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Hundreds of dead birds .... now in Taiwan January 8...

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posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 08:01 AM
After being alive almost half a century the only die offs I have ever seen are jelly fish. I've never heard of bird die offs except linked to bird flu. For fish die offs I have seen only here in SC becauseit was too hot for weeks and only a dozen died in the lake here during the summer from lack of oxygen from going down to the bottom of the lake where it's cooler. Then there was the BP oil disaster.... which killed shrimp, shell fish, fish, birds, dolphins, etc...
The last week has been unique and off.

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 08:20 AM

Originally posted by Honor93
ooops, sorry guys, just noticing i didn't do the link correctly (still learning) ... anyway, here's the thread link for the 'research' i mentioned -- nothing scientifically concrete (hahaha) mind you, just connecting dots ...
really (i think it'll work this time)

ps: i sat outside this am (1/8) to observe for about 30 minutes. much to my chagrin, i spotted 2 birds (not a bird watcher so i can't say what kind - pretty sure not blackbirds). each was flying solo and strangely, headed north? ... in January? Normal would have been 1 or 2 small flocks (20 or so) headed west to the waterway for breakfast. so, 4 days of actually observing and i've viewed 5 birds ... not looking good folks.
also, we normally have an abundance of squirrel and for 2 days, i haven't seen one. the felines are behaving in an often agitated manner (also abnormal) and the neighborhood dogs seem to be conversing, nightly, for about a week now.

was shopping near 'restaurant row' yesterday *usually an abundance of fowl* and didn't see ONE, not one bird in any direction ... it was remarkably quiet and quite unsettling.
and just this morning, i mentioned to my mate that i wonder what the neighbors did with the rooster ... i haven't heard him caca-doodle-do in days, nor have i seen him wandering our yard (common occurrence). strangeness indeed.
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I noticed the same thing here in the UK!

I saw pidgeons, geese, and seagulls all flying in a north westerly direction.

I thought it was weird enought to take a compass bearing.

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 08:32 AM
Google is now hosting a map of all the animal deaths


posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 08:39 AM

Originally posted by vermonster
Wtf is going on birds?

Come on and pull yourselves together!!

Don't stand there and let some measly ass pole shift rustle your feathers.

I say birds, stand up, rise, and fight!

Soar, soar like an eagle, use your talons to rip into that damn magnetic pole, mess em up royally!


Thank you for putting a smile on my face in such sad circumstances. I almost had tears, i always cry at these threads, any way thanks again.

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 09:56 AM
The "polarity magnestic reversal" has already begun...

04/01/2011 =

05/01/2011 =

06/01/2011 =

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 10:01 AM

Originally posted by leeangqi

The "polarity magnestic reversal" has already begun...

04/01/2011 =

05/01/2011 =

06/01/2011 =

What are we looking at in those videos ? Does it usually happen. In layman terms what is ocuuring,.

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 10:01 AM
double post

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posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 01:31 PM
reply to post by leeangqi

okay so the pole reversal has started?? is it just me or some crazy # has been going on lately, lets be serious chile 7.1 earthquake and that same day a UFO was spotted ufo sightings have been going through the roof 2011 is starting to become one #ed year

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 03:01 PM
Another theory could be maybe the Chinese are mad at what the X-37b did to their brand new satellite constellation around Earth.

They could be retaliating over our Space Warfare. Plausible....

Directed Energy Warfare with China started years ago when we blinded their spy satellite with a laser and they blinded ours....or was it vice versa? Nobody will know who fired first.

nobody may be left alive to have to ponder the thought.

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 07:46 PM
I am a 50 year old woman and I have lived in many states - in the countryside, the mountains, the city, farms and believe me this is not normal. The only story I can tell that comes close to this is when I lived in Key West - many colorful finches there, I would see them everyday in the trees where I lived. As I left for work one morning I saw 6 or 7 of them laying dead on the pavement and I thought at that time (1980's) that was unusual. This is way beyond that. I feel on edge as if more animals and people will be affected and soon. They showed a parrot in the Taiwan video, a mixed spieces of birds there perhaps. I wish we could come up with answers and if the answer is found the question remains can we do anything about it?

posted on Jan, 9 2011 @ 02:43 AM
Just want to throw something out there.... how do we know what really is normal and not? We only know what the MSM tells us. What if this really has been happening and it just hasn't been reported like this? Maybe paranoia hit the MSM? What if we never really had the technology to monitor something this closely until recently? And what about events that occur in areas that we don't monitor? Sometimes the MSM reports small news that the general public turns into a big deal (and vice versa.)

