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Help me understand my Akashic Message and share yours

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posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 11:45 PM
Sanskirt Akasha: Sky
Akashic Message: Message from the sky

Ever since I was young I have known things that should not be known, especially at the early ages in which they were gleaned. Some might describe this as the 8th neurological circuit, or even the 7th, some might describe it as insights of the higher self (the true self beyond this organic space suit), or I like to simply call them as I see it: Akashic messages.

These messages truly leave one to believe they are going nutters, as there is no possible way that my mind could have come up with some of these things. Usually the messages come through after intense meditation which leads to a trance state after three hours. Sometimes they come in random times of the day, even the thought is addressing myself as a separate person.

The strangest of these messages come in forms of symbols that I cannot describe. The hand takes over for hours, until the message is complete, and as I sit back and look at what I've created, I am dumbfounded.

I'd like to present some of these drawings for the first time in my life for scrutiny, study, or whatever motives drive the people who view these. I'd also like to present some writing that I deem as Akashic Messages, just because I do not find myself capable of creating such things.

I have never had an abduction experience (unless you find that '___' experience is real), and these things have persisted since the age of six.

Please have a look/read and give me your thoughts, as I am just as curious as you might be. Hell it might even be Akashic instruction to present this to you, since I have no idea why I am typing this at this moment, other than the reason "It just feels right.."

Akashic Message - Art Form

Akashic Message - Written Form
"Everything in the universe is made up of energy which is formed around our very thoughts. Everything made up of energy has a memory, as different emotions give different sorts of energy. Every experience we have releases energy, every impact in the universe releases energy. And the energy remains, even when we die.

We rot into the ground, but the matter that held us together still remains in a non compact form. When we die, our energy is thrown into the storm of other energies as well. Energy of love, energy of hate, energy of confusion, energy of change...we become one with it all. I believe solidly, that it is our life's duty to offer our experiences to the universe. For when we die, we become one with the universe and live every experience that has happened in the past, and will happen in the future.

We experience the vast happenings of a galaxy being born, to the experience of a compassionate mother who has just birthed her child. Every one of us are the same being, every single one share the same universal consciousness. I am the same as a man murdering someone, and the same as a man saving someone. I am the same as the beggar on the street corner, and the person who has all of the money in the world.

When we come to accept this, we can do amazing things. When we come to realize, individuality is thrown out the window, selfishness is torn apart, selflessness becomes non-existent; because we are all one. And when we all die, we become one with the universe. We become one with the universal consciousness. We become everything that we wanted to be and did not want to be.

If you live to fight with others, essentially fighting with yourself - then you are tainting the universe. It is up to us to live the best lives we can, to make every moment happy, to live to the fullest... for when you finally die - your emotions won't really matter anymore. You will realize that there are so many other feelings out there that are essentially your own. "

I'll spare you of other written messages as they tend to be rather lengthy. Some of the subject matter can be summarized down to the following points.

Universal memory exists and acts like genetic memory.

The multiverse is a multicellular organism

We are constantly surrounded by light beings which exist beyond our perception?

We are all struggling to find the creator, because that is our purpose, to become one with the creator again (something we all share in common no matter who you are. All humans question "what created that which is?")

Reincarnation exists, but only through DNA alignments which could foster your consciousness (sorry for those hoping to be reincarnated as an animal or tree)

Humans aren't as destructive as we think we are (goes on to describe the destructive power of quasars which would destroy more than humanity could in thousands of generations)

There is hope.

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posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 12:45 AM
Eye'll agree to disagree. Yet eye do feel that you are receiving messages. Is it maybe that you cannot decipher them correctly, (completely)? When viewing such a message you must consider the perspective from which it was delivered or conveyed. Like the cliche' ..walking in someones shoes...

Eye am not saying you are not smart enough either. Just maybe that you must view what you are receiving from another perspective still considering the information as is.

Although Eye disagree eye do not feel that you are that far off. Eye just feel that there is a much lager explanation that not many people would have the "time" so to speak to decipher it fully, nor that there is currently a real audience.

In order to reach even an audience at a dance show or art show, you must want peoples who can understand good technique and be interested in dance in general. Eye beg you to help the people around you with patience along with trying to convey messages of any sort.

The great thing is that there is only one truth. We must all act respectively in regard to each others view to reach that common goal.

if it is common.

Also the images can be read slightly. In language there is a order even in code there is an order. Things thought and conveyed at random aren't always easy to conclude.
Thanks for sharing
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posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 01:07 AM
Thank you for your input. (Sidenote: your writing is familiar)

It is easy to decipher the messages after taking them up with my consciousness during meditation. The thing that remains a mystery is the images. I have no idea what they could possibly mean, at all. I may even have a mental block keeping me from deciphering them, because if I found the message behind the lines, I would be convinced that I had lost it and gone mad. Sanity (or what society views as sane) plays a big part in this whole game.

