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Senator Joe Lieberman Introduces SHIELD Act To Make Classified Information Releases Illegal

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posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 10:44 AM

Originally posted by Xcathdra
When actions go beyond the reporting of one criminal incident, and move into the realm of releasing classified information that has absolutely no criminal wrongdoing involved, it moves into the realm of espionage. The argument of bringing illegal information to light for moral grounds is now a mute point since the actions of releasing classified info with no criminal wrongdoing do not support the origional claim.

Is allowing 9-11 to happen, or even assisting terrorists to pull it off, a criminal act or just unethical practice? Who gets to make that decision when most of the controversial evidence gets attacked and muted by all irresponsible officials and mainstream media?

Is going to war with afghanistan and iraq on false pretenses a criminal act or just unethical practice? Remember millions of people got killed on both sides of the conflict and countless others injured for life. What about the gulf war syndrome and the lack of public information on that?

What about the forced bailouts at 11;59 pm with all the politicians pretending to not have prior knowledge of anything? Was there a public vote to see what the people thought? Oh yea we have a republic rather than a democracy but still isn't it unethical(at the very least) to push a 2 trillion dollar bailout on the tax-payers back without their approval?

Originally posted by Xcathdra
It would be like being involved in a fight with someone who pulls a knife on you. You draw your gun while the guy is coming at you, and you shoot him, and he goes down, severely wounded and unable to move.

Normally, in terms of whistelblowing, this is where the action stops. The info is out, people can see it and it can be investigated.

Now, same scenarion, same outcome, the guy is laying on the ground, not moving, no longer a threat, and you decide to walk up to him and place a few rounds in his head.

At that point it was no longer self defense. The argument of self defense cannot support the end actions of shooting a person in the head that, in this scenario, no loner presented a threat to the person.

The fourth estate, mainstream media, has sold out the public at large a long, long time ago. Now they are making small efforts to correct the issue but its probably too little, too late in my honest opinion. I doubt america is the exception to the rule though as the international power-brokers have stated off-the record numerous times they want a one-world-government and nothing will stop their least so it seems!

If you were the one who was tasked with disseminating classified material and deep down you knew a lot of that information was criminal in nature would you report it to your superiors who would laugh you out of town the frist time and then dismiss you for a second violation or would you find alternative avenues to get REAL JUSTICE?

Thankfully I am not the one who has to make such decisions but still I am pissed-off as hell that the citizens of america have allowed such gross injustice to slowely but surely materialise with no consequences befallen on the evil-doers. How can anyone support out-of-control corruption is beyond me.......

posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 11:11 AM

Originally posted by Xcathdra
reply to post by Seagle

I thought that was implied when he said countrless other individuals, as well as the US Government, since the government is the people.

That is your interpretation of what he implied. For all I know "countless other individuals" could implicitly mean a whole lot of OTHER unrelated things to the public. Explicit and implicit are NOT the same thing and I won't even bother speculate what he meant.

For all practical purposes the government has covertly evolved ITSELF from representing the people to representing corporations 90% of the time and a few scraps here and there for the public.

Originally posted by Xcathdra
And yet here we are, in forums criticising the Government, thier policies and the people behind them with no government agents knocking on our doors in the middle of the night.

Here we are, discussing leaked documents and cables, with no government agents knocking on our door. This website has not been shut down even though the content contained is mostly in opposition to the Government.

It seems the nwo has learned a few lessons from hitler&stalin mistakes of the past. To their credit they are smarter than those two megalomaniac idiots but I fear a time will come when the internet will be shut-down and people will be prosecuted simply for not being loyal enough to their masters.
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posted on Jan, 8 2011 @ 08:08 PM
reply to post by EarthCitizen07

Wikileaks has proven that Iraq had an active WMD program right up to the 2003 invasion, and those documents were released. However, people ignore those files because it destroys their argument about the war, our intelligence ability and actually supports Bush's actions.

Good God, we cant have that, so what to the die hard assange supporters do? They downplay it, or ignore it, or claim its made up and planted by the US Government.

Afghanistan is a legal war and sanctioned under UN resolution.

As far as your claims about 9/11, unless you can provide proof and evidence our Government had anything to do with it, then the base of your argument has faults.

Serioously, if you guys would look at what you post and actually take a minute to think about it.

The Govrnment is behind it, but there is no evidence to show that. The Government is hiding all the evidence so they must be lieing about what happened. Experts have shown the offical story about the WTC is wrong. Experts have shown that what occured at the WTC is possible.

The Government wont release video footage, they are hiding things.

Yet through all of this, you guys fail to take into account that its STILL AN ACTIVE CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION.

...and again, why do people feel they are entitled to information that if released, could get real people killed? Protecting a source of information that helps secure Americas National Security overrules what ou think you are entitled to.

As I said before, if you want to be in the know, then join the military or one of the Alphabet agencies.
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