future is possible and has been scientifically verified.
Longer time travel to the future May be possible according to theories with wormholes and bending space/time etc...
I don't think time travel to the past is possible.

There, are you happy now? If not, please go back to sucking your thumb and ranting over rediculous things with someone else that cares.

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posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 03:42 PM
reply to post by SnakeShot

Thats fine you are entitled to your opinion - your post will not stay up as it violates T & C worse than your others,
I may be fairly new to this but i am not a stupid person, i have manners and respect for those who also show them, i never said you were a robot i just stated a FACT that you had a delayed response. Don't take criticism too harshly, it helps in the long run ,

This will be the last you hear from me on this matter as we are now posting off - topic comments

Sorry OP.

posted on Mar, 9 2011 @ 04:13 PM
Thanks for the replies everyone, I've certainly read some interesting perspectives.
As to Snakeshot, why do you think that travelling to the future is possible and NOT the past? Wouldn't it be the other way around as nothing is set in stone?

To Ziplogan, thanks for your lengthly response, you definitely provided some insight! I'm going to read over your response a few more times before I come up with some fresh questions to throw back!

posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 07:13 AM

Originally posted by concernedcitizen519
Thanks for the replies everyone, I've certainly read some interesting perspectives.
As to Snakeshot, why do you think that travelling to the future is possible and NOT the past? Wouldn't it be the other way around as nothing is set in stone?

To Ziplogan, thanks for your lengthly response, you definitely provided some insight! I'm going to read over your response a few more times before I come up with some fresh questions to throw back!

Having googled and Snopesed I am disappointed at how many great stories are hoaxes!

posted on Mar, 10 2011 @ 02:56 PM
reply to post by concernedcitizen519

Hi CC519,

appologies for the previous posts... I just can't stand nit-picking whiners at times.

Anyways, its been a long time since I've looked into the possibilitys of time travel so I can't really explain
further right now other than basically my gut instinct from previous research is what makes me believe that traveling to the past isn't possible.

I basically feel that once something occurs in time that it never will again. Now if different dimensions exist that are identical to the one we're in now, just on a different time-line, that may be a different story. So maybe theres something more like dimensional travel rather than time travel? Its always been my perspective though that alternate dimensions would also equal alternate reality.

Anyways, who knows.... I honestly think that just about anything is possible.

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posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 03:50 PM
An additional thought...

Has anyone else noticed that most of modern day science and everyday technology was once science fiction and fantasy? Apart from the details of an adventure... nearly every major concept of the past has actually come to pass... until a certain point. Space Travel and Time Travel - advanced energy production and a few other odds and sods...

Why do you think this is? Did science suddenly not have anything to shoot for? Was the learning and theory curve to much? from the 1700 to 2011 a span of 311 years or so... everything was flying in growth, knowledge and technology seemed to abound daily with announcements all around the world as new discoveries were being made about science and the world around us... then... nothing?

I mentioned this on another thread as well... to me it seems suspect that save for computers becoming largely more portable than before... technology has not grown very much in the last what... 50 100 years?
We are still using an internal combustion engine in the majority of the cars in the world...
We are still using rubber tires
Water and or steam is still powering our energy power plants in the majority of the world... Nuclear power is largely still a steam turbine - The power of the atom... is making steam? Seriously?
Television, radio, and space programs closing down?
Makes you wonder... or me at least... what else were they working on so hard that the other technologies didn't matter.

Other threads mention anomalies... things people remember happening that seem to not have happened after all.
Famous people dying only to see they are alive and well later on... is there something going on?
Is reality a stronger residue than time? Is that why we can remember the changes even after something changed?
When a time line is altered does everyone still remember the previous one? Ripples in a lake or water when something happens you can tell it happened from the leftover effect?

If time is a substance as I conjecture... then perhaps it is a residue of the previous flow or spin that clings to us when something changes eventually we adjust to the new timeline but slowly enough that we can briefly observe when change happens.

