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CHARLES AUGUST SCHLUND III, Plantiff v. George W. Bush (actual lawsuit)

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posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 02:33 PM





GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, a sovereign nation; GEORGE W. BUSH, an individual; DOES 1-10, individuals; DOES 11-20, entities,

Defendants. )

) No. CIV 03-1590 PHX VAM


                        CHARLES AUGUST SCHLUND, III (“Plaintiff Schlund”), an individual, alleges as follows:

            10.         Plaintiff Schlund makes the following allegations on his information and belief and on those grounds, George Bush, Sr. (“Bush Sr.”) who in 1976 was the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”).  George Bush Sr. as the Director of the CIA in 1976, under the orders of Nelson Rockefeller, removed from the government all of the evidence of corruption, wrongdoing, crimes and criminal acts.  All of these files and documents sometimes referred to as “evidence” were removed from the government to conceal the information to prevent Jimmy Carter and those he would appoint to public office from accessing the information.  This act by Bush Sr. constitutes an act of treason.   The evidence contained various files, papers, documents, data, films, tape recordings, maps, log books and other tangible items and things which were moved to be under Bush Sr.’s possession and control as he was ordered by Nelson Rockefeller.  The said evidence and its contents are generally referred to as the “Don Bolles Papers”, unless denoted otherwise.  The Don Bolles Papers were placed into the possession of Evelyn Thompson, Plaintiff Schlund and others after they were stolen by a professional thief, who had been recently released from prison and broke into a safe in a hotel located on North Central Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona.   The thief believed this large walk-in (vault) safe contained large sums of money because it was so well guarded.  Unfortunately for him, the cash bounty was not what was anticipated but the Don Bolles Papers were contained therein.  This information came directly from the thief and was conveyed by him directly to Evelyn Thompson and Plaintiff Schlund.  Evelyn Thompson actually received the Don Bolles Papers from the thief.  Plaintiff Schlund no longer recalls the thief’s name because of lapse of time, sleep deprivation, torture and other criminal acts committed against Plaintiff Schlund by the government to destroy Plaintiff as a political witness. 
           11.         Plaintiff alleges the CIA and other files Plaintiff Schlund has always called the Don Bolles Papers contained massive amounts of paperwork, films, tapes, photos, maps and other related tangible items and things much of which were authenticated Defendant U.S.A. documents related to illegal, immoral, criminal, private, corporate and government covert operations, conducted under the highest level of control of the CIA, DEA, NSA, Justice Department, Federal Courts and many others.  These are the documents Plaintiff Schlund calls the Don Bolles Papers and it is obvious to Plaintiff Schlund that these papers contained the highest levels of private/governmental planning regarding the systematic overthrow (private control) of the United States of America.   
            12.         Plaintiff Schlund alleges on information and belief and on those grounds that the Don Bolles Papers which included the above said files, documents and other tangible things were removed by Bush Sr. from the Defendant U.S.A. Government for the purpose of concealing the information from President-Elect Jimmy Carter and those who President Carter would appoint to the different government agencies or to other public offices under his executive command.  This was done by the Director of the CIA, Bush Sr., while the CIA was under his direction, influence and control.
            13.         Plaintiff alleges the Don Bolles Papers were then moved to Phoenix, Arizona by the CIA to one of the drug cartels that the CIA influenced, operated and controlled known as the Dirty Dozen Motorcycle Gang (“DD”) which was a gang comprised of different organizational levels who had individuals involved at many levels within the government in the State of Arizona.  The DD was operated and controlled by the CIA and was and is a drug cartel under the CIA’s and DEA’s influence and control. 
            14.         Plaintiff alleges the DD was comprised of prospects, murderers, prostitutes, thieves, bikers, informants, private investigators, business owners, police officers, judges, federal agents, governors, senators, congressmen, and others. 
            15.         Plaintiff alleges the Don Bolles files and papers were then taken from the DD, actually the CIA, in a burglary resulting in the CIA losing control of these highly sensitive documents, plans and other criminal evidence. 
            16.         Plaintiff alleges on or about 1977, Plaintiff Schlund was one of the individuals of a group of people who received the Don Bolles Papers and files who along with these other individuals began to read and analyze them.
            17.         Further, Plaintiff alleges that the content of the Don Bolles Papers included CIA files, documentation and other data which revealed a plan for the systematic overthrow of the U.S.A. using the CIA, Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”) and the judicial system and its courts and others under the color of law under the protection and direction of the Rockefeller family and Bush family which included Bush Sr. and George W. Bush, the Department of Justice (“DOJ”), certain members of congress and the senate and other positions inside and outside the government.  It was clearly indicated in the Bolles papers that key positions were being obtained through the method of assassinations and the fixing of presidential and other elections and by political appointment to achieve the CIA’s goal, of taking over and controlling key positions in the government and private sector.
            18.         Plaintiff asserts these files detailed George Bush Sr. and the CIA’s bugging of the White House, Camp David, Jimmy Carter’s home and anyone else that could stand in their way or could become a threat to their empire at some time in the future. The bugging of the White House was necessary to control and direct Jimmy Carter’s presidency.
24.       Plaintiff Schlund alleges the following is a short list of names of people from the government files who were categorized as a threat to the secret government. These American citizens had been kept under constant surveillance by the Office of Secret Services (“OSS”), CIA, DEA and others because they were considered enemies of the state for their political, religious, moral or other legally permissible beliefs:

1. Martin Luther King 18. Gary Hart
2. Charles Lindbergh 19. John Z. DeLorian
3. Charlie Chaplin 20. Roman Polanski
4. Groucho Marx 21. Raul Castro
5. Brett Kimberlin 22. Cassius Clay
6. Elizabeth Montgomery 23. Annette Funicello
7. Audrey Hepburn 24. Doris Day
8. John Lennon 25. Morris Udall
9. Elizabeth Taylor 26. Jerry Brown
10. Karen Carpenter 27. Shirley Temple-Black
11. Cher Bono 28. Ricky Nelson
12. Frank Wills 29. Barbra Streisand
13. Jacqueline Kennedy 30. John Paul Getty
14. Edward M. Kennedy 31. Terry Goddard
15. Jimmy Carter 32. Hugh Hefner
16. Larry Flint 33. (reserved)
17. Audie Murphy

25.       Plaintiff Schlund alleges that in the CIA and other files he had were the files on thousands of innocent people that had been or were being kept under constant investigation so they could be directed, controlled, manipulated, discredited or assassinated if it became necessary. These created and fabricated investigations were authorized by the surveillance court and other courts and conducted under the cover of authority and warrant. Some of the warrants were issued on the claims they were protecting these people from terrorist or kidnappers and other warrants were issued after framing them as being involved in drugs or for other alleged criminal activity. In truth, none of these people were guilty of anything other then being good honest Americans with political beliefs different then the secret government that secretly runs parts of the government.
26.       Plaintiff Schlund further alleges that in these same files Plaintiff Schlund read all the files of all the CIA operatives that were or would be involved in the systematic overthrow of America by the CIA.
      27.       Further, Plaintiff Schlund alleges the following is a very short list of the files or names of some of the CIA associates or other agents involved in the overthrow of America.  Some belonged to different groups or organizations that the CIA ran like the Aryan Brotherhood, Crypts, Bloods, Dirty Dozen, Masons, Italian Mob, Jewish Mob, Irish Mob, Mexican Mob and many other secret societies, drug cartels, political actions, committees and many other kinds of organizations.

1. Nelson Rockefeller 18. Arnold Schwarzenegger
2. Spiro T. Agnew 19. Richard M. Romley
3. David Rockefeller 20. Gerald R. Ford
4. Ronald Reagan 21. Ted Koppel
5. Charlton Heston 22. G. Gordon Liddy
6. Ralph Nader 23. John Poindexter
7. Pat Robertson 24. Colin L. Powell
8. Patrick Buchanan 25. Edwin Meese
9. Jerry Falwell 26. Henry Fonda
10. Malcolm Forbes 27. Jane Fonda
11. Bruce Babbitt 28. Abigail Van Buren
12. Ross Perot 29. Amanda Blake
13. Dr. Robert H. Schuller 30. Bob Dole
14. Dick Cheney 31. Joe Arpaio
15. Dan Quayle 32. Phillip Jordan
16. Richard Nixon 33. Lyndon Johnson
17. Ann Landers 34. (reserved)

