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The Milky Way - Welcome to your New Home Galaxy!

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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 12:14 PM
reply to post by Village Idiot

I think they are still a bit befuddled.

According to the OP, our galaxy is the Sagittarius galaxy, which on collision with the Milky Way has left us ensnared in one of the spirals of it.

So we're the Sagittariuns.. Invading the larger and cannibal milky way galaxy!

Pity I wont get anyone to believe me tho..
I like the idea.. Good thread Zman...

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 12:18 PM

Originally posted by LiveForever8
reply to post by rajaten

Absolutely nothing in our lifetime, but I'm only guessing. It seems to be having somewhat of an effect on our solar system (particularly the distant planets) if I have read zorgons post correctly.

It's those poor Saggitariuns I feel sorry for
Although I am left wondering if they taste as good as the real thing...

I think you are being presumptuous saying "absolutely nothing"... but then say "it is having an affect on our solar system's outer planets". If the info is correct (and who REALLY knows for sure?) the outer planet's poles are shifting possibly due to the interaction between galaxies...

I don't think its too far of a reach to expect that something like that might also happen to our little planet. After all, consider the insignificant distance between Earth and Pluto as compared with a radial arm of the Milky Way.
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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 12:33 PM
reply to post by zorgon

Zorgon, thank you for once again providing us with your superbly written, well researched and thoroughly fascinating, informative posts. Here's something for us to marvel at and ponder over!

Hats off to you for taking the time and effort to share this with us. It's the work of people like yourself that really shows the more positive side of ATS.

Best regards,


posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 12:41 PM
Thank you zorgon

I don't know if i did understand that there are atmospheric changes happening in the outer planets and even venus??Does it mean mars can create an atmosphere in the near future?Did i miss something here?
Also, if it's affecting venus it should be affecting us now,or are we special?

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 12:44 PM
reply to post by zorgon

That was incredible, only got to really check it out minorly, but the concept generally is literally, beyond incredible.

S & F sir, that is what you deserve.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 12:55 PM
OK, I'm not saying that this is a bogus find. What I'm saying is how can they definatly say that this is true? The milky way galaxy is inexplicably HUGE. We are not even close to having an outside observation. But I like that hipothesis.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 12:56 PM
I've read that we are probably from the Saggitarius Dwarf that is being absorbed by the Milky way and even read some theories about it discussed back and forth on a physics forum where most thought we still were a part of the Milky way due to our sun being iron rich, I believe much like the Milky Way Stars.

Unless we are an anomaly. Which apparently we are. There were two levels of strata that relates to this in our earth layers, one is to do with the material forming us, the other had to do with a supernova reachign our solar system which was iron bases, thereby enriching our solar system or our star, in the beginning or early stages. So we're not typical of the dwarf galaxy.

For the Dwarf side of things is this: the front line where this cannablizing is taking place is not too far off from our system, but Bernard's Star is on this side of the front line, in otherwords, closer to us than the milky way, and its one of the Saggitarius type stars, without the iron based core.

Now I'm sure that link can't be found, for I read that several years ago, but it was something along those lines that I read.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 01:09 PM
Absolutely stunning information you gathered!

Now my question is, When we sometimes have a clear night,You can see the milky way ,but do we in fact see the remnants of this Sagittarius galaxy?

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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 01:09 PM
Great Thread!
I wonder what other wierd connections will be made to add to this....The outer planets were never thought to be very interesting.....some oversight.
The funny part is why is everyone expecting to cross the plane of the eliptic (of the milky way) in dec 2012?
Where did that little bit iof disinfo come from?

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 01:10 PM

Originally posted by PuterMan
Edit: Why in Aliens & UFOs? This belongs in a scientific forum or in Fragile Earth. I think the mods should move it as it definitely does not belong in this forum.

I agree.

Fantastic post and thanks for posting Zorgon (S&F from me) but surely this belongs in the Space Exploration forum rather than Aliens and UFOs?

Originally posted by Jamjar
reply to post by Blue_Jay33

The milky way is on a collision course with Andromeda in a few billion years.

Apparently we're still not sure on this, we may just be in for a "near miss":
Andromeda–Milky Way collision on Wikipedia

Of course "we" (the human species I mean) are unlikely to be around in 3 billion years to witness anyway however I wonder what the resulting galaxy would look like if such a collision were to take place? A spiral like Andromeda? A barred spiral like the Milky Way? Or perhaps an elliptical or lenticular galaxy?

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 01:11 PM
reply to post by rajaten

The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age. H.P. Lovecraft, "The Call of Cthulhu"

Or, maybe not.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 01:11 PM
I don't give out stars and flags to just anybody; as a matter of fact, this the first one I'm giving out. This is the sort of things I like to read and I haven't even begun yet.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 01:19 PM
The earth IS from the milky way .

The reason why some think that the earth could be from another via complex is just silly in my view.

our Solar System has to much not known data at this time to make any view of how or where the solar system did come from .

