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N. Korea Crisis - Updated as News come to hand

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posted on Nov, 9 2011 @ 05:23 AM
reply to post by Dimitri Dzengalshlevi

True. One of my uncle ended up ``peacekeeping`` in Serbia... He saw scumbags raping women and couldn't do a thing because of ``UN rules``...

The UN is disgusting. Screw helping your fellow human, it's forbidden by the ``rules``...

Anyway, Harper and the other sellouts warmongers in the Liberal party need to be kicked out of their parties. Enough with the wars.
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posted on Nov, 9 2011 @ 05:33 AM
reply to post by Dimitri Dzengalshlevi

Possibly Dimitri, I recall hearing a Canadian soldier from a peacekeeping mission in Iraq go on about "There is no such thing as a 'peacekeeping mission'", and "Never let them tell you we're there to 'keep the peace' because the conflicts always arise, and it never pans out like you hear in the news at home" ... it was a CBC radio broadcast I listened to during work one day. I must admit it made quite an impression on me to hear that inside scoop. They put the soldiers' corporal on afterwards - I'm not sure if he'd heard the previous comments or not at the time - he neither refuted nor supported them, and gave a sober account of recent missionwork.

Agreed that we hate war! I've only personally known a small handfull of people who ever aspired to become soldiers, although I did meet our countries (at the time) top-ranked lady cadet in high school ! She attended the same, we used to meet at a local coffee shop on spares.

posted on Nov, 9 2011 @ 05:34 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo

I think our government is already beyond true democracy. Federally, it's virtually the same two-party state that is in the US. The NDP has reformed itself from even relating itself to "socialism". They all tow the same line now without significant difference in their policies, in my opinion (especially since our government seems to be easily manipulated by external lobbying by Americans/Israel/the rich/etc).

And personally, I think the UN was great for its first 10-20 years, but now it is a farce. International justice is a farce when "victor's justice" determines that the "bad guys" will always be tried for war crimes/crimes against humanity while Western empires or their client states have impunity from the same persecution.

And what's even worse, is that the majority of people are complacent to it. They just don't understand what the actions of a few are doing to the whole world but it's all fine as long as we're not getting bombed, right?

I recall hearing a Canadian soldier from a peacekeeping mission in Iraq

You sure you mean Iraq? The only personnel we ever had in Iraq was JTF-2.
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posted on Nov, 9 2011 @ 07:40 AM

Originally posted by Dimitri Dzengalshlevi
And personally, I think the UN was great for its first 10-20 years, but now it is a farce. International justice is a farce when "victor's justice" determines that the "bad guys" will always be tried for war crimes/crimes against humanity while Western empires or their client states have impunity from the same persecution.

Farce? I think you're being waaayyy too nice when you describe the UN as a farce. Cluster**** is a much better and accurate term.

I thought the UN was established to give the little guy a voice in world events. Funny, if that's their job, why isn't the UN in some third world country; you know, the ones they are suppose to be defending against the big, bad world? Guess there isn't too many nightclubs, hookers and free parking there.

posted on Nov, 9 2011 @ 09:46 AM

Originally posted by signal2noise

Originally posted by Dimitri Dzengalshlevi
And personally, I think the UN was great for its first 10-20 years, but now it is a farce. International justice is a farce when "victor's justice" determines that the "bad guys" will always be tried for war crimes/crimes against humanity while Western empires or their client states have impunity from the same persecution.

Farce? I think you're being waaayyy too nice when you describe the UN as a farce. Cluster**** is a much better and accurate term.

I thought the UN was established to give the little guy a voice in world events. Funny, if that's their job, why isn't the UN in some third world country; you know, the ones they are suppose to be defending against the big, bad world? Guess there isn't too many nightclubs, hookers and free parking there.

No, the UN's role was to ensure that one nation could become so powerful that it could start another world war like the Nazis did. It was an official organization of the international community. However, its original function doesn't seem all that effective when certain security council members use their UN power for personal gain and not for the benefit of the international community.

It all went downhill when John Bolton was assigned US ambassador to the UN... in his own words, he thinks the international community is fake and every country is out for their own benefit, hence why he canned any US involvement with the Rome Statute, begged for war with Iraq, and he also despised international nuclear treaties. Hell, he even said that the US had its own rights to make up its own international war crimes laws.

Then look at the situation now. Hillary Clinton authorized spying on other diplomats at the UN in order to gain information necessary to sway their opinion. And the US also uses aid as a political device by threatening to pull it from countries if they don't give in to American demands (they specifically did this to force many countries into signing bilateral immunity agreements, so that those countries would not help with arresting and sending Americans to the ICC to face trials for war crimes/crimes against humanity).

It's not like other countries use the UN for their own ends either, but what the US has been doing is pretty damning. This is why I've lost faith in it.

posted on Nov, 9 2011 @ 08:46 PM
Rumors that Kim Jong Il is dead.

Anybody here hear anything?

posted on Nov, 9 2011 @ 08:47 PM
reply to post by Darce

No haven't heard this.
Where did you pick up the
rumors and how long ago
would this have been?

posted on Nov, 9 2011 @ 08:51 PM

Originally posted by Darce
Rumors that Kim Jong Il is dead.

Anybody here hear anything?

Curiosity ... peaking!! Where did you hear this? I think N.Korea would say he;s gone to space to conquer another planet in the name of N.Korea.... AND THEY'D BELIEVE IT!!

posted on Nov, 9 2011 @ 08:51 PM

This speaks about the rumors.

posted on Nov, 9 2011 @ 08:59 PM

Originally posted by Darce
Rumors that Kim Jong Il is dead.

Anybody here hear anything?

Yeah it crashed the SKorean market and the SKorean currency tuesday but SKorean intelligence said it was false rumors.


One day, it's gonna be true, and that POS will end up in hell...

