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Surviving the American Food Crisis of 2011

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posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 05:54 PM

Surviving the American Food Crisis of 2011

Greetings Earthlings, Assorted Visitors and ATS Members:

Another wake-up call.

As the tube continues its incessant cacophony, my attention is momentarily attracted to the live feeds on CNN of more vociferation by protesters waving placards and shouting various English. English? And I thought the riots are/were in countries like Egypt or Libya or Yemen...NOT!'s Madison, Wisconsin USA. And now, just two hours later, CNN is calling it "an uprising!" (I think I've seen this movie before).

At first, I thought they were shouting, "Kill Bill," (one of my favorite movies) - but, in this reality sound-byte, it was "Kill the bill." Oh well.

The Bride wakes up after a long coma. The baby that she carried before entering the coma is gone. The only thing on her mind is to have revenge on the assassination team that betrayed her - a team she was once part of.

The murderous Bride continues her vengeance quest against her ex-boss, Bill, and his two remaining associates; his younger brother Budd, and Bill's latest flame Elle.

Is this the beginning of the TPTB-anticipated American Revolution 2011?

A prudent, truly-patriotic, American/POW-flag-waving citizen (like most of my friends) might consider closely watching it's six. THEY have "vacation" plans for such "dissenters." In fact, the tickets are already printed and authorized, with information obtained from census and gun registration databases. But I digress. That story is another thread coming soon at your local news vendor.

"Hotel California," complete with butler and pet. "You can check in, but you can never leave."

If so, why? What has happened?

A part of it could be the fact that food prices have risen 75% since the year 2000! And no one even squeaked - dumbed down by American Idol and Dancing With the Stars, I guess. We all have priorities.

Has your income also risen to offset this? Is it now more difficult - if not downright implausible to put quality food on the table without straining the meager amount that you are allowed to keep after the government steals the rest? (Another future thread.)

So what does it all mean?

The double-barreled food and energy price increases/shortages SHOCKER has us by the short hairs and is not going to get better - ever - unless, we the sheeple, individually and collectively solve it - without government "help!" Classic non-violent intervention for and by the people.

When - and what - are we going to do about this travesty? Let us, for the time being, look at the situation for what it is; then we can collectively formulate a sensible plan to benefit all.

To aid in one's search for the truth and attempt to wrap one's head around where we are now and how we got here, I humbly share the following intelligence.

I've compiled a small list (by no means complete) of "bread crumbs" to assist those interested in further research to form their own opinions and path. I believe it was said here in ATS on another thread (sorry, I don't have the member to give credit too; if this is you, please post back...I like your style). "We can each individually and collectively plan for our response per our beliefs. Expect the worst but hope for the best." I'm going to borrow and modify that statement a bit to read: "Envision the best, but plan for the obvious."

Eventually, this thread will tie into another one I'll launch in a few days:

"Surviving 2011: A Way Forward - Fortune Favors the Prepared Mind."

Sound familiar? And how about this for our mantra:

"We will endeavor to blow away the bravo sierra to find the good, the true, the prudent and wise so you can act upon it to the benefit of your personal, family, working, community, and national life as an American citizen."

We can shout, "DOWN WITH HIGH FOOD PRICES! - and get tear-gassed and wrestled to the ground in the soup aisle at Wal-Mart.

OK, enough already...back to understanding how serious this food crisis is and realizing there is no safety net when you do not have a job, or had one and have run out of unemployment assistance and now must make difficult choices to merely exist. This is not just about food prices skyrocketing, it is about not having enough food to feed everyone. Who gets left out? Why are we using food to power infernal combustion engines? Do the same cabals that control energy control the food supply? And pharmaceuticals? And transportation? Main Stream Media? And, and, and...Is there only one conglomerate running everything when all is said and done? Are we really screwed? Why do so many rabbit holes end up at the same curtain? Who's behind it? Is the Pink Hand a lefty? So many questions, so little time.

An interesting way to open the discussion: "Trickle Up Poverty"


We Are Hungry: Solving the Food Crisis at Home

By Alexandra Cawthorne | April 18, 2008
The global food crisis may not have received high mention in the American press until recently, but the skyrocketing cost of food commodities, which has incited protests in many countries over the past year, is hitting closer and closer to home.

President Bush released $200 million in emergency food aid to developing countries on Tuesday in response to increasingly violent reactions to the crisis, including violence in the streets of Haiti, where rioters were sprayed with rubber bullets and tear gas; food riots in Cameroon that took the lives of 40 people; and protests in Yemen, where tanks were deployed after days of protest by thousands. While Bush’s response is a necessary action to help curb increasing world hunger, growing food insecurity here in the United States also needs immediate attention.

Converging economic problems, including increased food production and distribution costs, associated with the global food crisis, are raising food prices in local communities. Some of the most important staples have increased faster than other goods over the past year. Milk prices have increased by 13.3 percent, since March 2007, cheese by 12.5 percent, poultry by 5.4 percent, and cereals by 8.1 percent, while eggs are up more than 25 percent. These surging costs are impinging on our quality of life as we buy more generic brands, bulk items, or shop less frequently. And this trend is unlikely to end anytime soon; the Department of Agriculture estimates that the prices of food eaten in our homes will rise by 4 to 5 percent this year. 2008!

We were warned, and did nothing about it and now, many cannot afford to eat enough to sustain life. This is not right. We must put our heads together and help each other recognize viable solutions to this pressing problem, or the elephant will eat us.


Food Costs at Record High as U.N. Warns of Volatile Era

"Put Food First"

Feb. 3, 2011
MANILA/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Record high global food prices showed no sign of relenting following a rash of catastrophic weather, highlighted by a major U.S. snowstorm and a cyclone in Australia, which could put yet more pressure on prices and spark further unrest around the world. The closely watched U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization Food Price Index on Thursday (Feb.3, 2011) touched its highest level since records began in 1990.

The index rose for the seventh month in a row to 231 in January, topping the peak of 224.1 in June 2008, when the world was last gripped in a food crisis.

"These high prices are likely to persist in the months to come," FAO economist and grains expert Abdolreza Abbassian said in a statement.

Surging food prices have helped fuel the discontent that toppled Tunisia's president in January and that has spilled over to Egypt and Jordan, raising expectations other countries in the region would secure grain stocks to reassure their populations.

World Bank President Robert Zoellick urged global leaders to "put food first" and wake up to the need to curb price volatility.

