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What did the Catholic Church ever do to You?

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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 05:12 PM
They tried to kill my curiosity and intelligence

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 11:41 PM
reply to post by EricD

Hi Eric

Unless you actually know Searching4Truth, it is truly in bad taste to ascribe motives to him/her.

That is one way of looking at it but I should remind you my first Post was Not to Searching4Truth they challenged me and insulted me in person and did not keep on the subject of the OP. instead decided to be personal about what I said. I don't have any time for those who misrepresent deliberately what I write especially in an attempt to discredit me through slander.

Take a look at my earlier post...

You wrote quote;

I know that comes across as confrontational, and I apologize for that,

No thats OK, I know where you are coming from but I don't see it that way in fact I do take notice of intelligent conversation. I just get a little short with those who misquote me and turn my words into something of their imagination and slander me.

Not every one is from the West on ATS and perhaps others have a different way of looking at things especially when it comes to religious beliefs.
Perhaps my English is Not the best, but I can read....

You wrote.... Quote;

but when you say that someone loaths the Bible, the words of Christ, is filled with hatred and can't love those that God created you come across as arrogant, supercillious and a bit off your rocker.

Well in the context of the Roman bible "God Created All things through Jesus Christ". NOT just some things...

So for "Searching4Truth" to attack my person is Hypocritical in the fact Jesus said "Love Your Enemies"...

Now this individual only expressed their hatred toward me, using comments like...

Perhaps, I'll understand you when you quit speaking gibberish.


You quote the Bible, then say it's irrelevant.

A deliberate misquote (Lie) of what I had said…

Never once have I ever said the bible is “irrelevant”….

And no doubt their comment was intended as a personal attack on me, by telling Lies, amounting to Slander.

I don’t condone Lies and never shall.

In fact the bible is very relevant, but it has to be remembered that the Roman bible is only a small collection of the ancient Christian writings.
Jesus certainly never set up the "Roman church" as His church.

However He did say The Wicked One Shall Come and Deceive The Whole World, and Not just some of the World, after He would go to His Father.

In fact Jesus never mentioned the Roman church, nor their priests, or even a single pope, taking into account according to these writings, God Created ALL things through Jesus Christ, which also includes the future of ALL things.

Often referred to as "Prophecy".

So again I will repeat this again.

Jesus made No mention of the Roman church, their priests or popes.

I don’t condone Lies and never will.

You wrote.... Quote;

Unless you are psychic or have had an extensive relationship with Searching4Truth, you have no way of knowing those things. Any attempt to back up your claims by referencing the discussion in this thread would be tenuous at best and sophistry at worst.
Again, I apologize if that came across as harsh or rude.

That’s fine.... I accept your comments….
But I would suggest that I was attacked in a personal way, as I have explained above.

If a person calls themselves a "Christian" then it is only Correct that they Love the Words of "Jesus Christ" or they cannot call themselves Christian.

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 03:01 PM

Originally posted by The Matrix Traveller
reply to post by searching4truth

It was you how responded first or have you lost your memory too.

My first reply to you was at the top of the page, no memory loss, there is a written record.

First post: Maybe I'm reading your post incorrectly, but I find it a little ironic that you argue Jesus did not order a Bible, by citing the Bible.

You didn't clarify that I was incorrect in my interpretation you just cited Bible verses and went on to discuss "the Romans" and their lack of authority and how Jesus didn't want any of it.

I use the words of Jesus Christ rather than my own, for He is far, far Greater than me.

Looks like you loath your own bible as the words I quoted were Not mine but Jesus Christ’s through The Carpenters.

How can you claim to be a Christian with so much hatred in your heart, hating both your bible and what Jesus said?

That's quite a leap there. I have no problem with the verses, I have a problem when the person quotes verses with little to no personal commentary on why you are posting them, or why one finds them relevant to the point you are trying to make. From the beginning of our banter I was unclear exactly what your point is (and requested this), but somehow you have come to some conclusion as the quality of my requesting for you to state your position.

Hating the Bible or Jesus, is completely untrue. I never said anything in that regard, or even in my personal feeling toward you. Which for the record, I do not hate you, I don't even know you, all I asked was for you to clarify your position in your own words, you still have failed to do so, with the exception of your little slam posting. Did you not find any relevant verses for that?