Do the people that change things... if indeed this is what is happening... know that people are becoming aware of the alterations?
I have often wondered about a different kind of weapon... one that does not destroy cites or kill people... but one that is just a time bomb... one that when detonated alters time enough around it so that a city never formed there... the people that would have been there are forced instantly elsewhere or elsewhen... I fear waking up one day in a world that is not the one I remember but because of the changes I know I belong there as well as the fading memories of the other life I had... that drifts off like a dream so vivid... if only I could remember it.

And then there is that... Vivid dreams I have repeatedly of another version of myself - one a soldier fighting for my country against some foreign enemy - another a school teacher - another I am a criminal fleeing from the law for stealing something or another - waking up only after a corrupt police officer shoots me in the head. I thought your not supposed to feel dreams were real... but in that moment I felt it.

Anyway... I am sure its all conjecture and nonsense. Surely the powers that be would not muck around with time travel or try to alter how our time flow works now would they?

posted on Mar, 11 2011 @ 03:55 PM
Apart from deliberate attempts or technology though....time "rips" do have some support at least from accounts of witnesses. Mostly, it's in the form of "information" rather than matter (i.e. light (visions), sounds, radio waves, etc.).

There have been tales of people witnessing a quick scene from the past, hearing horses coming at them, radio signals from years ago, etc. Googling on "time rips" would probably give you a start. If true, these may be the key to actually deliberately creating such rips.

posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 07:34 AM
Aside from the ones made into movies... what other gov attempts have been recorded of time travel through accident or intentional leaking of information?
I have heard of many of the same time rips and echos and so forth and I think this is explainable through denser or thinner areas of time... either through interaction with the earths magnetic field or some other influence... something has influence on time within our normal earth without secret experiments.

So... particular energy influx from the sun or space itself... particles that pass through things largely but are somehow influenced in certain places that allow sights, sounds and sometimes interactions with people not in that time period... Something has an influence on time at these locations.
Natural loadstones or fluctuating zones of vibration from this interaction - time rips or thinning or thickening is the result...

Tachyons (if they are real) Neutrinos (being altered somehow) or some other particles must have an effect on these areas where time rips occur. The strange thing is... most people go to detect ghosts at these locations... has anyone ever gone to detect anything using real science to see what other explanations there could be?

If in-fact it is one of these other sub atomic particles interacting with a magnetic field... then it would take short work to make areas of instability to investigate the physical properties of time as a substance - and how they react and interact with conventional and nonconventional particles and energy.

I have also long thought that areas of high radioactivity - while dangerous to live or be near it for any great length of time would be very easy to manipulate given the background energy available - to attempt to alter time fields.

As before... my disclaimer... armchair science does not change the world... unless you write it into science fiction...This of course goes along with the discovery of REAL kryptonite and Donald Duck's amazing chemistry discovery. inspired by comics

posted on Mar, 14 2011 @ 08:24 AM

Originally posted by ziplogan

Tachyons (if they are real) Neutrinos (being altered somehow) or some other particles must have an effect on these areas where time rips occur.

Tachyons are in fact real, though in terms of creating time travel ourselves, useless sadly...

posted on Mar, 16 2011 @ 04:47 AM

Originally posted by Vicky32

Originally posted by ziplogan

Tachyons (if they are real) Neutrinos (being altered somehow) or some other particles must have an effect on these areas where time rips occur.

Tachyons are in fact real, though in terms of creating time travel ourselves, useless sadly...

Sorry for such a simple question. I thought science had not yet discovered these only theorized about their existence but due to the nature of their passive presence they are impossible to detect. What sources do you know of that has detected tachyons? Why are they useless for time travel?

If in fact they exist any passive particle that travels at any known rate can in fact be used as a gauge even in a closed environment to note their passage or movement - if time affects them then we would see the flow or movement reverse ... if time does not affect them then perhaps they can be utilized in sending data or controlling the machine in some manner if we can alter them.

All particles in the universe has a purpose.

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