"We are going to be facing a broader trend of increasing commodity prices, including food commodity prices," he told Reuters in an interview.

Higher food prices ahead as corn reserves sink

Feb. 9, 2011
Americans should brace for higher food prices this year now that demand for corn has pushed U.S. supplies to their lowest point in 15 years.

Higher projected orders from the ethanol industry sent corn futures soaring Wednesday, as corn supplies became the latest commodity to plummet. Low levels of wheat, coffee, soybeans and other food staples have already sent prices surging on the global market.

As those reserves decline, U.S. food companies are warning of retail price increases.

Major food makers and some restaurants have already said they'll be raising prices this year because they're paying more for corn, wheat, sugar, coffee and chocolate, all of which are at historically high prices. Weather, such as flooding in Australia and droughts elsewhere, has affected many crops this year.

A severe drought in China, the world's largest wheat grower, could force prices even higher. The U.N.'s food agency has warned that the drought is driving up the country's wheat prices, and now the focus is on whether China will buy more from the global market, where prices have already risen about 35 percent since mid-November. Cereal maker Kellogg Co. said last week it plans to raise prices by 3 to 4 percentage points. Sara Lee Corp. said Tuesday that it will continue its price increases as it copes with higher commodity costs. The company said the price it pays for coffee beans alone is up 60 percent compared with last year.

And J.M. Smucker Co. said Tuesday that it would raise prices again on Folgers and Dunkin Donuts coffee for the third time this year, by 10 percent on average. A large can of Folgers is already going for around $12 at many markets.

Food Prices Are on the Rise

Flooding in the Midwest has put a spotlight on the increasing strain on our farmland. With rapidly rising fuel and food costs, increasing global demand on our food supplies, and the ever-present threat of development, local farms and food are under pressure.

America needs its working farms and ranches. They provide an unparalleled abundance of fresh and healthy food, but they are rapidly disappearing. Since 1980, American Farmland Trust has worked to protect farms and ranches and expand local food while keeping farms economically viable.

Get a Free No Farms No Food bumper sticker!

As citizens, we can spread the message in our communities that we support abundant, delicious and local food. There's no better way to show your support than with a free No Farms No Food bumper sticker from American Farmland Trust.


The connection between food prices and farmland protection is undeniable. Sign the No Farms No Food petition today and tell Congress you support local farms and safe food.


The Global Food Crisis

Prices of many basic foods have skyrocketed in the last two years, leading to a major food crisis affecting millions of poor people throughout the world. The causes of the crisis are many and complex. An increasing demand for food and energy at a time of low food stocks, poor harvests and weak credit have led to record prices for oil and food.

The price of wheat has doubled in less than a year, while other staples such as corn, maize and soy are trading at well above their 1990s levels. Rice, which is the staple food for about 3 billion people worldwide, has tripled in cost in the last 18 months. In some countries, prices for milk and meat have more than doubled.

The United States expects food prices to continue to rise through 2009 and then finally stabilize by 2015 at costs above 2006 levels. This projection indicates the crisis will be long term.

Based on field assessments, Catholic Relief Services believes that a much greater impact will be seen in the coming year than has been felt to date unless extraordinary measures are taken in many countries. People have been consuming food stocks and selling off their assets to purchase food, but they will not be able to do so indefinitely.

The most damaging impact is on the poorest people, who spend a far higher proportion of their income on food. In many cases, households were spending 40 to 50 percent of their incomes on food before the crisis and are now finding it increasingly difficult to afford basic rations. Those who are struggling to pay for food will eat less or cheaper food with less nutritional value. Even the middle class in many developing nations will have to sell their assets to pay for food.

In the worst-affected countries, families eat fewer meals, even skipping days, and children stop going to school to save on fees to pay for food. Child malnutrition is rising, and pregnant and nursing women are among the hardest hit. Women across Africa, for example, feed their husbands and children first before eating what little remains for themselves.

January 10, 2011.
"The massive U.S. investment in ethanol distilleries sets the stage for direct competition between cars and people for the world grain harvest."

As the new year begins, the price of wheat is setting an all-time high in the United Kingdom. Food riots are spreading across Algeria. Russia is importing grain to sustain its cattle herds until spring grazing begins. India is wrestling with an 18-percent annual food inflation rate, sparking protests. China is looking abroad for potentially massive quantities of wheat and corn. The Mexican government is buying corn futures to avoid unmanageable tortilla price rises. And on January 5, the U.N. Food and Agricultural organization announced that its food price index for December hit an all-time high.

Beyond population growth, there are now some 3 billion people moving up the food chain, eating greater quantities of grain-intensive livestock and poultry products. The rise in meat, milk, and egg consumption in fast-growing developing countries has no precedent. Total meat consumption in China today is already nearly double that in the United States.

The third major source of demand growth is the use of crops to produce fuel for cars. In the United States, which harvested 416 million tons of grain in 2009, 119 million tons went to ethanol distilleries to produce fuel for cars. That's enough to feed 350 million people for a year. The massive U.S. investment in ethanol distilleries sets the stage for direct competition between cars and people for the world grain harvest. In Europe, where much of the auto fleet runs on diesel fuel, there is growing demand for plant-based diesel oil, principally from rapeseed and palm oil. This demand for oil-bearing crops is not only reducing the land available to produce food crops in Europe, it is also driving the clearing of rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia for palm oil plantations.

Food Price Crisis 101

b]Causes and Solutions to the Crisis
Food inflation in the United States is at its highest levels in 17 years. Enrollment in the nation’s food stamp and nutrition programs has grown by 1.3 million to its highest levels ever. The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that the price of household food purchases will rise by 4 to 5 percent this year. Poor Americans spent almost 6 percent more of their income on food in 2006 than households with incomes above $70,000. Congress must use the Farm Bill and other legislation to provide additional funding to increase the budgets of the food stamp and nutrition programs so that they can serve more Americans in need.

The Case for State Food Action Plans
Laboratories of Food Democracy

School lunch bureaucracy reduction and hunger and obesity reduction efforts would be greatly advanced through better utilizing direct certification procedures, expanding the use of universal meal programs, improving the quality of meals, and easing access for homeless students.

The USDA has provides this nifty database that covers the previous 17 years and gives Official USDA Food Plans Cost of Food at Home at Four Levels: Thrifty; Low-Cost; Moderate and Liberal. The Liberal Plan is almost double the Thrifty, which begs the question: Do rich folks tend to be more obese that poor? What about the lumpen proletariat? Have fun with this one and see where your family fits in the round hole.

