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Unusual World Seismic Activity Today?

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posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 08:05 AM

Originally posted by mblahnikluver

John F Kennedy Space Center.

Originally posted by mblahnikluver
I STILL hear kind of reminds me of a vaccuum cleaner sound if that helps....which makes it more annoying since to me that is the most annoying sound in the world

Here you go:

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 08:15 AM

Originally posted by berkeleygal
Those seismos are showing the 7.2 in Pakistan. It was very powerful and felt seismically worldwide.

Not again!!!!!! lol. This thread will go 30 pages with people ignoring you sadly.

Next time you should start your post with a bunch of made up drivel about harp and then throw in the facts with a smiley!

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 08:16 AM
Hey guys. My daughter swears that her and her two friends felt an earthquake on Sunday morning. They were playing in the bedroom upstairs (everyone else was sleeping) and they said they felt the floor shaking and that stuff was actually vibrating on the shelves. Can anyone actually read those seismo graphs, because I sure as heck can't! I was wondering if there was any tremors in the Albany NY area sunday morning?

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 08:25 AM
The very thought that all of these monitoring stations are detecting something seems too unbelievable. Why are not people's animals freaking out? I would think they are more sensitive than we are.

For two days I have had a return of the "Taos Hum" here in New Mexico. It appears almost similarly to high blood pressure and a muffled engine in the far distance. I have not heard this for quite some time and to have it show up again is unnerving. My animals seem relaxed and contented.

I think I will just say that the Earth's crustal plate is wanting to correct the Magnetic North fluctuation in the poles. It is time to say we are definitely the ones we have been waiting for, the ones who will live through the worst. I think we are there, but I know we have so much to witness yet before we correct ourselves in the process.

My heart has butterflies! So perhaps it is just my time! I am not scared anymore, I want the Earth to heal and she has every right to sloth us off.

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 12:28 PM
reply to post by onehuman

Just thought I would is a full moon today. And I am sure i do not have to point out fulls and eclipses always stir things up...

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 12:28 PM
Earthquakes are felt round the world no matter where they happen. Today's was in Pakistan.

Strong earthquake shakes south-western Pakistan

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 02:21 PM
I use "Threat Watch" it has a lot of info. What really concerns me is the depth of these recent quakes. Like in Chile. 50 - 100 km down. Something is going on in the depths of the planet. Some breaking apart of continients I wonder? Since the magnetic field is changing I wonder if this has somthing to do with it. Scary nonetheless.

Here link to Threat Watch:

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posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 05:53 PM
Looks like they have changed it..There is nothing going on anywhere right now in the world...This morning all of the graphs were crazy, now, not 1 of them anywhere.......To many peeps looking and asking questions about it , I guess.....

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 06:01 PM
reply to post by Caji316

No one changed anything! There just has not been a lot of major activity today, is all. Wait until there is another large 6-7 mag quake and then check the seismos.

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 06:36 PM
The Coming Pole Reversal
What it will be and what it won’t be
First off, let me say that I am not a geologist or a mathematician or anything like that. I am an electronics technician, nothing else.
I have been reading on many internet web sites of a coming apocalypse in the 2012 time frame and have tried to fit all of the information into a time line.
This is what I have found so far, I will list the location where I found the info so you can check it out for yourself where possible.

1. NASA has reported a ribbon of ionized gas at the edge of our solar system which they don’t understand
2. A Boeing Whistleblower was so scared of the information that he overheard in NASA that he quit his job and moved to Texas & bought a farm and went off the grid so to speak. (ref.
3. The magnetic north pole is moving towards Russia at a rate of 40 Km per year (or faster, it could have sped up by now) Previous speed of pole movement was in the range of 10 Km per year ( ref. 12.29.03
also see
4. We are approaching the 2012 solar max in which the suns magnetic field will flip. This is apparently a regular phenomena and nothing in and of it self to be concerned about.
5. The solar system is moving above the galactic plane
6. The Q94-109A Document authored by Dr. Dan Burisch (I.E. the Ganesh Particle) has been acknowledged by Caltech
This is significant because the Ganesh particle can be used to cause or induce genetic mutations in various life forms.
7. The heliosheath of the solar system is squished
The significance of this will become apparent as our solar system moves above the galactic plane it may cause other magnetic phenomena to occur which may include Earth.

That being said and documented, a few observations on my part:
1.Planetary pole reversals have happened in the past. The last one occurred 780 thousand years ago, the second to last was 300 thousand years before that, of the last four or five the average period is 400 thousand years.

2.The planet went for several million years without pole reversals at certain times in the planets history
(see item 3 below)

3.There will NOT be earth movements as seen in the movie 2012 (at lease I don’t think so) the reason I say this is the rock record of previous polar shifts do not have similar major shifts in the continents. In other words if the planet self destructs every time a pole shift occurs there would be evidence of that, which we would see in the rocks. The evidence of magnetization of the seafloor suggests that in the era of dinosaurs, there was a stretch of tens of millions of years, a "superchron", when no reversals occurred at all (usual intervals are about half a million years). Interesting, but probably unrelated to dinosaurs.

4. Contrary to what some have predicted the Earth WILL NOT stop or reverse rotation! This is an important item. Such an occurrence would violate the conservation of momentum. The rotation of the planet and core produce the magnetic field rather than the field producing the rotation.
So it is NOT like reversing the poles of a DC motor and running in the opposite direction. Again if were to happen, it would have been discovered in the rock records from the last reversal, so don’t worry about that.

