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posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 07:00 AM
I'm trying to work out the point of these triangle UFO's, what is their purpose and what is with the low altitude and speed.

I've seen one of these myself and reported it back in the 90's, it was HUGE and flying over a pretty well populated part of East London called Walthamstow. To this day I have no idea what I actually saw beyond the physical description, I do know for a fact neither myself or my wife have never seen anything like this before. Having seen Concorde and other super sized jets and military transport land very close to us I can honestly say they didn't even come close to comparing with the beast we saw.

That's not the issue I'm at here, as with most things I have no issue if you believe or not, the sighting is on Mufon from that time, I saw, my wife saw, it was there, good enough for me.

The issue I'm trying to get some angles on from peeps in here is simply why.

If this is indeed military, I say this because I believe there was a report of an base officer spotting one of these over his base and through his gun scope he could see a red ringed hatch with 'Rescue' on it.

So lets imagine its 'ours' (whatever that really means) why would you build a plane so big and fly it so low and for that matter so slowly, I can't get to grips with the why on that. Surely a colossal plane like this would be more suited as a command center and be flown at a far safer altitude. If it's a weapons transport, again why so low and slow. And the obvious, if it's a secret craft then surely this is not the way it can stay secret.

I've heard mention of a stealth 'blimp' but again, with our tech and eye in the sky would have no safe reason to be so low. I'd also have to say that something this big must weigh an enormous amount so unless it was indeed a balloon of sorts I can't see how at the speed it moved and the size it was with zero discernible noise of an engine how it stayed up there let alone moved.

So, if it's ours its a real puzzle...

2nd choice, it's one of 'theirs', now with this we can start throwing in any old clap trap to make it possible, hell it can be covered in Star Trek shields, turbo lasers, instant warp speed and cloaking etc etc etc until it's a pointless idea.

But stripping back all that, if a species who by the look of it want to remain fairly anonymous bar youtube video's and the warped minds of hoaxers, then why would you pilot such a stunningly big craft so slowly and low across populated area's.

Obviously I have to ask as a side note how this craft I saw made no news reports I know of, ok it was dark at around 8pm on a winters night from memory but I can't have been the only one looking up at the sky. Same goes for other reports.

So there's my dilemma, I know what I saw, I have not yet been checked into 'Nutters Anonymous', I don't have dealings with drugs bar prescribed ones I am on now (not at the time) I do drink but in a glass with a meal kind of way. But there's the thing, none of it makes sense, as much as I believe I have to rip the thing apart before I can accept what I believe in.

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posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 07:16 AM
So jealous of you! I look to the skies often and for many years. I've seen - nothing. These triangles have been reported in the skies of my very metro U.S. location according to MUFON.

I've poundered this idea of massive triangles. It made no sense to me that they were 'local' and military. The military thrives on stealth and from the reports these craft are anything but stealthy; they are many stories high and the area of the craft is just huge.

What does make sense, from a domestic point of view, is that these craft are actually mass evacuation ships. Evacuation from the planet in case of some ::cough:: large impending event and are being test driven.

Your report of the word 'rescue' on the hatch would give some support to my theory. I just don't see the use of such a military craft for any other reason not to mention the cost involved. Just an idea - the subject facinates me.

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 07:44 AM
If these craft exist (no aspersions, friend, just being objective!) and they are terrestrial in origin, it is likely, given their size and speed, that they are, indeed, some sort of Lighter-than-Air Vehicle (LAV).

Having worked on something similar in the past, and yes, it was for the military (USAF), under contract, I could venture to guess that they are LAV's. And if they are LAV's, they are likely designed to operate at very high altitudes, say above 65,000 feet.

But, being terrestrial in origin, even the most advanced aircraft has to land sometimes! Refueling, resupply, crew relief...Potty breaks, something!

As I'm sure you know, the general attitude within the military, any military, is that "If it's not supposed to exist, or to have happened, you don't talk about it".

Remember "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"?

Somehow, perhaps through "magical thinking" as novelists like to call it, not discussing an issue makes the issue simply "go away" in the military mind-set.

So, even if these hulking big cruisers are, occassionally seen, and even photographed, by the public at large; as long as nobody in the services talks about these craft (in any official sense), they will simply not exist!

