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Warning: Can 'creating your reality' really protect your from evil men/tyranny?

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posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 12:21 AM
Hi Folks

( I'm posting this because of the relevance to the discussions on the right to defend our lives/2nd amendment on Ats and the very popular 'love is all we need' 'create your own reality and you wont experience pain' beliefs behind spread through new age circles, after learning about the demonic Vatican its really disturbing me )

This point on whether just 'creating reality' in the new age sense is enough has been on my mind lately, especially after connecting a few final pieces of the puzzle by reading the incredible book on suppressed history, the Secret Terrorists, by Bill Hughes, which you can download here. A brilliant book that helped connect a lot of dots for me

or get it on pdf by searching for it on scroogle or startpage

The book details how the Vatican throughout history has sought to control and enslave mankind in a kind of dark ages tyrannical rule, with all wealth, power and faith concentrated in the hands of the papacy and their master it seems-lucifer/satan. The book shows evidence of the assassinations of presidents of the USA being carried out by Jesuit fanatics, and the creation of the federal reserve to fund their evils, the major wars, and other events such as the major terrorist attacks being all part of their long-term agenda

My concern has been increased because of what has happened to peace loving Christians and peace-lovers for centuries, as it seems wherever they have dwelled and lived in peace this vampire the church has sought to destroy and kill them, and has been successful in nearly all cases! The extermination of millions of Christians throughout WWII, the sacrifice of millions of good men in WWI, the civil war in USA, Vietnam etc. Reading about what really happened at Waco was really disturbing, as beyond the propaganda and lies this was a small christian community living fairly happily, and they were mercilessly and viciously murdered by forces of the Dark agenda. The murder and torture of Christians has continued in north Korea, China, in Burma, in Africa and now it seems in America also.

I don't mean to be doom and gloom but i think we need to back up our 'realities' with physical action. In the excellent Ringing Cedars series Anastasia says the solution is to create our own 'gardens of eden' around us, now our ancestors who lived this way were not able to stop the forces of the Church coming in and destroying and killing off that culture! If we do this without having adequate 'insurance' what will stop the forces of the Vatican from coming to kill us, in which they will surely see us as some of the worst and most offensive 'heretics'. Another example, when Gandhi was able to use non-violence to kick out the British, they left a present for them by fomenting and stirring up the Hindu-Islamic hatred and violence and perhaps the corruption we see in India today

The greatest case-study i can see is the formation of the united states of america, where a group of dedicated men combined spiritual principles of freedom with physical force. They used the love of freedom and guns to back their cause up, consider how different this is from the typical 'new age' doctrine! Of course it wasn't perfect and there are problems today, but the beacon of freedom USA was/is has been a major focus of the forces of darkness for centuries!

Maybe we need to acknowledge there are evil men out there truly working for the energy of evil and darkness, who have considerable resources and money to fund our extermination, and that we need to defend ourselves from this element with physical force if necessary? Like Sun Tzu in the Tao te Ching says, have weapons, but keep them in storage. It gets even worse when you research communism and realize it is another force behind their agenda. Please consider that their considerable wealth and power could be implanting the ideas of 'love will conquer all' and 'pacifism' as a way to make us more readily accept our murders and extermination. I even thought about the 'ten commandments' in the bible, how can you defend your life against a vicious killer without committing 'murder'? Another implanted idea to make us easier targets perhaps? Perhaps a balance of loving our neighbor, living in harmony with nature but being ready to defend our lives with force is the answer? Perhaps loving OURSELVES also enough to put enough value on our lives to defend it against evil men?
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posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 12:43 AM
I wish I had more to say, but to say more seems pointless. Most things seem pointless to me. I've thought much about why that is, and I believe it has much to do with understanding how reliant I am on the very ones plotting my death.