4.Pole reversals will NOT cause all Electronics to suddenly stop working that’s just silly. Most if not all electrical devices already have their own magnetic fields associated with the magnetic devices within them. IE transformers are magnetic devices coils are magnetic devices. These fields do not rely on the planet to produce field they produce the field dependant only upon their own chacteristics, and not upon the planets field.

5.Pole shifts may cause disruptions of Satellite communications, GPS, power grids,( see item 7) and other phenomena, this will be mainly associated with short term events, however if large power transformers in sub-stations should overheat and short out, longer power outages will occur. These transformers take a long time to produce and there are NO SPARES on hand at any given time. (They are built to order when ordered only, with a 6 to 8 months lead time to produce just one.)

6.In the event of a pole shift all compasses will not point to the North as they did previously. This will cause havoc within the airline industry since they haven’t installed GPS yet on airlines and still rely on compass readings to navigate. (Not that GPS would necessarily work either under such conditions)

7.The Power grids of electricity generating companies may be affected or may not be affected, we don’t know for sure! We do know that Solar Storms (CME’s) can affect the power grids. Remember the last big power outage in the north east & NYC, much of that was caused by solar flares which induced extremely high currents in power transmission lines, causing the lines and transformers to overload and fail. “The troublemaker for power grids
is the "GIC" – short for geomagnetically induced current. When a coronal mass ejection (a billion-ton solar storm cloud) hits Earth's magnetic field, the impact causes the field to shake and quiver. These magnetic vibrations induce currents almost everywhere, from Earth's upper atmosphere to the ground beneath our feet. Powerful GICs can overload circuits, trip breakers, and in extreme cases melt the windings of heavy-duty transformers.”
This actually happened in Quebec on March 13, 1989, power was out for nine hours. So if a CME is associated with the pole reversal or causes it we may also have major power outages.

8.NASA was so concerned that they have created something they call a “Solar Shield Program” to inform power generating companies of upcoming
Solar events so said companies can shut off the power until the event is over.

The Worry

If a pole shift occurs and several other factors also occur then we are really in for a difficult time. Here’s my worry.(The time line)

1.Pole shift occurs
2.Commutations & power grids do go out for an extended period of time.
3.Major earthquakes occur in many areas of the world.
4.Satellite surveillance is interrupted; the government is blinded by the event.
5.Government experiments in genetic mutations and virus mutations may be released from secured locations
due to above noted conditions.
6.Due to comm blackout the government isn’t aware of said release until it is far too late. Millions die!
7.Fail safe nuclear device installed to prevent general populace from being exposed to said virus detonates, more millions die!
8.Nuclear denotation of “fail safe devices” causes third world war since the government doesn’t know who detonated the device. They are blind
9.Iran & North Korea become slag heaps glowing in the dark for the next 10,000 years. More millions die!
10.All hell then breaks loose. Billions die!

That’s my worry, do I worry too much ?????????????????????????????????????????????

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 07:45 PM
reply to post by mutantgenius

Try this

It's a seismic monitor might help

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 08:44 PM
i have to say it at 930pm last night the live realtime magnetosphere simulation showed a massive bow shock and inversely the red and blue linages where all over the place and the rear end of the globe was totally red,meaning that all south pole polarity fields were converging on the darkside of the earth at the time of that earthquake and you can see on the graphs all the red fluctuations,however if you go to the archives its not there,remember all data is 20 minutes behind so that would have been 2150 on there data ,why is it not there,something to hide?

posted on Jan, 19 2011 @ 11:57 PM

Originally posted by heineken

best scientists are not made in the school..

Thank you for making my night!

posted on Jan, 22 2011 @ 08:21 AM
Just thought I would share this. When I looked yesterday, most of the world was quiet except for the pacific ocean. Now today 1-22, we have Japan looking like this. Im guessing it might be a glitch, but if it isnt, I think we better keep a eye on it.


posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 05:33 PM
This will probably get lost in the shuffle, but I have been watching these graphs for awhile now and for the last week or so, things have basically been pretty quiet. As of now though, all of them are showing quite a bit of activity. Just thought I would post this if anyone is interested in looking for themselves.


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posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 05:44 PM
reply to post by onehuman

Yes you are correct I have been watching along with siolar flare activity on this thread by zorgon

posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 06:40 PM

Originally posted by gringoboy
reply to post by onehuman

Yes you are correct I have been watching along with siolar flare activity on this thread by zorgon

Thank you gringo, I was wondering if I was the only one that has been watching or following this. So, you too have noticed it has been quiet and now all the sudden it is lighting up? Makes you wonder a tad doesnt it. I know for quite a few days there was one island in the pacific that had lots of activity north of New Zealand, but that was about it for most part.Odd they all pick up at once. In sync with Solar Flare perhaps?
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posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 06:45 PM
yesterday kiribati was off the charts,now it's not registering.

nevermind, now its back..
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posted on Feb, 4 2011 @ 07:32 PM
reply to post by wingsfan

Im so glad a couple of us are following this. I'll feel better now knowing when I see something really off the charts we will have back up that others saw it as well! and yes, I did notice that island yesterday as well. I also noticed that one of the states that people were going on about as far as the harrp weather lately, possible eg. thread was oddly missing or unavailable. I think it was Missouri.

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 05:19 PM
HMMM... Well after many quiet days for the most part, I thought I'd see if my fellow watchers of THIS SITE have noticed that almost all of the graphs are showing activity today or now. I just got home so Im only seeing it now.

With the talk about something suppose to be happening tomorrow or 2-11-11, whatever it is, I know there are a couple threads about it around here, I just thought it was interesting that almost all the graphs are showing some distinct fluctuations. Anyone else notice it or have any idea?

I think I will keep my eye on it tonight and see how much changes as it does update pretty regularly.
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