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A Revolution

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posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 03:38 PM

Originally posted by kennylee

Originally posted by XsameXoneXotherX
How about just leave the country for another? It's more easier, no?

The problem with the U.S. is it is full of liars and protectors of cowards. This isn't a land worthy to defend, it is trash.

Go to Canada or Brazil. Get strarted on learning any language you'll need or know the english speaking area. Or get you a paid translator to walk with and do transations with. It's more than one way to live in another country long as there are living translators. Don't act like the president only got a staff of translators.

I totally disagree with you. Either you are too young to know what a great country this once was, you are not an American, or you are a socialist. This country is not trash and is worth defending with my life. It is the people running the country that is trash and what comes from your mouth.

A revolution is coming I believe and it won't be too much longer. The key right now is to be prepared for it.
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I agree about the coming revolution and will continue to fight for what i believe is right with this country, hence the reason i asked the inital question of how one could attempt to start a revolution but now i have had a chance to see that one is in the works and that i need to be prepared to chose a side. (the one against the government)

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 11:38 PM
Money is only supported by our belief in it's value. The TV, schools, and media tell us it's important and people do silly things for it. It's our carrot on the donkey cart of live. We could all take our cash out and play with it for a while but eventually we would realize that it when it runs out we need something else.

I would opt for a free form economy and the raffle style of government. In terms of leader ship, people around the county could bid in to work for the people. From there select a certain amount like 20-30 and allow them to state their ideas to the people and offer mock challenges to them to see how they operate under pressure. Actions speak louder than words.

For the economics side this would take some considerable mental exlporation to work out a suitable solution. It would be nice in muncipalities derived their support through local volunteers on a rotating basis to allow all members of the community to participate in it's maintenance. The would create real life skills for students who now adays seem somewhat lagging in responsiblities. As for the free form exchanges, I would say when two people want to make a transaction for what ever it is they want to deal with, then it's their deal. Who cares if it just between those two parties. If they want to exchange story tales for chia seeds, then so be it.

Regardless, TPTB seem to be ready to dump their own money scheme very soon, in hopes of taking it to their next level which is quite dark. What can you do in the mean time? Learn skills that disconnect you from their world. Grow your own food, find a clean water source, take care of your own health or seek those of like mind to treat you when needed, learn how to teach your children what it was like for you or your parents growing up. The freedoms they enjoyed when time was slower.

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