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Oh really the birds hit a power line.

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posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 11:11 AM
Ok if a bird hit a power line which is not the case here it would be extremley obvious.Period.

I also work with high voltage and have so for over 15 years. 1kv up to MV and this is bull# at its finest.

Ok so they flew on a power line. Ok what is the voltage in those said power lines.

A couple of KV no alot more they are stepped down via transformers proir to entering our houses.How about a lot more than that. Now about how much current would you suspect to flow through those lines. 1 amphere 2 no maybe like 5000, 10,000 or I suspect higher some one correct me please if you will not sure I dont work on high tension power lines but. The wire is thick and large bigger than 350MCM 00 and so on.

I know if you were to turn on a high voltage source 10kVand used a mere 500ma the bird would most defintly be fried and melted into a kernal. THIS IS A FACT. PERIOD

I have seen someone who back into a high voltage source. They backed into a highvoltage source on at 10kv with the max ps output of 300ma. An let me tell you the flesh was burnt black and there was a huge hole in his ass and the electricty exited his nipple hit the guy next to him and then exited his foot and blew out a big hole.

So if your trying to tell me that a bird reached across each phase or phase to ground and touched them both which is an impossible fact. What the hell were they california condors. Are you guys smoking weed or what. And that the birds didn't look like melted smoldered balls of nasty stuff goop.

Come on. If a bird got fried on a power line even if it took a snap it would still have an entry wound and the exit where it went to ground or exit where it contacted another phase.

Now if a flock flew into the lines and they were within the insulation air gap in between them I could see this happening but it would be obvious right at the scene and the powerful arc flash bang would have been heard by many goolge arc flash video and see what happens when you cross phase to ground. I think the company would have seen an anomaly as well . As there would be balls of moltin melted flesh and the people would have know right away.

These birds looks so normal that they had to do a tox screen and virus testing .

Any intelligent person would say look at them the are smoked and burnt to a crisp no need to test it is pretty clear they were under a power line and they look fried. Closed case right. NOPE

The people who saw these birds said they looked normal.WTF

My guess someone has a new toy up there which they are testing which they plan on using on us shortly.

stay alert stay alive. Tin hats anyone. or I mean rubber hats. Better yet I think lead would be better protection as RF can do some amazing stuff nad leave no or very small visible marks.

Any one here work on cell towers.

If so do you know how big the transmitter is kW wise just wondering. I know for phone comms it is probably lower power RF.

My real question is if someone wanted to crank up the power what are they capable of transmitting. For RF and what is the freq band.


posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 11:15 AM
reply to post by Rocky Black

MOD i posted in the wrong Forum can this be moved please thanks.

posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 11:37 AM
Personally, and although I accept the fact that animals mess up from time to time, even I walk into walls from time to time. But I must give the birds a little more credit in their flying ability than what they seem to be giving them to just arbitrarily fly into something like that.
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posted on Jan, 31 2011 @ 11:51 PM
reply to post by Rocky Black

Aircraft mechanic with some engineering, 18 years in the construction field, 5 being a Site Super for large projects. I have opened live meter panels and transformer boxes to check things out. Even designed a layout for all the pull boxes, splice locations, transformer locations for one site in California. The design was approved by a PG&E engineer in about a week. Usually takes them about 3 months to come up with the site design.

There is really no way a group of birds is going to be harmed by power lines.

You are correct on the high voltage and low amperage. This is because the current sets up a "conductive" resistance in the cable. This is from memory but it has to do with the current setting up the resistance in the cables, which is why they run high voltage-low amperage. Growing up on a farm where we had high voltage lines, during the winter sometimes you would have thousands of birds sitting on the power lines. I believe a small amount of heat is generated by the flow of electricity through the cables. Do not remember that formula, but remember the resistance to the flow of electricity is R=KL/A where K is the constant or the resistance of the material itself times by the length divided by area. I would have to look in my books to find the heat creation components. By the way, all those years on the farm never once saw a bird electrocuted on those power lines. I did get zapped by a single phase from the manure pump though. One lead came off inside the box, when I opened the panel the wire touched the cover and I woke up a few minutes later. Last time I ever opened a live panel without my leather gloves on though.

Anyway, sounds like just another ignorant supposition for something they do not know.


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