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What your blood type says about your personality

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posted on Dec, 19 2010 @ 10:23 PM
Hey everyone,
So I live in Japan, and I've noticed that most people here have this knowledge. I've also seen this topic pop up on japanese tv shows here, so that might be why everyone knows about it. I wanted to share this information with you all, and we can have a discussion on wether you guys think this info is accurate or not. As far as i know, people in America and other countries don't really read about this stuff. Apparently, the research was done by a japanese scientist. So here we go:

Every Japanese celebrity writeup and every anime character description with any claim to authority gives the person's (or character's) blood type. Why? Because, thanks to a remarkable bit of Science! by a gentleman named Furukawa Takeji, the Japanese believe that a person's blood type affects their personality. Each blood type has a personality profile. These profiles—which I took from a site whose location is long since lost in the mists of time, my apologies—are:

Type A People with blood type A have a deep-rooted strength that helps them stay calm in a crisis when everyone else is panicking. However, they tend to avoid confrontation, and feel very uncomfortable around people. A types are shy and sometimes withdrawn. They seek harmony and are very polite, but all the same feel that they never really fit in with others. A types are very responsible. If there is a job to be done, they prefer to take care of it themselves. These people crave success and are perfectionists. They are also very creative, and the most artistic of all the blood types, most likely because of their sensitivity. People with blood type A are also likely to be considered classic "type A's": stressed and conscientious. In anime, people like Hotohori are type A's. The Third Hokage, Haruno Sakura, Hotohori, Heero Yui, Keiko (Kayko) Yukimura

Type B People with blood type B are the most practical of the blood groups. They are specialists in what they do. When they start a project, they spend extra time understanding and trying to follow directions than others might. When they are doing something, all of their attention is focused on it. They tend to stick to a goal and follow it through to the end, even if it seems impossible. They tend to be less than cooperative, as they like to follow their own rules and their own ideas. They are individualists. B type people pay attention to their thoughts a little more than their feelings, and therefore can sometimes seem cold and serious. People with blood type B are often considered more relaxed, freewheeling, and unconventional than other types, although not necessarily to an unacceptable degree. In anime, the genki, off-the-wall types are type B, along with any kind of well-intended character who's ruled by their impulses. Naruto, Duo Maxwell, Miaka, Nuriko, Tasuki, Sagara Sanosuke

Type O People with blood type O people are outgoing, energetic and social. They are the most flexible of the blood types. They easily start up projects but often have trouble following through because they give up easily. They are flighty and not too dependable. O types always say what's on their mind. They value the opinion of others and like to be the center of attention. Also, people with O blood are extremely self-confident. Type O, the most "average" blood type, is considered the best type in Japan. Quatre, Sailor Moon, Saito Hajime, Kamiya Kaoru, Tamahome

Type AB People with blood type AB are hard to categorize. They can have characteristics on both ends of the spectrum at the same time. For instance, they are both shy and outgoing. They easily switch from one opposite to another. AB people are trustworthy and responsible, but can't handle it when too much is asked of them. They don't mind doing favors or helping out, as long as its on their own conditions. People with this blood type are interested in art and metaphysics. AB is considered the worst blood type. In predictability-loving Japan, they're loose cannons. They also like to set their own conditions and reserve the right to drop out when things don't meet their expectations. They're known to be sensitive and considerate—at times—but it just isn't enough to balance out the flaws in this blood type. For a while, some companies tried dividing their employees into work groups based on blood type, and no one wanted to work with the AB group. Anime villains are likely to be type AB. Uchiha Sasuke, Hongo Yui, Tomo, Trowa Barton, Kenshin

A is most compatible with A and AB.
B is most compatible with B and AB.
AB is most compatible with AB, B, A, and O.
O is most compatible with O and AB.