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posted on Nov, 9 2011 @ 09:10 PM
I'm hoping we don't go into Iran so we could delay the end of the world, but here we have Kim Kong and Ong Bak about to go at it.

Earth is not the safest place nowadays.

posted on Nov, 9 2011 @ 10:09 PM
reply to post by crazydaisy

Just saw it when I posted, same source as yours. I'm pretty sure Vitchilo has it right though.

Maybe.. he had a stroke, but didn't die?

posted on Nov, 9 2011 @ 10:23 PM
Interesting timing, so much
tension going on in the world
right now - this could change a
lot of things if true.

We should get an announcement
on this soon I would think.

posted on Nov, 10 2011 @ 07:01 PM
reply to post by Dimitri Dzengalshlevi

You sure you mean Iraq? The only personnel we ever had in Iraq was JTF-2.

Y'know, I really thought so, but given my fallable memory, and you being up on these issues, it seems quite possible it was another peacekeeping mission to another country. I was glancing through the CBC archives a few minutes ago; seems likely it was ongoing Afghanistan. I'd confirm properly if I there was a faster way to check through those.

posted on Nov, 10 2011 @ 09:55 PM

Originally posted by Northwarden
reply to post by Dimitri Dzengalshlevi

You sure you mean Iraq? The only personnel we ever had in Iraq was JTF-2.

Y'know, I really thought so, but given my fallable memory, and you being up on these issues, it seems quite possible it was another peacekeeping mission to another country. I was glancing through the CBC archives a few minutes ago; seems likely it was ongoing Afghanistan. I'd confirm properly if I there was a faster way to check through those.

I just know that Iraq was a political line drawn in the sand of Canadian politics. When we had the chance to join, our Liberal feds (at the time) refused, just like they refused Bush's ABM shield around Canada. The federal government may be full of asses some times, but at least they try to keep us out of serious trouble. Afghanistan was acceptable for Canadians for various reasons but Iraq was not.

posted on Nov, 17 2011 @ 06:30 PM
India :
India: more AWACS and BrahMos missiles

India is in final negotiations for buying two more Israeli-made EL/M-2075 Phalcon Airborne Warning and Control Systems, the Times of India reported.

India also is on schedule for developing its own AWACS, a smaller system than the Phalcon and for use on smaller planes.

The Time of India also reported that the Indian army has inducted another regiment of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile, a precision-strike weapon with a range of around 200 miles.

India tests long-range nuclear-capable missile

India on Tuesday successfully test fired one of its longest range missiles capable of carrying a one-tonne nuclear warhead deep inside China, officials said.

India PM warns Pakistan over attacks

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh warned Saturday Pakistan knows one more Mumbai-style terror attack would be a "big setback" to the nuclear-armed neighbours' plans to step up their peace process.

This kind of talk is rare from India.

Slow, Sloppy and Stubborn

India's submarine fleet is dying of old age, and new boats are not going to arrive in time. It's not like this was a surprise, but the Indian defense procurement bureaucracy has long been noted as slow, sloppy and stubborn, especially in the face of demands that it speed up.

The plan was to have a dozen new subs in service by the end of the decade. At present, there will be (with a bit of luck) six of them in service by then. The other six might arrive five years later.

Foes India, Pakistan eye better ties

The leaders of India and Pakistan will meet on the sidelines of a regional summit this week, as the nuclear-armed rivals seek to push a tentative rapprochement in their fractious relationship.

Pakistan :
A Novel 3 TEL

Pakistan recently ran a successful test of its 1.5 ton Haft VII cruise missile. This time the test was from a new, three missile transporter/erector/launcher (TEL). This TEL replaces the previous four missile launcher. The three-missile launcher was designed for "shoot and scoot." That means that the launcher can quickly launch a missile, return the missile canister to the horizontal position and move out of the area. This is because radars and other sensors can quickly spot where a missile is launched vertically, and attack the missile transporter.

With a range of 700 kilometers, Hatf VII is based on the American Tomahawk cruise missile.

Taiwan :
US House panel urges fighter jet sale to Taiwan

A key US House of Representatives panel on Thursday approved bills urging the sale of new F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan and letting its leaders travel more freely to the United States, steps opposed by Beijing.

Funny how Obama said ``we are not afraid of China``... but won't sell new F-16 to Taiwan... stinking liar.

Taiwan’s Lien Meets China’s Hu, Sees Signs of Mainland Political Reform

Lien Chan, the honorary chairman of Taiwan’s ruling Kuomintang Party, said he believes China’s leaders are considering some degree of political reform “in the coming decade.”

Considering, some degree, coming decade... basically hell will freeze over before any real reform.

Taiwan opposition claims China interfering in polls

Taiwan's main opposition claimed Sunday that Beijing was colluding with the country's China-friendly government to ensure its re-election in January polls, triggering a rebuttal from the ruling party.

Chen said that China had timed trade moves to coincide with the polls, sending dozens of procurement delegations to Taiwan this year to buy billions of US dollars' worth of goods including flat screens, textiles, food and agricultural produce.


Taiwan says early-warning radar nearing completion

Taiwan said Thursday it has begun testing a billion-dollar early warning radar system, designed to give an extra six minutes' warning of any Chinese missile attack, which is nearing completion.

Russia :
Russia warns of nuclear conflict risk on borders

Russia's top military commander warned on Thursday of a growing threat of conflicts along its borders that could even escalate into a nuclear war.

There's no growing threat of conflicts between Russia and anybody. Unless China goes nuts and tries to invade Siberia or Ukraine/Georgia joins NATO which is unlikely.

The Russian War On Bad Habits

Russia is very serious about upgrading the quality of its military personnel. So serious that it has instituted physical fitness tests for its officers. Last year, some 20 percent officers were dismissed (or forced to retire) for repeatedly failing the physical fitness test. This year, the initial failure rate was 4.4 percent, and these officers have one more chance to pass the test. A lot more officers are going to the gym regularly, and more gyms are being built on or near military bases.

