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"The Organization"

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posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 11:51 AM
Synopsis: They're an organization with unlimited funds and resources in the shadowy depths of the government. The cleanup crew of UFO sightings, they negotiate with aliens as well as research in their massive laboratory with hidden technologies and metaphysical powers.

Disclaimer: Unfinished. It was for a writing project for school, the nanowrimo, where we wrote 20,000 words in the month of November. I tried many different ideas, and this was the one that caught on. It counts for roughly 7500/20000. The purpose of the nanowrimo is to get the idea out, not necessarily have it look nice, or worded nicely. Basically type what you think and don't second guess it.

The beginning is kind of rough, but i feel like it starts to catch on around chapter 5. If you want, just skip there. There are some random ramblings in there, just skip over them. It was sort of a way to brainstorm and boost the word count at the same time.


Chapter 1
As I was walking home from work, I started thinking about my life. What do I want to do with it? How can I achieve it? I still really don’t know, it’s all kind of fuzzy around the edges, I just don’t know what I want to do and where I want to go. When I was younger, I wanted to be a rockstar. I’m not so sure about that now, but I know I want to be something or someone big. Could I be the next Steve Jobs?
Jobs was my idol. He was the CEO of apple and the inventor of the iphone and ipod, and is known for his temper, his brilliant mind, and his great products. I had idolized him since I was in high school, always reading the reports of emails from him and following the keynotes live.
Suddenly, a car with tinted black windows pulled up. The driver gestured for me to come closer. I shook my head, there was no way I was getting into that car. As I shook my head, two burly men got out of the back seat, looking intent on catching me. I started to run. Looking for an escape route, I found none. I was close to home, but still about two blocks away. They were still right behind me. I quickly cut, turned, and went in another direction. I was thin and fast, they were burly, but I still might be faster and quicker. I kept running and was closing on my house, when I felt something hit the back of my arm. A tranquilizer, shoot. As I fell and hit the ground, the last thing I saw was the two burly men standing over me.

Chapter 2
When I woke, there was a man I had never seen before standing over me. I looked down at myself, I wasn’t chained to anything, and was certainly alive, and the room looked like a sort of dining room. “Tea?” he asked me. I replied that I would not like any. I was about to open my mouth to ask what was going on, when he stopped me. He told me that they were secret government operatives who wanted to offer me a position with them. Dumbfounded, I asked why they kidnapped me if all they wanted was to offer me a job. He replied that it was just the way they work.

I asked him specifics about the job and what I would be doing. He replied that I would be among a crew of people to go and “clean things up” after UFO sightings. When I asked him if it meant threatening and blackmailing people, he hesitated and said that wouldn’t be my job. He said my job would be to follow said UFO on the ground in an SUV, but my main field of expertise would be computer systems and “other technologies”. He said if neither interested me, they had much more I could do. I wasn’t going to be limited to any 1 activity and job, I could do whatever I liked most of whatever I was best at. I asked if I had a choice in the matter, if I didn’t accept, would they kill or detain me. He replied with the red pill, blue pill analogy, saying that if I declined the offer, they would give me something to forget everything and I would wind up at home believing I had worked late. He said $2500 would appear in my bank account “as a compensation for good measure”. But I would have to follow some guidelines, well only really one. There was secrecy, non-exposure policy. The public could not know about the organization, at least not yet, because it could cause mass panic and a shattering of people’s world views if the information they had came into the public eye. It was a “dark” organization meaning it technically did not exist, though it was funded by black budgets. But that was pretty much the one big guideline, secrecy.

I wasn’t sure if I should accept the deal or not. On one end, this organization had technically kidnapped me, but on the other end, it was like a dream come true. He left to give me some time to think. I weighed all my options and decided this was the way to go. After all, how often do I get offered something like this? It was like a once in a lifetime thing. I did have one question for him though. “Why did you choose me?” I asked. He replied that he had heard good things about me and knew I was interested in this field. I accepted we shook hands. He told me they would work on a cover for me, for when I was working with them. I nodded, and then he proceeded to lead me to the car, where the two burly men from before were standing. They grinned at me and he introduced me to them as Ricardo and Dallas. I grinned and said “hey, what’s up R&D?” I internally chuckled because R & D is what research and development is called as in most companies. It went way past them. They joked with me about the kidnapping and I joked right back, saying they should probably watch their backs.
The man I met with, who now introduced himself as Mr. Baker, told me these men would be the ones with me on the ground, in other words, chasing the actual UFO’s.