The idea that blood type determines personality has been dying out slowly in Japan. At the same time, the West has finally noticed the potential of blood typing. We haven't quite cottoned onto the idea that blood type is related to personality, but there's a growing belief in fad diets that teach that each blood type evolved at a certain point in human history, so people with that blood type should eat the diet most common among humans at that point. Instead of balanced, nicely average O's, we have savage cavemen hunching around the fire and tearing at hunks of meat; solid-citizen type A's become "docile vegetarians" as well; bouncy type B's get to indulge in ice cream and cheese; and type AB's, as always, are half one thing and half another, and get to eat vegan food or dairy-and-everything-else—IF it suits them. Blood type diets are worth looking into if only to imagine your favorite characters' reactions to their new diets.

I apologize to the mods if this is in the wrong place/double post.

So, what do you guys think? Is this an accurate description of blood types/personalities?


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posted on Dec, 19 2010 @ 10:25 PM
By the way, I apologize in advance for the anime talk. This stuff is very japanese....

posted on Dec, 19 2010 @ 10:38 PM
Here's a little extra info from a different site:

Blood type A People with blood type A are usually serious, patient, and cool. They are also emphatic, certifiable, and believable although they are stubborn. Before they do something, they usually think first and plan it in detail. Indeed, they like harmony, peace and organization. They do everything seriously and consistently, and make themselves appropriately. That is why, they will try not to hurt anyone with their words or speak unnecessarily. But, they can stand apart from other people. They also suppressed their feeling, so they look rigid although they still have weaknesses, such as nervous, scary, and many more. They lean to surround themselves with the same characteristic people.

Blood Type B People with blood type B tend to be curious and interested in everything. They also lean to have many hobbies. If they are interested in something, they will be buoyant, but unfortunately they will be bored fast. However, they can choose the most important thing for them to do. They lean to want to be number one in anything rather than just to be average people. But, they usually ignore another activity if they have focused on a certain activity. In other words, they cannot do some activities at the same time. They look cheerful, enthusiastic, and bright. But, they are actually not like their appearances. Indeed, they are antisocial with many people. They are rugged individualists who are straightforward and like to do things their own way. Unluckily, their insistence on being independent can sometimes go too far and become a weakness.

Blood type O People with blood type O usually have a big role in motivating the passion of their groups and stimulating the harmonious relationship among the group members. They look like people who accept and do something calmly. They are smart to cover up their feelings, so they look like people who are always cheerful, peaceful, and do not have problem at all. But, if they cannot bear it, they will surely find out a place or someone to talk. They are kind, often do kindness, and are not reluctant to get out of their money to other people. They are actually stubborn too and have their own opinions about anything in confidence, but they are also flexible and easily accept new things. No wonder that they lean to be influenced easily by other people. Look like people who are temperate and believable, but they also often make big mistakes because of their careless characteristic. However, their characteristics make them lovable.

Blood type AB People with blood type AB have sensitive and soft feeling. They have profound interests with other people's feelings and always face other people with care and beware. However, they also tough with themselves and people close to them. Thus, they lean to have two personalities. They are usually grudge people and think something too deep. Fortunately, they have a lot of friends, but they also need time to be lonely to think their own problems.

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posted on Dec, 19 2010 @ 11:08 PM
reply to post by bulletproof_monk

I personally find this fascinating! And being from the States, I had never heard of personalities categorized by blood type. My blood type (O+) pretty much describes me perfectly! And my boyfriend (who is AB) sounds very much like the description given. I'm glad to see that O's and AB's are supposed to be compatible, lol.

Thanks for posting this! Big shiny star for you!
It may just be coincidence, but at least in my case, this seems to be fairly accurate info!

posted on Dec, 19 2010 @ 11:21 PM
This is very cool and I have never heard of it before. I am type A+ and this describes me perfectly.

posted on Dec, 19 2010 @ 11:38 PM
Yeah, i noticed this is fairly common knowledge among the japanese, but from what i noticed in America, people don't really know about this stuff. I've lived in japan for quite some time now and people talk about this a lot over here.

posted on Dec, 20 2010 @ 12:24 AM
This is silly,
This is for all blood types - You have been born, and you all will die. In between you will have fits of illness in various forms, you might even spread a STD to others. Your life might have an exciting ending or can be lengthy and boring at the end.

