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Haunting -My experiences (long read)

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posted on Jun, 26 2004 @ 03:20 PM
Here is what i originally wrote down about the event:
My original account, plus reply from expert:

Location #####

I and a party of others feel we experienced some kind of paranormal activity on two nights in the summer holidays, the 26th and 27th of August.
It was a few days after Notting Hill Carnival, and we are all members (or parents of members) of a Steel Band which performed there.
We were at ####### Nursery Infant and Junior School on ##### Road, ######.
We were at this school, where our steel band was based, and were packing up after the carnival weekend. We had a lot to do, and so were still at the school at around 21:00. We were the only people present.
Earlier in the day, one of the band members, who I shall refer to as Ms B, spotted a shodow moving along an empty, locked corridor, but had thought nothing of it. This was about to change.
It was dark, and the playground had a couple of lights on the walls. Someone said they saw a shadow in the playground and a few of us got together to investigate it. We walked up the playground.When we got just over halfway across the playground there was a really cold patch. Some of the others said they could see a shadow. Then someone, I think Ms B, said the shadow was moving towards us. I did not believe them because I could not see it myself. But then I did see a shadow run directly across the playground. I thought it must have been the shadow of someone on the bridge, cast by a streetlight, but several things were wrong. I thought about what was needed to make a shadow. Shadows need a source of light. Then something or someone has to block the light. Then they need a surface to be projected against. They appear 2 dimensional on this surface.
Firstly, the streetlight was obscured by trees, so they wouldn't of made an unflickering shadow.Secondly, the school was also in the way of anyone walking on the bridge.Thirdly, there has to be someone blocking the light source, but noone and nothing was.Even if they were the shadow would have been projeted on the floor from the nearest light. Finally, this shadow was not projected on to a surface. it appeared to be solid, and several metres in front of the wall, which had a light mounted on it that should have cast a shadow on the floor. This led me to rule out the possibility of a shadow. I, and others, clearly saw this humanoid silouhette run across the playground, when we were the only ones there, and were all standing stationary.

The next day we could all remember what happened, but it was hazy, like remembering a dream. we felt we had to stay there again to prove to ourselves it was real.
I do not feel i witnessed any paranormal beings on this night, also since everyone seemed to be infected by paranoia after the night before, which is why i feel further personal investigations are not reliable enough, because people will see what they want ( or what they don't!) want to, but there were more strange occurences.
On this night there were several events that concerned me though. I was standing in the school hall with others, all doors and windows closed. suddenly, for a fraction of a second there was a gust of wind across my back.
Another one was out in the playground. We were all out in the playground and the school corridor and classrooms were locked. we were standing in the cold patch ( which could still be felt). Suddenly the lights in one of the classrooms in line with the cold patch's lights started flickering. they flashed several times, even though swithched off. Noone was in the casroom because we shone a torch in and checked.
Even though there was reflective film on this window, a couple of minutes later, someone looked at the window and saw a face staring back at them.There Was a Mr D standing int he cold patch,who suddenly collapsed to the floor, claiming it fet like he was being throttled. Mr D's mother dragged him out of the cold area and the feeling stopped.We ran back into the school hall, where the lights were on.we ten thought about an experience Ms B and two of the others had had a month earlier here.
They were in the hall and turned the lights out. this part is my recollection of their description of this event:The lights clicked. they all clicked. then the stage clicked, then it sounded like somenone was hitting the climbing frame, and then a steel drum on its side. At this point they ran off the premises.
We decided to check if this was true. We all stood int the hall silently and turned the lights out. Mr D said there should be 9 clicks, one for each light in the hall going out, and that it was perfectly normal. He turned out the lights and we counted the clicks. The nine clicks came from the lights. Then the lights carried on clicking. then the door clicked, like it had been tapped. then the window, and the clmbing frame, and stuff on the stage. Several people saw the silouhette of a man at the door and Mr N and Ms K could see an orb floating around ms Ks feet. I did not see these things, but i heard the taps and clicks. after this we went back outside, and experienced he flickering lights event, described earlier. then many people heard the bell in the school belltower ring. It was a windless night, and the school bell has no rope or stairs anmore, and the whaole school was locked up. I did bnot hear the bell ring, but i do remember there being a sudden noise and then an eerie silence. I asked my sister, as we live very near to the school, if she had heard the bel ring, and she said yes, she had heard a bell ring. I also checked with my mother, but she had not heard it. I do not regard my sisters testimony as highly reliable.