I was still in shock that this whole thing was real and they were talking about UFO’s like an average white collar worker would talk about TPS reports. It was mind blowing to me. He told me I would work with another group of people in the lab, with the computers and other technology. He told me he would escort me there. I said goodbye to R & D and proceeded to follow Mr. Baker. We went down a couple flight of stairs into what seemed like a deep basement. I asked him about it and he said we were in an underground base. I asked where. He said under the Denver airport. When I was about to ask how we got there so fast from the east coast (I found out I had only been out 3 hours), he held up a finger and told me to just wait and see. He was about to answer my questions by what he was about to show me in the lab.

I followed him down a long, narrow staircase into the lab. There were a bunch of workers in white coats, scientists I guess, around working. But my attention was drawn to a device in the middle. It was a big device that looked like a round elevator type thing. It had a shimmering glow in the middle and I wondered what it was. I walked closer but Mr. Baker stopped me. He explained it was a teleportation device, one of many set up around the world to get to places practically instantaneously. He explained that the basis for this technology was recovered from a downed alien aircraft in Roswell, New Mexico in the late 1940’s. He said the technology was reverse-engineered and they had a breakthrough in the late 1970’s. At that time, they were able to send an object across the room. They perfected the design and now they were able to send not only objects, but people to different places, and through time. He smiled and led me to another room where a small, watch-like device was on the table. He told me this would be my own personal teleportation device and time machine.

My first thought was “What if I lose it?” being a typical ADHD kid, that would be the first thing on my mind, considering I can’t remember where I place things 5 mnutes ago. He chuckled and then said “Only you can use it, once the first person uses it, it’s locked to that person’t DNA for the remainder of it’s life. So to everybody else, it’s a wrist watch. But in the event you do lose it, we can push one simple button on our computer and it would teleport itself back to our lab from anywhere in the world.” He paused “Or off the world.” I nodded, satisfied with the answer.

I started thinking about the watch and what it meant. I was fascinated over the device. How often had I postulated the existence of one of these devices, if it was even possible? All the time. It was amazing. I couldn’t believe these existed. They were like a dream come true. But my mind was literally reeling over the possibilities of this device. I could travel literally anywhere or during any time period. It was truly amazing.

Mr. Baker smiled at my internal musings, which he could clearly see on my face. He told me to play around with it a bit. When I looked at him, shocked, he again smiled and told me that if I was to be on the team, then I should have a good grasp of the space-time continuum. When I asked if he was worried about me disturbing something in the space-time continuum, he said that it wasn’t something to worry about. He told me he wanted me back in 3 hours but then smiled and said it shouldn’t be an issue since I had the time machine. He said goodbye and left me with the wrist-watch time machine.

Chapter 3
I started to think, and wonder where the first place I wanted to go was. I decided I would go back to the end of World War II, to V-E day in the United States. To New York, where that famous kiss picture was taken. I pushed a button on the watch, and before I could even blink, I was there. It was strange, I sort of expected like a lag of something like that before I was there. But there was none, one second I was in the lab, and another second I was there, in New York. It was really crazy. I started thinking about how crazy this was. This was something I never thought was even possible. It’s just nuts something like this even exists!

I looked around. Everywhere, people were celebrating and cheering and just plain happy. I pulled out my iPhone to see if it made it through unscathed. It did and still showed the “current” time from when I had left. I really love my iPhone, being in a time period 60 some odd years before it was invented really made me appreciate it.