Russia is also finding that more and more conscripts or volunteer recruits are not in such great shape physically. Some Russian officers have noted similar problems in the West, and China. Russian officers have been paying a lot more attention to their Western counterparts in the last decade. That's because Russia has discarded the old Soviet approach (where "quantity has a quality of its own") and gone with the Western model of a smaller, but more high-tech and professional force.

America will soon be forced to do this more and more... US generals have said that more and more young people were too bad in shape to serve.

Russia seeks extension of Azerbaijan radar lease until 2025

The radar, located near the town of Minchegaur, 120 kilometers (75 miles) from the capital Baku, was leased to Russia for 10 years in 2002. The lease expires on December 24, 2012.

Russia pays the annual Gabala rent of $7 million to Azerbaijan under the current agreement.

According to various sources, Baku is asking for a higher rent, a compensation for environmental impact on the area, and wider employment opportunities for Azeri citizens servicing the Russian personnel at the radar facility, as part of the new agreement.

The Gabala radar, also known as the Daryal Information and Analytical Center, is an important element of the Russian missile defense network.

Russia needs defense research body - NATO envoy

Russia’s envoy to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, has called for the creation of a defense research agency similar to Darpa, the Pentagon agency that funds military research in the U.S.

Russian military has 'no one left to draft'

Russia has no conscript-age young men left to recruit, Russia's chief of the General Staff complained on Thursday.

The current conscript service crisis in the Russian Armed Forces is mainly due to demographic decline, bullying and brutal treatment of conscripts.

General Nikolai Makarov said only 11.7% of young men aged 18-27 were eligible for the army service but 60% of them had health problems and could not be drafted under law.


Russia may sell air defense systems, helicopters to Saudi Arabia

The “arms package” reportedly includes T-90S main battle tanks, BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles, Mi-35 (Hind) attack helicopters, and Mi-17 (Hip) multirole helicopters, as well as Pansir-S1 air defense systems.

Several media sources have also mentioned that Russia could sell advanced S-300 or even S-400 air defense missile systems to Saudi Arabia.

I'm sure if Russia did sell S-400s to Saudi Arabia, the US would send a team to reverse-engineer it.

Medvedev to assess Russia's reaction to European missile defense system

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev announced that he would deliver a complete assessment on the U.S.-backed European missile defense system in the near future.

A Very, Very Happy New Year For The Red Army

Russia is increasing pay for career troops 2.5-3 times (for retired troops 1.5-1.7 times). The new pay rates go into effect January 1st, 2012. This means most sergeants and junior officers will now be making over $2,000 a month (depending on how long they have been in the military). There's a catch, however, troops now have to pay for their uniforms. For an enlisted soldier, uniforms cost about $250 a year, while a general's uniforms (more elaborate and higher quality) cost over $1,500 a year. But such pay deductions are not unknown in the West, and take away only a small portion of the new raises.

That should help solve their enlistment problems.
NKorea :
Obama warns North Korea on proliferation

President Barack Obama said Thursday that the United States would take firm action to prevent North Korea proliferating nuclear material to other states or terror groups.

Right. That's a fail right there since NKorea has been giving nuke info to Iran, Syria and Myanmar and who knows who else.

Greece seizes N. Korea chemical weapons suits: diplomats

Greek authorities seized almost 14,000 anti-chemical weapons suits from a North Korean ship possibly headed for Syria but did not disclose the find for nearly two years, diplomats said Wednesday.

Food aid intended for N. Koreans to be offered to third countries

South Korea plans to donate baby formula originally intended for North Korea to disaster-stricken countries in Africa and elsewhere, as the North has refused to accept it, an official at the Unification Ministry said Thursday.

Yeah they refused it because Kim doesn't like baby formula...

N.Korea test fires missiles in Yellow Sea: report

The missiles were a modified version of Styx ground-to-ship missiles which the North deploys along its west coast, with a 40-kilometre (25 mile) range, the report said.

"If the North fires air-to-ship missiles from IL-28 bombers near the NLL (Northern Limit Line), it would pose a grave threat to our patrol boats and destroyers manoeuvring south of the NLL," the source said.

Photos show N.Korea progress on new reactor

North Korea has made significant progress in building a new nuclear reactor but it is unlikely to become operational for two to three years, according to a website which published satellite photos.

US: N. Korea Nuke Reactor Construction Violates UN

The United States says that North Korea’s construction of a nuclear reactor goes against U.N. resolutions.

Fewer N.Korean Violations of Maritime Border

North Korean violations of the Northern Limit Line, the de-facto maritime border, have decreased to one-sixth the frequency of last year since January.

Trying for talks... but it ain't working much. NKorea still haven't got the food they want.

N. Korea offers high-level meeting for summit talks with S. Korea: scholar

senior North Korean official has told "The Elders," a group of retired state leaders, that Pyongyang is willing to hold a high-level meeting with Seoul in January to discuss a possible inter-Korean summit, a U.S.-based Korean scholar familiar with the group said Saturday.

Source: Hundreds of N. Korean nuclear and missile experts working in Iran

Hundreds of North Korean nuclear and missile experts have been collaborating with their Iranian counterparts in more than 10 locations across the Islamic state, a diplomatic source said Sunday.

N Korea confirms resumption of U.S. soldiers remains recovery effort

SEOUL, Nov. 11 (Yonhap) -- North Korea's official news media confirmed Friday that the communist country has resumed joint efforts to recover the remains of U.S. soldiers killed in the 1950-53 Korean War.

South Korea :
S. Korea to build barracks for U.S. troops on border island near N. Korea

South Korea's military plans to build a barracks on a front-line island in the Yellow Sea near North Korea to house U.S. troops in case of emergency or military drills, a government source said Sunday, as the allies beef up their guard to thwart potential attacks by the North.

Yeah let's make sure the next provocation creates full on war!