28.       Plaintiff Schlund alleges the Rockefeller and the Bush families were too important to have files on them. What Plaintiff Schlund did have in the Don Bolles papers were orders, memos, and other papers from Nelson Rockefeller and George Bush Sr. to and from the CIA and others. Some of these orders were to the CIA to direct and train George Bush Sr. sons so they would be prepared to take their rightful places in the CIA or other secret societies that the CIA or others secretly ran or controlled.  Plaintiff had orders, which allowed George W. Bush to marry even though it was not an arranged or pre-planned marriage. George Bush Sr. thought this might straighten George W. Bush out by allowing him to marry and take some responsibility. George Bush Sr. had hoped that this would help control George W. Bush’s coc aine use.  In these files it was customary for the eldest son to take over the power of the family when the time came.
29.       Plaintiff Schlund also alleges that in order to prepare George W. Bush for his future positions in these secret societies it would be necessary to get him to except his place as one of the elite and to do this required the emotionless ability to order the killings or assassinations of those that are considered inferior or threatening to the empire. To achieve this George Bush Sr. had some of his men trick George W. Bush into authorizing the killing of a man that George W. Bush despised. After this person was assassinated George W. Bush was surprised and upset at what he unintentionally had a hand in. The next authorization was easier for George W. Bush and the next even more easier.
30.       Further, Plaintiff Schlund alleges that in these CIA and other files George W. Bush would never need to be taught how to physically kill people. All that was required in the political positions he would be appointed or elected to was to give the orders for the wars, killings or assassinations. George W. Bush demonstrated his training well, in this regard, by his signing of the many execution orders in Texas as governor and by making war with Iraq as President of the United States.
31.       Plaintiff Schlund also had George Bush Sr.’s orders to the CIA to get his eldest son to authorize the killing of some women and children because this would be required for him to take his rightful place in these secret societies. This would emotionally condition him to allow him to authorize the killings or executions of men, women or even children as required in the performance of his duties. These killings had not yet taken place. Plaintiff Schlund has no knowledge that they ever took place. These were orders that had not yet been fulfilled at the time Plaintiff Schlund read the Don Bolles Papers.
32. Plaintiff Schlund alleges on information and belief and on those grounds that in the files that George Bush, Sr., removed from the C.I.A. and the other agencies in 1976 there were thousands of files on political assassinations that had been or would be done in the future under the direction of the C.I.A. Further, some of these assassinations had been carried out years before and others were to be carried out years into the future. The following is a short list of names of people that had been assassinated or were to be assassinated by the C.I.A., D.E.A. and/or others that were under the direction and/or control of the C.I.A. This list includes but is not limited to:

1. John F. Kennedy 18. Rod Serling
2. Robert F. Kennedy 19. Charles B. McVay
3. Marilyn Monroe 20. Lee Harvey Oswald
4. Mary Jo Kopechne 21. James Dean
5. Martin Luther King 22. Clark Gable
6. Ernest Hemingway 23. Don Bolles
7. Bruce Lee 24. Bill Compton
8. Charles Hardin Holley 25. Jimmy Hoffa
9. Ritchie Valens 26. Harvey Wesley Bolin
10. Jiles Perry Richardson 27. John F. Kennedy Jr.
11. Steve McQueen 28. John Lennon
12. Audie Murphy 29. Ricky Nelson
13. Frank Olson 30. Giovanni Battista Montini
14. Janis Joplin 31. Francis Gary Powers
15. Jim Morrison 32. Sven Olof Joachim Palme
16. Cass Elliot 33. Albino Luciani
17. Bob Crane 34. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
35. (reserved)