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posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 01:23 PM
After 6 years first star and flag, great thread.....just one thing that made me look twice:

1.1.6 A series of Martian atmosphere transformations increasing its biosphere quality. In particularly, a cloudy growth in the equator area and an unusual growth of ozone concentration[16].

Update Note: In September 1997 the Mars Surveyor Satellite encountered an atmospheric density double that projected by NASA upon entering a Mars orbit. This greater density bent one of the solar array arms beyond the full and open stop. This combination of events has delayed the beginning of the scheduled photo mission for one year.

1.1.7 A first stage atmosphere generation on the Moon, where a growing natrium atmosphere is detected that reaches 9,000 km in height. [17].

So now we are getting atmosphere on the moon and mars? ..... I wonder if they are preparing us for the inevitable, that in our same solar system there are habitable planets.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 01:25 PM
reply to post by JordanTwind

Is it silly just because you think it is, or is it silly because you believe the math to be wrong? One is valid as an opinion, the other has no value at all .

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 01:25 PM
Just another great batch of information, thanks.

Could we have broken off way back in History and are now being pulled back home?

I am adding all the channeling and religious connotations about the times we are living in now and what they are eluding to.

We could have been dragged off by a passing Galaxy, in a stream. Just going on the streamed look of the Sagittarius Galaxy we are a part of now.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 01:28 PM

Absolute great report Zorgon...

took me a while to sponge all the info
but very well done...

not that im gonna get my reply and not that im one of those "guys" that complains about categorized threads...cause I dont care...
this one could be in like 5???

but wheres the Alien&UFO?
Are you implying any unnatural hand in this???

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 01:45 PM
A great thread Zorgon!

I enjoyed the read, nicely laid out and presented as well. I learned something new today and had a nice break from keeping up with Wikileaks related info.

If we are becoming apart of the Milky Way, and were apart of this dwarf galaxy (Sagittarius); then that would explain why the planet is absolutely nuts. Planetoids, Stars, moons and other celestial objects apparently have an effect on the human mind and play a role in our evolution. A basic example would be the so called star signs which are probably not even the correct ones.

It would explain a lot though, even explaining why a lot of people on Earth believe they were not meant to be apart of this planet, almost we do not belong to this galaxy.

Would the two galaxies fighting over who owns what cause unexplained phenomenon within the human brain? Could it cause mutation to all living things on this planet over the millions of years?

It could also explain some cryptic mysterious reason as to why we have a two sides for a lot of things, for example: Left and Right Wing, York and Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

By the time we settle completely into the Milky Way, our Sun would have evolved into a Red Giant. Either way, the only way it could harm us, is maybe just by altering cosmic energies, in layman terms; your Star Sign will be wrong

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 01:48 PM
Great post, Zorgon.

a question or the renditions and infra red remind you of something?

I saw the Oroborus...the serpent. Isn't it possible that the ancients knew something we are just now
being made aware of? Maybe the 2012 predictions of the Maya have a lot to do with the precursor
incidents that are happening on the other planets in our system at this time.

again great information...and just guess we have to wait and see what else will happen on our planet.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 02:11 PM
what does this mean for us?

It means that we as humans know nothing about the universe we "exist" in, it means that we drown in half empty glasses of water most of the time, and that all of our problems and misery are worth a grain of salt if put in proportion of what really seems to be going on.

Galactic collisions on the flows of the universe, the quantity of energy being transformed and expanded goes beyond everything we can consider with our human senses, and sense expanding equipment.

It means that we are nothing and that whenever chaos wants to wipe us out, it wont ask for permission.

It means that God is just god, a force of nature, an impersonal force of nature that cannot be argued with, cannot be reasoned with, cannot be truly comprehended, thus, praying and asking for protection or forgiveness is just a pale human creation, opaqued by the true light of the material universe we live in.
Imagine we have been lucky, but how many planets and races and beliefs have already vanished in the fractal whim of existence.

We can argue all we like on the nature of comprehension, but if we really did understand what is going on, many would simply just stop operating in their reality sphere, the real world being simply too much to handle.

It makes me laugh what have some commented on this fine thread, "people will not believe me", "what does it mean?" , "it will be millions of years before we feel it"
Ignorance is bliss, truth is no one knows if we will be here any longer, no one has life bought, we could all just have a heart attack during the night.

Now don't get me wrong, this knowledge can indeed change our lives, if we have been on the brink of destruction and annihilation since we can remember, then for me it has a liberating energy, I can worry less about things I lack and start living each day as if it counted for something, I can start giving out all I have held, thinki9ng it was mine forever, I can take this knowledge and make me give it all, because in the end, my life and the life of everyone else in the world is subject to changes beyong human proportion, lets not hold back, lets live life as if we meant it.

Lets give us the chance of braking the shell in which we live in, and look at existence the way it really is, sure its scary, we have no control, but we never have had any control at all, just the illusion, just the perception, just an idea.
Galaxies colliding are not ideal, in ways they are even more real than all of our lives put together, but, in ways its all the same, who can say that a broken heart does not feel like the death of a star.

Great info Z.

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