Military Halts Propaganda Leaflets to N.Korea

Military authorities have suspended the launch of propaganda leaflets toward North Korea, which was resumed as part of increased psychological warfare after North Korea shelled Yeonpyeong Island in November last year.

Russian envoy seeks to ease concerns about gas pipeline passing N. Korea

Russia's top envoy to South Korea on Tuesday sought to ease concerns about building a gas pipeline linking the two countries via North Korea, saying his country is prepared to take all risks arising from the project.

Gazprom is really stupid doing this... and it doesn't really matter if they ``guarantee`` the flow of oil and gas. If the pipeline is built, then the South Korean economy will still rely on it and it will be hit if NKorea decides to cut it off.

Minister says unification of Koreas draws near

South Korea has come closer to reunification with North Korea, Seoul's point man on Pyongyang said Friday, as South Korea works on a bill on how to finance the potential unification.

Australia :
US to base Marines in Australia, rankling China

The United States will deploy up to 2,500 Marines to Australia as the nations expand their 60-year-old military alliance, President Barack Obama said Wednesday in a move that rankled China.

They want to make sure that there's US troops available if China tries to take over the Spratlys Islands.
China :
Death By Counterfeit

The United States recently announced that it had uncovered 1,800 instances of suspected counterfeit parts (involving over a million individual components) sold to suppliers of weapons and equipment to the Department of Defense. China was the largest source of such counterfeit parts, partly because corruption in China prevents the government there from cracking down. Then there's the growing number of Chinese companies that will try to improve their profits by putting more and more of the cheaper counterfeit parts in shipments of legitimate ones to customers they have established relationships with. This may seem counterproductive, but it appeals to many Chinese businessmen.

This counterfeit parts scam is not just directed at the United States. It's a growing problem for the Russian military, and even the Chinese armed forces.

China's Golden Decade

China has over sixty military space satellites in orbit. At least sixteen of these will be dual-use photo reconnaissance or largely military radar satellites.

There are also fifteen military communications satellites and sixteen Beidou navigation satellites. There are another dozen or so miscellaneous scientific and research satellites.

China to send N.Korean refugees to S.Korea: report

China will allow a group of 19 North Korean refugees to leave for South Korea in a reversal of its normal repatriation policy, a report said Friday.

Very good news.

Illegal Chinese Fishing in Korean Waters Gets Worse

Some 294 Chinese fishing boats and 2,905 Chinese fishermen have been caught so far this year illegally fishing in Korean territorial waters.

The number of Chinese trawlers caught illegally fishing in Korea's Exclusive Economic Zone rose from 79 in 2007 to 91 last year, while the number of Chinese boats that trespassed into Korean territorial waters almost doubled from 27 to 53 over the same period.

That's a lot of violations.

This Sort Of Thing Terrifies The Government

China has complained to Japan about increasing Japanese air reconnaissance missions off the Chinese coast. Although these electronic recon missions are in international waters, China considers the Japanese aircraft too close and a threat. This sort of thing is a growing problem with China.

Philippines :
US, Philippines boost alliance amid row with China

In a highly symbolic ceremony aboard a guided-missile destroyer Wednesday, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton underscored America's military and diplomatic backing for the Philippines as it engages in an increasingly tense territorial dispute with China in the resource-rich South China Sea.

Clinton said her discussions with Philippine officials focused on strengthening the Philippines' defense "to have a credible deterrent, to be able to protect what is yours and to be able to pursue lawful activities, whether it's for fishing or exploration for gas and oil."

Since the Philippines government is highly bought and paid for by the Chinese, it's gonna be a fight to the end determining who will the Philippines will side with when it goes hot.


And this is bad news...
Old Hardliner Returns to N.Korean General Staff

The septuagenarian hardliner Gen. Kim Kyok-sik, who is believed to have supervised the North Korean military's deadly shelling of Yeonpyeong Island in November last year, appears to have regained the favor of the regime.

The guy who planned every provocation since 2009 is back into power... new provocations are on the agenda for sure. Before the end of the year?
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posted on Nov, 29 2011 @ 06:16 AM
Russia :
Russia Considers Blocking NATO Supply Routes.

Russia said it may not let NATO use its territory to supply troops in Afghanistan if the alliance doesn’t seriously consider its objections to a U.S.-led missile shield for Europe, Russia’s ambassador to NATO said Monday.

Russia to send warships to Syria in 2012: report

Russia will send a flotilla of warships led by its only aircraft carrier to its naval base in Syria for a port call next year amid tensions with the West over the Syrian crisis, a report said Monday.

The ships, headed by the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, will dock at the little-utilised Russian base in the Syrian port of Tartus in spring 2012, the Izvestia daily said, quoting the Russian navy.

Russia to improve Azerbaijan radar site to monitor Iran missiles

Russia wants to upgrade equipment at a early-warning radar facility in Azerbaijan because of Iran's increasing capacity to launch a long-range missile, Russian Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said Friday.

Aimed at Iran uh? Total bull. But there's always a crowd in Iran that hates Russia. So Russia might be worried about them taking power.

Russia threatens to walk out of nuke arms pacts with US

Russia today threatened to walk out of all nuclear arms control pacts over deployment of the European missile shield close to its borders and warned it was prepared to deploy its own missiles on its borders with Europe to counter the American move.

US to cease observing arms treaty with Russia: State Dept

The United States said Tuesday it would no longer provide data to Russia on conventional weapons and troops in Europe, citing non-compliance by Moscow with a two-decade old treaty that governed the information exchange.

Soviet Era Ship Killers Slipped Into Syria

Despite the growing civil war in Syria, Russia is honoring an order, earlier this year, for an unspecified number of SSN-26 Yakhont anti-ship missiles. The order was finally confirmed eight months ago, after four years of haggling and efforts by Israel and the United States to block the sale. Apparently the missiles have already been paid for, and Syrian has assured Russia that the missiles can safely be delivered by ship. Russia is happy for any sale, but seems particularly anxious for this missile to get some combat experience.