33.       Plaintiff Schlund alleges that according to these CIA files George Bush Sr. controlled through the CIA and others the states of Florida, Texas and Arizona. These states were more important to control then other states in order to protect the incoming drug shipments. These states were where the CIA ran their drugs into the United States. The illegal drugs were the common denominator that held the gangs together. These gangs furnished the children, girls and boys for sex for the different corrupt judges and politicians and the drugs authorized many of the investigations against political witnesses and dissidents. The gangs and drugs created the crimes needed to authorize all the new laws as America became more and more conservative and more totalitarian. The drugs were the catalyst that held everything together and the proceeds from the drugs helped finance many of the covert operations like the building of large expensive churches and the funding of the religious channels on TV and many other illegal covert CIA operations that were part of the systematic overthrow of the United States of America by the CIA. The drugs would be used in part to authorize trials, which would be used to establish new case law which would result in the limiting of Constitutional rights. In these CIA files the American Constitution would remain in tack as a piece of paper to hold up before the people that would in effect have no legal power to protect the people of the United States. The protections of the Constitution would be replaced by judicial made law which would be used by the Defendants to undermine and erode freedom, liberty, justice and constitutional power. Such power would also be undercut by other new laws and procedural policy and rules. Legal rights, civil liberties and other freedoms would no longer apply to the people and politically appointed courts that were more often corrupt then not would decide who got real legal representation. In other words if you were a drug dealer working for the government and you got busted the sentence would be short or the arrest would be ruled illegal and the conviction would be overturned. If you were a political threat that had been set-up the sentence would be long and the court would rule that the arrest was legal and the conviction would stand. The drugs would also be used by the DEA and others to convict the blacks and other non-white minorities of drug related crimes to remove their right to vote.
55.   George Bush Sr. and the CIA under the directions of Nelson and David Rockefeller had planned on using third and fourth parties to split the vote when it became necessary to do so to win the presidential elections of the United States.  Starting in 1992, Plaintiff Schlund briefed the FBI on the CIA files of the people that would run these political parties for the CIA. Plaintiff Schlund briefed the FBI that he had read Ross Perot’s CIA file and that Ross Perot worked for the Bush family and the CIA and was in the presidential election to split the vote. Plaintiff Schlund believes he stopped this and caused Ross Perot to drop out of the race by hand delivering a letter to the FBI in New Orleans, Louisiana. Plaintiff Schlund believes that the letter was dated June 24, 1992.  Soon after, Ross Perot dropped out of the presidential race. Plaintiff Schlund believes that Ross Perot’s paranoia then prevented him from fulfilling his job of splitting the vote and fixing the presidential election of the United States. This resulted in the people electing William Clinton to the presidency of the United States.
56.   Plaintiff Schlund further alleges that in 1992 Plaintiff briefed the FBI on Ralph Nader’s CIA file and how Ralph Nader worked for the CIA and had broken up AT&T for the CIA. In the CIA files Plaintiff had AT&T was a publicly owned corporation controlled by the Rockefeller family and the CIA.  The break-up of AT&T was done to hide the profits and to create new corporations that could advertise against each other to fund the CIA’s and Rockefeller families covertly owned or controlled TV stations, radio stations, magazines, newspapers and other media businesses and corporations. Ralph Nader also runs the Consumer Advocacy and Information Group which was used to protect the Rockefeller Empire while attacking competing unprotected corporations. 
57.     Plaintiff Schlund alleges that in 1992, he briefed the FBI that he also read the CIA file on Pat Buchanan and that he also worked for the CIA, Rockefeller and Bush families.        
58. In 1992, Plaintiff Schlund briefed the FBI on Ronald Reagan's CIA file and how he had been selected to be the actor to play the part of the President of the United States of America for the Director of the CIA George Bush Sr., in the systematic overthrow of the United States by the CIA. Plaintiff Schlund also briefed the FBI on how Ronald Reagan had ran California for the CIA as governor and how he had worked for the Office of Special Services (“OSS”) and later the CIA throughout his life. Ronald Reagan was an FBI informant for the CIA so he could feed the FBI incorrect information along with real information that the FBI would know was true. The CIA always does it this way to make their operatives believable when they are really only supplying false unverifiable facts to covertly miss direct those that could be of a threat to them.
59.      In 1992, Plaintiff Schlund alleges he briefed the FBI on Bruce Babbit's CIA file. This included how Babbitt worked for George Bush, Sr. and the CIA and had run the drug cartel known as the Dirty Dozen for George Bush, Sr. This included information on when he was Attorney General of Arizona and Governor of Arizona for the CIA. Plaintiff Schlund strongly protested his appointment by President Clinton to the FBI.
60.       In 1992, Plaintiff Schlund also alleges he briefed the FBI on Bob Dole's CIA file and how the CIA would not run him for president unless something went wrong and no one else was in position to run. Plaintiff also briefed the FBI that the CIA had concluded that Bob Dole would not be electable and he would not be elected if he ran. Further, Plaintiff briefed the FBI on Dole’s affair and how it was too public to cover up and how later he married his wife, who also worked for the CIA, and how she would run the American Red Cross for the CIA.
