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Hidden Secrets of UFO Disclosure at the National Press Club

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posted on Jan, 23 2011 @ 09:31 PM
reply to post by Pimander

I want to share a few excerpts from public discussions on UFOs by Terence McKenna that I think you will agree with and find interesting.

Terence McKenna - Shamanic Approaches to the UFO - 1987 Angels Aliens & Archetypes Symposium

In preparation for this conference I re-read Carl Jung's book, published in 1954, called "Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen In the Sky". And to my mind, no one has really gone beyond Jung. He understood very clearly that saying that something is a denizen of the psychic realm no way precludes it's also having efficacious force in the physical realm through the phenomenon he called synchronicity.

Terence McKenna - UFO: The Inside Outsider - 1993 UFO Expo

The first thing somebody said to me was "I want you to know that this Jungian thing is bull####."

Okay, that's fine. However, this is like beating a dead horse. Has the news from quantum physics not reached the UFO community? Is it not now thoroughly assimilated that an observer is necessary for reality to exist at all? It's all psychological! There's no distinction. So these people that have such enthusiasm for beryllium ships from Arturus or wherever should be informed, you know - same same! That's important news. And where is it coming from? Let's not rush past this here.

Physics has always been the paradigmatic science. All sciences have physics-envy. Why is that? Because it's not unlikely in a physics experiment to be able to predict an experimental result to three decimal points of accuracy. That's science! You don't get that in sociology, you don't get that in psychology, you don't even get that in biology. And physics is the most mathematical of all the sciences. So around the towering edifice of physics, the more frightened and uncertain of the sciences had gathered near her skirts. So what is physics telling us? It's saying "Folks, hold your horses here. It turns out the cheerful world of billiard ball-like atoms, winging their way through Newtonian space, is in for serious revision. It turns out that these particles aren't even particles - they're waves. Well no, not exactly - they're both. Well what I actually meant to say was..."

And you discover the babble of mad people. Science has collapsed. Its' core has given way to contradiction. The cheerful exploration of matter that begins with the Greeks is destroyed by Werner Heisenberg and all his evil grandchildren, who now show that 1) It's incomprehensible. 2) It's self-contradictory. 3) You can't conceptualize it except in some enormously complicated mathematical phase-space anyway.

So this concern for the materiality of the saucers is a completely anachronistic issue. Carried far enough the analysis of this stage will show you that it has no "reality" to it.

posted on Jan, 24 2011 @ 09:53 PM
reply to post by corsair00

The link between the mind, psi, consciousness, quantum physics and fields is the key - to the UFO phenomenon, ultra-technology and reality I suppose. I think this stuff takes us way beyond E.T. versus E.D.H.

If you haven't seen it you might like this website. The Elfis Network

A bit off topic for the thread but I liked this series.
E.L.F. Infested Spaces pt 1
E.L.F. Infested Spaces pt 2
E.L.F. Infested Spaces pt 3

Part 3 concludes with

In our next issue I will explore specific UFO hypotheses which integrate psychotronic technologies (electromagnetic field phenomena and consciousness research) with interspecies communications possibilities that utilize these psychophysical mechanisms of manifestation.

Unfortunately it doesn't appear to be in the next issue. Issue 4. What about that for a tease!

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posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 12:47 AM

Originally posted by annella
Can someone tell me HOW Greer earns his money and from whom he gets his money? And his annual income would be another thing Id love to know. Then we can compare it to the salary he earnt as an Emergency room great to see the difference.

So lets hear it from the 'ripoff' believers who obviously have info on his financial standing that most of us are not privy to. Dang it!!

Originally posted by IamAbeliever
Greer is a fraud. The only disclosure I would like to hear come out of his mouth is exactly how much money he has actually suckered people out of.

Errr... ummm... OK. I will.

Let's start with physician status. I live not far from Steven Greer. I've been by his estate. I'm in the same general profession. He maintains his physician license with the Commonwealth by paying his biennial fees. He has, however, not practiced medicine since he moved to the Charlottesville, Virginia area in 1998. Though he used to be an E.R. physician, he is not certified (American Board of Emergency Medicine). His emergency room claim is what they call "Self-Designated Practice Areas," which just means he calls himself that. A doctor can call themselves lots of things when filling out their information to the state licensing board.

