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One dead after suicide bombing in Stockholm

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posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 05:34 AM
It is a really shocking news.
God speed sweden and affected folks there.
At this point it is meaningless to speculate till it is confirmed
on the motive of the perpetrator.
I doubt if the PTB is involved though

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 06:33 AM

Originally posted by spacebot
Problem is that suicide bombing is "ok" with the islamic religion and that in this time and day can be (and it is) used as an excellent pretext for limiting of freedoms in the western world. It seems that if the Muslim world "ok's" these practices and they themselves have to live under strict rules because of that in their own lands, the "spilling" of this kind of attitude in the western world will help probably no one but the PTB. Muslims being the useful idiots in this case. I do believe that the talking heads of political left in the West promotes such multiculturalism in order for everyone to become useful enough for an authoritarian model of society to be put in place in the coming decades. Not that the political right is doing anything different but the lefties are at least more vocal about it. The lefties bring them in and the righties then have to put in sricter measures for all of us. We the common folk are being set up while we think we live in a democracy and that our opinions matter somehow.

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Originally posted by FarArcher
While I don't know first hand, there seems to be some real friction between the Muslim population in more than one Nordic nation.

I would have guessed Finland.

My fear is that it won't take too many incidents such as this for some real serious retaliation to take place.

Why can't Muslims be like the Asians and the Chinese for instance?
PTB wouldn't been able to find their much needed reasons to strict freedoms in the West probably. Also it is obvious that the politics of the West are helping for terrorists to be created in the Muslim world. The "give me all" and "hollier than thou"attitude of most vocal Muslim talking heads in the Western world (which IMO are handpicked radicals by the PTB) is not helping either.
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Wrong.. Islam views suicide as a sin just like christianity views suicide as a sin. Those who commit such acts go to hell not to heaven. According to both the Quran and the Bible.
Im not a believer of western religions just taken the time to read their writings to better understand them.

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 04:00 PM
I heard the question posed, "have the Swiss ever won a war?"

Please break out a history book and fill your mind with historical facts, some that may surprise you, especially some unique things about the Swiss.

Just recently, one may note that in WWII, Germany left the Swiss alone. Ever really wonder why?

It's because that small nation would have eaten German armies up by the truckload. Go back in history further.

The Swiss had such a reputation for being the most fierce fighters among Europeans, that the Swiss were hired by numerous European nations and kingdoms, to fight on their side.

Because of the presence of the Swiss, casualties were massive.

Finally, Europeans decided it wasn't fair that only the wealthier nations/kingdoms could afford the Swiss and their unfair advantage, so they all agreed that NO European nation could hire the Swiss.

Right at this very moment, you go to the Vatican, and see those guys dressed in period costume, holding their halberds? That's right. They're Swiss.

Just for show now.

Or so it's assumed.

I apologize for being a "bit" off topic, but since this was brought up, I couldn't help myself.

As for Muslim beliefs, one must study both the Qur'an and the Hadith. At some point, one event or incident will call for a response, and those are the incidents throughout history that seem to get out of hand rather quickly.

The US fought in WWI.

How in Hades were we in the US expected to anticipate that a shooting in Bosnia, of an Austrian duke would have us landing in France, to fight Germans?

See how it works?

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