61.       In 1992, Plaintiff Schlund briefed the FBI that he had read the papers of the entire Bush family and that the power always passes to the eldest son. Plaintiff also briefed the FBI that the three main drug cartels that the Bush family ran through the CIA, DEA and others were Arizona, Florida and Texas and that these states were under their control. Plaintiff later confirmed that George W. Bush had a serious drug problem with coc aine. Plaintiff Schlund also briefed the FBI that all witnesses against the Bush family are electronically tortured and murdered or forced under torture to commit suicide. As we all know, the person that wrote the book the Fortunate Son and exposed George W. Bush's drug use recently committed suicide.
62.       Plaintiff also alleges that in 1992 and forward, Plaintiff Schlund briefed the FBI that he also had read Dan Quayle's CIA file and how Quayle’s family ran newspapers for the Rockefeller family and the CIA.  Plaintiff Schlund also briefed the FBI of Dan Quayle's drug use and later of how the newspaper reporter Don Bolles was assassinated with a car bomb to cover up his investigation into Dan Quayle's drug use. This was not the only reason that Don Bolles was assassinated. In the CIA files Plaintiff had were the orders for the assassination of Don Bolles. They had come from George Bush Sr. at the CIA down through the DEA to Bruce Babbit then to Kemper Marley who at the time was Arizona’s only billionaire. From Kemper Marley the orders went to the Dirty Dozen who then set up Adamson to be the “fall guy”.  These kinds of political assassinations always have to be solved and someone is always set up to be the “fall guy”.
63.      Further, Plaintiff alleges, that in 1992 Plaintiff Schlund briefed the FBI on Pat Robertson's CIA file. Pat Robertson and his TV programming and news were designed and planned by the CIA and were in part funded with drug proceeds and other stolen or misappropriated moneys. Plaintiff briefed the FBI on how Pat Robertson liked the young girls too much in his CIA file. George Bush, Sr. believed that this could damage his credibility as a TV evangelist so George Bush, Sr. had the CIA make some new pills to look like the pills Pat Robertson took each morning. These new pills would curtail his sex life during the day and would wear off by night so Pat Robertson could have a normal sex life after work but no sex during work. Pat Robertson covertly told Christians who God’s presidential candidate was which was used to influence the presidential elections of the United States. In the CIA files Plaintiff had Pat Robertson was to convince the American people that in the Ten Commandments thou shall not kill really means thou shall not commit murder. This would allow those that worked for the CIA to kill under the protection of God like when George W. Bush signed execution orders as governor of Texas. These acts by the CIA amounted to treason.
64.    Further, Plaintiff alleges that in 1992 he briefed the FBI on Jerry Farewell's CIA file. He also worked for the CIA and his ministry was not really what it appeared to be. He was not moral or the majority. Later the IRS went after his tax exempt status because he was really just CIA and the Christian Coalition was really just to control voters and others to direct future public elections and political objectives. Then the Congress went after the IRS to stop the IRS from interfering in George Bush Sr.’s plans for the overthrow of the United States by the CIA.
67.        Plaintiff alleges that in 1992, at the request of the FBI, Plaintiff Schlund began to supply the FBI with the names of the Supreme Court judges that worked for the CIA and the Bush and Rockefeller families. Plaintiff Schlund supplied the FBI with five United States Supreme Court Justices names from the CIA files Plaintiff Schlund had read and from other information Plaintiff Schlund had and these five judges were the five United States Supreme Court Judges that seven or eight years later stopped the recount of the presidential votes and appointed George W. Bush to the presidency of the United States of America. During these briefings to the FBI Plaintiff Schlund briefed the FBI of what was in 3 of these judges CIA files including all the details of their corruption and crimes and why the CIA had picked  them to be appointed as Supreme Court Justices on the United States Supreme Court.
68.   Further, in May or June of 1992 Plaintiff Schlund went to Washington DC to set up the Washington Post for the FBI. While in Washington, DC the CIA, DEA or others controlled Plaintiff Schlund’s motel phone lines. Plaintiff Schlund then tried to call the FBI and the CIA, DEA or others intercepted the call with a recording that the FBI’s phone lines were not in service. Plaintiff Schlund then called the phone company operator and told her that this was an emergency and that he needed her to dial the FBI for Plaintiff Schlund. This call went through and the FBI answered and immediately sent out a phone truck to switch the phone lines in the telephone company pedestal in front of the motel to stop the CIA’s control of Plaintiffs phone lines. The FBI then called back and said to go ahead. Plaintiff Schlund then called the Washington Post to prove to the FBI how the Washington Post working for the CIA had covered up Watergate and how they would be used to cover up the information Plaintiff Schlund was trying to supply the FBI with. Plaintiff Schlund alleges he later also briefed the FBI that the Miami Herald was also one of their newspapers and was under their control and that the Bush family and others controlled what they printed to a large degree. The Miami Herald did the recount confirming the results of the presidential elections in Florida and the Washington Post confirmed the Miami Harold's findings. In other words the CIA covertly confirmed the CIA's findings.

