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Terrorism! is it Real?

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posted on Feb, 9 2011 @ 05:52 PM
The op still stands by the post.
The Mumbai attack was also related to intelligence ops...i believe an intelligence service member was involved in the planning, reconnaisance......
Perhaps i am much stupider than some whose glorious pontifications sometimes get to be a pain in the ass.And whose literal interpretations always go to show how dumb others are comparatively...perhaps you could opt to go find more intelligent threads to put down?
Meanwhile i still maintain that the terrorism we are supposedly threatened with is largely manufactured by the PTB, and further they dont do cyber war for real because it would cost them too much money.
The facts are that terrorism is NOT comming to america, along with a bunch of illegal arabs sneaking in from mexico or elsewhere because they are busy fighting america and their own goverments where they live.
I think it is pretty obvious that the intelligence services have set 9/11 7/7 etc etc in motion for the sake of control.
I know that the Oklahoma bombing was far more involved than a truck full of fertilizer set off in the street.
I also know we lost a blackhawk helicopter with a full us army demolitions team plus chopper crew, less than an hours flight time from the OK bombing shortly after the building was destroyed.
It blew up in midair killing al aboard over Killeen texas.
I may be a tad dumber than you buddy but i am not as blind.
There isnt even aany proof that these cyber attacks took plave 60,000 indeed hmpf.
And even if they did, it is funny that they havent succeeded at disrupting the nation yet.....not after 60, 000 tries? not once?
Naw you think what you like, but i think that the intelligence guys set up countless patsys for this stuff.
Podesta was supplied with his bomb materials by the US goverment too.....

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 08:53 AM
reply to post by stirling

The problem here is that you know nothing about cyber security or terrorism and I really can be bothered teaching you only for you.

One thing you did say however stuck out. “hey dont do cyber war for real because it would cost them too much money.” Yeah 9/11 through them into a recession as did “their engineering of the banking crisis”. A cyber attack would cost them money and out of the other end they could use it to control the internet, that is of course if they are real. You see in the contest of other conspiracy history what you have said makes no sense, it’s another example of how conspiracies all contradict each other.

posted on Feb, 13 2011 @ 03:37 AM
Yep, i haveto agree that none of this stuff makes any sense.
Why would a corporation say Monsanto, fer instance, engaged in the business of making money from all aspects of food and feeding people and animals as well as fuel ag too.
Now what sense does it make for monsanto to come up with products that kill off the bees or make us sterile?
Where is the profit in killing off the buyers of the products?
Or like say in Iraq say, theres this ammunition thats nuclear, and its half life is a half a billion years...
Its not super hot, but it is lethal over time and gets into the water, the air, and even lies around in chunks on the tank killing grounds....
Now you want to spend years taking the oils out of iraq, and it has al kinds of infrastructure needs that we will build for them for oil of coure, and we occupy the place for ten years or more.
Why would you poison the very soil of the place for the next half a billion years?
Iraq is a garden with water, they could produce export food now it is gonna be radioactive for ever....???
Why are the CEOs of big business so eager to see the destruction of life as we knew it, on this planet just to make a bonus?
When the bees are all dead, well suffer unimaginably, yet bayer still pushes clothianadin....its not making any sense at all...everyone is so greedy they are more than willing to kill the goose who lays the golden eggs
the people.....
even their own childrens children, will face such a different world because they cannot stop. cheating, lying, stealing, jockying for market share...its insanity i tell ya...sheer insanity.
Now with the failing of the economies of the world, we have to watch the unfolding of possible ww3.
because somebody wants to make mega bucks.

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