BTW as O- I am nothing like the above claims.

posted on Dec, 20 2010 @ 01:28 AM
reply to post by Eavel

Thanks for your opinion. As it says above, Type O always says what's on their mind, so it seems pretty accurate in that sense.
I am not saying that I believe in this stuff, but hey, anything is possible, and i do find it interesting.

posted on Dec, 20 2010 @ 01:51 AM
Great post.

posted on Dec, 20 2010 @ 02:00 AM
Pretty interesting the description is pretty accurate for me. I am sure there are exceptions to the rule as in anything but If it is a fairly accurate I see no reason to dismiss it.

PS it just dawned on me this is a subtle way to get people to give there blood types over the internet so just thought I would mention it to folks.
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posted on Dec, 20 2010 @ 07:04 AM
There's a book (actually a series of books now) that focus on the evolutionary aspects of the Blood Type in human beings. EAT RIGHT 4 YOUR TYPE was the first book to be published from the author Peter D'Adamo. He sort of inherited the research from his father who pioneered the notion of the blood type as an indicator of more pervasive changes within the 4 major sub-groups of human beings that co-exist on this planet. The theory is that evolution occurs in many not-so-obvious ways, with sub-groupings emerging long before genus or species changes. The 4 blood types O, A, B, and AB, are evolutionary developments within the Homo Sapien species, and while the differences in blood type are the quick reference indicator of which sub-group a person belongs to, the true differences from one sub-group to the next is much more systemic.

Here's the guy's library page on his site -

The way the progression lays out - according to Dr. D'Adamo - is that the O blood type folks are the oldest sub-group, and that this is why their blood is the universal donor blood type. This is the hunter-gatherer human, and according to this research, the O Type response to life is aggressive, assertive, independent, and (of all the types) more isolative in their decision-making process. These are the most "masculine" of the sub-groups in how they fit in with the rest of the human race, and most of what the Western mind sees as leadership is descriptive of this kind of human. They eat red meat, vegetables and fruit, and should stay away from grains (breads, cereals, pastas) if they want to remain healthy and vital. Wheat is like poison to these folks and will result in type 2 diabetes eventually. O Types find stress release in vigorous physical exercise. The more aggressive, the more tension will be released.

A Blood Type folks are the next oldest and evolved as a direct result of the large population center's emergence. They are more communal in their approach to life, and more "feminine" in how they address decision-making. These folks are less aggressive and less assertive, and it's easy to see why this would be the case, since living in close quarters (relatively speaking, as compared to the nomadic O Type of earlier times) would eventually cause these kinds of brain mapping adjustments in the subsequent generations born to city and city-state dwellers. These folks are less adventurous and less confrontational, and are what the Western mind sees as "middle management" material - finding their niche within the larger organization and settling in to do their part to make the structure secure. They should never eat any meat, but should seek protein from fish and grains (soy is good, as is peanut butter) Vegetables and fruit, as with all blood type groups, is healthy for the A Blood Type, and while they can find breads and grains healthful (unlike the O Type) digesting these foods can be extremely stressful for their bodies and amounts should be limited. These people are very good at collaborative work, even though they are easily stressed, and should find contemplative, concentration type outlets (yoga is good) helpful in dealing with tension. Aggressive, physically explosive exercise is not a good idea for these people.

B Blood Type folks showed up after a while and their capacity to digest grains is the most obvious difference between them and the other two Blood Type groups. By the time these people evolved, wheat was the dietary staple, and the human body had been forced to adapt to it. A pound of grain will stave off starvation a lot better than a pound of meat or a pound of fruit/vegetable, and this is why the B Blood Type evolved into existence. These folks are kind of a pleasing blend of the previous two in other ways too, with the large farm and agricultural profession having emerged with its unique blend of social stability and relative isolative lifestyle affecting the growing numbers who found this to be an open region between the cramped city life and the nomadic hunter-gatherer existence that'd long since vanished for most types of human beings. Their diets reflect the improved range of healthful options, with grains fully viable as a staple if the circumstances demand it. Their place in society is much more amenable to circumstance as well. Considering the diverse reality that is open to the more modern human being, the B Blood Type is a clear genetic improvement on the previous designs.