And if these Triangles are alien in origin!

Perhaps the ET's know human psychology well enough to understand that one group of hairless apes will never believe another group of hairless apes, until and unless it suits their purposes!

Or maybe the ET's really just don't care if we see them or not.

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 07:59 AM
From the "ours" angle maybe they are trying out different designs and testing them under different operating conditions to see how well they work i.e. low and slow, fast and high.

Or maybe they are testing just how low and long you can fly one over a populated area and still have people dismiss it as not real. this seems a little questionable though as what if someone had actually got a very good clear video of it.

Or if it was Walthamstow, maybe they had a bet on and were trying to see the result of a race

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 08:22 AM
reply to post by Mclaneinc

Does anybody know how high the above structure of triangles is? I only have seen report about the size as seen from below. As to why they appear over densely populated areas: whoever is in them doesn't care. Maybe because the transport of their cargo is more important. I can imagine it being risky with our overpopulated skies to fly at 10/12 km heights (cruise altitude of planes) and below it; risk of bumping into planes, having to know what the flight schedules are.

What is they advantage of a triangular ship? Does anybody know? I will try to see if I can dig something up.

Edit: I have read a bit about the Concorde; its triangular wings make it faster and more manoeuvrable. Maybe the black triangles are a step further where fuselage and wings are one piece.

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posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 08:36 AM

Originally posted by davespanners

Or if it was Walthamstow, maybe they had a bet on and were trying to see the result of a race

Lol...Sadly that was closed before this

The cheeky little buggers, nipping back in time and checking their bets

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 08:43 AM
Thanks for the replies so far, and please, I have no qualms with people say 'If it happened', as said, I'm not here to convince any one about anything.

I guess what also is making my head spin is that if you say UFO report the initial thoughts that enter the mind are of a night time thing with little bright dots that zip away at speed, and this is what confounds me, it's hard to associate a HUGE very obvious craft at slow speed with the notion of anything other than ours.

But as is obvious I'm stuffed as to why?

Obviously when I say ours the first thought again is Military, so expanding on that I think both usage and safety as Military = conflict normally so any craft would be designed to have a usage in conflict. Well that craft is a HUGE target let alone it flying low...

Again, there's the rub...

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 09:03 AM
I've heard that the triangle shape is specifically related to the type of energy propulsion that it uses. Sorta like the shape of Tesla coils optimize the flow of electricity, so does a triangle shape optimize the efficiency of _fill in the blank_.

As for why they fly so low... I get the impression that we're SUPPOSED to see them, but not know what they are.

If they are "ours", I suspect the motive is acclimatization to some pre-chosen psychological mindset. Again, I don't know *what* that mindset may be, but I can see no other explanation that fits all the available data.

No military would risk such a spectacle, for the simple fear of inspiring the development of similar technology in competing nations. Not unless there was a specific agenda behind letting people see it.

If it's alien - well that opens up a whole new deck of cards to play with... If there's one race, there's gotta be dozens. Maybe hundreds of different races. Maybe some of them truly don't care about being seen. Maybe others have psychological acclimatization goals as I theorized above, again for unknown ends.

I can them being vast reconnaissance vehicles, monitoring all kinds of human day-to-day life. Or maybe they are monitoring something deep beneath the Earth's surface? We've all heard of deep underground military bases, and ETs are supposed to have dozens of them as well. Maybe different factions are keeping tabs on each other?

edited for prettiness

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posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 09:07 AM
reply to post by Mclaneinc

The "projected" UFO will draw everyone's attention. The Base nearby, as well every aware pedestrian.

Lights on it! Emitting lights from it! It moved slow! It moved fast! It appeared out of nowhere! It just happened to be there!

Why would anyone install a surround sound system that encompassed so many miles around the UFO image?

Out of the thousands of sightings and (mass sightings) then and now. Especially now, why are the planes grounded?

There is- IMO- less than five percent of UFO's (seen in the sky) being -chased- observed- encountered or confronted by military planes.

Is it a shell game, in order to test the real deal, 123 miles northeast of that Base?