Somebody bumped into me and they turned around to apologize. Then they saw the iPhone in my hands and asked what it was. I replied that it was just a device I used and the person nodded and went back to celebrating. It was really awesome, I sort of half thought that everything would be in black and white because that’s how the pictures were of this time period. It was weird, and mind-boggling to see everything in color. Kind of confusing also. Plus, seeing people with radios. Who does that? I don’t remember the last time, well I wouldn’t since I’m 17, that a radio was considered to be high-tech technology. It was actually kind of funny to see how much things have changed and how much technology has progressed since the 1940’s. the whole ordeal really blew my mind, I can’t stress that enough.

I stayed for about an hour longer, partying with everybody else when I decided I had enough of this scene, so I pushed a button on the watch and was back in the room. I looked at a clock on the wall, I had only been gone for 30 seconds. Interesting, considering from my perspective, I had been gone for more than an hour. I started to consider where I wanted to go for my next destination. I thought about that for a minute and then decided I wanted to go to a date of much controversy and speculation, December 21, 2012 at 11:11 GMT. I pushed a button on my watch, and what I saw there made me gasp.

Chapter 4
I didn’t see anything bad, it was something very good. I was still trying and struggling to comprehend what I was seeing. There was an amazing display of aurora borealis, and all around me, people were in a sort of trance, amazed and so happy. Everything there was just so happy and joyful, it was such and amazing feeling, one that I had never had before. Words cannot describe how amazing it felt. It was like a dream come true. Anything seemed possible. It seemed like I dream. Maybe I was dreaming. Somebody please pinch me, I need to wake up from this dream, it seems too good to be true. It seems surreal. Wow this is really amazing. It feels like I could wake up any time. I know I’m probably rambling so let me describe what I was seeing.

Imagine if you will, that there are many timelines from many times in history, in fact all times in history. It would help to think of it like a tree, where it starts with a singularity and branches off from there. In fact, that’s the nature of the universe. Now imagine if at a certain point on that tree, where a bunch of branches branch off from each other, you are there. You are given a choice, in that moment, which path you want to take. You could take a path that leads to destruction, total destruction, or one that leads to a better world. From your perspective whatever world you choose, everybody else does as well, when in fact the world you choose, versions of the people go to that world. Now I know this might not make much sense, but just listen in. It’s relative to you, you could choose either path, or another one (this is just a simplified example, there are infinitely many paths), where when you choose that path, the appearance is that the people follow you. What actually happens is that you are then on that timeline and versions of those people are there with you. Those people are just other people from whatever timeline and wherever you came from but they chose that timeline.

I know this probably isn’t making much sense, so let me elaborate further. According to quantum physics, every choice occurs sometime, somewhere. If you’ve heard of Schrodinger’s cat, the cat is both alive and dead before the scientist can check on the cat. That is the nature of quantum mechanics. So essentially, everybody is choosing every timeline simultaneously and they are taking place everywhere simultaneously. So that eliminates the need for the grandfather paradox where you go back in time to kill your grandfather before your mother is conceived, meaning that hypothetically and theoretically, you should not exist. Quantum mechanics deletes the need for this because everything and anything is happening simultaneously. That is why quantum mechanics is so amazing, it takes care of all of this. Quantum mechanics is actually referred to the alchemy of the 21st century. It’s truly ground-breaking and amazing.

Now I’m sure you’re probably thinking what the heck does this have to do with anything? Well, basically, what I saw for December 21, 2012 at 11:11 GMT was that people had a conscious choice point over which timeline they wanted to be on. They had the actual conscious choice of what they wanted to do. But I knew it was my time to go back to the lab, so that’s exactly what I did. I pushed a button, and left this amazing and inspirational time period, if it is a time period. It felt like eternity.

Chapter 5
When I got back, I exited the room, and found my team in the lab sort of debating with each other. Mr. Baker informed me that there had been a UFO sighting in New Mexico and we were going to be sent to investigate. They were debating over who would go, and a couple of them were weary of sending me on my first day, but they decided I might as well go.