That is why I don't let the news take over my daily life sulking about impending dangers.

And after saying all that.... I'm a bit concerned with all these wild life deaths >

posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 04:18 PM
reply to post by Sevrens83

Dead birds in Sweden, crabs in England, fish in Brazil and New Zealand
Two Million Fish Found Dead In Maryland
Tiger Shark Bellies Found Full of Migrating Bird
Dead Birds Fall From Sky In Sweden, Millions Of Dead Fish Found In Maryland, Brazil, New Zealand
Louisiana Latest Place to Rain Dead Birds
Presenting the perfect ice storm "and Dead Birds"?
Eagle and Birds fall from the sky in CHINA
Hundreds of snapper washed up on the Coromandel Peninsula.
Hundred's of Dead Birds Mysteriously Appear in Kentucky
40,000 'devil' crabs wash up on Kent coast
Thousands of Fish Dead In Spruce Creek Florida, Two Million Die In Chesapeake Bay
KENTUCKY, Woman Reports Dozens of Dead Birds in Her Yard
500 Birds Found Dead in Southern Louisiana in Separate Incident
Bizarre Bird and Fish Kill in Arkansas "IN SEPTEMBER" ALL KINDS of sea birds PARALYZED and DEAD around SARASOTA (VIDEO)
"IN NOVEMBER" Hundreds more vultures found floating in South Florida (PHOTOS-VIDEO)
Thousands Of Birds Fall Dead ( South America ) (video)
10,000s of Birds found dead in Manitoba
Over 1,000 Dead Birds Fall On Small Arkansas Town On New Years Eve
"100's of 1,000s" of Fish Washing Up in Arkansas
1,000s of Fish Washing Up in Arkansas Florida manatee deaths reach record high
Dead Fish Appear In Lincoln Park Mich. (PIC)
Dead Birds Reported by Residents in Southern Illinois
Viet Nam - 150 Tonnes of Farm Fish Found Dead
UK. Dead Fish Discovered in Canal Marina near Abergavenny
New Zealand -- Hundreds of Snapper Dead on Beaches (PIC)
Haiti - Mysterious Fish Kill Prompts Ban
Dead Birds Found in Bonnie Doon Area
Dead Birds Discovered Near Huntsville, Alabama
Hundreds of Dead Blackbirds Found Along I-65 In Athens, Alabama
Dozens of Romanian birds found dead...
Millions of crickets die in North America
CHP Finds Dozens of Dead Birds off Highway 101 near Geyserville
More Than 100 Dead Birds Found Off Calif. Highway
Dead Birds US (AR,LA,KY),Sweden,Italy
8,000 doves fall dead in Italy, strange blue stain on beaks suggests lack of oxygen
Dead Birds, Bees & Fish Explained By EPA Document?
Canary in the Coal Mine? Mass Animal Deaths and Prophesy
8000 More Birds Fall From Sky
Researchers discover a shocking 96 percent decline in four major bumble bee
Strange Blue Stain On Italy Doves Beaks
LEBANON, Tenn.- Flock Of Birds Found Dead In Wilson County
Hundreds Of Dead Birds Found In Texas
Dead Fish Wash Ashore on Folly Beach S.C.
Similar unexplained fish deaths, mass-produced worldwide in Brazil and New Zealand.
2 Million Dead Fish Appear in Chesapeake Bay (PICS)
More Dead Birds In Kentucky? KFWR Official: Hundreds of Dead Birds Found in Murray
N.C. - 150 brown pelicans have been found with various injuries since Nov.
Thousands Of Fish Dead In Spruce Creek, Port Orange Fl.
Flock of dead birds in TN
Italy Thousands Of doves Are dying at this moment

edit cause its possible the list that continues below has a few doubles
feel free to sort it out
thanks to the op s of these lists

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posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 04:26 PM
a link to the thread of the sites posted below

(NaturalNews) Here's an updated timeline of the mysterious animal deaths now happening around the world. Conventional explanations for these deaths now border on the outlandish: A bird die-off event in Romania is now being blamed on "drunkenness," for example.