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 09:10 AM
reply to post by Mclaneinc

It is possible that, if they are ours, and if they are military, they may be designed to fly as i said, at extremely high altitudes; far above any reasonable threat that all but few enemies might be able to forward. Surface to air missles, for example have a very limited range.

And, flying at extreme altitude also makes them essentially invisible to the naked eye, and even the aided eye in most cases. The materials used in construction, along with other "stealth" techniques, would render these craft relatively safe from threat at their intended targets.

There is also the fact that, operating in what was once refered to as "Near Space"; above the normal operating altitude of conventional aircraft, but below Earth orbit, gives these vehicles a sort of "Diplomatic Immunity" afforded spacecraft, when they over-fly foreign, but not actually current aggressor, countries.

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 09:14 AM
I thought your opening post was very well written and not at all the post of a nutter.

But, I am biased due to having seen and had close encounters a few times since I was a child.. although my last encounter was the first with a triangle.

I'll try to keep this brief..

Out camping with friends.. all of us single dad's with kids.. and my two girls inform me just before dark that they didn't bring Pads with them.. and need them Now. Teenagers!!

So I had to hot-foot it to the nearest town.. all closed, so a decent drive to the largest town for supplies and head back out bush. All good so far. It was dark and I was on an old country road just over one car wide so I was travelling about 80km/h. It is grazing and farming land there amongst the foothills of the main range.

I noticed a flash of light off in the distance to one side and a bright orangey light appeared, slowly moving along above the hills. So me being me, I flashed my headlights up and down, on and off light a crazy man.

The orange light responded by zooming down in my direction and disappeared from view behind a hill. So I moved on hoping to see it again at some time once past the hills. About 5 or so minutes later it appeared from behind the last hills and slowly moved above some open pasture about 1 mile away so I pulled the car up, turned the lights off to watch.

It hovered, gently up and down a bit before stopping still and I could see a small row of red lights like party lights strung up over it's rear. I thought that was weird.

Then it just slowly turned up on one side.. and that's when I could see it silhouetted against the light glare of Brisbane way in the distance. It was a triangle shape, with a light at each apex and a larger one in the centre.

I was excited because I'd read about these but never seen one before. Tried to get a photo on my phone but that is useless. So after a minute or two at least, it returned to horizontal and turned a few times slowly.. then began to pick up speed toward Brisbane. In seconds it streaked away over Brisbane and the East Coast out to sea.

I reported it to UFORQ and there's been nothing since then of interest in the sky here.

Sorry to blurt out my experience.. hadn't intended to.

So, I doubt that these things are terrestrial. And I can only base that on the Feeling I had when I first saw it and later when watching it hovering over the fields.

As much as I would like to think humanity has this technology, devised by us, I severely doubt that too. The thing wasn't there like you would see an aircraft here for ages as it approaches.. this was a big flash and then it's there in the sky. Cool, but weird.

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 11:08 AM

Originally posted by Tayesin
I thought your opening post was very well written and not at all the post of a nutter.

I thank you for your kind words and telling us about your experience, mine was less stunning in the way of a technical display but amazing just by me seeing this amazing whatever.

Part of me so wants them to be 'theirs' but I'm a cynical facts person, I have no proof of where mine was from so without that I have to side with the most likely possibility it's ours as that's the only tech I know.

I would so love to be wrong though, with the world sliding daily into a madness that will erupt at some point I'd welcome some outside force to change this place.

dreams eh...

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 11:44 AM
I have feelings along the same lines as yourself in that I have had a "ufo experience" that I posted in another thread, but I don't really know what to think about it or how to categorize it. I always thought that if I saw something myself then I would have a greater understanding, but it just left me more confused then before.

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 12:39 PM
I have no idea what the things are, but if they are military, maybe they are used for silent and stealthy troop insertion or extraction. Nearly invisible, stealth, and a blimp-type build can carry a lot more soldiers.

Does sound kind of dangerous to me, but maybe less so than parachuting around. But I'm no military expert.

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 09:48 PM

Originally posted by Mclaneinc
I'm trying to work out the point of these triangle UFO's, what is their purpose and what is with the low altitude and speed.