Official USDA Food Plans: Cost of Food at Home at Four Levels, U.S. Average
The Thrifty, Low-Cost, Moderate-Cost, and Liberal Food Plans each represent a nutritious diet at a different cost. The Thrifty Food Plan is the basis for food stamp allotments. (These are the most recent Cost of Food numbers.)

And this is the one that will make you wonder.
Food-O-Topia Calculator

I know, a lot of information to digest (pun intended), but have fun with the calculators and other info and let's all work together for a "Enough food for all," campaign. Let's take back America and feed everyone.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

In Peace & Light

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posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 08:34 PM
Good opening post, don't have time to absorb it all at the moment but will be back later to comment. Interesting the way you have presented this crisis.

posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 08:39 PM
I am hungry
I am going to eat the dog in the picture....

The food retailers are sayin look out.
Speculators are going to flight to quality and there is only so much gold and silver and oil...
so they will hold your children hostage to make a buck...count on it.
As the USD crashes recall the cartoons of German inflation after the war...
wheelbarrows full of paper...

posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 12:10 AM
Its a reality thats obvious to see,go into any store and buy a box of cereal,compare it to everything else you bought and then figure out your bread and most of what you buy has the same ingredients.
People need to pay attention,the world economic environmemt is on a edge not seen in history,shame.
Good thread,explains all the unrest around the world recently as despiration sets in.
Freedom is something humanity has enjoyed but evidence is pointing to a more controlled environment social and economoically because of dwindling resources.Peace

posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 03:33 AM
Interesting... Though always been puzzled why so few in western countries have gardens at home.. Rather than large plots with grass around their homes..
Would be better diet and lower the food bills alot if people had their own gardens... *munches on starfruit that picked from garden*
Good thread S&F ..

posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 11:05 PM

Originally posted by gringoboy
Its a reality thats obvious to see,go into any store and buy a box of cereal,compare it to everything else you bought and then figure out your bread and most of what you buy has the same ingredients.
People need to pay attention, the world economic environmemt is on a edge not seen in history, shame.
Good thread, explains all the unrest around the world recently as despiration sets in.
Freedom is something humanity has enjoyed but evidence is pointing to a more controlled environment social and economoically because of dwindling resources.Peace

Greetings member gringoboy:

It is now Sunday night, and Libya is on the brink of civil war. What happens when the music stops and Gadhafi is the one without a chair? We are a tipping point unlike anything seen in history - I totally agree. Since we cannot have any effect on that situation - which will manifest in a very few hours - what can we collectively do here at ATS to help mitigate a similar scenario (it started with food) here in America.

Just now, today, Sunday 20-2-2011, al Islam Gadhafi (Omar's son) declared that the dinar, now valued at $0.81 US will be $81 US next week. If you convert 1.5 dinars into United States dollars, you will end up with a total of $1.21 US.

The Libyan Dinar is the currency in Libya (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, LY, LBY). The symbol for LYD can be written LD. The Libyan Dinar is divided into 1000 dirhams. The exchange rate for the Libyan Dinar was last updated on February 18, 2011 from The International Monetary Fund. The LYD conversion factor has 6 significant digits.

There will be no fuel available tomorrow in Libya. I doubt there will be any type of resupply.

All available food will probably disappear overnight and there is not a snowball's chance in hell that there will be resupply at the outbreak of civil war and the expected brutal suppression by the government.

What if the same happened here in America? Are the uprisings (CNN's words) in Wisconsin and Ohio just the tip of the proverbial iceberg and the sheeple are to engrossed in "Cupcake Wars" to pay attention. Of course, the MSM is in on it, as we well know. Ever wonder why "all" the "news" is the same on most channels?

While you are pondering that and formulating your much sought-after response, I will continue with the "bread crumbs" for people to follow in learning how we came to this downright untenable situation regarding food right here at home and what we can do to turn the tide and ??? - actually, I'll add it later. Much to do.

In Peace & Light

posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 11:23 PM
I really dont think americans will riot in the streets because of increases in food prices and fuel

posted on Feb, 21 2011 @ 08:56 AM
Considering Libya thats some BP staff ordered to leave libya immediately,well.well,no oil.Not to poach from this thread but to last poster ,check this info,its quite shocking republicans deflecting from central government with possible government
i don`t know anymore,rioting....well the will be some unrests for sure,Peace
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posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 08:47 PM
reply to post by gringoboy

Dwindling resources!! Are you Serious, how can you say that?

Let's see regulators decided it was a great idea to use corn in our gasoline, to cut down on the oil we need.

Ethanol Facts

Ethanol can be produced from a variety of feedstocks such as sugar cane, bagasse, miscanthus, sugar beet, sorghum, grain sorghum, switchgrass, barley, hemp, kenaf, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, sunflower, fruit, molasses, corn, stover, grain, wheat, straw, cotton, other biomass, as well as many types of cellulose waste and harvestings, whichever has the best well-to-wheel assessment.
Now we have less food for the table!

Ethanol (E100) consumption in an engine is approximately 51% higher than for gasoline since the energy per unit volume of ethanol is 34% lower than for gasoline.[22][23] However, the higher compression ratios in an ethanol-only engine allow for increased power output and better fuel economy than could be obtained with lower compression ratios.
Now it burns faster in the engine, so we have to purchase it more often.

Who has done all this, Hmm Big oil since we have to give them more money. Oh and don't forget the government for mandating we use ethanol so we have to spend more money and have less food available or simply for even thinking of using ethanol at all.

Do you seriously think more control socially or economically is going to really work, specially when the thiefs that are saying it has to happen are the same ones that caused it?

posted on Apr, 3 2011 @ 08:57 PM
reply to post by gringoboy

Republicans deflecting from a central government, What planet are you living on?

Honestly it's the Democrats in the Senate that are sitting there with their thumbs up their ass sucking on a lollipop. Why don't they just cut $100,000,000,000 tomorrow? That's nothing and they know it and they want the government to shut down. It's not that hard to do!!

It is every single politician in the Federal Government both Republicans and Democrats. Your ignorance is ashame that you can't see all of them have the same plan and they are laughing at us. they have been doing it for over a century, look it up and maybe you will wake up and see the cow-dung they feed you.