We all got into the car, with me in the back set of the black unmarked suburban. Suddenly, a thought occurred to me. I asked them if we were driving all the way to New Mexico from Denver. Dallas grinned at me and told me to just watch. Ricardo signaled to someone on the other side of the garage, and pushed a button on the dashboard. Suddenly this shimmering mist appeared in front of the car. It expanded and appeared to encapsulate the entire vehicle. It was blocking out the view of anything around the car, the garage. Then I felt a lurching sensation, like the car was being lifted. Only seconds later, the miss dissipated and I felt the hot sun on my face. I looked around. We were in the middle of the desert, in the late afternoon. I was surprised but not shocked. Really, not much would surprise me after my day today. I asked what had happened and Dallas told me that we had just teleported. I was surprised by that coming from his mouth even though that was what I suspected had happened. I asked him how that was possible. He asked me how it was possible I could travel through time like I did before. I laughed and said “Touche.” The guys laughed as well.

Ricardo put the car into gear and we got onto the road, which was about a quarter of a mile from where appeared. It was pretty smart of whoever planned the teleportation that we appeared behind a big rock, so it wasn’t that conspicuous, a black suburban with tinted windows suddenly appearing in the middle of no where. Anyway, we were back on the road now headed towards I don’t know where and I’m not sure if I would want to know because it’s probably somewhere pretty messed up considering how my day is going thusfar. I realized I hadn’t sleep since my “kidnapping” last night, so I put my head on the window and dozed off a bit.

Chapter 6
When I woke up, it was the late afternoon, looked like I had been sleeping for 4 or so hours. Dallas looked over at me and said “Good morning sleepyhead!” I asked him where we were going but he winked at me and told me to just wait.

For the next hour or so, I just sat looking out the window. We had pulled off into a Sonic burger and we all got a bite to eat. They told me they were waiting for sunset to do what they needed to do. R & D had a portable TV on, they were watching the Bronco’s game and commentating on it while watching. I was watching as well as we were going back and forth about the game for a bit. I was actually pretty cool. If we weren’t doing something regarding aliens and they hadn’t kidnapped me less than 24 hours before, and I wasn’t a time traveler, it would be like a day with the guys.

The sun was setting and we drove off from Sonic to wherever we needed to be doing whatever we needed to be doing. Within 20 minutes, it was totally dark and we were driving down a deserted highway when I saw a bright light above us. I asked the guys if they saw that but they were talking with each other over something that made no sense to me. I heard snippets “when we’re on board… Restricted area… Should be secret… No visibility…” but they made no sense to me. The light grew brighter until it was encompassing the entire car. And I blacked out. Well, I guess you could say I whited out, considering it was white light.

When I woke up, we were in what looked like a big white room. Ricardo and Dallas were already up and talking to this one person I couldn’t see. I got to my feet and they all looked over to me. The person looked confused but Ricardo said I was the newest member to their team and brought me over to introduce us to each other. It was then I realized this being wasn’t human. The being had white skin, pearly white skin, with a large head, no hair, and wearing something that looked like a robe. My mouth fell open. He introduced himself to me, but he never said a word, I heard everything he was saying in my mind.

So the pieces sort of came together now. We were on board an alien spacecraft, oh yes aliens do exist by the way. They “beamed” us up presumably when we saw that bright white light. So I guess I can kind of see what’s going on. It still seems like science fiction though. I looked to R & D but they just smiled. Soon, they went back to talking to this being. From what I was able to piece together, supposedly the government had a deal with aliens where in exchange for technology, they could stay and collect resources from Earth as long as they don’t make themselves known. These beings violated the agreement when they were sighted last night. R & D were saying there might be some sanctions against them but the being was saying that there was a malfunction with their system that resulted in their cloaking not working, and things could have been a lot worse. They could have crashed and that would have made themselves known to the public. The discussion ended when we basically said we’d be in touch (no decision was made regarding sanctions) and they agreed. We got back into our car which was in the middle of the room and being looked at by a bunch of small beings, similar to the larger one, but much smaller. The white light flashed and we were gone.

