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The Mysteries of the Universe

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 07:09 PM
Hello everyone! It has been a while since I last posted a thread and I apologize for that. I have been working on this theory for quite some time. Basically, it is the theory of everything. It has some kinks to be worked out, but overall I think you will enjoy it. So sit back and relax, because we are about to go on a very long journey together...

Mysteries of Universe- The Theory of Everything

Since the dawn of the mankind, our species for thousands of years and even today wonder about many philosophical questions. Ranging from; why are we here? How did we get here? What is next in our journey as a species? Is there life after death? Is there a God(s)? Who are we?

As complex as the answers may seem to get, no one for certain can tell us how or why to any of these questions. But I hope to be able to add a theory that seems to combine and to connect the impossible and the improbable. But first, in order to begin this wonderful journey, we must start where "our" universe began.

According to the widely accepted Big Bang Theory:

The Big Bang Model is a broadly accepted theory for the origin and evolution of our universe. It postulates that 12 to 14 billion years ago, the portion of the universe we can see today was only a few millimeters across. It has since expanded from this hot dense state into the vast and much cooler cosmos we currently inhabit. We can see remnants of this hot dense matter as the now very cold cosmic microwave background radiation which still pervades the universe and is visible to microwave detectors as a uniform glow across the entire sky.

Basically, the theory states that "our" universe originated from. A dot no bigger than a dot on a page contained a massive amount of energy and most of the matter in the known universe that eventually expanded into what we see today. But that is only the beginning. The question now comes in where did this energy and matter come from? Essentially, the matter has always been and the energy always was. We can understand this from the Entropy laws:

The First Law is that energy is not created or destroyed, [the Second Law is conserved: the total amount of disordered energy is increased, even as a visible increase in order is produced. Thus, though an increase in entropy entails an increase in disorder, it does so only overall, and therefore as long as the amount of energy that becomes ordered is less than the amount of energy that becomes disordered, any amount of order can arise in a closed system without violating the Second Law.] and the Third Law is that absolute zero cannot be achieved--each of these laws is actually entailed from the first, in conjunction with certain other assumptions.
Entropy- Simply Explained
*Brackets added by me, information from site, for logical following.

Of course this is not an acceptable answer to many. But once one realizes that we are only one dimension of many the understanding for how this is possible quickly becomes understandable. For each dimension there is a security blanket, preventing other dimensions from colliding with it and to keep dimensions stable. Basically, what I am telling you is that we are the remnants of a destroyed Dimension. How did I arrive at this conclusion? Well let’s assume for a moment that the dimension collapsed upon itself for some unknown reason. I really have no idea, so just use your imagination. But once a dimension folds unto itself and begins to break down the other dimensions feel the effects of what is happening. Essentially, they too are at risk of breaking down, because all dimensions are connected through some sort of string or wave. In order to preserve themselves from destruction (much like the dimension that collapsed) they begin to contract and, much like when a woman is giving birth, move energy down the line to where the dimension that clasped is located. This energy is enough to keep the other dimensions from falling and maintaining stability.

Eventually, our dimension regained some stability and began to rebuild itself. Drawing everything unto itself. Essentially, regrouping and after the matter re-stabilized into the dot on your page. It began once again to become extremely volatile rearranging itself over and over again. Attempting to gain enough energy to expand and formulate some sort of order from the chaos that just happened. After it rearranged itself it just needed a little more energy to ignite the spark for the big bang and beginning the expansion. The other dimensions provided this energy and thus the dimension began once again giving re-birth to the universe that we are now in, along with giving birth to the Alternative Timelines. The remarkable thing is that we may not even exist in reality. Due to these events of the dimension collapsing, it had to rearrange the properties of the dimension before us into a recycled continuum.

This is essentially, what we are. Recycled material from long ago. Yet, we continue to recycle our material today. In fact everything recycles in our universe! So where did everything come from in our universe? The plants, the animals, everything? Well we answer this by showing a picture first:

Art of Greg Martin

Our origins are from stars. Nearly everything really, including Human origins, we are nothing more than star dust. This is quite poetic and interesting at the same time. Hydrogen composes around 70% of our bodies and this person actually explained it in the most simplest of terms that I have seen in a long time:

Billions of years ago there were no elements, just protons and electrons - they grouped together to form hydrogen (one of each particle). Then through weak gravitational interactions they began to form into clouds, massive clouds. Which eventually become denser and denser and their gravity becomes stronger and stronger until they crunch down to form a star, which is essentially a massive ball of hydrogen whose gravitational force causes the hydrogen within to fuse together releasing massive amounts of nuclear energy (like an atom bomb) and converting the hydrogen into partly heat and light radiation and partly other elements. Hydrogen + hydrogen = helium, hydrogen + helium = something else and so on and so forth until eventually you get everything from gold to plutonium. This is how the matter which makes up our body (which is still about 70% hydrogen since the universe is 90% unconverted hydrogen) formed, so yes, we did come from stardust.
Man and Stars

This puts things into perspective:

Not only are we In the Universe, but the Universe is in us.
-Neil Degrasse Tyson

Our universe after all the chaos that rained down gave rise to the stars, which in turn over many more years gave rise to every living thing here on earth. But what happened before that? How did the earth, come into being?

Well the modern theories of today have a pretty good explanation for that:

From the scientific viewpoint, the Earth would have had to form about 4.54 billion years since the earliest material in the solar system is dated back to about this time period. It is scientifically accepted that the solar system including the earth was the result of a solar nebula that collapsed from the formation of the sun. The dust and gas from the solar nebula took about 10-20 million years to form into the earth starting with the molten centre of the Earth which cooled down to form a crust that allowed water to begin to accumulate. The moon, the main satellite of the Earth is believed to have formed about 4.5 billion years ago when an object that roughly was the size of Mars collided with the Earth causing a significant blow to the Earth. It is theorized that some of the mass became Earth and the remaining chunk begin to orbit the Earth in what is now known as the moon.
Earth Lives

We can understand how the earth could have been savagely hit by comets and asteroids and gave rise to the moon when we view the earth for what it truly looks like at its core. This is an excellent model demonstrating that the earth is not as it truly appears. The next step is of course life. I will skip the atmosphere part, only because it is a lot of confusion. Which many will not understand and I barely understand myself. However, I will jump at the next best thing and that is the evolution of life on the planet earth. And after the evolution of life on earth. It is going to get very interesting. Because we are going to be delving into evolution, genes, genetics, and a whole bunch more, the MultiVerse (The Alternative Timelines), Aliens, The Wave Theory (My Theory of Time Travel), Cryptozoology, The Brain, The Holographic Universe, Paranormal activity ranging from ghosts, Telepathy, Precognition, Telekinesis, Levitation, and much more, along with explaining dreams, Déjà vu, Collective Event Theory (My theory for how everything is connected) and how the universe, world, and everything will end.

This is just the beginning of an incredible journey my friends. I hope you decide to stay and enjoy the ride until the end. Hopefully, what is presented will astound you, make you think, and make you imagine that the world around us maybe a lot different than what you and I thought.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 07:09 PM
The Beginning of Life, Evolution, and Genes

We begin with a self replicating molecule. Where has this molecule arisen from? That is clouded with much debate, but once the understanding of what life is we can formulate a much needed hypothesis of where the this molecule arose from.

What makes something alive?

It has to have and maintain cellular Organization. It has to be highly complex and maintain high order. Has to be able to respond to stimuli. Has to be able to reproduce, grow, and possess molecules that can be passed onto children. Must utilize energy. Must be able to maintain homeostasis. And finally, must be able to adapt, evolve, and most importantly, be able to survive. But now the question is what gave rise to a "living" molecule? Was it non-living molecules? The question is complex in the answer, but the short answer is that everything is alive on a subatomic scale. However, the first self replicating molecules arose from bacteria. Bacteria was the first replicating molecule that was "alive". We call this bacteria, Archaea. Because Archaea would have to survive amazingly hostile conditions and these cells have that ability to survive where nothing else can. These are first replicating cells.

Image provided by

Archaea though ancient creatures are a relatively recent discovery. Modern science only learned about them in 1977 when they were discovered by Carl Woese and George Fox. Far fewer Archaea are known to science than Bacteria, in fact only 209 species were listed in 1999, but now that more people are aware of, and looking for them many more species are sure to be found.