Here's the updated list through January 14, 2011, in reverse date order:

01.14.11 - 200 cows found dead in Wisconsin, allegedly caused by a virus

01.14.11 - 100 dead carp found in U.K. pond, unknown causes

01.14.11 - 730 African grey parrots die during flight, blamed on possible exposure to carbon monoxide

01.13.11 - 300 "grackles" birds found dead on highway in Alabama, blamed on blunt force trauma

01.11.11 - Thousands of gizzard shad fish float to the top of Lake Michigan and wash up on the shores near Chicago, blamed on cold weather (www.hispanicallyspeakingnews......)
01.10.11 - Countless fish found dead in U.K. brook, unknown causes (

01.08.11 - 100 dead "starlings" birds found dead on highway in California, allegedly all hit by a truck

01.08.11 - Dozens of dead "starlings" birds turn up in Romania, blamed on "drunkenness" (you can't make this up...)

01.07.11 - More than 1,000 dead turtle doves found in Italy, unknown causes (

01.06.11 - 40,000+ dead Devil crabs washed ashore in the U.K., unknown causes (

01.05.11 - Hundreds of dead birds found on highway in Texas, unknown causes (

01.05.11 - Large amount of dead fish wash up on New Zealand beaches, unknown causes (

01.05.11 - Up to 100 jackdaw birds found dead on road in Sweden, unknown causes (

01.04.11 - Several dead manatees found on Florida coast, unknown causes (

01.04.11 - Thousands of dead fish wash up on creek in Florida, unknown causes (

01.04.11 - Hundreds of dead fish was ashore on St. Clair River in Ontario, Can., unknown causes (

01.04.11 - Hundreds of dead black birds found on highway in Louisiana, suffering from internal injuries and blood clots (

01.03.11 - Dozens of dead birds show up in a woman's backyard in Kentucky, unknown causes (

01.03.11 - Tens of thousands of dead fish wash ashore in Chesapeake Bay, Md., blamed on cold water (

01.03.11 - 100 tons of dead fish wash ashore in Brazil, unknown causes (

01.03.11 - 100,000+ dead drum fish found in Arkansas river, unknown causes (

12.31.10 - 5,000+ birds found dead in Arkansas, suffering from massive trauma and blood clots (

12.29.10 - Dozens of fish found dead in San Antonio, Texas, unknown causes (

12.28.10 - 70 bats found dead in Tucson, Ariz., unknown causes (

12.27.10 - Scores of dead fish wash ashore in a lake in Haiti, unknown causes (

12.23.10 - Hundreds of dead sea creatures wash ashore in South Carolina, blamed on cold water (

12.23.10 - Ten tons of mostly dead fish found in fishing net in New Zealand, unknown causes (

12.22.10 - More than a hundred dead pelicans turn up in North Carolina, unknown causes (

12.18.10 - Thousands of dead fish turn up in bay in Philippines, unknown causes (

12.17.10 - Dead fish wash ashore at lake beach in Indiana, blamed on winter storms (

12.15.10 - Thousands of dead fish wash ashore on Florida beach, blamed on cold weather (

12.13.10 - Thousands of dead barramundi fish wash up in Australia, unknown causes (

Learn more:
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Learn more:

guess we dont KNOW
the list(s)are just kinda long
if u can come up with thatt kinda list ,from lest say 10 years ago we will ALL agree its normal ok?


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posted on Feb, 26 2011 @ 09:31 PM
reply to post by StlSteve

The link you left for the Google map has not been updated since Jan 5th. I had an updated Google map - went there 2 days ago and its been taken down. Have no idea why as it was very current - being foolish I deleted the whole deal and now I have nothing to help me relocate it if it was to return. Puzzled

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