My position is, and has been,that on the one hand you continually cite Bible verses, fine, I have no issue with that. But when you previously stated that Jesus did not personally commission the Bible or the Church and then use that exact text to "prove" your point and somehow by default prove the RCC is invalid or somehow at least more invalid than any other Christian church falls short and proves nothing. You also say that you are quoting from "my Bible" is that as opposed to yours? Where exactly do you fall on the religious or spiritual spectrum?

So why did you write back?
Perhaps you have felt some truth in the words I wrote, which have touched on a sore point?

I have no ill thoughts toward you but it appears you can't Love those who God Created through Jesus Christ.

But as I have said this is what the Roman church has produced by infiltrating fear into their followers to the point they loath what has been Created through Jesus Christ.

I am sincere in what I say, all the very, very best in your search 4 the truth...
As one day I know you will surely find it...


No, no sore points I am completely comfortable in who I am and what I believe. It seems to me that the accusations you throw at me, someone you do not know, and who said nothing that could in anyway be misconstrued as an outright personal attack of hatred toward you might better be stated in the mirror.

I have no ill will toward general Christians (those of the non Catholic variety), I have many family and friends that fall into that category, and we get along very well.

For the record, the RCC has never instilled fear in me of itself, of Jesus, or of anything else. I am sorry that for whatever reason you have such a personal gripe with the Church, but that is your issue. For someone who speaks of love it seems once again ironic that rant about the evils of the Church (instilling some sort of fear, that I have never been exposed to) with such.....what I can only at the time describe as hatred. If you have any specific questions about the Church or my experience there I would be more than happy to address that, but if you want to continue down this path then this will be last post to you.

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posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 03:08 PM
reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

For the record, I never personally attacked you. Perhaps you misinterpreted something I wrote, it's been known to happen.

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 03:46 PM
Most people know days are nothing more than disrespectful children. It shows in all societies. It’s painful for people to see that they are not responsible for the world. Humanists like to think they themselves are responsible for everything they have and achieved in life. They are not. Their parents are responsible for what they have. They could not have achieved what they have without their parents. Society today likes to think they are it! Children sit on their parents couch, eating their parent’s food, wearing their parent’s clothes, watching their parents TV, driving their parent’s car… and say “I hate it here! I can hardly wait till I move out. I’m independent, I don’t need you!”
You see it in society. Europe, Asia, the Middle East, our own president for Christ sake Barak Hussein Obama hates America. Without America and the Catholic Church, they would be nothing. They would still be in the Stone Age or talking German and wouldn’t have the ability to speak the way they do. Just like people today talk bad about the Catholic Church. The world, like it or not, is what it is because of the Catholic Church! The world wouldn’t have the education system, governing systems, medical and even space exploration they have if it wasn’t for AMERICA and THE CATHOLIC CHURCH! Get over it you spoiled little brats and get on your knees and thank GOD, not gold, not looks, timing, or Allah for what you have! Check your history books, if you can find one before the liberal communist humanist socialists got into the public school system.

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 08:01 AM
reply to post by DevilJin

Very interesting I am sure but unfortunately it is 2011 or 5772 in the ... Hebrew calendar ... and this IS the onset of Apocalypse AND Armageddon.

Our TRUE status is that of Roman Cockroaches or Jewish Cockroaches and this is the TRUE meaning of RC and JC.

Jesus Christ is a TOTALLY false concept. Jesus = Jésu = J'ai su, French from Coptic simply meaning 'I have known' or simply had knowledge of the flesh. I.E. Had sex.

See my other posts on Religion, the Internet (I.T.) and my tweets on Twitter.

The Pope is also known as The Harlot of Jerusalem a procurer of Catholic women for Jewish men. Or is that DEWish men? DEW is water and that is what we are principally made of.

'Water' from the Sea of Creation or The Sea of The Nun. And 'god' moved upon the waters, etc.

Problem. SATAN will always say that he (it)(genderless) is god but god is simply the opposite spelling of dog and we could clearly hear a voice way ot in space say, and I quote, "I should have got rid of these dogs years ago."

We are now OUT of TIME folks. IT is OVER! The Übermensch are killing off the üntermensch.

Einstien (a Jew) who stole the formula E=mc² from Enrico Fermi becomes, like the mythical 'Jesus' a leader of Apocalypse. See Wikipedia 'Jesus Christ'

Essentially Jews represent satan vengeance and DEATH, Hail Mary, etc. Hitler tried to killl DEATH itself.