I have the IRS filings for one of his 501(c)(3) tax-exempt "educational" foundations (CSETI). Greer lists revenue (contributions) for one of his years as ~$956,000. However, he lists $206,854 to a company as expenses for, "training, lectures management, meeting and office space, educational materials, printing books/DVDs." These expenses are then deducted from revenue to get a "total assets" figure of $731,887. But wait!

Oopsie phucking daisy! The company that Greer paid $207,000 to for management/office space/materials/books/DVDs... that company is wholly owned by... guess who... Dr. Steven Macon Greer. So, what Greer has been doing for many years is, deducting expenses from his tax-free foundation for the IRS, but actually paying himself that money, as he wholly owns the company which provides the "services."

Keep in mind the above monetary example only concerns the tax-free donations for one of his foundations - this is NOT his personal income from numerous and other various sources.

He constantly whines about needing money, and begs for donations on countless websites, however, he owns two homes (one on 62 acres):

home #1: $1.3 million/5,600 sq.ft./4BR/4 fireplaces/4 bath/2 half-bath/62 acres
home #2: $1.1 million/3-story brick w/basement/2,835 sq.ft./14 total rooms/6 BR/4½ bath/fireplace in very exclusive area of Washington, D.C.

I have data for his real estate properties, etc., going back to North Carolina. He owned numerous lots/properties in NC - there were perhaps 15 transactions of buying selling property in NC.

He constantly whines and cries about lack of money and pleads for donations, however, back on September 27, 2002, a company Greer owned and was its CEO (now defunct), issued a press release offering a

" million dollar "Z Prize" for an energy invention that would dramatically decrease the need for fossil fuels.

The Charlottesville, VA based energy company will provide the $1 million prize to the inventor or inventors who provide a testable prototype of an invention that can serve to either replace current internal combustion energy systems or greatly increase their efficiency. The Z Prize is named after the so-called zero point energy field that many physicists claim is a vast field of energy that can be tapped from the space around an object."

I know a lot about Steven Greer. He is a nutjob, and is functionally delusional, in much the same way as John Lear. The more I find out about him, the more I discover his nearly endless supply of shell-companies/websites, many of which no long exist. Once they have served their purpose as a money-making machine, he discards them and starts new ventures. He has recently raised about $250,000 by donations for a movie about his work (from 2 donation sites).

Someone referenced the long list in this thread as somewhat positive and noteworthy, due to so-called prominent names on the list. Did any of you recognize his sister-in-law on the list? Muahahahah!

OK, that's enough for tonight. Here's a little link for the skeptics among you (doubting the veracity of my claims):

Oh, and a little more:

"Steven M. Greer, Emery S. Smith and Deborah Foch have been charged in connection with allegedly operating a commercial venture on a national wildlife refuge."

Insert this into Google Earth to see Greer's 62 acre estate: 37 59 24 N 78 45 31 W

"I'm sorry, Dave. I can't do that."
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posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 01:35 AM

Originally posted by corsair00
If you're offended by his Puja religious views and the meditation, you're very close to indicating to everyone here that you are an atheist and not very different than someone who is racist. I think it is very clear that the people who get all worked up about Greer are hardcore materialistic atheists who are totally offended by the mentioning of "mind over matter" or "spirituality"

Did you just draw a direct comparison between atheists and racists ?

It is very late for me and i am very very tired so i hope i read that one wrong !
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posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 02:57 AM

Originally posted by HAL9000beta1

Excellent post, HAL.

Oh, and a little more:

"Steven M. Greer, Emery S. Smith and Deborah Foch have been charged in connection with allegedly operating a commercial venture on a national wildlife refuge."

Regarding these charges brought against CSETI the board of directors had the audacity to claim, "The facts show that we were misled by an experienced former federal official, whose expertise we trusted." source

How can anyone associated with Steven Greer complain about being misled? CSETI and Greer have created a very lucrative business model based on misleading and cheating people!

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