[edit on 8-9-2010 by Mclaneinc]

Tirangle UFOs have the following advantages:

1) They're cheap to make. Build a triangle structure, and lay out a "bubble wrap" of tiny extradimensional (kind of "antigravity") engines. Overlay a powergrid mesh that automatically connects to and syncs with individual micro-engines. Instant UFO.

2) Triangle UFOs, not quite isocolese-shaped, can be arranged together into the shape of a larger triangle UFO, just like any isocolese triangle can be split into 4 smaller triangles of same size. Four triangle UFOs (or 16) can be loaded into a large triangle-UFO carrier with interstellar space travel capability. This further reduces the cost of triangle UFOs since they only need to operate within Earth's atmosphere and gravity field, and don't need interstellar engines themselves.

See page 33-34 of for some photographs of "lenticular" clouds formed by triangle UFOs.

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 11:04 PM
For some reason this reminds me of a magic trick....Basically they get you looking at one thing while they are doing another. The reason they are flying so low and slow is so that you "Will Look" at them...while they are doing something else somewhere else.

What that something is...I don't know.

posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 11:51 PM
Who knows? Reported flight characteristics describe hovering craft with bright lights and frequently a central red beam that focuses on the ground beneath. They are reported to move at a speed that falls short of the stall speed of conventional craft. Some reports (General De Brouwer' statement and Hynek's Night Siege book) describe hovering and exotic acceleration.

They've apparently been sighted for over 30 years. If it's 'ours,' there's speculation of a troop deployment craft or listening platform. I think I'd like to see one with my own eyes to have a better idea. Some reports are clear in describing structured frameworks on the underside. In Night Siege, one description sounds like a tubular framework like scaffolding. In that sense, it could be some terrestrial light-weight craft with an unknown purpose.

Whatever they are, stealth and secrecy doesn't seem to be part of the plan. They've primarily been sighted over population centres and highways with bright lights and moving slowly at low altitudes. It's tempting to think that it's some sort of display behaviour with a purpose, but there isn't enough information to be convinced. Perhaps secrecy or display aren't considerations?

The main impression I get from the various reports is some kind of search or surveillance craft.

posted on Sep, 9 2010 @ 12:36 AM
Listen, I'm new and I knew I had to get here as soon as possible to post. I started doing some serious research three weeks ago, on the jubjects of Annunaki, Alien correlation to them, the wirtings in the earky part of the Bible and the references if how Annunaki created the Sumerians, mainly by genetic alteration. Anyhow, just from what I was reading mus have casued a spook. My computer went black for 3 seconds then a bunh of code came across left to right, wll within about 5 to 8 seconds. I shut it down and all seemed fine.
Next day I wake up I have major problems with the network, I can't get into th router no matter what, so I went and got a new firmware and burned it just fine.
Everything seemed to be gling good the next day and the network was at it again. I found out it was a Langley IP address and I was looped through it, I couldn't get out of it, so I pulled the plug and went to a frind a picked up a hardare IP spoofer. So far it's working great. Problem is, what the hell were they looking and searching for. All I was doing is checking their classified documents out along with History and Theology, boy, what a dangerous combination. I got really parranoid from that.

posted on Sep, 9 2010 @ 12:42 AM
I am flabbergasted that a quick google search for Walthamstow UFO actually turns up quite a few results..
I worked in Walthamstow Town Hall for years and never heard a thing about all of these sightings.

You learn something new everyday I guess
Link to google search

Thank you to the original poster for teaching me something I never new about a place I lived in for years

posted on Sep, 9 2010 @ 02:02 AM

Originally posted by davespanners
I am flabbergasted that a quick google search for Walthamstow UFO actually turns up quite a few results..
I worked in Walthamstow Town Hall for years and never heard a thing about all of these sightings.

You learn something new everyday I guess
Link to google search

Thank you to the original poster for teaching me something I never new about a place I lived in for years

I lived on Higham Hill Road, just off Forest Road and the road that lead to Sainsburys in the High St, I too was stunned by the number of UFO spots over Walthamstow when I went looking to dig up my report.

What people reading this thread may not realise is that Walthamstow is not a little town, its part of London and as with London very densely populated so for me an odd choice to fly a special plane over.

By Dave, if you ever purchased computer bits or games in the High St then you may have met me

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