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My Theory on the Nephilim (and other things)

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posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 03:21 AM
Ok let me just start by saying this is my current theory on the Nephilim and basically life in general. This theory has evolved over the years from whatever material I can get my hands on and I guarunte you that it WILL change again. Please post anything you see that is wrong with it in a civil manner, I’m always looking for new opinions. That said before I start talking about Nephilim I need to start where the basis of this theory originates from.

Most of this is based around what I have read dealing with Buddhism, Taoism, Christian gnosticism, bible, ancient texts, and a good dose of Edgar Cayce. Now for my theory on life (yes this is necessary to get to the Nephilim
), bear with me here and try to stow away your prejudices and just read what I have to say with a open mind.

God created the universe, defined the laws, etc. and set it on its evolutionary path. God then created souls with their own free will (us). We all existed as souls before coming to earth and will again when we die. We we’re all created at the same time (thereabout) and no new souls have been created since. With our free will, and individuality that God gave us we set about exploring the realm he created for us. Many of us became enamored with the beauty of God’s creations (ie. Planets, stars etc.). Many merged with the physical aspects of the planets, in the case of earth – the lakes, lands, animals, etc. (This isn’t really that farfetched, modern science especially in the field of quantum physics is showing that everything is ‘connected’ to everything else. I suggest reading Ervin Laszlo’s ‘The Connectivity Hypothesis’, some good stuff in there.) Souls that had merged with these things began to forget who they were and their purpose; they were so caught up in experiencing. I’ll quote Edgar Cayce to explain what the purpose of the human form is:

“A way to liberate the souls that were entangled in matter was created. A physical form became available as a vehicle for the soul on earth. A way became available for souls to enter the earth and experience it as part of their evolutionary/reincarnation cycle. Of the physical forms already existing on earth, a species of anthropoid ape most nearly approached the necessary pattern. Souls descended on these apes - hovering above and about them rather than inhabiting them - and influenced them to move toward a different goal from the simple one they had been pursuing. They came down out of the trees, built fires, made tools, lived in communities, and began to communicate with each other. Eventually they lost their animal look, shed bodily hair, and took on refinements of manner and habit.” – Edgar Cayce

So now we have a way for the trapped souls in earth to free them-selves. By taking residence in the body of these humans they now have a way to experience the world but yet can still be aware of their souls. Adam and Eve were one of the first souls to call these new forms home. However, having been a part of the earth for so long and because they also still lusted after the experience of the world (which they could now experience even more fully in this human form) they left behind the garden of eden (the knowledge of their connection to their soul) and ventured out to experience the world in their new form.

Now I think that explains enough so lets jump ahead to the time of Noah. Let me just state here that I believe everyone back in this time would be what we consider giants – perhaps 7-12 feet tall. I’m not going to get into the reasons for that in this post. Now then my theory on the nephilim. So at this time we have souls on earth trapped in bodies of men trying to achieve the liberation from the physical plane and find their true selves again. Let me quote this:

"It was then, and later too, that the Nephilim appeared on earth - when the divine beings cohabited with the daughters of men, who bore them offspring. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown." (JPS Torah)

Now when it mentions ‘divine beings’ I believe it to mean souls not trapped in the earth. However, I believe these specific ‘divine beings’ had a desire to experience earth much the same as the initial souls that were trapped in earth did. So with this desire they left their place in heaven (as watchers and helpers of the trapped souls of earth) and descended upon earth and incarnated into physical form. Now then, these souls had not spent countless years trapped in earth as animals, streams, lands etc. They were still very much aware of their spiritual connections in physical form. However, they did not use this knowledge to help others; their own selfish purpose for incarnation was to experience earth. So now we have beings on earth with basically the powers of Jesus, and the ego of a human. They ruled the earth and none of the current forms of humans at that time could stand in their way or defeat them.

As far as their children go, I imagine they wanted to continue their legacy of domineering power in their offspring in hopes they could reincarnate into them one day. So they taught their children how to tap into their souls. Let me take a detour for a moment. If we look at Buddhism, Christian gnosticism, chi kung, or even the bible then we see that the teachers in these religions/practices teach us to get in touch with our souls but first we must overcome the ego. The nephilim however, did not do this, nor did they teach their children this, which is where the corruption was.

Now then you could imagine what effect this would have on the trapped souls incarnating into humans. They would be born into a world seemingly ruled by these ‘gods’. They would worship these beings and believe whatever the nephilim told them. To save the trapped souls the nephilim needed to be annihiliated. I assume now the remaining watchers or helpers of earth either called on God or caused the flood themselves to destroy the nephilim.

Let me know if you have any questions. It is freakin 3:00 a.m. over here and I’m typing this up so I may have left out some important info or it may just not make a damn bit of sense in my current tired state.

Check this out for a better understanding of the souls entrapment in earth:

posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 07:03 PM
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