Who are WE? WE are DEATH say the Jews.

We could clearly hear them saying IN America, "What shall WE do, bomb THEIR cities?

NATO has spent 10 years trying to PREVENT the use of ABC WMD with the present level of SEVEN times 'overkill' as SEVEN is the number mentioned in Armageddon.

We have ALL been cruelly decieved...

Even the rhetoric and the words we use are wrong. You don't know every word in the dictionary nor can you speak all of the languages on this planet.

There are some 3827 different religions and denominations on this planet and they cannot all be right.

In fact they are all false in one way or another. Shinto is reasonable.

So what is your star sign and is it earth, air (wind) fire or water? It is IMPOSSIBLE to tell what destiniy has in store for you but Armageddon is a sure thing. One country after another is falling. The ONE thing that Obama was right about, "No country on Earth is safe." is what he said.

Some stock exchanges have shut down because there are practically no resources left and the food chain is beginning to fail.

Mars passed close to us a few years ago causing our soft planet to distort and starting tsunamis, earthquakes and increased volcanic activity. The weather patters and jet streams have also changed, rainfall has increased causing mudslides, tornados are increasing in strength, and it looks like the temperature is gradually falling. Absolute zero is possible. Never mind, the Sun is showing signs of failing. Eventually it will turn into a Red Giant and burn the Earth into a crisp. Then it will become a White Dwarf (AKA Poison Dwarf) emitting poisonous radiation. This is represented by the 'Sacred Host' a blood drained 'corpse' or whited sepulchure just like the bodies of jews bulldozed into mass graves in the holocaust. This was an event created by SATAN and not really Hitlers doing.

All wars are supernatural and ALWAYS have been. Constant peace would be a natural disire but HISTORY shows that this has never been the case for any length of time. Always there have been weapons when there should have been none at all. At NO point in HISTORY should ANY weapon be needed, except to hunt birds and animals.

WWI Run rabbi(t), run rabbi(t), run, run, run, here comes the 'Farmer' with his gun, gun, gun.

Sixty million plus were killed in WWII now satan has upped the ante to six billion. Simple.

I knew most of this at five years of age so never had any children.

Sorry to disappoint you.

Ian Chattan ex NATO SIS.

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 10:05 AM
reply to post by ianchattan

Not sure if you're kidding or not, but I hope you realize that people have been claiming "the end is near" for thousands of years, right?

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 12:23 PM
reply to post by MrXYZ

yeah but now the random street loon is getting msm coverage

here's one story:\

But over the past few weeks I have seen numerous stories about this group. Well, at least May is a little closer than December so we will be done with them on May 22, then on to Dec 22 2012. I really hope people give it a rest after that, because I'm tired of the kiddies asking me and becoming worried because the news said we are all going to die

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 12:49 PM
reply to post by searching4truth

Don't worry, we'll have more fun after 2012. I'm sure there are going to be people endlessly trying to re-calculate the Mayan calendar for the sake of postponing the date it's supposed to predict.

Damn, New Year's day 2013 is going to be fun, but we have May 23, 2011 to keep us sated.


As for the Catholic Church. I'd like to point out that it is actively campaigning against the introduction of legal divorce into my nation (Malta).

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 01:00 PM
reply to post by D1Useek

There are good people in the Catholic Church.

Sometimes Good People let Bad Things happen.

And the Catholic Church LET bad things happen. They have slid into a state of disgrace on the good intentions of those who tried to cover, hide and shame victims of the people doing bad.

Bad people float to the top. The Catholic Church LET the bad people float to the top.

While you may not be aware of it - the public is saving the Catholic Church from the Devil it has allowed to seep in.

And no amount of calling me a brat because the Church is STILL covering up crimes it commited on my family will make that go away.

The Bad People in the Church are cowards who hide behind and manipulate to cover their butts with the Good Works of those whom they don't deserve the company of. They have lied, manipulated and stolen their way into company of good people, and the good people are fooled by them into thinking that they are alike and that they are worthy of protection.

Until the top of the Catholic Church is willing and able to see and deal with this honestly and forthrigthly, and do the right thing because IT IS THE RIGHT THING to do they will continue to have problems. And they'll deserve it.
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posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 04:25 PM
reply to post by Aeons

And 100% of non-Maltese Catholics are ignoring the evil that the Catholic church is doing publicly in Malta. Great job there.

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