I have been given messages that I am not the only one receiving these messages, and that everyone on Earth today is capable of receiving these messages. The societal norms are what keeps our mind closed to them. If you're worrying about bills, family, food, money, payments, goals, career, etc. you are more liable to be stressed about those things and ignore any thought unrelated to those topics. If one comes upon you very strongly, an insight that cannot be ignored and is delivered in a thought process different from your own... you tell yourself to take some Tylenol, drink a glass of water, and get back to whatever matter is at hand.

I guess this is why I'm sharing it. These messages have become so blatantly clear and strong, that I must share these experiences in the hopes that I am not suffering from a case of schizophrenia.

Even the light beings have become incredibly blatant in their interactions of my life.

Example A:

I am running errands around town and decide to stop at subway for a sandwich. I park too close to a persons car without realizing and as I get out of my car, a passerby says to me "Yo man, how's he gonna get out of his car?" after apologizing, I get back into my car and try to correct the parking job. I forget to correct my wheels and scratch the car as I'm backing out. This looks to be a brand new car too. So I go into subway and find the owner of the car to exchange information. The guy is the manager of the job center here in town. Two days later I get a call saying that all it cost was 30 dollars for a buff job, and that he wanted me to deliver it to him personally so that we may discuss prospective jobs... all of this when I am incredibly needing of a job, and all of this under highly unlikely and incredible odds.

Events like these continue to happen in my life, where the message is blatantly crystal clear. At first I just felt that lady-luck had been on my side in the deliverance of multiple coincidences... but the coincidences continue. When is it no longer a coincidence? When can you start thinking, "Okay something really strange is going on here..."

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posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 02:23 AM
Eye feel the message you've received first is that you are of good intention. "Bad" things don't want good for you. Its important to recognize that you are also inundated with vast arrays of influence in any particular instance. What you are doing currently is inevitably affected by what has happened already.

Eye couldn't state whether or not you are crazy..but Eye could ask that you be truthful and truthful with your self.
For Eye know that a many number of experiences Eye have had could be seen as such, but Eye was there to witness...and on many occasion there were many others there as well. Eye shan't get into those here but, Eye can tell you that you know if YOU know.

My advice is to learn all you can about language. Language in may also study all areas of the sciences (meta, quantum) and educate yourself on the understood workings of that which can be manipulated as a tool to take away your confidence and confuse your ability to decipher the truth!

Just as you can see a face in a also can conclude that there are a lot of things you could get from the writing. That's why its important to know language and order to be able to format what you are being given.

Eye will state that Eye have been "visited" by many "people" whom have passed on and Eye know that the signs and "coincidences" are only able to happen in a natural way that is "possible".

It must be considered though that there are People who know this and can manipulate the preemptive workings of "reality" with man made tools and influence.
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posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 02:33 AM
reply to post by DakmindAK

Eye understand my writing to be familiar. It should be consistent anyway... : )
Nothing to hide, even the enemy can become your equal if you take time to be consistent and truthful.
Eye think if you question whether people are innately good or is well understood that both sides need trust to exist!

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 02:57 AM
reply to post by DakmindAK

Welcome to the ever-growing community of channelers!

The message you posted is a fairly standard message from the "guardians" to orient you and give some basic data.

The second image is definitely a diagram of the "chakras."

The first image could represent mind energy but it's hard to say.

You have to choose whether to just go with this flow and duplicate these messages as faithfully as you can and share them as you see fit, or dig deeper and find out what others are experiencing and what it's all about.

I personally don't think the "guardians" have the last word on how this universe really works, or what our full set of choices for the future really are. But as far as I can tell they are really trying to help us. They sure know all about telepathy!

I hope this develops well for you. Don't hesitate to seek human help from others who have experienced this if you feel it's getting out of control or annoying in any way.

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 03:29 AM
reply to post by l_e_cox

There is a community of people who experience this phenomenon? If you can post any resources on occurrences such as the ones I am experiencing, or anything else mentioning these so-called "guardians", please do so. It would greatly alleviate the stress of thinking that I've gone nutters.

These sorts of things are so hard to accept in times like today. I imagine if I had such experiences in the 1700s, I'd be burned at the stake if I ever came public. It seems the only time these sorts of things would be socially acceptable is in a tribal setting, a sort of shamanic dealing if you will...

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 06:18 AM
The first one looks like a computer circuit diagram.

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 11:59 AM
here is a method for divining the meanings behind symbols/images:

Astral projection/Clairvoyance by means of the Tattwa(tattva) symbols.

from this thread i posted some time ago

in your case you need to draw your symbol[s] in a black border so as to bind/frame it

hope this is of help

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 01:47 PM
Many thanks, I knew there was a reason I was instructed to share this. Lots of info to absorb in your post. The first image contains quite a bit of symbols and they all seem connected so its hard to decipher which symbols are truly separate from the rest.

I kinda thought computer circuit diagram too... weird.

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