posted on Jun, 26 2004 @ 03:21 PM
Here's a handy, crude map of the school mentioned in my previous loooooong post of what happened of what happened to me and my friends there.
I have marked on key locations of where events happened.
All doors leading into classrooms and corridors were closed and locked during the time we were there. The whole infants block was completely closed.
In fact the only doors on the map open are marked as open. All others were shut and locked.
The bell tower is kind of just above the classroom where the lights flashed.

posted on Jun, 26 2004 @ 03:22 PM
NEW INFO (potentially)

This occurrednlast night, at the same school, this time the event was at the toilets by the red hall.
rp went to the door by the toilets and red hall to unloc so we could ge in. Everyone else was outside. he unlocked the door, then came and opened the fire door in the side of the hall for us so we could get in. Mr P then said that the door to the girls toilets opened itself, and the closed smoothly again. Not beleiveing that much we went to check. Every single person present on site (me, mr J , ms b, ms k, mr p,mr t and mr c) was with me. We then watched as the door to the girls' toilets smoothly opened itself completely, stayed open for 10 seconds or so, and then smoothly shut. Over the course of the next hour this phenomenon was observed several times. No one was inside the girls toilets, and as can be seen from the photo, the door is held shut by a spring closing device.

Normal Pic of Area outside toilets:

Pic with far door on right open, although no persons were in it, they were all behind me.

Pics are from slightly different angles, the first one slightly further down the hall, and with Ms i's baseball cap peak in the edge of the photo.These photos don't look at all spooky, but the far door on the right hand side (not the one at the end of the corridor) is open, and opened completely autonomously.
I believe i heard the automated hand dryer whiich would have probably been swithched off at the mains,, but i didn't check, that swithches on when you put your hands under it, blowing, even though the toilets were empty.
I do have a theory, which, although Ms K has said this wasn't the case, seems feasible to me.

It was a very windy night. I think the toilets have an always open skylight.( I shall confirm this soon.) The wind blowing past the outside of the building could have caused a suction effect, sucking open the door.
The only facts which go against this are the smooth movement of the door and the way it stayed open for a while. This theory would explain when the door just appeared to twitch, and not open properly, only an inch or so. I shall definitely go and check out the area to see if there is an open skylight in the toilets.

posted on Jun, 26 2004 @ 03:24 PM
After a daylight look, the toilets do have a slightly vented skylight, One for the girls, one for the boys. This would make the theory seem quite plausible, although the vents were rather small and i would expect the door to the boys to open to.
Another theory of mine is psychokinesis. We expected, and maybe wanted, the door to open, so it did. As it never opened when i was on my own, only when other people were with me, this may be a possibility

What do you think. Paranormal or are my freinds and i paranoid?

posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 02:46 PM
Does anyone have any comments regarding similar experiences, or ideas/suggestions/theorys on these events?

posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 06:23 PM
This is disturbing at least... Very interesting read.

It is a very good story, and you have several witnesses with you... I can't say much though. Did you try to capture photos of those shadows? What about setting up a few webcams around?

posted on Jun, 30 2004 @ 03:23 PM
Unfortunately at the time of 'the shadow' noone had a camera, and this was about 6 months before camera phones were really around in any quantity.
I would like to set up webcams, but A) its a working school, theres alot of beaurocracy to get through to use it, especially if your reason is paranormal investigation and B) I'd need to get some camcorders.
Definitely going to be going and walking through the door when its open next time, might try some EVP using my phones dictaphone too.
And if there's a 'shadow' again, at least 5 people that were there have camera phones now, so we should be able to fire off a few pics of it.
I will be hanging around after band practices checking stuff out though.

posted on Jun, 30 2004 @ 03:56 PM
good stuff, good stuff

so was the shadow big like a man or small like a child

posted on Jul, 2 2004 @ 03:08 PM
Small, like a child. I think ithad an old fashioned school cap, too.

posted on Jul, 3 2004 @ 01:35 PM
When you and your friends experienced this cold spot in the hall/corridor did any of you feel any nausea or a feeling like you were being pulled upward and have you ever thought of hiring phsychics or ghost hunters to check out the school?

posted on Sep, 13 2004 @ 02:00 PM
I can't remember who, but some of the group did report headaches/nausea/sickness feelings in the cold zone.

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