Chapter 7
When we were back on the road, I asked the guys for more details. How did this treaty work? Could I just have more information next time? I had no idea I would be meeting an alien. I knew there was a UFO sighting but I thought we were going to investigate, maybe talk to a couple people about it. I had no idea we would talk to an actual alien about it! The whole thing just blew my mind kind of. But they were actually pretty nice about it and agreed to give me more information

Chapter 8
When we got back to the base after teleporting back there, R & D informed Mr. Baker as to the result of the meeting. I swear, this guy must never sleep or something. As far as I know, he’s been at the lab since I first got there, more then 24 hours ago. I asked a technician about it and he said Mr. Baker left and slept when we were gone, but I didn’t buy it.

Mr. Baker then came over and told me I was done for the night. They were going to get me home to sleep, and then I would teleport to work at 0900 the next morning (apparently my watch had a teleport function as well.) I agreed but then hesitated before I left. I realized I had been gone for more than a day. Wouldn’t my parents be worried? He smiled, I swear that’s kinda getting old. Smiling but not giving me an answer. What’s up with that? He told me it’s fine and to just get home I agreed and teleported home to my bedroom. I went downstairs and said hello to my family. We talked a bit. Apparently what had happened was that I was home, doing my normal stuff somehow. I tried to think how this would be possible. I really had no idea, it didn’t seem to be. Well, I guess I would go ask the only people who would know.

I went back up to my room and teleported back. It had only been 5 minutes, but Mr Baker was there, seemingly expecting me. “Back so soon?” he asked. I asked him how I was home and at the base during the same time. He gestured to someone in the corner to walk in. My eyes widened in shock. It was me.

Or rather, someone or something that looked exactly like me and acted exactly like me, down to my mannerisms. He said it was a specially designed robot that was essentially a copy of me that could do everything I do and act just like me. I asked him how he made it and he said he made it from DNA samples they took when I was knocked out, after they first kidnapped me. I glared at him and he smiled back apologetically. I shook my head and asked him if it was really that effective. He motioned for me to come over. I touched me, or rather the robot on the arm. It was soft and fleshy, just like me. The robot was moving, but was breathing. I asked if it was alive and Mr. Baker said yes. I asked if it was conscious and he said no. He said it does what it is programmed to do, not much else. It could do ordinary day things and act as a sort of filler, but could not make complicated life decisions. I asked if it would need to make complicated life decisions and he said no, that those decisions are still mine to make. They are still decisions that only I could make, not anybody else or not any robot. I was still fascinated by this robot. If they could make exact copies of people that could replace them in everyday life, have teleportation and time travel devices, then what couldn’t they do? I couldn’t think of anything. Free energy? No, I saw those devices down in the lab. Just this whole thing was totally and utterly mind-boggling. I couldn’t believe this was real. I could write this all up into a novel, submit it to Hollywood and I’m pretty sure it would be rejected for being absurd. But I guess what they say, that sometimes reality is more bizarre than fiction is a true statement. It’s just so hard to wrap my mind around all of this. It seems so unreal and fake, yet it’s real.

I hung around for a little while longer and talked to a couple people, turns out they have a team at CERN to make sure they don’t do anything catastrophic at the LHC. They couldn’t destroy the universe, but they could make a black hole that could destroy the Earth, which would just suck. When I left to go home, my entire view on the universe, and life on Earth was forever changed. There are things that can be done, that they do in the labs that I would have a hard time thinking possible. It’s just truly amazing. Well, I guess I should probably take a shower and get to sleep. I have a big day tomorrow.

Chapter 8
I woke up around 7 after having gotten a good 8.5 hours of sleep. I showered, got dressed, ate and got to the lab by 8:45. Ricardo and Dallas hadn’t gotten there yet, and a lot of workers weren’t there yet, but Mr. Baker was in his office, reading the newspaper. I walked over to say good morning to him. When I walked in, he asked me if I had a good night, to which I replied that I indeed did. He looked at his newspaper and said “It’s amazing the crap people will believe. They read a newspaper full of lies and slanted to one point of view. It’s Ludacris almost, how comically wrong this is.” I asked him why he reads the newspaper and he replied “I don’t know. I get a kick out of reading it, I guess. Don’t know. I really should stop reading that, but I probably won’t. I just find it incredibly funny.” He smiled and got up from his desk. He said “Looks like today might be a bit of a slow day. Guess that’s good since it’s only your second day.” He told me maybe I could check out some of the tech in the labs and get acquainted with the workers. So that’s exactly what I did.