In response to your excellent post which I thank you for, I agree, pacifism is the demise of human society. So what now? Like you said, the best case study was the founders of America who stood up (backed by arms) for the Rights of Man. But here's the difference...we've run out of space on Earth. We've got nowhere to go. It is for this reason I despise the majority of those I encounter on the daily, who are thoughtless and content with being dependent. I'm not!!! So now what?

posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 12:56 AM

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posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 01:17 AM

posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 01:30 AM

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posted on Dec, 29 2010 @ 02:26 PM
reply to post by nivekronnoco

You realize ,of course,that your unilateral decision making as to what is off topic,makes You the powers that be...It's funny,that No warning was Actually given about anything off topic ...regardless of what the email says.Also funny is the fact that the Extremely out of line person I was responding to was not talked to...sad.

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 09:56 AM
well, my thinking was that questioning someones sanity, especially on a conspiracy site, i considered that bad form, and i thought your comment of "" was directed at me, but if it was directed at the other posters who were posting blank spaces i apologize. I couldn't comprehend the meaning of two words and you need to provide a bit more info. Conspiracy interested folk tend to be accused of being 'crazy' sometimes so its a touchy subject for me

DaveakaRNG I feel part of the solution is to reconnect with the very thing that the dark cabal have been attempting to sever for centuries, our connection to all that is, and the creations of all that is, nature around us. Cattle at a beef farm may be easy prey, but a wild bull could be another story. Personally I feel learning about local bush tucker and edible foods is a great start, and learning the basics of survival. Deprogramming i find useful by delving into spiritual topics and learning about the way reality really works separate from the propaganda. A great thought ive been keeping close is to do gods works everyday and each moment, and for me that is to take action on what i am passionate about, what brings me closer in line with the energy and desires of all that is. The survival paradigm can stop the flow of positive energy and what we are here to do, and ive had to address that in the last few weeks, as avoiding my gut was harming my health.

If we all act out of our passions and do live our purpose, i feel we can touch the lives of others to do the same, and stop feeding this emotional, financial and fear energy to these dark forces. to be happy was the key last message of 'what to do ' in henry makow's "Illuminati", as what can be accomplish if we are miserable or unhappy with our situation?

also I would recommend avoiding negative conspiracy news for a while as a lot of it doesnt seem balanced with solutions. I remind my 'conspiracy-interested' friends that it is the same as a general constantly demoralizing his forces, with how superior the enemies numbers, technology and battle plan is. As a last resort I think being acquanted with military strategy, e,g. art of war etc and tactics -improvised weaponry, guerilla warfare etc etc is also a great thing to have handy.
Ultimately though we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, and this physical world does seem to be an illusion, Im reminded of that each night when i dream!

posted on Jan, 3 2011 @ 10:28 AM
My friend,

You have to ask yourself if you truly believe this life is all there is. Do you really believe that an average 70 year life span is all that divine spark within you is capable of?

If you do, then what is the point of even having that 70 year span of life? It would seem rather silly for all the forces in the universe that went into making your conscious awareness a reality to do so for a very small period of time.

Thus, we arrive at the spirit and it is through this spirit that we conquer evil. It isn't by attempting to preserve the flesh that we fight against our oppressors. No, the spirit yearns for freedom and it is a freedom far beyond a mere mortal life span. We live in today working for tomorrow. Life is eternal, a constant changing of clothes. The way to defeat evil is to realise it can not harm you. All it can do is destroy your mortal flesh. Beyond that the energy of your being is eternal.

The Vatican gained control over man by making them believe they were the holders of the keys to heaven. Heaven is right before our eyes, but most do not see it. The blindness is a condition of our enslavement which causes us to not make it the heaven we wish it to be. The keys the vatican holds over Man is Love and forgiveness. Forgiveness is found in confession, and love is found in the congregation. Take every member of Mankind into your heart with love and forgiveness, and you will be doing your part at making this whole world the heaven we all wish it to be.

Live for today while building your tomorrow.

Judge not, Love all, be at peace

With Love,

Your Brother

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