Two Against The World

Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have agreed to establish a free-trade union over the next four years. Russia denied that it is trying to rebuild the Soviet Union (which was itself a Russian empire that had taken several centuries to create). But the 14 nations that were created from the dissolution of the Soviet Union left a lot of trade links that were now encumbered by national politics, tariffs and all sorts of obstacles that hurt the economies of all concerned. While this union makes economic sense, many Russians make no secret of wanting to get their empire back, and this makes the neighbors, who used to be part of that empire, nervous.

Medvedev threatens missile deployment on EU borders

Russia on Wednesday threatened to deploy missiles on the EU's borders to strike against a planned US defence system in eastern Europe, but Washington said the shield will go ahead as planned.

Which they have been warning for years if NATO didn't stop their crap.

Russia’s radar to counter missile shield, says Medvedev

The launch of a new anti-missile radar station in the Russian Baltic Sea region of Kaliningrad should be treated by the West as the “first signal” of Russia’s readiness to counter “threats” posed by NATO’s missile defense plans, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Tuesday.

The radar, which is capable of monitoring missile launches from the North Atlantic, as well as the United States’ future European missile shield, was put into operation earlier during the day. A source in the Russian Defense Ministry earlier said that the radar will go on combat duty starting December 1.

Russia’s NATO envoy to visit China, Iran over missile defense

Russian envoy to NATO Dmitry Rogozin will visit China and Iran in mid-January to discuss a U.S.-backed global missile defense network.

“We are planning to visit both Beijing and Tehran soon under the Russian president’s directive, to discuss the planned deployment of a global missile defense network,” Rogozin said during a roundtable meeting at the lower house of the Russian parliament.

Not just China but IRAN too...

Russian Air Force to get 90 aircraft in 2012

The Russian Air Force will take delivery of about 90 new or modernized fixed and rotary wing aircraft in 2012, a Defense Ministry spokesman said on Tuesday.

The Air Force will receive up to 10 Su-34 Fullback fighter-bombers, about 10 Su-25SM Frogfoot attack fighters, and an unspecified number of Su-35S Flanker-E multirole fighters, Col. Vladimir Drik said.

New acquisitions will also include over 20 attack helicopters, such as the Mi-28N Night Hunter and the Ka-52 Alligator, as well as “highly modernized” Mi-35 Hind helicopters.

New anti-missile radar put into service near Russia’s Kaliningrad

A new radar station capable of monitoring missile launches from the North Atlantic, as well as the future European missile defense system, was put into operation in the Russian Baltic Sea region of Kaliningrad on Tuesday.

Russia also plans to deploy Iskander tactical missiles in the Kaliningrad region in the near future.

UK halts military data sharing with Russia

Britain will stop sharing military information with Russia over Moscow's decision to freeze compliance with the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE), a government minister said on Friday.

The treaty imposes ceilings on the build-up of troops and forces from the Atlantic to the Urals.

[Russian military spending to top $30 bln in 2012/URL]

Over 1 trillion rubles ($30 billion) will be spent on the provision of arms and military equipment to the Russian Armed Forces next year, Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said on Thursday.

That is 17% up on the previous year, he said.

China :
[URL=]There Will Be An Orderly Revolution

China cancelled, at the last minute, scheduled border negotiations with India. This was apparently in response for continued Indian support for the Dali Lama, the Tibetan religious leader who opposes Chinese occupation of Tibet.

The economic problems are complicated by growing unrest among workers. Strikes are increasing, as are worker demonstrations and riots. China does little to protect workers from bad employers, and workplace deaths and injuries are much higher than in the West. Chinese workers have become aware of this, and want change, they want it now, and a growing number of them are willing to fight for it.

China navy to carry out Pacific exercises

China has said it will conduct "routine" naval exercises in the Pacific Ocean, in the week after a major diplomatic campaign by US President Barack Obama to assert the United States as a Pacific power.

The defence ministry said the exercises, to be held later this month, did not target any particular country, but the announcement comes against a background of growing tensions over maritime disputes in the Asia-Pacific region.

China now rehearses capture of Tibet passes

A year after conducting its first live military exercise in Tibet, China has for the first time rehearsed capture of mountain passes at heights beyond 5,000 metres with the help of armoured vehicles and airborne troops.

The Chinese Defence Ministry makes this claim in a short official report that describes the exercise as the “first joint actual-troop drill of the PLA air and ground troops under information-based conditions in frigid area with a high altitude”. The joint drill involved the Chinese Air Force, ground troops, armoured columns and a range of support entities.

Unusually for China, the report carried a detailed description of the exercise. “At the very beginning... the new type warplanes of the PLA Air Force conducted accurate strikes at the targets.... Shortly after seizing the commanding point, the long-range guns launched full-scale shooting at the command post and the artillery position of the enemy.”

Training for war with India...

China says to go ahead with Pacific naval drills

China said Wednesday it will go ahead with naval exercises in the western Pacific this month, an announcement that came a week after Washington reinforced its Asia-Pacific footprint with plans to operate 2,500 U.S. Marines out of northern Australia.

China Reinvents The P-3C

China recently revealed the Y-8GX6, its answer to the American P-3C maritime patrol and anti-submarine aircraft. Both aircraft are similar in shape and equipment. Until the Y-8GX6 can be seen in action, it's difficult to say how close the two aircraft are in capability.

Pakistan :
US senator urges 'tough' Pakistan diplomacy after raid

A top US senator called for "tough diplomacy" with Pakistan Sunday and urged Islamabad to cooperate with the United States to maintain its financial aid, following cross-border NATO air strikes that killed 24 Pakistani troops.

What about cutting all relations with Pakistan instead? Nobody wants this relation. Not Pakistanis, not Americans.