I talked to a bunch of the workers. Many of them joined in a similar way I did, they were kidnapped and then given a choice. To stay and work with them, the opportunity of a lifetime, or go home and forget that even happened. That’s how most of them joined. Some of them had more interesting stories though. One guy in his early twenties, Dave, was an orphan who grew up a rough life and Mr. Baker took him in as a son. Needless to say, he had a pretty interesting childhood. Another person, a girl in her late teens, Sarah, from metaphysics told me that she was neglected by her family, left to fend for herself. Mr. Baker found her when she was 8, rummaging through his trash, and brought her in and adopted her. For the first time, I saw a different side of Mr. Baker. He wasn’t just the mysterious, cryptic man who ran this organization. He was also a man with a kind heart, who brought in kids in need and gave them a better life. He seemed like a very nice guy now that I saw things from this point of view. A very caring man.

I checked out the technology they had too. It was pretty interesting. Sarah showed me her psychic abilities. She could lift things with her mind. It was pretty cool, she could lift a boulder that must have weighed a couple tons. She told me that a little while back, they had been experimenting with giving people psychic abilities. They could give you a shot that theoretically give you psychic abilities. Of course, it was only tested on monkeys, who didn’t know how to handle them, went crazy, and had to be brought down. Sarah volunteered, much to the dismay of Mr. Baker, who refused to let her get the shot. So she snuck into a lab at night when nobody was around and gave herself the shot. Mr. Baker was not happy, but he couldn’t argue with the results. Well, maybe he could, but he’d probably end up getting hit in the head with a boulder.

A little while later, I found myself eating lunck with Sarah and Dave. We were chatting and joking around when Mr. Baker came over. He greeted me and his two kids. He said “So I see you’ve met Sarah and Dave, my two little trouble makers.” He shook them playfully and Sarah said “Dad, stop” jokingly, while Dave just laughed with a mouthful of food. Mr. Baker chatted with us for couple more minutes, then got called down to the particle lab, where they mistakenly created a particle that likes to eat fabrics, leaving a bunch of naked workers. That left me with Dave and Sarah again. We finished our lunches while joking around about the naked workers (mainly a bunch of bad puns), Dave went back to work and I went with Sarah back to metaphysics.

On the way down, I asked if maybe I could get one of those psychic shots. I said “I’ve always wanted psychic abilities, maybe force field manipulation might be cool.” I was surprised when she agreed. “Don’t tell my dad.” She warned. I asked her if it was even safe, if I might have an adverse reaction. She just laughed. “I look fine, don’t I?” she said, and then when she saw my skeptical reaction, she elaborated. “After me, they did more tests and found out the shots were perfectly safe. They don’t give them to everybody though because it would kind of defeat the purpose to have a bunch of psychics running around doing a whole bunch of crazy things.” We got to the lab and she opens a locked cabinet. How do I know it was locked and how did she open it? Well, she tried to open it first, and it was locked, but then she used her psychic ability and blew it off the hinges. She pulled out this huge needle and before I could even look at it more thoroughly, she stuck it into the base of my neck.
I screamed. “Ah shut up! You scream like a girl!” she said. I just laughed. I started to feel kind of buzzy. I got up and walked across the room. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” She said. I was about to ask why, but then I was startled by a binder flying across the room from where it was before, at my feet. Ah, must be the force field. I brought my hand out and made a force field around the binder and pulled it close to me. It was sort of like what Sarah could do but with a force field. Then I focused on a rock on a table and threw my hand out towards it, sending it flying across the room. I chuckled, and soon Sarah was joining in also, psychically lifting things up for my to blast across the room.

