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(BBOT) Too Late

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posted on Jul, 30 2010 @ 04:10 PM
The entire world agonized.

It breathed the noxious fumes from the blown oil well, which saturated the world without limit. Annoyance turned to worry, turned to fear -- to terror -- to despair.

Inexorably, seven billion human souls slowly suffocated and perished in an unyielding paroxysm of toxic poisons.

As those dismal years passed, death took the entire planet, from the most complex to the simplest life forms. Earth was rendered completely barren, except for a very few survivors -- scientists and intellectuals -- who insulated themselves within a last citadel against the stupidity of mankind.

These last survivors dedicated themselves to an ultimate combat. Humanity, always adept at fighting, began its most grave fight to preserve the world. No expense spared. What could be expended was spent, without regard to conservation or reserve. It was a final fight of human genius to save all that had ever been, and all that mankind had ever dreamed might actually be.

But the fight was futile.

When these final survivors finally succumbed, their death was much more horrible than all those who had passed before them. Because, in addition to the searing pain in their lungs, they realized the very last legacy of humanity would of tragic failure and miserable ending. No further prayers for salvation and justice and peace and hope, would ever been spoken. No human voice would ever pray again.

All life on Earth came to an end.

Over the centuries that followed, the sun baked the landscape of the once fertile and beautiful planet into total sterility.


From a hundred light-years away, the soft rippling of light conveyed a question:

"Solaria? Are you okay? We haven't heard from you recently."

Solaria sighed, radiating long waves. "I have been quite sick actually. I was suffering a horrible pain in one of my minor planets. Quite intense and debilitating pain."

"That makes me worry. Perhaps you should consult -- The Mender? He could help you."

"Too late. And not necessary," Solaria murmured. Her spectrum shifted, to a more temperate amber color. "No need to worry, my friend! Nature has run its course. The worst is over. I am actually feeling much better now. Thanks!"

posted on Jul, 30 2010 @ 04:12 PM
I know -- It is too late to enter this BBOT story contest. Plus, this story is under 400 words. But I thought I would submit this anyway.

I was planning to post something a few weeks ago, but I developed a horrible toothache -- a very serious infection. Now I've had a root canal, the dentist killed the root, and I am feeling a lot more capable. Of course, you can clearly see the influence of that experience on this story.

I enjoyed the other stories, Sorry I did not comment on them (but I might still.)

Regards to all the BBOT submitters, and congratulations to the winners.


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