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Healthy people agree...Democrats are good...

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posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 04:00 PM
Alright, folks. This resarch had started out as a response to trueLIES "My theory: Liberal stupidy has alot to do with calories" post. However, I could not find any sufficient list with obesity by state. And the little bit that I did find did not support TrueLies' assertion. What I did find was that mostly healthy states voted Democrat.

(State/Majority of Votes/Difference in Votes)

1: New Hampshire Bush 7211
2: Vermont Gore 29247
3: Hawaii Gore 67441
4: Iowa Gore 4144
5: Minnesota Gore 58607
6: Utah Bush 312043
7: Nebraska Bush 202082
8: Massachusetts Gore 737985
9: Maine Gore 33335
10: Connecticut Gore 254921
11: New Jersey Gore 504677
12: North Dakota Bush 79568
13: Washington Gore 138788
14: California Gore 1293774
15: Oregon Gore 6765

Out of the top 15 states healthwise, only 4 of them voted for Bush. The rest for Gore.

"Well, OXmanK...what does that tell us?"

Nothing much yet...but, when you show the bottom fifteen, you can do some correlating.

(State/Majority of Votes/Difference in Votes)

50: Missippi Bush 168230
49: New Mexico Gore 386
48: Louisiana Bush 135527
47: Alabama Bush 248562
46: South Carolina Bush 220376
45: Nevada Bush 21597
44: Delaware Gore 42780
43: Texas Bush 1365893
42: Georgia Bush 303490
41: Florida Bush 537
40: Arizona Bush 50172
39: Oklahoma Bush 270061
38: Arkansas Bush 88394
37: Missouri Bush 78786
36: Tennessee Bush 80229

Now the pieces are coming together. It appears that those states that are the least healthy, tended to like Bush better with the exception of TWO states. And those who were in better health seemed to like Gore...for the most part, except for four states. Like I said earlier, this is only correlations. You cannot just look at a skinny guy and a fat guy and guess who pulls for which party line.

However, from this one study and this one, it seems like the democrats typically have a better educated and a healthier following.

Sources: States and how they voted List of the healthiest states

posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 04:13 PM
You've put a fair amount of effort into this

It's no surprise really that obese people vote Republican. The support big business after all, for example McDonald's, Burger King, KFC...

posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 04:32 PM
Please explain how you got those figures... Take note: It was a theory I conjured up when I was looking for calipers to measure my body fat and thought hmmm maybe democrats are stupid because they over eat... Hey i could be wrong, im not going to defend my theory till I turn blue because I have no evidence to back my theory up... You on the other hand took the time out to do some research on my suggestion about liberals...
I applaud you for doing research and giving stistical facts... kudos... could u please give a link where u got it from...
Again , my apologies for not posting a well thought out researched opinion, the credit goes to you sir *tips hat*

Now back to my workout...


posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 04:37 PM
All of the links are on the first post. And any numbers in there, I did the calculations from this very computer. If anyone of them came up wrong, please let me know...

posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 04:50 PM
This has got to be the funniest political thread I have ever seen! Perhaps the mudpit is looking up.

posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 05:03 PM
Hey, I'm an avid football player, (ahem soccer to you Americans, the REAL football, not that sport with the weird shaped ball and the people from Green-Bay) I swim, run and walk whenever I can. I also am going to be voting for John Kerry in November, and am very liberal.

Most of the Liberals I know are in excelent shape, my girlfriend is a tai-chi master and most of my fellow soccer players are liberals.

You know, come to think of it, I can think of quite a few conservatives who aren't in the best shape, Rush, Newt, Cheney, to name a few.

I really don't take any of this seriously though, it's all in fun, probably the last thing I look at when figuring out whom to vote for is their girth. Funny debate though and a cheers for lightening the mood in the pit!


posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 05:26 PM
Interesting analysis OXmanK, I will vote for anything regardless of health just to get this president out of the white house and out of my female rights busisness.:bash:

posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 10:34 PM
Hey OXmanK, you should list the stats for states with highest intelligence. You'll find that the results are very other words, Blue-highest, Red-lowest. I'd find them myself, but frankly I'm too lazy.

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