I heard a voice at the door. “What are you two doing?” I turned and saw Mr. Baker at the door. He was glaring at Sarah and I. “You did it again, didn’t you?” he said to Sarah. “Yeah, I did, but he wanted to.” I nodded. “And I’m fine.” I said. He sighed and said “Well let’s see what you can do.” I demonstrated my new psychic ability, shooting a huge gust of wind their way. “That it?” he said. I shook my head. Sarah picked up a large boulder that must have been about 500 pounds. I focused on it, pointed my hand on it, and blasted it across the room, leaving a dent in the supposedly indestructible metal walls. I looked back at Mr. Baker who had a dumbstruck look on his face. He composed himself, looked at both of us and said one word “Wow!” Then he turned and walked out, chuckling, leaving Sarah and I by ourselves to practice some more.

Chapter 9
We got out early (around 3) after a long day of practicing, so Sarah, Dave, and I were at Ruby Tuesdays getting a bite to eat. Oh yeah, another plus of the job, a sweet car. We could have teleported there, but instead we got to drive my brand new Audi R8. I was surprised when Mr. Baker handed me the keys to this car, but he insists that people working the type of job we work should drive a car (when they need to) with speed and style. I was pretty surprised though after talking to Sarah and Dave, it turns out Mr. Baker is a huge car enthusiast. He pretty much uses any excuse he can to buy a fast and expensive car. Money was no issue for the organization, we had pretty much an unlimited supply.

At the restauraunt, we were playing around. We could because we requested a booth in the back, where nobody could really see us. Sarah was levitating the salt shakers, and I kept knocking it out of her grasp with my force field. It was kinda fun, I have to admit. We were both laughing, along with Dave who found it amusing as well. When we got our food, I kept knocking Sarah’s plate out of her reach. I think we all had a fun time.

Afterwards, we headed to the bank next door. It was a usual errand, I needed to get cash because I wanted to buy the new Call of Duty Black Ops game for the PS3. Kind of ironic considering we were technically black ops. I would have bought it later but considering Dave was talking about getting it during lunch, and Sarah was curious about it, we decided we would get some cash and go buy it. I offered that they could come back to my place to play it. I didn’t have a PS3 or an HDTV but that was all about to change courtesy of a hefty paycheck.

We got to the bank and I went right up to the teller with a withdraw slip for $1200, more than enough to get a HDTV, a PS3, and the game. Technically, I should have a debit card to do this. But, I’m a minor so I can’t get one, the bank doesn’t offer them for minors. The organization could get around this, but I doubt they would want to. I can just imagine me asking Mr. Baker to help me get a debit card for the bank and him just being like “You don’t need it kid. Just get cash.” So anyway, the lady at the teller counter handed me the cash told me to have a nice day. She looked me kind of jealously and as I walked away, I heard her mutter under her breath “Rich kids. Pssh.” Dave and Sarah took advantage of the complementary free cookies while I was getting money, and now they were finished up their cookies when I walked over and said “alright guys, ready to go.” Sarah nodded, but Dave said “No. I want to stay and eat more cookies.” He winked. We got up to leave and were walking towards the door when things took a turn for the worse. Just then, 3 masked and armed gunmen burst through the door, shooting warning shots into the air and announcing a robbery.

Chapter 10
We hid under a desk near the entrance. The gunmen were demanding money, all the money the bank had. These guys didn’t look like amateurs, they wore heavy leather coats and had AK47’s for guns. They all looked pretty big and burly. But a robbery is a robbery, right? The robbers get the money and leave, no one gets hurt. That’s how it would happen, right? Wrong!

What happened next honestly surprised me. And that’s saying a lot considering the events of the last couple days of my life. One of the gunmen opened up his backpack, revealing what looked like a bunch of C4 and a timer strapped to a vest. He grabbed one of the desk workers at gunpoint and strapped the vest to him, locking it with a key. He armed the bomb and demanded that they call the police, saying that we were all hostages and that if he didn’t get his ransom money he would blow everybody up while they escape. He held up what looked like a remote and gestured to it.

Minutes passed and we dared not move. I could see from the window behind the desk that an assortment of police vehicles were stationed outside. After about 15 minutes, things started to heat up. We heard from a phone conversation that the gunmen wanted $10 million within 2 hours or they would kill everybody and leave with the cash they had already. The police were arguing that it was not enough time, but the gunmen were relenting. Then things got really bad. To apparently demonstrate they were serious about this, one of the gunmen pulled out another desk worker and shot him in the leg. We all flinched when we heard the gunshot.

