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The Revolution: Choking the Fat Lady

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posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 08:03 PM
Los Colinas, Texas

The Bullets ripped through the bodies lined up in front of the mustangs. The firing squad marched off back to its transport.

"Sargent notify the JCS, the last of the Rebels are dead. Their Command and control are gone." The US Army Colonel, future force armor division, picked up the fallen Texas flag. "Post the orders that all state flags are to be taken down and burned. Any found outside of a classroom will result in civil punishment for the cities they are found in."

Salutes where given by the men dressed in armor and ninja black. (lol)

"Colonel," one of the Sargents in ninja black spoke. "Clean up is proceeding as ordered. You have a call from the joint chiefs."

"Good... I smell my star Sargent." Smugly he transfers to live feed. Facing the bodies of the dead rebels, "I have eliminated the last bits of the threat to our country. Even as we speak the propaganda arm is spreading out the images of the 'evil' done by these rebels. The authorized broadcast is going out."

From the JCS bunker, the JCS admiral/general speaks, "Good job colonel. The president and I spoke earlier today. Your a shoe in for your first star. The Presidents press secretary was talking about making you a hero of this whole thing. We just need you to do one last little thing.


72 hours later, a film crew flies in with the surviving colonel to survey the damage.

The quietness was deafening. The news crews caught the voice of the Colonel.

"Those dirty (censored), they detonated a nuke. A neutron bomb, " fake tears going down his face, " the only men that survived where the ones of my staff that left with me." He gave a small choke, "I only wish we new they would sink to such a level of depravity. My god all of Dallas texas gone in neutron mushroom." The camera milks it all for what it is worth....

posted on Jan, 13 2011 @ 02:16 PM
Milligan, Fl

"My god you bloody idiots," Dressed in a ski masked made what he was about to do a whole lot easier.

"Agent Green," The commander spoke, "You will address this council with respect."

As they murmured among themselves....

Thinking idiots to himself, he nodded to compatriots, the next thing they would have noticed was the pulling of pins.

As they hit and rolled, "Hey!" Agent green locks the doors as he and his men exit. The explosion causes a secondary result, in that the cement roof caves in.

"Leader They should not have been that strong."

As he smiles, "Agent Luthor, the council was corrupt and stupid. The former leader's construction company was the one that built this.He was Just as bad as he was in high school when it came to doing a good job."

Lex starts to smile himself, " I can see the irony their stupidity killed them."

"Who tries and fight a revolution here? Here in milligan... " Shaking his head,"Crestview has what three main highways pass through it, P-cola is just what thirty minutes away, Eglin AFB is less then twenty minutes, Tally just 2 hour east, and even worse ft.walton and san destin puts the navy in firing range of us."

"The papers are rigged to transfer their assets to you liked you said, leader."

"With my new position I believe a new code is more appropriate. Vlad has a nice ring to it. If the underground is to survive I am gonna have to be so ruthless. We need to get moving, it will get us talked."

As they all begun to move out, "Yes Vlad...."

Thirty minutes later
Hidden wooden facility ten miles nearby....

"As the new leader we have had to institute some policy changes."

The bodies of those who disagree where against the wall.

"We have entered a new era where our very freedoms are gone. We did luck out though. The area we are in has been in fed control the longest. In this twilight struggle we have to use our brains because the idiots before tried brawn too soon. We are going to live and survive. We will hold out till we are strong. From secret locations I have chosen our people will build the weapons and soldiers of tomorrow. So we are not bowed merely suffering from a minor defeat.Pass the word, and the word is freedom."

The technician smiled, "Thats good Vlad, sir."

"Thank you technician," he smiled as his cell phone rang.

With this song

He motioned for them to continue, "Make sure that goes out now." As he answered it, "Hey baby."

They all smile, but the newer man gets slapped on the back of the head.

"Man do not laugh," in a conspiratorial whisper...

"Why, the whole point is that we are free?"

"Listen, the new leader Vlad is tough. There is no doubt. We all know he raided thirteen FEMA camps."

"I know, small unit tactics.So what does that have to do with his wife?"

"She came along on one of the FEMA raids. Two of the camp whores hit on Vlad."

"Big deal what did she do kick their @$$es, " the new guy makes a big deal face with added body language.

"No before our trained special forces could stop her, she had ripped out their throats. She hissed mine and went back to her sleeping area...It occurred in under two seconds"

White faced, " your kidding right?"

The technician with the tape was walking by, "Nope. It turns out she is former military. USMC to be exact. Somebody suggested she be called Lady Dracul.."

"She just killed those two women?"

Surprising the guys around there, "Actually it turned out they where spies from the Attorney General."


Soothingly " Its ok, we are freemen and we can talk over what we want to. I think she would appreciate the fact your talking about her it would boost her ego. Women love that."

They where nodding.

Vlad was thinking to himself, 'So easy if they only knew, operation Judas exchanged for a future...Hopefully it will be enough time... I saw what the feds did to dallas... Thank god we are to close to to many high value areas.' Shaking his head out of his thoughts, luckily his smile never faded. "Also Lady Dracul actually sounds cool. If she likes I will put you three in for a promotion up one, each."

They nodded as he started out the compound. As he goes down the tunnel he shakes his head....

edit on 13-1-2011 by ripcontrol because: my story was missing a few things


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