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New World Order, Space Brothers, UFOs & Maitreya

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posted on Sep, 8 2010 @ 02:28 PM

Originally posted by loves a conspiricy
I started watching the vids but to be honest they contained nothing of interest to me as ive seen most of them before

Unfortunatly i have also read through the comments and have also come to the conclusion that there will be no room for a propper discussion here as you have been infected with religious retardation

No hell....aliens arent God....Jesus is never returning...unless you can prove to me 100% otherwise??? Not you just saying i read it in a book and this is my interpretaion of what i read....thats not evidence is it

This will be my first and only post here as i dont think anything i say will actually get through to you...your in a dream world....i know you will just carry on with god this and satan that...when theres proof of neither

I am not here to convince anyone about anything, I am not responsible for you but only for myself.
Good luck

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 03:18 PM
The Ascended Masters are actually the Fallen Angels. Satan has always wanted to be like Christ but is the exact opposite. The opposite of an Ascended Master is a Fallen angel. Maitreya, along with "St. Germain" says they cannot come to earth until we want them to. This is true. Satan cannot come to earth (when God opens the pit) until a certain level of sin is reached. So when the desired level of sin is reached, that's humans saying that we have fallen and have chosen Satan over God. Now that Maitreya has emerged and has officially begun his open "mission," that sin level is not far off. The more sins we do gives Satan more power until finally the pit is opened.

Beings from other planets, what we call "aliens," will be the Great Deception as the Bible predicts. They're not beings from other planets but the physical manifestations of demons being let loose from the pit. And because man will only believe in what they see, the UFO is the materialistic property that brings them for all to see, "understand," and accept as truth.

Right now the battle is mostly spiritual, sprinkled with a few sightings of UFO's, but punishment from our sins will soon cause the battle to become physical. UFO's are Light carrying over that spiritual light to physical light here on earth.

No one in history has ever "solved" the whole UFO / alien thing because no one is supposed to until the appointed time that comes during the End Of Days. Maitreya's "Day Of Declaration" is the announcement that the "Great Deception" in the Bible has started, which is most of the Signs And Wonders stage as well. Many Cardinals, bishops, priests, clergy, celebrities and the last 2 popes say we are living in those times. Not "I think we are," not, "We may be living in those times", but rather, "We ARE living in those times as described in the Bible."

It's no coincidence that the setting up of Idols (American Idol is a great example), the increase in severity of disasters such as floods, drought, etc., the emergence of Maitreya, the global economic troubles, increased sadness, and everything else that is going wrong --all of this is by no coincidence folks! The chess pieces are gaining control of the middle of the board!

A couple months ago on a news program we love, and hate, they were talking about the economy and how the riots in Greece may be seen in America soon. Someone says, "Even Oprah is preparing by retiring." What do you think they mean? Who retires and plans for a bad economy which will lead to riots by retiring and make less money? She's preparing for what's to come. Along with that, how many rock bands are retiring also? This year the Scorpions are. Ozzy will only make albums and no longer tour. Iron Maiden rumors said this new album and tour was the last, but recently Janick Gears has denied retirement rumors. Next year the Rolling Stones are. Yeah I know, they have to retire sooner or later is the excuse that the people who don't believe in the End Times will say. Just 2 years ago the Scorpions said they would tour until they die. Now all of a sudden they're retiring.

The fact of the matter is, the people in the know, or who hear "rumors," are "retiring." Before you say I'm wrong, wait until you respond to this thread. Save my response here and get back to me in about a year. Pay attention. They all can't announce at once as this will gain attention. Celebrities and musicians will soon retire or will be moving (to safe zones, closest to underground bases).

Also, the Garabandal Warning and Maitreya's Day Of Declaration are going to be one and the same. According to the seers, God is going to send a world-wide warning in which everyone on earth will hear His (God's) voice in their own language and will know where they stand in God's eyes. Maitreya says the exact same thing about his Day Of Declaration. But he will actually take the credit for the warning and pass it off as that he did it. The warning from God will happen and Maitreya will go on Global TV minutes after and provide his credentials to the world and everyone will believe that he did it.

Do a Google search for "Nesara Sequence of Events" and it actually shows what the Ascended Masters are going to do -step by step. We are currently in the Redistribution of Wealth stage. I've been watching this sequence of events page since 2003 and there was no hint of anything happening, that is, until Obama came into office. About 5 months after he became president, the term "Redistribution of wealth" was on all the media stations daily. That was my trigger and when I started piecing everything together.

These things are really going to happen folks. You won't be able to enter Maitreya's "Golden Age," (Yes, he even calls it that, can you believe it?) unless you are willing to advance to the next level of "Consciousness" (Great Deception that Materialism will provide for you rather than God will) out of your own Free Will. That's what it is all about --Free Will. They can't force you to do anything because then it isn't a sin. You have to sin out of your own Free Will in order to be condemned. So how do they do it? By bringing down "The House" (Of God) so you have to be funneled into their materialistic society.

Under Nesara's Plan everyone will get $75,000 / month and prices for everything will drop to 1 / 10th of what they are now. Also, ALL debt will be erased! How many people won't sign up for THAT? I'm thinking most will. Nesara is the Golden Age, well, the fake Golden Age anyway.

God bless you all. Please don't believe in aliens from other planets. They won't be here to help and the Ascended Masters are not our "Space Brothers." Open your eyes. God gave us all a conscience to communicate with you --use it. Once you enter their Golden Age, or "raise your consciousness," you won't be able to communicate to God using your own conscience because it will have been blinded by the Gold, not to mention, but by that time you will have accepted their mark.

Take care of yourselves and the others around you.

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 07:22 PM
OP, so you're saying that ALL other beings in the universe that come to Earth are evil?

in your eyes, are ALL "humans" "good" in your perception of "good"?

so all the infinite beings out there.. that exist in an infinite universe... are "all" evil?
or "malevolent relative to human's interests"?

malevolent relative to which human's interests? we all have many different interests!

you're saying that ALL "extraterrestrials" are ALL malevolent towards what you perceive "good humans" .

I think that what you're saying is the most ignorant position any person could possibly take.

IMO you need to do a lot more serious research and draw up a bit more broader basis for your thesis.

I think your perspective is stuck in "good-Bad" comic book action movie type format..

hen reality is a lot more complex than that..

many different people.. many different extraterrestrials.. MANY different agendas and interests..
not just "good or bad" not like Saturday morning cartoons like you've been programmed since childhood to perceive.

we can agree that there is a Creator.

we can agree that we are his children... because if it Created us, then we are it's Creation.

children get in squabbles and fights... and eventually have to learn how to sort out their differences.

the main goal being we, all of us.. every being in the universe have to come to one consensus.. about the facts of the universe that we all can perceive and understand..

and that is that we don't like discomfort and we like comfort.
if we ALL provide comfort to others, then the created universe would be a more comfortable place..

maybe you might want to look at reality and the future from a more love-based approach rather than a fear-based one?

when this all comes to a crux in the near future.. apocryphally speaking...
are you going to be there spreading fear, or love?

which one would provide more comfort to others, thus providing a more comfortable reality/universe?

think about it.

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