At that time, many events happened at the same time. I realized this had gone far enough. We needed to do something, and with our psychic abilities, we could do something. We would be blowing our cover and exposing ourselves, leading to many questions, but that would be much better than having a death on our hands when we could have done something. I looked at Sarah and Dave, and Sarah nodded, pretty much indicating she had been following a similar thought process. At the same exact time, the gunmen pointed the gun at the man’s head and said to the hostage negotiator on the phone “We mean business. You now have one death on your hands.”

We acted quickly. Sarah threw him across the room while I threw a protective shield around the man. He slumped across the wall, unconscious. The other two gunmen turned towards us and fired. I threw up a shield and when the bullets hit them, they stuck in the shield like jello. But the idiots kept firing. Sarah knocked the guns out of their arms, snapped them in half and they fell harmlessly in front of where the gunmen were standing. I turned my attention towards the safety deposit boxes. They were guarded by a locked metal door. I looked over at Sarah and she seemed to follow my train of thought. She knocked the door off the hinges while I put up an enclosed force field box around the gunmen so they couldn’t move anywhere. After she knocked the door off it’s hinges, she turned her attention towards the gunmen and moved them into the narrow room. She locked them inside by wedging the door into the wall. I breathed a sigh of relief. It was over. We were safe, as were the other people in the bank. Now what we needed to do was to get out of there before we could expose ourselves even more than we already were.

I said “We’re not getting out of here without answering some unanswerable questions. We need to teleport there now.” Then I remembered I left the watch at the lab. I didn’t know what we would do. Sarah looked down at my wrist, my bare wrist and I could tell she agreed.

The man crossed the parking lot with a big grin on his face, waving a badge to any officers that tried to stop him and looking straight at us. He was a man in his late twenties, maybe early thirties with a hat that said “PD” on it, probably for police department wearing a tan trench coat. When he came in, he looked straight at us and told us he worked for the organization and came to pick us up. I asked how he knew we were her and if they were following us. He replied “Well, we weren’t following you, but when this all happened, you were flagged in our system.” “Flagged? What does that mean?” I said. He answered “We have a computer that cross references our workers’ names with events happening around the world, big or small, local or national. It generates a flag level and we use that level, that severity, to determine the order in which we investigate it. You all popped up as a level 8, which is below destroying the world, starting a nuclear war, in the category of extreme high level exposure, which I see has occurred. Don’t worry, we’re taking care of it, the security tapes have been tampered, and we’re altering the memories of the officers. As for the live TV feed, well they couldn’t see inside anyway.” Dave said “Sheesh! Is there anything we don’t have a plan for?” He replied, “Not that I can think of at the top of my head. Well maybe a bunch of inter-dimensional fictional characters coming to attack out universe. No wait, we covered that on last year’s training report. Nevermind. Oh! I don’t think I ever introduced myself. I’m Tom from Planning and Deployment.” “I guess that explains the PD hat. I thought it meant police department.” Sarah said. Tom grinned and said “Yeah it’s sort of an inside joke I guess. Come on, let’s go guys. I’ll take you guys back to base for a debriefing. You two” He pointed at Dave and Sarah. “You’re dad is pretty angry at you. Yet let me say for his sake, he was worried sick. He’ll calm down.”

We got into his car, a yellow Lamborghini. I asked him about my car but he said not to worry about it. “Don’t worry, we’ve got it all taken care of. I’ll have a couple guys park it at your house. We’ll leave the keys in your bedroom.” I laughed “So you’re climbin in my window, are you snatchin my people up? Do I need to hide my kids and wife?” He laughed “Oh no don’t worry, we’re only snatching you up. No one else.” I sat back and groaned as we drove off towards the lab.

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cool sounding story just it sounds similar to Men in Black

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cool sounding story just it sounds similar to Men in Black

It's like a combination of MIB and X-men.

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