There is no reason we should have a deficit and they could put forth a balanced budget but then again they wouldn't have their lavish expense accounts or over-inflated paychecks. That's where the budget balance should start, No one in Federal government should make over $75,000, President included!! They illegally give themselves pay raises and then violate all the laws they want us to adhere to.
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Have you ever Heard this one?
"When in ROME"
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posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 01:29 PM
reply to post by IncognitoGhostman

If only the people realized they have real power over their government instead of empowering them even more by following like sheeple. But like stated before people are beggining to rise up against these new changes. Hopefully the majority of the human race can be aware of all of this before its too late and they really do bring the end of this world as we know it.

posted on Jun, 9 2011 @ 09:18 PM

Originally posted by GrandArchangel
reply to post by IncognitoGhostman

If only the people realized they have real power over their government instead of empowering them even more by following like sheeple. But like stated before people are beggining to rise up against these new changes. Hopefully the majority of the human race can be aware of all of this before its too late and they really do bring the end of this world as we know it.

I really wish that more people would realize what has really been done for too long. When it happens over such a long time period then it just seems normal.

It's hard to say if people are just rising up or just still being sheeple for the public unions. When you look at it the public unions get taxpayers money simply from other peoples earned wages. Then they see states wanting to remove the bargaining chips they have and potentially the large amount of money they receive from hard working people. Public unions are far worse than big business and are creating and then fixing the problems.

I have seriously been thinking about something and hoping that many people will follow when I do. What I want to do will definitely be right out in the open and will not hurt anyone but probably myself just to shut me up. The only thing holding me back is the thought of my children seeing what would happen to me.

posted on Jun, 13 2011 @ 12:13 PM

Originally posted by IncognitoGhostman

Originally posted by GrandArchangel
reply to post by IncognitoGhostman

If only the people realized they have real power over their government instead of empowering them even more by following like sheeple. But like stated before people are beggining to rise up against these new changes.
Hopefully the majority of the human race can be aware of all of this before its too late and they really do bring the end of this world as we know it.

I really wish that more people would realize what has really been done for too long. When it happens over such a long time period then it just seems normal.

It's hard to say if people are just rising up or just still being sheeple for the public unions. When you look at it the public unions get taxpayers money simply from other peoples earned wages. Then they see states wanting to remove the bargaining chips they have and potentially the large amount of money they receive from hard working people. Public unions are far worse than big business and are creating and then fixing the problems.

I have seriously been thinking about something and hoping that many people will follow when I do. What I want to do will definitely be right out in the open and will not hurt anyone but probably myself just to shut me up. The only thing holding me back is the thought of my children seeing what would happen to me.


Good to see you out there.

Things have been quite busy here in Rabun County after the F-1 tornado on 27 April.

Since you are posting here, you might be interested in:

The Domino Effect of February 2011 - I Had a Dream About America's Future

And our recent call to action:

America's Being Nuked - Can we Together Stop the Madness?

We welcome all participation, comments and suggestions.

In Peace. Love & Light


posted on Aug, 9 2011 @ 07:36 PM

Since there does not seem to be a lot of interest here, we will share current events...

22 June 2011
Newspaper Reports Massive Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Testing Blackout In Canada

Following recent reports of radiation saturation doubling, private companies, government agencies and universities in Canada are refusing to get involved in Fukushima nuclear radiation fallout testing at any level.

The Canadian newspaper The Beacon is reporting that following recent media reports that radiation saturation has doubled local farms attempted to get their soil tested for nuclear fallout to be sure that the food that they are selling is safe.

Much to the surprise of the newspaper and the farmers private testing companies, government agencies and universities all refuse to test the soil or get involved on any level.

The newspaper points out that the refusal is particularly shocking following reports that [color=limegreen]Japan has admitted to covering up the amount of radiation released from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, now admitting to 100% nuclear meltdown in 3 nuclear reactors and a radiation release comparable to Chernobyl levels.

The Beacon says [color=limegreen]while no government radiation tests have been conducted, the Canadian health department insists that everything is fine and is there is no cause for concern.

Why does this sound familiar?

Health Canada Says, "No Worries."
Farmers in Central Newfoundland who were open to having their land tested for radiation contamination, will not have this work done by government agencies and private companies in Newfoundland and Labrador.
In the June 2 edition of The Beacon, it was discussed how the release of radiation from the Fukushima plant in Japan could potentially be poisoning Canadian soil, and possibly central Newfoundland. [color=limegreen]Evidence from various radiation monitors and news reports have shown that it has become a worldwide issue, and given that the airspace is shared, Canada and the U.S. have been directly affected as well.

Even though local farmers have not tested their soil and water, Nita Abbott of LA Farms, near Gambo, expressed an interest in having her land tested to ensure they’re selling a safe product.

The newspaper contacted private testing companies, government agencies, and universities to inquire if they would consider testing local farms. [color=limegreen]All of them said they were not interested in getting involved at any level.

Health Canada also reported that everything is normal.

Even though no official testing has been done in central Newfoundland, Ms. Abbott speculated, “I guess they feel they don’t have evidence to take it further.”

Worldwide concern

Even though central Newfoundland is considered safe, reports by numerous media establishments have shown that radiation saturation has doubled recently. According to a CNN report, Arnie Gundersen, Chief Nuclear Engineer, said hot particles are showing up in North America.
Nuclear engineers have also been finding hot particles or fuel fleas, which can cause cancer, around the world.

In Tokyo in April, measurements indicated that there are about [color=limegreen]10 hot particles a day, which is a high level of concern in what a normal person would breathe.

In Seattle, for instance, it went down to about five hot particles a day, which can lodge into lung tissue, the digestive tract or bone, and over time can cause cancer.
Media reports south of the border suggest that Japan was downplaying the severity long after people were being affected.

To this, Health Canada is insisting there is [color=limegreen]no cause for concern.

In Seattle, for instance, it went down to about five hot particles a day, which can lodge into lung tissue, the digestive tract or bone, and over time can cause cancer.

This cannot bode well for living creatures on Planet Earth, including the Pacific Northwest and Canada. We used to live near 15th & Pike in downtown Seattle, and the very thought of dying the slow death of radiation poisoning in such a beautiful city is reprehensible... well, actually, any place seems reprehensible at this time...

