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BP's Cover Up: How do we break through?

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posted on Aug, 25 2010 @ 12:53 PM

Cover Up: How far has it gone?

I'd love to start a discussion here on ATS and ask people to find information/interviews/documents/laws/projects/groups that will outline how difficult it is for the average joe to get any sort of information on the activity in the GoM.
Furthermore, we should try to find a few groups or projects to watch that are trying to break through the brickwalling done by BP and the Government.

It all started with the Gulf of Mexico Safety Zone, giving you a 40,000 dollar fine for photography and kept on getting more restrictive from there.

There's the question over the cleanup workers' health, which should, in my mind at least, be a huge concern in the public eyes but obviously, as with past oil spills, nothing is being reported.

Of course the suspicious suicide of Matthew Simmons also springs to mind. Either the stress over this whole situation killed him, or it was some shady agency. Regardless, the oil spill killed him.

What will happen when a big Hurricane will sweep over the GoM? Will the broken down oil cause a health hazard for those living there in the affected regions?

I'm not trying to create a sensationalist thread calling for panic or evacuation. I just want everyone to share information and links for others to have easy access to.

I'm personally not in the US, so a lot of the information takes a bit of looking for me to find. Also, as I'm new to ATS I was hoping for those of you with vast knowledge of researching, especially if this topic has a particular interest to you, to chip in.

I wanted to share the following radio show called Wide Awake which has Matt Smith from Project Gulf Impact:

Radio Wide Awake Archive

The particular show was from the 05-24-2010.

Because it's an archive you can skip over the commercial breaks. I'd also like to say that this is the only show I've heard from Wide Awake so I can't say what the overal reliability is, however, considering the muddied situation of the GoM, that makes an excellent coversation topic to weave into this thread.

Regarding Matthew Simmons, whether he speaks the whole truth or not, here's a reminder video on what he was saying:

Here's a bit from news TV on what Riki Ott has said regarding dead animals and clean up workers:

I'd also like to give a shout out to the 'Up to the Minute' ROV Feed thread, you guys are doing an excellent job watching BP's ROVs, despite that they are probably censored to some extent.

Here are a few other links to check out:

Test the Rain Project

Spill the Truth

I found the following particularly true from
Oil that Tastes Like Blood:

BP’s ace in the hole is its contracts with the US Department of Defense, the largest oil consumer in the world. While the military is fighting two wars, one for oil wells (Iraq), the other for pipeline routes (Afghanistan and Pakistan), one of the Pentagon’s most favored oil companies commits one of worst oil spills on record and it is still spilling, unabated.
Because of BP’s military contracts, the government may not impose serious sanctions on the company. It could become “a matter of national security” that BP not be punished. The wars we are fighting for oil are being fueled to a significant extent by BP from wells in the US and Gulf of Mexico.

Lastly, I'd like to share the following video from Project Gulf Impact about Fishermen having to sign wavers giving them responsibility for the toxicity of fish/shrimp they catch and not BP. How long will BP/Government be able to push their control down upon the people before it snaps?

What else have you heard?

posted on Aug, 25 2010 @ 01:26 PM
I can give you facts about the cover-up that was an article on July 9 called War On The World. I just re-posted it because we have a lot of new members and I'd like to keep them informed. Here is the thread link - www.http...://

The link is not working - I will copy my link and try it that way.

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posted on Aug, 25 2010 @ 01:31 PM
Here is something that you might want to read. I will put the link up for you,but first here is little of what you wil find.

August 23 / 24, 2010

A CounterPunch Special Report

The Gulf Crisis is Not Over
Slow Violence and the BP Coverups

Three vanishing acts are being played out in the Gulf: the disappearing of the oil from the ocean surface by Corexit, the disappearing of the story by the media blockade, and the disappearing from view of the shadowy private contractors who are making a mint helping BP and the Coast Guard keep a cover on the clean-up. This triple vanishing trick, collectively choreographed by BP and sundry federal agencies, culminated on August 4th in a report released by NOAA that claimed 75% of the oil spill had been captured, burned, evaporated or broken down. The White House hailed the report as something to celebrate. Energy advisor Carol Browne announced: “the vast majority of the oil is gone.”

Here is the link..

This shows how BP is trying to pull the wool over the publics eyes. If you have read this great if not enjoy.


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