NATO expresses 'regret' over lethal Pakistan strike

NATO expressed regret on Sunday over air strikes that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers as the United States sought to repair relations with Islamabad, plunged into fresh crisis over the lethal attack.

Pakistan reacted with fury over the killings of two dozen soldiers, widely interpreted in the local media as a "deliberate" assault by NATO helicopters and fighter jets on two military posts on the Afghan border early Saturday.

Pakistan border closure raises NATO supply questions

Supplies for NATO in Afghanistan have been hit by a Pakistani blockade enforced after a cross-border strike killed 24 of its troops, but it remains unclear how seriously coalition forces will suffer.

Some 48 percent of all coalition cargo usually passes through two points on the Pakistan border, while for US forces, who provide around 100,000 troops in Afghanistan, the figure is around 30 percent, he said.

ISAF and the US have been building up alternative supply routes through Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan from the north of Afghanistan as relations between Washington and Islamabad have deteriorated this year.

The northern route accounts for 52 percent of coalition cargo transport and 40 percent for the US, which also receives around 30 percent of its supplies by air, Keely said.

But US officials admit that the Pakistan route is cheaper and shorter.

John Bolton, former US ambassador to the United Nations, told Fox News that US forces also keep stockpiles in case supply lines are choked as in the past.

Retired US general Barry McCaffrey told NBC News that he believed the coalition effort in Afghanistan was "one step short of a strategic crisis."

"I do not believe we can continue operations at this rate," he said. "So we've got to talk to them, we've got to pay them, we've got to apologise for this strike. We have no option, literally."

Sure you have. WITHDRAW.

Pakistan steps up rhetoric over lethal NATO raid

Pakistan vowed no more "business as usual" with the United States after NATO strikes killed 24 Pakistani soldiers, but stopped short Monday of threatening to break the troubled alliance altogether.

War games spotlight China-Pakistan hype

Paratroopers hurtling head first out of planes, attack helicopters strafing a terror training centre and shacks blown to bits were this week's latest embodiment of China-Pakistan friendship.

The war games conducted by 540 Chinese and Pakistani soldiers running around scrubland -- the fourth joint exercises since 2006 -- were ostensibly a chance for China to benefit from Pakistan's counter-terrorism experience.

Pakistan denies border fire provoked NATO raid

Pakistan on Monday denied provoking NATO air strikes that left 24 Pakistani soldiers dead, raising tensions over the lethal cross-border attack that has plunged US-Pakistani relations to a new low.

The Pods And Smart Bombs Of Pakistan

One of the largest air campaigns waged in the last decade has gotten little publicity. The Pakistan Air Force has flown over 5,500 combat sorties over the tribal territories (mainly Waziristan and points north) in the last three years. This was all in support of a major offensive against the Pakistani Taliban, which had organized a tribal rebellion against Pakistan, and was carrying out terror attacks throughout the country as well. Eventually, over 100,000 ground troops were involved, and they depended on the air force for reconnaissance of the thinly populated tribal areas, as well as prompt and accurate bombing support.

Myanmar :
US must press Myanmar on nuclear program: senator

The United States must press Myanmar to reveal the state of its nuclear program and any ties with North Korea as a condition for better relations, a key US lawmaker urged Monday.

"An early goal of the tentative US re-engagement with Burma should be full disclosure of the extent and intent of the developing Burmese nuclear program," said top Senate Foreign Relations Committee Republican Richard Lugar.


In Myanmar trip, US seeks clout on China doorstep

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton heads this week on a historic visit to Myanmar that aims not only to pry open the closed nation but to shake up the battle for global influence right on China's doorstep.

China has invested tens of billions in Myanmar over the years... they sure won't like that. At all.

North Korea :
Pyongyang's construction drive said to kill hundreds of college students

North Korean college students have reportedly died in a spate of accidents at construction sites amid intense efforts by Pyongyang to prepare for a milestone political event next year, a source familiar with the issue said Tuesday.

Not a big surprise... Employ tens of thousands of unskilled workers to do construction work... what ya think will happen...

S. Korean official leaves for rare trip to monitor food aid in N. Korea

A South Korean official and four civilians left for North Korea on Friday on a rare mission to ensure that recent aid from Seoul had reached its intended beneficiaries, an official said.

N.Korea 'Helped Syria Build Missile Factory'

Syria built a secret missile assembly line with the help of North Korea and Iran, German daily Die Welt claimed last Friday.

The daily said North Korea provided the technology to manufacture maraging steel, which is a restricted material under the Nuclear Suppliers Group and the Missile Technology Control Regime. It can be used for missile skins and centrifuges critical in uranium enrichment.

Activists send leaflets, socks to N. Korea via air

A small group of South Korean activists on Saturday sent balloons carrying propaganda leaflets into North Korea, an activity labeled by the North as an attempt to topple its communist regime.


N. Korea bolsters coastal patrol to deter defection: sources

North Korea's navy has bolstered its coastal patrol to deter its nationals from defecting to South Korea via the sea, South Korean sources said Sunday.

U.S. experts on Korea to visit Pyongyang this week: source

About five or six U.S. experts on Korean affairs are scheduled to visit Pyongyang sometime this week, a diplomatic source here said Sunday.

N. Korea again issues menacing threats against South

North Korea again threatened to engulf the South in a sea of "flames," claiming Sunday that the military exercises Seoul conducted near the tense western sea border last week were part of a plot to invade the communist nation.

Their threats are a joke considering all the people who are planning trips to Pyongyang...

N. Korean leader faces challenges in power succession, Yu says

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il faces challenges in handing over power to his youngest son, Seoul's top official in charge of relations with Pyongyang said.

"At this point, there are few signs that indicate a new nuclear test or an armed provocation" will take place, Yu said. However, he cautioned that the North's obsession with showing off its achievements next year may make it consider such options.