Hot particles have made their way across the Pacific, and at least the data for the Pacific NW indicates very high concentrations, the average person in Tokyo breathed about 10 hot particles a day, and the average person in Seattle breathed in 6.

Hot particles present significant health hazard when ingested or entered the body by other means.

They are several orders of magnitude more dangerous than the same amount of radiation emitted from a large source over the whole body because if ingested or inhaled, they do damage to cells at close proximity.


Does this imply that everyone in the affected area (entire West Coast of America) is already radiated "beyond repair?"

Somehow, this information seems appropriate here.

At certain stages of evolution, cosmic "humanities" discover new forms of science beyond the apparent control of matter. Structured dematerialization and materialization are part of them.

This is what your humanity has reached in a few laboratories, in close collaboration with other extra-terrestrial creatures at the cost of hazardous compromises that remain purposely hidden from you by some of your representatives.
Peace does not mean not making war, it consists in becoming what you are in reality: a same Fraternity.
We reached the conclusion that freedom is built every day as a being becomes aware of himself and of his environment, getting progressively rid of constraints and inertias, whatever they may be.

Despite the numerous, brave and willing human consciences, those inertias are artificially maintained for the profit of a growing centralizing power.

Until recently, mankind lived a satisfying control of its decisions.

But it is losing more and more the control of its own fate because of the growing use of advanced technologies, which lethal consequences on the earthly and human ecosystems become irreversible.

You are slowly but surely losing your extraordinary capacity to make life desirable. Your resilience will artificially decrease, independently of your own will. Such technologies exist that affect your body as well as your mind.

We are of the opinion that this radiation poisoning of our Fragile Planet must be addressed (and solved) by others than the inept cretins who are failing at this point.

How can we assist this this to occur? Who will listen and take heed?

For infants it’s a terrible valley of death we have created for them. As we shall see for years all of them have been born with already polluted bloodstreams and [color=limegreen]now the very young ones are dying in greater numbers on the west coast of the United States since Fukushima blew up.

After the first week, officials had enough information to call for evacuation of a wide area in Japan and also Hawaii, Alaska and the entire West Coast of North America. They really should have evacuated all of northern Japan and also the West Coast but that was almost as impossible as evacuating the entire planet or the entire Northern Hemisphere.

Evacuation of Planet Earth might be the best way for humanity to avoid the terrible nuclear, heavy metal and chemical toxicity we are now facing all at the same time.

Avoiding exposure is always the best plan but [color=limegreen]there is no way to avoid breathing in air contaminated with tiny hot particles.

Inhalation issues are much more frightening than ingestion issues because you can pick and choose what you eat and drink but you can’t buy bottled air.

Nuclear Toxicity Syndrome is about how to survive in nuclear and chemical hell.

But one cannot do what is necessary to survive hell if a person doesn’t know they are living in one.

We feel that perhaps the time is now for concerned citizens to demand accountability from their respective governments.

Obviously, Health Canada and the US/EPA do not have the best interests of their citizens at heart. Is it the same in other countries? In your country?

The question is why?

Are not these agencies made up of caring, feeling, breathing individuals who share the same fate as we, the people?

Or, have they been deceived into believing that they will be a part of the "saved" ones and the radiation will not deform or kill them, their children, their children's children, etc?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.

22 June 2011
CNN: "They lied to us:" Fukushima Radiation Release Comparable To Chernobyl,
100% Meltdown In 3 Reactors

Michio Kaku: In the last two weeks, everything we knew about that accident has been turned upside down.

We were told three partial melt downs, [color=limegreen]... don’t worry about it.

Now we know it was 100 percent core melt in all three reactors.

[color=limegreen](We were told) that minimal radiation was released.

Now we know it was comparable to radiation at Chernobyl.

And as far as evacuation, (we were told), 12 miles and that is it. [color=limegreen]
You don’t have to evacuate more than 12 miles.

Now they find hotspots, 4 hot spots, outside the evacuation zone.

34,000 school children now have radiation badges when they go to school...

Finally, some coverage in the MSM... such as it is, but a lot of peeps watch CNN.

The real question here is what will it take for the peeps to finally "get it" and do something?

Fukushima ‘still a ticking time bomb’
CNN: As a reported within hours of the earthquake and Tsunami, with hours not even a day, there were already statements from the company (TEPCO) and International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) saying there had been safe shut down of all reactors and we know now of course in the end that simply wasn’t true.

[color=limegreen]But from the very beginning they were trying to tell us that this was a safe situation.

Kaku: Within hours of the accident we now know it was like the Keystone Cops.

People that are clueless, headless, just running around crazy, not knowing what to do.

We can now reconstruct that accident minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour and we can see this chaos that erupted in the leadership ability.

CNN: What is happening to the people that are working there now?

Kaku: Well, as you know, [color=limegreen]workers are getting sent in and they are getting a year's worth of radiation within just 10 minutes at a time.

At Chernobyl, 600,000 workers had to be mobilized. Each one going in for just a few minutes and each one getting a medal from Gorbachev.

CNN: This will be a Hundred Year Cleanup?

How long with this take to cleanup in your view?

Kaku: 50 to 100 years.

CNN: And we are not there yet.

[color=limegreen]We are not even to the point of talking about the cleanup yet because they haven’t stopped the reaction.

It is still happening.

Kaku: Clean up hasn’t even started yet.

They are not even looking at getting to cold shutdown until next year.

Cold shutdown is when boiling stops. There is boiling water right there at the reactor releasing radiation into the environment and [color=limegreen]releasing radiation into gigantic vats.

CNN: How are they storing and disposing of this stuff?

Kaku: That is the killer (pun intended?) because we have all of these vats that are filling up now and [color=limegreen]they may have to dump it into the ocean again.

At that point the Chinese, the Koreans, the fisherman they get up all in arms because there is so much damage (to the reactor cores) that every time you put water (into the reactors to cool the fuel rods that are melting down) it just leaks right out again, highly radioactive, and it is filling up at the site right now.

CNN: So what do they do with it?

Kaku: Right now, they are just counting the gallons as they pile up desperately trying to bring more vats in but [color=limegreen]once they saturate they are going to have to dump and at that point it is another crisis.

Tepcospeak !

If one is truly interested in this particular part of this disaster, we have written about the thousands of tons and millions gallons of water being injected/sprayed/dropped - and thousands of tons and millions of gallons lost (?) misplaced (?) leaked out ?) - take your pick or add one of your own theories, as the numbers simply do not add up.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

CNN: Lets talk about the radiation in the environment, in the atmosphere.