The AB Blood Type showed up about 2,000 years ago (according to Dr. D'Adamo's research), and is the result of the way that the Roman Empire's road system began to open trade routes between previously isolated genetic groupings. How these folks came into evolutionary existence is pretty straightforward. They are the result of mating between As and Bs, and that's about it. They are the most undeveloped of the sub-groups, and you can see the impact of this in the prevalence of auto-immune diseases and malfunctioning immune system disorders within this sub-group. My wife is an AB, and she's allergic to just about everything a person can be allergic to. Dogs, cats, pollen, grass, dust; there are probably things that have yet to come into existence that she's already allergic to. They're wonderful people, and have extremely clean systems due to how tough their bodies are on them when confronted with impurities, but it's not easy to live in a dirty world as an AB Blood Type person. They're much more like A Types than B Types, but then, the A Blood Type is older than the B Blood Type, so that's not surprising. These aren't the rugged outbound adventurers that the O Types are, and certainly not the fit in everywhere there's an opening people that the B Types are. In my view, they're not a true evolutionary type, but are the result of two evolutionary types that were not foundationally universal (as the O Type is) mating and directly affecting the offspring, to create this new Blood Type.

The differences between the blood types involve digestion, nervous system structure and brain mapping. It's the best evidence we have of the validity of evolution as an ongoing phenomenon.
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posted on Dec, 20 2010 @ 07:13 AM
Woo-hoo, B+, now leave me the hell alone.

posted on Dec, 20 2010 @ 07:23 AM
reply to post by bulletproof_monk

I was watching my BS meter when I was reading this story about blood types, and it pegged out so hard that it broke the needle.

posted on Dec, 20 2010 @ 09:00 AM
reply to post by NorEaster

I've read the Eat Right 4 Your Type book. It made sense to me, and there is actually some scientific evidence to back it up. I actually tried it and found that I definitely felt alot better - had more energy in general and actually cleared up a minor congestion problem that I've had pretty much my whole life that I now believe was probably a food that was incompatible with my body.

I have a hard time believing that blood types are tied to personalities though - and they don't match up very well with the people I know. I think there're more than just 4 personality types also...

posted on Dec, 20 2010 @ 10:01 AM
reply to post by RussianScientists

Hey, i didnt write this stuff. im only presenting the information because it is pretty well known here in Japan and i thought it would be interesting to see if people actually agree with it. Thanks for your opinion though.

posted on Dec, 20 2010 @ 12:13 PM
reply to post by RussianScientists


maybe get a cheapo digital meter instead, if it hangs, just take the battery out for five sec...

btw, this type of nonsense has serious repercussions for some people, because it makes a good pretext to discriminate against somebody - anybody, basically.

i view this thing as a form of astrology for people who can't or just won't memorize 12 signs and don't wish to look ignorant when they forget what the Ascendant part is. Now, please explain to me what happens when your
'blood horoscope' is at odds with the real thing? split personality?

posted on Dec, 20 2010 @ 12:54 PM
reply to post by bulletproof_monk

From your OP:
"For a while, some companies tried dividing their employees into work groups based on blood type, and no one wanted to work with the AB group......

A is most compatible with A and AB.
B is most compatible with B and AB.
AB is most compatible with AB, B, A, and O.
O is most compatible with O and AB"

I'm curious as to how blood type "AB" is so flawed that no one wants to work with them while at the same time it is the one blood type that is compatible with all blood types. How does that work? Thanks in advance.

posted on Dec, 20 2010 @ 08:54 PM
reply to post by whitewave

The compatibility thing is for relationships i believe. In working conditions, people don't want to work with type AB because they are unpredictable and like to do things their own way

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