Kim and his heir apparent inspected a large combined unit near the western section of the heavily fortified border with South Korea as the North ratcheted up its threats against the South.

When they do threats and Kim visits army units, it's never a good sign.

More Embarrassing Than Intimidating

Over the last year, North Korea has ordered its Workers Party (a nationalist-socialist operation that is sometimes called communist) to work harder to eliminate individualism, the black market, the desire to earn money, paying attention to foreign media and women workers quitting their state controlled jobs to work in illegal markets. The government also wants a halt to the practice of state owned factories and farms producing goods for the black market. This will be difficult, as many leaders of the Workers Party are involved in making money off the black market, or extorting cash from those who are operating in the unofficial economy. The lavish party elite lifestyle, thanks to the Internet and Google Earth, is no longer a secret and North Koreans eagerly digested this information over the last few years. So exhortations for abandoning the black market and efforts to get rich have little effect.

Another truth that has spread throughout the north is that South Korea is one of the wealthiest nations in the world, with a per-capita GDP equal to the average for the European Union. In other words, in East Asia, South Korea is second only to Japan in personal wealth. This inspires North Koreans to ignore their Workers Party and the increasing amount of anti-South Korea propaganda.

Yeah good luck eliminating all that... forcing people to go against basic human behavior...

Minister rules out rice aid to N. Korea without admission of attacks

South Korea's point man on North Korea on Monday ruled out rice aid to the impoverished communist country unless Pyongyang admits its deadly provocations.

Not gonna happen.

Philippines :
Philippines rejects new Chinese territorial claim

China has claimed new territory less than 50 miles (80 kilometers) from a Philippine province, boosting tensions over potentially resource-rich areas of the South China Sea, but the Philippines has dismissed the claim, an official said Monday.

Way to go Philippines!

Philippines asks S. Korea for military hardware

Philippine President Benigno Aquino asked his visiting counterpart from South Korea on Monday for aircraft, boats and other hardware to help boost his country's military, amid rising tensions with China.

Vietnam :
Vietnam Boosts Presence in South China Sea, Targets Protests

Vietnam plans to continue building roads and schools to assert sovereignty on islands also claimed by China while moving to stifle any protests that display false patriotism, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said.

Vietnam will expand its presence on the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea and seek talks on the Paracels now occupied by China, Dung told the National Assembly today. The government also urged the legislature to pass a law on demonstrations after “signs of disorder” earlier this year, he said.

Thailand :
Defense Budget Washed Away

Thailand is cutting its annual defense budget, currently $5.4 billion, in response to flood damage that will likely exceed the total defense spending for the year. This is after annual defense spending more than doubled in the last five years. In 2006, $2.4 billion was spent on defense. Several years of military rule caused the increases, but with a civilian government back in power, and flood damage to be repaired, something has to give.


Taiwan :
Taiwan AWACS Enhanced

Taiwan is sending another two of its E-2T AWACS aircraft to the U.S. for upgrading to the E-2C 2000 standard. Two Taiwanese E-2Ts were sent last year. The upgrade will cost about $63 million per aircraft.


Taiwan opposition candidate vows peace with China

The opposition candidate in Taiwan's presidential elections tried to ease fears Tuesday that a victory for her would lead to more tensions with China, saying she would seek peace with Beijing.

Tsai Ing-wen, who noted opinion polls showed "a real possibility" that she would defeat incumbent Ma Ying-jeou in the January 14 vote, also said she would focus more on US relations than the current China-friendly government.

"We understand that there are some people who are worried about our victory," said Tsai, chairwoman of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which favours independence from China.

China doesn't vow peace if your party is elected.

Maybe I'm crazy but...
Here's Taiwan main airport :
Google map

And here's what was built in China in the desert...
Google map

Seems to me that it's the same layout... what is China doing? Training to take it over?

Australia :
Australia tells China not to interfere

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has assured China the boosting of US troops on Australian soil was not directed at Beijing while warning the country not to interfere in Canberra's security decisions.

Indonesia :
Indonesia stresses maritime security at China summit

Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Friday stressed the importance of safety and stability in the strategically vital South China Sea, as he opened an ASEAN summit with China.

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posted on Nov, 29 2011 @ 06:29 PM
Just wanna say that North Korea doesn't look like anything other than a tool, just as Burma is.
They can sell hardware to and tech to any country and if you don't like it they are too hard to bomb and have too little to offer. It's just not worth it so they do as they please - under the radar...

It makes good sense that the leadership is crazy and aims it's rhetoric at the US and South Korea etc.

When I hear the rhetoric I just see a smoke screen of sorts. The tool is working perfectly.

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 05:42 AM
hey Vitchilo, i've sent you a U2U, thanks for the info

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 09:36 AM
China :
China criticises US troop deployment to Australia

China on Wednesday criticised a US decision to deploy up to 2,500 Marines to Australia as proof of a "Cold War mentality", in Beijing's strongest comments yet on the issue.

"We believe that any consolidation or expansion of military alliances is a manifestation of a Cold War mentality," defence ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng said in a statement.

US student report points to larger China nuclear arsenal

An unconventional project by US university students has concluded that China's nuclear arsenal could be many times larger than current estimates, drawing the attention of Pentagon analysts.

Karber said that -- based on the study of the tunnels -- China could have up to 3,000 nuclear warheads, far higher than the current estimates, which range from 80 to 400, according to the Post.

Surprised? Shouldn't be. I think I posted a few articles on that a few months back. I often read Chinese military forum and even they claim that China has at least 1000+ warheads. Old news to me, breaking news for the Pentagon apparently. Pentagon not doing their job or lying.

China's first aircraft carrier starts second trial

China's first aircraft carrier began its second sea trial on Tuesday after undergoing refurbishments and testing, the government said, as tensions over maritime territorial disputes in the region ran high.

"China's aircraft carrier platform, after successfully completing its first sea trial in August, returned to the shipyard as planned for further refitting and testing," the defence ministry said in a brief statement.