We have been told that it would be [color=limegreen]measurable but a miniscule amount on the US West Coast
and around the world?

Is that true?

Kaku: It is still minimal around the world (based on what we are being told from government reported radiation readings). Most of the damage is concentrated within 20 to 50 miles of the reactor. That is where we have the hotspots, that is where we have 20 times normal amounts of (annual adult) radiation (limits) in school yards outside of the evacuation zone.

Kaku: But in New York City, (based off government released radiation measurements) you can actually see it in the milk. You can actually see it has iodine, 131, actually spiked a little bit in our milk in New York City, but it is very small.

CNN: Just even hearing that, though, even hearing that you can detect it, that there’s a catastrophe, the worst industrial catastrophe in history, we can see it in milk in New York, that’s frightening.

Kaku: That’s right. This could be the grand daddy of all industrial accidents topping Chernobyl at $200 billion, topping the Gulf Oil Spill at $15 billion, topping the Columbia and Challenger disasters out in space at about $10 billion.

[color=limegreen]This could be the world record holder for an industrial accident.

Kaku: Realize Chernobyl was one core’s worth radiation causing a $200 billion accident and it is still on going.

Here we have 20 cores worth of radiation.

Three totally melted, one damaged and the (rest in) spent fuel pools, 20 cores worth of highly radioactive materials.

Leave us not be too hasty with accolades, and leave us not be fooled; it is not as if CNN or any other corporate media outlet is doing any real journalism here... where are Anderson Cooper or Gupta now?

In Africa - where it is comparatively safe. Gupta was in Japan early on and skedaddled when he figured out the real deal... just saying.

Throughout this disaster, all the media has done is echo statements from US (EPA/FDA), JAPGOV officials and TEPCO, neglecting to do any real investigative journalism and reporting stories that were so blatantly false and non-nonsensical because it was the "official story coming from the Government."

The MSM has lied to we, the people, and will continue to do so.

Now, one might ask, what are we, the people, going to do about it?

For those of us who think we are somewhat alone in our feelings on this nuclear insanity issue that has the future of humanity (as we now experience it) at stake, we offer this assessment from a poster on Blogs.


"Ticking time bomb" is correct.

If the melted cores do fully breach their containment vessels by literally burning their way through the bottoms of the containment vessels, then you can instantly have a situation where tons of molten core material hits the huge volume of water pooled in the bottoms of the reactor buildings.

The resulting explosion would obliterate what is left of the buildings and blow off the tops of the primary containment. It may be only a matter of time before this actually happens, and this is the reason why Kaku recommends the Chernobyl option of burying the cores with tons of boron, sand and concrete.

No, the reactors did not shut down immediately after the control rods were inserted. Inserting the control rods merely begins the weeks long process of eventually achieving cold shutdown. You need to do some research about nuclear reactors.

It is factually correct that the nuclear reactions have NOT been stopped. This is why far more radiation than was "expected" is showing up in the water filtration system which keeps breaking down.

In fact, it may be impossible to completely stop the nuclear reactions now that the cores have fully melted down into giant masses of molten slag since it is now impossible to moderate the nuclear reactions occurring at the center of the giant masses of molten core material.

And here is another view:

Swarming Bee Theory

I give Mr. Kaku a lot of credit for making a continued effort to speak openly about the situation in Fukushima.

What does it take to see, really. What does it take?

I cannot believe there are people on here who expect to be taken as representing a real viewpoint and are still, in the face of THREE core meltdowns, containment pools blown into the upper atmosphere, etc, persisting with the fallacy that because no one DIED this month everything will be ok.

It is nothing short of insanity to persist with this debate over the merits of nuclear fission used in applications like this.

Nuclear fission as practiced today is an antiquated technology, dangerous beyond measure, as in LITERALLY beyond measure. Some of the components of radioactive waste have a half life of 200,000 years, some 700,000 years, some more that that. Far longer than any administration in the history of our good country, that's how long.

It is remarkable to me that the rabid right wing tea partiers etc are always whining about the country swinging left.
The truth is it is money and power.

If we turn our attanetion of it; smoodfedswskjjwejjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjl wjk

A pound of plutonium could kill every human being on the planet.

And yet we continue to allow ourselves to be drawn into arguments with self-serving profiteers, people and corporations with no fealty to the US or to life in general, but rather to profit at any cost.

This highly organized miliitant faction of the US government in concert with the multi national energy cartel is working hard to have us believe this is actually a rational and reasonable alternative to aggressively reducing our current demand (like in Las Vegas counties for ex) combined with a solid commitment to alternative energy development.

It's nuts.

There really is no good reason to continue.

All plants should be immediately shut down and decommissioned.

The nuke plants shouid be scrapped.


How about it, "Nuke Team ATS?"

Obviously, TEPCO hasn't stopped the reaction(s), as continuously rising levels of I-131 indicate that there are uncontrolled nuclear reactions going in the melted cores and/or elsewhere.

Which may lead one to this question:

Considering that the boron additive utilized to moderate the fission process has a lifespan directly corresponding to the proximity to the radioactive material and the amount of materials being released, where are we on that timetable?

Specifically, has the boron reached the end of its lifespan and does the remaining "dead boron" accumulate and further hinder additional boron injections?

And an interesting comment from this poster regarding censorship on another forum:

Fukushima 'still a ticking time bomb' – In the Arena - Blogs
majia nadesan

Hi Michael I'm glad you responded to my comment because it provides proof my comment was posted before being taken down by some sort of censor.

I'm reposting. Let us see how long it is up this time.

First of all, it is not at all clear that workers at Fukushima have not died. Read the article: Contract workers registered with TEPCO have mysteriously disappeared from the contractor’s employment records. Mainichi: "Whereabouts of 30 nuclear power plant subcontractors unknown: Health Ministry"

Good catch!

We actually thought something was up along those lines and received some interesting comments here:

Second, there is considerable evidence of ongoing fission at the Fukushima plant reactors given the ongoing production of Iodine-131, which has a 8 day half life.

See Gunderson’s Fairewinds updates and Washington’s blog for an essay with citations on ongoing criticality

Third, spent-fuel pool #4 is an ongoing cataclysmic disaster. Building #4 was damaged by #3’s explosion and the spent fuel pool in #4’s attic was reported by the NYT to be cracked.

