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Does God like Democracy?

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posted on Feb, 27 2011 @ 12:22 PM
It's not, that I want to turn this into a fullscale political debate, so eventually I'll pick up the loose ends here and attach them to topic. But first a few comments.

IMO the US and european versions of 'democracy' differ considerably. According to one source (R.A.Wilson) US has technically been in a state of emergency for decades, theoretically bypassing parliamentary procedures. I can not make sweeping generalisations for all european countries, but at least a majority would consider this as paralyzing of constitutions.

This difference was actually accentuated, when the Bush-regime made two publicly known deals with european cronies concerning anti-constitutional surveillance procedures (benefitting US). Both cases are brought to the EU constitutional commission.

The protection of minority rights appears to be stronger in Europe, at some cost for 'freedom of speech'. It's legal to have extremist opinions and material, but a public incitement to interference with minority rights is illegal. Technically this would include e.g. extremist christians suggesting that homosexuals are 'inferior', 'dysfunctional', 'ought' to get 'therapy' etc.

Generally the political scene in Europe contains multiple significant political parties, not only two major players; and while coalitions often are made, they are not rigid.

I would say, that at a pragmatic level the average european is more grounded in practical liberalism, egalitarian principles and, in this topic-context, a more secular attitude. In my own, and neighbouring, countries only a few percent of the population would put christian 'values' ABOVE constitution. People are more liberal democrates, than they are christians (or other forms of theism, with the exception of extremist muslims, parallelling extremist christianity).

It's my distinct impression, that christian 'values' ABOVE constitution is more common in US.

As debate-forums often have a high percentage of US citizens participating, it's easy to get and operate from the idea, that US is the center of the world. In my case this was examplified last year here on ATS, where an extremist christian opposing me and my arguments (based on european statistics and expressing average european attitudes) denounced it with: "This is your little obscure part of the world" (app. I don't remember the exact wording).

So sorry US guys, and without rancour on my part: "You are not the center of the world", and your religious/political polarizations are not universal. Here democracy isn't evaluated from what 'god' thinks about it.

posted on Feb, 27 2011 @ 05:08 PM

Originally posted by NOTurTypical

Originally posted by Klassified
reply to post by bogomil

A democratic republic. What America was supposedly founded on. It has its problems too, but when properly instituted and maintained by the people, I think it is an excellent form of government.

Theocracy? Not hardly.

Actually, America is a Constitutional Republic. In fact, America is the oldest Constitutional Republic in the world.

I haqve no problem with either term. Or even a representative republic.

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