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Did Obama get caught in a hail storm without his hard hat on?

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posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 07:43 PM
Mr. Obama talks about job creation and then puts forth policies that over regulate and kill jobs.

First- What does it take to create a job?
Listen up all you so-called job creators, ie politicians, and take note:
The number one objective is a market for the widgets (products) that are to be created. Without a market, all else is academic.
A Work Force that is capable of generating the widgets in question.
Historically that will be the person who has a viable idea.
A cheap and readily available source of energy to power the widget machines.

Politicians, governments do not generate markets; henceforth they do not create jobs. Politicians do one thing and one thing only, they spend money and in most cases by committee and not efficiently.

Energy- The USA has always had a cheap source of energy. Initially with the early settlers arrival this whole country was treed over; so for the first 300 years they burned wood. Initially they used the Indian’s corn, fried it up and made whiskey and sent it back to England, henceforth; the market, the Workforce and the energy (wood).

Later wood was replaced by coal; it burned hotter and was more effective. Then over time came oil, gas and nuclear power. Even though to this day the least expensive power produced is by coal at $ .06 per kilowatt hour. Oil and gas are in the $ .12 range and nuclear is even more when one calculates the cost of stowing the spent rods. Our government subsidizes wind and solar with taxpayers’ money at the rate of $ .24 per kilowatt hour, four times what it costs private enterprise to produce electricity using coal,
another brilliant play by this group of people that we put in temporary residence at 1600 Penn Avenue.

We as a people cannot afford to increase our energy cost and expect anything to be produced in this country. Wind and solar are not viable alternatives. Unfortuninately, despite their high cost, they are getting a free ride on the grid system piggy backing on the existing system paid for with coal generated monies.

Obama’s administration is trying to shut down the coal industry thru regulations by increasing the cost thru the EPA and MSHA. MSHA is attempting to reduce the dust regulation by a 100% from 2mg to 1mg. This will put every mine out of the dust compliance, in essence shutting them down thru regulations. This is being done under the guise the coal miners are being killed by contracting Black Lung. I saw that a UMWA official stated that “82,000 miners had died in the last ten years from that dreaded disease.” At one time, no one, no one had been diagnosed with Black Lung
who did not smoke. Black Lung is a smokers’ disease not a coal mine related illness. Obama thru MSHA regulations can shut down every coal mine in the U.S. but it will not save one life from exposure to coal dust.

Granted this subject requires much more in depth discussion but the next time you hear a politician tell you “elect me and I can create jobs” please ask him how- by generating a market or reducing energy cost?

Obama’s attack on the energy coal/oil drilling industries tells me he does not have a clue what it takes to create jobs or there is a sinister reason for these actions.

This article was published in a local newspaper by my father....Phil S. and I felt it worthy of sharing.
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posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 08:10 PM
A job is only to provide luxurys, you can sustain yourself on your surroundings. People should pay taxes for shared luxurys such as going to the movies and what not.

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 08:11 PM
Damm, I was hoping to see video of Obama being pelted with hail.

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 08:23 PM
reply to post by Angelicdefender2012

Good points. Much of it does boil down to costs of one form or another. Those costs can take many forms, energy (as you point out), labor, real estate, taxes and licenses, etc.

Assuming a market exists - then it all boils down to cost.

If I want to make a widget I can basically make it anyplace in the world today. I'm not tied to making the widget wherever my company HQ and push executive offices are located.

That means there is another market - the market for where I put my widget factory. Make no mistake, there is a market for this and the US is losing the business and it boils down to cost.

If I can put my widget factory in say India for a cost of $50 and I can put it in the US for a cost of $150 - where will I put it?

You make excellent points - but I think cost is the main factor. For even if a market is created for a widget and it is known the widget will sell - there is still the market that will determine where the widget factory is built.

Right now the US has largely priced itself out of the market for business growth. One way or another it must reduce the cost. As you say - "How are you going to do that?" should be what we ask everyone running for office.

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 08:56 PM
Sigh I am really getting tired of these post headlines, could anyone who has a beef with Obama just state it in the headline please,

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 09:08 PM
He does not have a clue on how to create jobs because he is full-time campaign mode, spewing ideal academic rhetoric with nothing based on reality.

Goes with the saying "Those who can, do, and those who can't, teach!"
No one is prime example of that than Obama.

Go easy on him, he means well.

posted on Feb, 3 2011 @ 10:39 PM
reply to post by Frogs

No you are absolutely correct. And I think that is the point. We (USA) just are NOT a business freindly environment. So how the heck is he going to create jobs??? Right? In fact...getting rid of jobs by doing what he is proposing.

posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 06:43 AM
Haven't you heard? The "unemployment" number has gone down.

The number of unemployed has not gone down, it has actually gone up, but the adjustments to the "unemployment" rate says it has gone down.

The Obama Administration and the EPA is currently breaking a Court order and is in contempt of court. Their moratorium was declared to have no merit. But yet in 9 months NOT ONE permit for oil drilling has happened.

Hmmm, I hope you folks like permanent rates of unemployment to be at the current TRUE number of 22% and to head higher in the future. We are the new 3rd world, just like Obama and the minions want.

Shadowstats is where I get the true numbers, give it a google.

posted on Feb, 5 2011 @ 11:49 AM
Here's another good question to ask :

Exactly HOW can you honestly believe that you're "creating" jobs, (for unemployed Americans) while manifesting a 1 million visa permit ADDITION to the already bloated H1-A, H1-B immigrant work visa program?

Oh - and then we get even MORE technical... Introducing the L1 visa... a grant for a foriegn worker who is employed by a company outside of the U.S. that also has offices here in the states, to perform an intra-corporate transfer to work here instead of where they're from...

L1 Visa Program

- intra-company transfer visa

An L1 visa is used to transfer from working at a companies offices outside the usa - to the same companies offices in the USA.

The L1 visa is a nonimmigrant visa, and is typically valid for up to 7 years. However employees in this category will initially be granted an L1 visa for up to three years.

L1 visas are available to certain classes of employee of an international company with offices in both a home country and the United States, or which intend to open a new office in the United States while maintaining their home country interests.

The visa allows such foreign workers to relocate to the corporation's US office after having worked abroad for the company for at least one year prior to being granted L1 status. The US office must be a parent company, child company, or sister company to the foreign company.

Spouses of L1 visa holders are allowed to work after obtaining work authorization , without restriction, in the US.

The L1 visa is a ‘dual intent’ visa allowing the holder to apply for a Green Card


Here's American Business's active employent policy, case closed! Remember that great high paying job you used to enjoy? I know I do. You then realize why it is that the majority of those who you see working are Mexicans or Philipinoes. These companies not only moved outside of the border but now are importing your replacement... which by the way only costs your former employer a tenth of what you cost to employ. No health insurance, no unemployment insurance, no social security to deal with...

I'll even bet your former empliadodor doesn't even have to raise that imported Mexican L1 visa holder's wage from the substandard wages they were paying them in Mexico to minimum wage, because they already have a standing employment agreement guaranteeing the wage.

3 dollars an hour wont buy you much... maybe the spouse will do better, being allowed entrance on thier husband's/ wife's L1 visa, surely all that 'scrap' recycling and sales from home made tamales will help...

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