This pool is full of rods and is leaking water and was recently found to be 2/3 empty, meaning there was a high likelihood that the fuel rods were exposed.

Fourth, de-contamination of the radioactive water has not gone well and has had to be stopped over and over because of various problems

Fifth, radiation releases continue to be very large

“Estimates of the radioactive materials emitted double doors opening to the Fukushima No. 2 unit building 1.8 billion becquerels”


Well said.

We can only add to that, this:

Deny Ignorance.

In Peace, Love & Light


posted on Oct, 11 2011 @ 07:41 PM

Meanwhile, back to the Fukushima World-Killer Nuke Meltdowns and the [color=limegreen]continuing radiation poising of our land, food and children - 24/7/365.

zorgon, what is your take on this?

Well, I spent three weeks following that Fukushima story doggedly... then in the end I found out three things...

1) Except for a handful of people and those that live in the area... NO ONE CARES...

2) We are still here... 1000's of nuke tests (especially near my home town) medical radiation, space radiation, CME's, cell tower radiation, microwave radiation... etc etc.. and we are STILL HERE.. and world population is increasing exponentially

3) Radiation is good for you


Thank you for your insightful and timely response.

1) We have been attempting to sound the alarm in the many nuke-related threads in our signature, and have come to the same conclusion: NO ONE CARES...

However, having spent the last six weeks on the road in the Hurricane Irene-ravaged areas of North Carolina, we were amazed - no, dumfounded - that [color=limegreen]NOT ONE PERSON we spoke with (including fellow First Responder Volunteer Firepersons) had any clue about Fukushima 24/7/365.

The Captain of the local department said that "there is no problem, or the USGOV/EPA would alert us, and it would be on television, right? (!???!)

Revised Conclusion: The people have been denied the basic information to make informed decisions as to how best "handle" the radiation poisoning nightmare.

2) Never thought that you would not be (there) "here" - after all, who would want to leave that pool? And whatever happens in "here" (there) stays in "here," (there), right mate?

3) You and Ann Coulter make such a great pair...

Glad to be back.

As we have been attempting to bring to light for over six months (!), there exists a world-wide conspiracy in the MSM to deprive the public of the facts regarding the dire consequences of the melt-throughs of the nuclear reactors at Fukushima-Daiichi.

Please listen up, people.

Your life and the lives of your loved ones may very well depend on your access to and use thereof of potentially life-saving information being kept from you by the EPA/USGOV.

The total number of days between Friday, March 11th, 2011 and Tuesday, October 11th, 2011 is 214 days.

The radiation poisoning of our people, food and land has continued unabated - 24/7/365 - for exactly 7 months.

For your edification and enjoyment (bewilderment), a few 'notable' stories that seemed to miss mass circulation and perhaps a peek at what might have been missed on the 6:00 o'clock news...:

Three days into the disaster, this FOR EYES ONLY memo circulated at the NRC.

14 March 2011
NRC ONLY Update – All 3 Reactor Cores Likely Damaged

15 March 2011
Fukushima Daiichi Units Degrading – Zirconium Fire at Reactor 4 SFP – Reactor 2 Possible Reactor Vessel Breach & Ex-Vessel Core Reaction

My goodness gracious! And we thought they (TEPCO/JAPGOV) said they had this "stabilized..." and presumably under control...

At least, that is what they (and the EPA/USGOV) would have you believe.

Fast-forward about six months to more headlines you may have missed in your local media:

21 August 2011
Fukushima Officials Worry New Discovery of Radioactive Beef Will Harm Reputation More After Farmer Confirms Cattle Not Fed Contaminated Rice Straw

21 August 2011
4,000 Potentially Radioactive Cows Without Radioactive Rice Hay May Have Been Shipped from One Farm in Namie-Machi, Fukushima

29 August 2011
Why the Fukushima Disaster Is Worse Than Chernobyl

31 August 2011
France Releases Map of Cesium-137 Deposition Across the Pacific – Shows the US More Contaminated Than Western Japan

[color=limegreen]Will this insanity ever end?

In Peace, Love & Light


posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 06:44 PM

Just catching up on the news...

... and the wayback machine:

31 March 2011
Radioactive Iodine-131 in rainwater sample near San Francisco was 18,100% above federal drinking water standard

Iodine-131 was measured in a rainwater sample taken on the roof of Etcheverry Hall on UC Berkeley campus, March 23, 2011 from 9:06-18:00 PDT. The 3 Liters of rainwater collected contained 134 Becquerels of Iodine for an average of 20.1 Becquerel per liter, which equates to 543 Picocuries per liter.

The federal drinking water limit for Iodine-131 is 3 Picocuries per liter, putting the rainwater sample at 18,100% above the federal drinking water limit.

20.1 Becquerel per liter (Bq/L) = 543 Picocuries per liter (pCi/L)

Conversion calculator here.

The federal drinking water standard for Iodine-131 is 3 pCi/L. source

6 April 2011
True Horrors of Japan Nuclear Disaster Revealed In Confidential Leaked Government Document

[color=limegreen]]Perhaps the worse news is confirmation that radioactive fragments and particles, including the deadly Plutonium “MOX” fuel, has been shot high into the atmosphere during the hydrogen explosions.

3 July 2011
Guardian: Leaked Emails Reveal Government Conspiracy To Downplay Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

Photograph: AP

8 August 2011
Japan Witheld Nuclear Meltdown Simulation Showing 18,000 Deaths And 55 Mile Dead Zone

31 August 2011
Feds Allowing Tritium Radiation Catastrophe Cover Up At
North Anna, VA Nuclear Plant?

There may be a tritium radiation leak at the North Anna nuclear plant following the Virginia Earthquake.

4 April 2011
Cesium-137 Threat Grows While MSM Remains Silent

Cesium-137 has been detected in drinking water and milk here in the United States.

Cesium and Tellurium were found in Boise, Las Vegas, Nome and Dutch Harbor, Honolulu, Kauai and Oahu, Anaheim, Riverside, San Francisco, and San Bernardino,  Jacksonville and Orlando, Salt Lake City,  Guam, and Saipan while Uranium-234, with a half-life of 245,500 years has been found in Hawaii, California, and Washington.

The EPA has radiation monitoring sites situated around the country.

Radioactive isotopes spread through the atmosphere accumulate in milk after they fall to earth in rain or dust and settle on vegetation, where they are ingested by grazing cattle.