"The work has been carried out and it set sail again on November 29 to carry out relevant scientific and research experiments."

As long as it doesn't have a ``group`` around it to defend it and capable fighters on it, it's quite useless.

China nervous as Burma starts to look West

Today, after suffering more than two decades of persecution, detention and denigration, and never having returned to Oxford, Suu Kyi will meet Hillary Clinton in what is the first visit to Burma by a United States secretary of state in 50 years.

The now 66-year-old pro-democracy icon and Nobel laureate is expected to urge Clinton to support - maybe even reward - a series of dramatic, although still tentative, reforms introduced by Burma's military-dominated civilian government since it took office in March.

''We do not want our country to become a satellite state of the Chinese government. Western countries should not force us into a corner where we have no option but to increasingly reply on China.''

China should be nervous... but there's still lots of things to ``fix`` in Burma before the US can give it's full support... or since Burma would very important against China, the US might just overlook those problems like it does with so many dictatorships that are ``allies``... (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Afghanistan, etc..)

China and the US are fighting for Myanmar...
China, Myanmar to enhance military ties

A senior Chinese military official said Monday that China cherishes friendly relations with Myanmar and hopes to enhance their military relationship.

China paper slams US over deadly Pakistan raid

An influential state-run Chinese newspaper on Tuesday accused the United States of violating international law and fanning the flames of terrorism after Nato strikes killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.

China screaming for their ally..

Japan firm raided over tech exports to China: reports

Japanese police on Tuesday raided a Tokyo-based company over allegations that it exported to China technical hardware that could have military applications, reports said.

They suspect the company last year exported to China 500 units of a particular second-hand machine that produces semiconductors, some of which included programmes that can be used for military purposes, according to Jiji Press and other major media.


China should now take 'pushy' India seriously: Chinese daily

China must start taking an of late "pushy" India seriously as it has strategically placed itself in the US-China face-off to gain maximum benefits, a leading official newspaper here said.

India is being pushy?

China to start patrols along Mekong River with neighboring countries

Chinese police will start patrols along the river with Laos, Myanmar and Thailand, said a statement from the Ministry of Public Security here Saturday.

Seems dangerous...

China Builds Up Submarine Fleet

The Chinese Navy is expected to procure 30 more submarines by 2020 and bring the total from the current 62 to 100 by 2030, Hong Kong's Ming Pao daily reported on Tuesday.

According to the paper, the U.S. has 75 subs, 26 of them deployed in the Asia-Pacific region. China is building up its Navy, including retrofitting its first aircraft carrier.

Pakistan :
Pakistan to boycott Bonn conference over NATO attack

Pakistan decided Tuesday to boycott a key international conference on Afghanistan next month, ramping up its protest over lethal cross-border NATO air strikes that have plunged US ties into deep crisis.

South Korea :
South Korean warships stage live-fire drill

South Korean warships staged a live-fire drill Tuesday in a show of strength towards North Korea despite its threats to retaliate, the defence ministry said.

The drill was part of a broader exercise involving about 20 destroyers, frigates and patrol boats as well as helicopters and anti-submarine surveillance aircraft, he said.

North Korea :
N. Korea says low-enriched uranium production 'progressing apace'

North Korea said Wednesday its production of low-enriched uranium is "progressing apace," apparently rejecting demands from South Korea and the United States that the communist regime immediately halt uranium enrichment.

Forget talks then. No talks + no food + crazy general back in charge + anniversary next year = nuclear test or missile test next year.

Clinton urges N. Korea to take concrete steps toward denuclearization

North Korea has been doing the exact opposite of that for years...

N. Korea renews 'sea of fire' warning against S. Korea

North Korea on Wednesday renewed its threat to turn South Korea's presidential office into a "sea of fire," once again stepping up its offensive against the Seoul government.


S. Korea to light Christmas tree near border for second straight year: source

South Korea will illuminate a symbolic Christmas tree-shaped tower on a hill near the tense inter-Korean border for the second straight Christmas, a government source said Wednesday.

Seen as a ``provocation`` of course.

China reiterates its call for N. Korea nuke talks

China reiterated Wednesday its call for an early resumption of the deadlocked multilateral talks aimed at dismantling North Korea's nuclear program, despite its neighboring country's claim to be increasing production of low enriched uranium.

Yeah right China.

Russia :
NATO general to discuss missile defense in Moscow

Lt. Gen. Jurgen Bornemann, the Director General of the International Military Staff of NATO, will arrive on Wednesday in Moscow to discuss military cooperation with Russia and the European missile shield.

Discussing won't change anything if NATO continues...

Georgia :
Russia recognizes annulment of S.Ossetian elections

Russia has recognized the annulment of South Ossetian presidential elections, calling on all South Ossetian political powers to respect the Supreme Court’s decision, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on its web site on Wednesday.

Russia calls for maintaining “a calm and stable situation” in South Ossetia, the ministry said.

South Ossetia’s Supreme Court on Tuesday declared null and void the outcome of the November 27 runoff presidential elections because of violations. However South Ossetia’s former education minister, Alla Dzhioyeva, who had won the runoff, declared herself president of the breakaway republic in defiance of a court ruling.

This ain't good.

India :
New BrahMos can cover 290 km in two minutes

The new version of the BrahMos missile, now under development in the city, can deal a lethal blow to targets as far away as 290 km in two minutes. The hypersonic version of the BrahMos achieved a maximum speed of Mach 6.5 or six-and-a-half times the speed of sound during laboratory experiments here.


Navy to roll out 52 fast interceptor craft in a yr

To augment coastal security, the Indian Navy will roll out 52 fast interceptor crafts within a year out of which 12 would be stationed at the Southern Naval Command base in Kochi.

“They are small in size but have great speeds and are capable of destroying even large vessels,”

They really are needed...
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