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Obama repeated "Allah Akbar" as he climbed the pyramid?

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posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 12:03 AM

Originally posted by sirjunlegun

It doesn't make me a moslem or a chameleon.
reply to post by Lannock

No. You are not here in the US looking at this illegitimate usurper of the throne, listening to his incessant babble. The Egyptian men laughed at him, they stated why they laughed, and repeated it again. God did not build those pyramids man did. He just wanted to say something in Arabic. Relevant or not. Would you like if I was sitting at your table and just started babbling out Affrrikanner just to prove I knew some words? I understand your point. I speak some Arabic, some Cantonese, and Spanish. I use it when there is a language barrier. I don't use it to impress. I am not easily amused as I am sure you are not. It has nothing to do with his respect for other people. It has to do with utility. Respect? He has none. Its all about "look at me" with this guy. Do you not remember his Nobel Prize speech to the new awardee he mentioned he received it last year at least a half a dozen times, right? Liek we forgot. Look, this man went around campaigning telling LIES to the American people about investigating torture, ending the wars, changing things, hope, blah,blah...that is why he was given the award , he loves to hear himself speak. There is nothing about him that deserved that award that is why he had to reitterate that he got it becasue he had to reassure himself he deserved it. He is the anti-American. We do not bow to dignitaries of other countries. We have protocol, we have respect, but we don't do alot of things this charlatan does. One being a brown noser at the expense of looking like a fool. Bush did enough damage. PS Another thing you didn't vote for the guy, Afrikaaner so kkep out from between two Americans. I pay the guy to work for me, you don't. I am entitled to my opinion. My opinion is he should be impeached.
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Firstly, I am not Afrikaner (you Americans would call me "black"), but my girlfriend is an Afrikaner so she would be impressed and honored and maybe help you right.

Wasn't he voted in by the majority like all US presidents? Don't most if not all politicians tell lies and half-truths to get into office?

Personally I think the "Allah akbar" thing is a hoax. People who hate Obama jump on everything negative about Obama whether it's a hoax or not. Once it is proven a hoax they say "Ah well. I would expect it from him anyway."

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 12:44 AM

Originally posted by getreadyalready
I never understodd, what is the difference between saying Praise the Lord, or saying Glory be to Allah? Exact same thing in my opinion.

It is the same thing.

The problem would be that so many Americans (and other western countries even) have been completely brainwashed into thinking "muslims are terrorists".

Originally posted by TXRabbit
Holy Jesus! He must be a terrorist then!

I know TXRabbit is being sarcastic here, but it's only funny because there are people out there who actually think like this.

So the whole "Obama is a muslim" thing (whether true or not) does have the potential to cause some civil unrest.

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 12:50 AM

Originally posted by hippomchippo
Just imagine if America ever tries to elect an Atheist president.


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