Iodine-131 is known to accumulate in the thyroid gland, where it can cause cancer and other thyroid diseases. Cesium-137 accumulates in the body’s soft tissues and bone marrow where it increases risk of cancer.

The corporate media in the West is downplaying and basically ignoring the threat. On the one hand, the EPA tells us cesium-137 is appearing in milk and water around the country, while on the other telling us not to worry.

The EPA said in March that "while they were above the historical and background norm, the levels weren’t considered harmful to human health."

The agency sounds the alarm about radioactivity in cigarette smoke while minimizing the risk from an out of control nuclear plant that continues to spew radioactivity.

Something is seriously amiss when a supposedly free media and government agencies in the U.S. downplay the threat.

In Peace, Love & Light


posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 06:38 PM
Since this thread has obviously lost it's audience, let's try this:


Not that we would ever say, "we told you so," but ...

6 November 2011
Expert on Fukushima radiation in US: [color=3BB9FF]‘We know its going to impact public health’

• It’s more a matter of something happened that we didn’t want to happen.

• We know its going to impact public health.

[color=Cyan]• There’s not a whole lot you can do about it.

• Once you let the horse out of the barn, hell, the horse took the barn door with it.

• We’re stuck, this is an accident that should have been prevented. It’s hard to respond to it.

And now, for something completely different:

Japan TV host diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia —
Had been eating Fukushima produce on show

You just can't make this stuff up folks...

And from April, a supercilious post that really attracted our attention to the apparent ignorance and insensitivity that blocks the sheeple's reality of [color=8AFB17]the true horror of the Fukushima multiple melt-through nuclear disaster/fiasco spewing life-altering radiation 24/7/365 [color=8AFB17]with no end or solution in sight.

[color=Salmon]And so what, the Japanese will have a few babies born limbless or with blotchy skin,
they will adapt to their environment.

You're joking, right?

My wife is Japanese, my in-laws are Japanese, and many of the surviving in-laws did time in Tehachapi and we do not appreciate your attempt at levity or derailment.

If you do not think anything is wrong, you eat the yellow snow and drink the milk.

[color=Salmon]Now just to clear the air, i do not like what is going on over there but we cannot help the situation playing keyboard tag with the mongering of fear.

Speak for yourself.

"Playing keyboard tag," as you call it, just might invigorate enough concerned citizens to get up off their lazy butts, turn off American Idol, Dancing With the Stars and Cupcake Wars and
question authority.

We certainly hope so. We are. OPERATION SURVIVAL is a working title for a project in bloom and a natural outgrowth of our Alliance roots. Stay tuned and you heard it here first.

As you can plainly see, dear reader, there is a lot of (re)education to be done to turn the tide in favor of life.

Meanwhile, the goalposts keep getting moved and acceptable collateral damage limits are steadily increased.

25 August 2011
Japan raising radiation limit to 20 millisieverts/year leads to 160,000 lifetime cancers per million people

In April, the Japanese government raised its maximum limit for children from one to 20 millisieverts per year, a level that leads to 2,270 cancers annually per million people (or 160,000 lifetime cancers per million), according to data in a landmark 2006 U.S. National Academy of Sciences report on radiation cancer risk.

A massive outcry later forced the government to reverse the move.

[color=8AFB17]About a fifth of the 1,600 schools in Fukushima prefecture were exposed to at least 20 milliseiverts of radiation this year, according to a Bloomberg story in July. [...]

The children already have a year's worth of radiation in 4 months at the 20 millisieverts per year!

Operation Survival

(How about the following for starters? (this is a work in progress - any input would be sincerely appreciated...)

We are a grassroots peace and environmental organization dedicated to sharing new ideas and vital information necessary for survival in this post 3/11 age.

We support converting our economy to safely fulfill human needs, creating a cleaner, safer and more humane world while working to make the connections between peace, social justice and environmental responsibility.

We think this foto says it all... these are the real OWS'ers (IMHO) and us 30 years ago at Diablo...they should have left sleeping dogs lie... will you join us?

We are not alone:

Australian Cannonball Nuclear News
Peace Love Light
tfw[align=center][color=magenta]Liberty & Equality or Revolution[/align]

posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 06:49 PM
Um... yes, and the 'real' Americans are planning to do something about it this time!

They plan to hit the voting booths and vote in the change they desperately need to see.

If you ask them who they plan to vote for that can stand up and take charge over the mess we are tumbling along with, they blankly ask who you are going to vote for...

Everything is such a mangled mess that people who once knew what the issues were and had a strong sense of candidacy going in, are clueless and becoming desperate not to continue being fooled by fools and that is as far as they can go.

posted on Jan, 1 2012 @ 01:41 PM


It looks as though 2012 will be the year of the food shortages worldwide, partially due to the Fukushima radiation.

We are working on an update and will post soon.

Stay tuned and in the meantime, please join us on any of our signature threads.


[color=Cyan]The total number of days between Friday, March 11, 2011 and Saturday, December 31, 2011 is 295 days.

[color=FDD017]The radiation poisoning of we, the people, our children, pets, food, water and our land
has continued unabated - 24/7/365
- for 8 months, 29 days ... which is:

• 25,488,000 seconds
• 424,800 minutes
• 7,080 hours
• 42 weeks (rounded down)

One again, are we any closer to a solution to the Fukushima multiple melt-throughs disaster/fiasco spewing life-altering clouds of radiation 24/7/365

Peace Love Light
[align=center][color=magenta]Liberty & Equality or Revolution[/align]

posted on Mar, 4 2012 @ 12:49 PM

So, now it's March, 2012, just a couple days after the first gigantic tornado outbreak of the season.

You might have wondered why all the nuclear-related information has been archived on this thread.


To assure another historical notification of why, this year, 2012, we will see a food crisis of unimaginable proportions, due partly to all food in the fields worldwide has been exposed to
life-altering radiation of historic proportions for ONE YEAR.

The ever-increasing price of fuel is only the tip of the iceberg.

The radiation poisoning of we, the people, our children, pets, food, water and our land has continued unabated - 24/7/365 since 3/11, and there is no solution or end in sight, regardless of the "cold shutdown" declaration.

We are in the completion stages of a major update to this thread, and look forward to participation from you, dear reader.

Thank you for your time and consideration and patience.

Peace Love Light
[align=center][color=magenta]Liberty & Equality or Revolution[/align]
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