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posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 02:40 PM
Trim it down and post us some links. Then I'll read it

posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 02:45 PM
whoa massive story.....wheres a link???


NO NEED......this was first aired in 2005....5 years later and hes still a free man. Take it as nonsense

old news
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posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 02:48 PM
reply to post by loves a conspiricy

Here is an interview with Charles from 2008

posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 02:50 PM

A thief who had just gotten out of prison broke into a safe in a hotel on North Central Avenue in Phoenix, which he believed contained a large sum of money because it was so well guarded. I do not remember his name anymore and I only met him a few times. I believe his first name was John, but I am no longer certain of that. This safe was a walk-in safe (from what he told me) and was very large. When he realized there was no money in the safe but it contained only a large amount of paperwork, films, tapes, photos, maps and other such things, he then believed these papers must be worth a large amount of money because they were so well guarded. From what he told me, he then loaded up as much of these aforementioned items into the full size pick-up truck that he was driving that it could carry. He filled the entire bed of the truck with these papers and the passenger side of the front seat and then drove off with papers blowing out of the truck and headed home to see what these papers were....

Here is a complete story of Charles Schlund's story

posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 02:54 PM
reply to post by PeoriaAZ

Makes no odds as far as im concerned...especially as its an arts publication not a legal publication.

5 years on...hes still free, it obviously never* went to court

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posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 02:54 PM
Sadley Charles died January 7th of last year, but my best friend Jen, work for him leading up to his death and she's willing to answer any questions anyone may have just post them and I will get them to her as I can, we both would love for his story to be heard

posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 02:55 PM
Mr Schlund filed this about 5 or 6 years ago. If you do a google search for his name you will see various other lawsuits, all of a conspiracy nature it seems.

Here is one from 2001:
and a brief snippet of its nature:

First of all, I have never pled in my Complaint any assertions whatsoever about mental telepathy, despite the United States District Court tries to erroneously compare my case with others strictly involving mental telepathy (i.e. Doran). Because of this erroneous understanding by the Court of the nature and context of my allegations in my Complaint, I believe it necessary to set forth the following to clarify the facts to assist the Honorable 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, who will now review this matter as follows.

He goes on to tell of how he was 'framed' by the US govt as a drug dealer and supposedly was privy to the CIA files of many political individuals and briefed the FBI on them....

Its quite a long read. same as the suit in the OP here. Notice the laundry list of historical figures that he also names MLK JR, Audie Murphy plus loads more.

He has been deceased for over a year now.



SCHLUND, CHARLES AUGUST b.17 Jan 1947 d.05 Jan 2010 (P) 62-63 (Arizona) (none specified) Arizona

the link only takes you to the ssdi search page, so here is the text from his report.
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and some ats threads on him
ats thread

and this one from 2005 on the same exact story as presented in this thread
existing ats thread
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posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 02:59 PM
Here is a good page that is about more recent events

posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 05:21 PM
I love what he has to say about the Rockerfeller's and the Bush's, seems so true!

posted on Feb, 2 2011 @ 04:25 AM
reply to post by youdidntseeme

Did you have prior knowledge of Charles, I'm interested in your opinions on what he has to say

posted on Feb, 9 2011 @ 05:09 PM
PeoriaAZ, how sad for you that George W and George HW are no longer in powerful positions.

I'm sure you'll celebrate their funerals with your BusHitler signs. Enjoy.

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