Most Archaea are anaerobic (living in the absence of Oxygen) and many live in uncommon and extreme environments, i.e. hot springs, Arctic ice floes, highly saline waters and highly acidic or alkaline soils. Many of the world record holders for extreme environments are Archaea. Their tolerances range from 4(C to 110(C, and from pH -0.06 to 9.5, examples are given in the group synopses. Nearly half of the known Archaea are Methanogenic, meaning that they give off methane as a by-product of their metabolic activity. Though many Archaea (singular Archaeon) live in environments which are hazardous to most other organisms, some live much closer to us and species of Archaea have been found in animal, including in the human, digestive tract.
The Ancients

Surprising there have been many similarities found from the ancient archaea cells and today's eukaryote cells (Definition of Eukaryotes) which is what our genes posses. According to Elizabeth R. Barry and Stephen D. Bell:

The archaeal DNA replication machinery bears striking similarity to that of eukaryotes and is clearly distinct from the bacterial apparatus. In recent years, considerable advances have been made in understanding the biochemistry of the archaeal replication proteins. Furthermore, a number of structures have now been obtained for individual components and higher-order assemblies of archaeal replication factors, yielding important insights into the mechanisms of DNA replication in both archaea and eukaryotes.

Through some processes I believe that Archaea cells gave rise through a mutation to Bacteria cells. This would have happened when the earth entered into a state that threw off the archaea's cells natural replication process; a change in the atmosphere for example. Eventually, the creation of modern day prokaryotic cells (Definition here) emerged. And then something remarkable happened. Bacteria evolved into a new strand of cells, the eukaryotes. A highly complex cell that was capable of supporting life on earth creating the dinosaurs, the plants, and eventually the ancestors of man. But wait. What is evolution really? Evolution is a term that has been severely disfigured by religious fundamentalists, laymen and even scientists. Which is sad, because evolution has a basic meaning...

Many people do not understand the true mechanism of evolution. Evolution is not the beginning of life or how life started; but rather it is how life changed over time to create the present day animals that we see today. Evolution at its simplest definition means nothing more than: To Change. As long as change is occurring evolution is occurring. No matter if it is cellular or physical. And it does not necessarily mean progress in the species, it could very well hurt the species or the animal. Change has been occurring for billions of years! We can observe it today in ourselves and following it through our ancestors. The missing link or the beginning ape like creature went extinct probably after the first major evolutionary change into an upright walking animal. We know that animals go extinct all the time and therefore, we can assume with high probability that this first stump of ape went extinct when its newer generation of apes was able to move about easier and access food easier and do things that the older generation could not do.

It is change through a species, very slowly. For instance and example: A male and female human of today mate with each other and give birth to a child with a slightly different genetic trait. Usually the odd genetic trait would be passed down from father to son. Because of the Y chromosome which is basically a deformed X chromosome. This slightly different genetic marker, in this offspring which will be a boy, we will remember as Offspring T. Offspring T then mates with a "regular" woman and gives birth to two more sons. Each of these boys now carry the genetic oddity of there father in Offspring T. Through many more years this gene no longer becomes an oddity, but will eventually become a regularity, through reproduction of that lineage. This will include different prototypical features and genotypes. Now I want to make something clear this will not affect the entire human population! This will affect this lineage alone. They have essentially branched off into a new genetic factor.

A gene that will give rise to a green skin down the line or stronger bones. Micro evolution does occur, but the change will not be labeled micro, because it is no longer micro when it presents itself. It is at this point very prominent and no longer Micro. Of course you may also say that this is adaptation, but then again you would be wrong, because adaptation does not necessarily require change of the genetic structure to keep the animal alive.

Simply. Evolution is Change. It happens. Its biggest evidence is the fossil record. We have animals alive today that were not around millions of years ago.

What was the ancestor of man, why do we have sex to reproduce, and where did the races come from? The ancestor of man was probably many different classes of the same species that were able to reproduce with each other. This cross breeding allowed for a genetic variety, which is something is that a necessity in today's world.

Sex, is an interesting question, for a variety of reasons
But the main reason sex is so important was that it allowed for genetic material to be purged. And if you are wondering what we evolved from besides bacteria; our genes basically give the answer to that: Viruses.

Our DNA is mostly composed of Viruses. Basically viruses are jumping genes (a.k.a Transposons, genes that jump and hook onto other genes or cells and combining with it). We see this today with the HIV virus and how it jumps onto the DNA of our cells and messes it up. We are essentially, at the core of our DNA, a makeup of dead viruses from long ago. Which is truly fascinating. And sex actually arose because of parasites (viruses). In order to combat the parasite we had to find away as a species to destroy the parasites. And that was through sex. Sex purges the genome to protect itself from mutations that threaten the life of the species. A complex process, but a useful tool indeed. And you can find almost anywhere. For instance, with animals that basically clone themselves through the use of A-sexual reproduction, which is just cloning itself. This process is not very useful if the animal catches a parasite. Cloning brings an end to scientific diversity. Cloning becomes more susceptible to the parasites and eventually dies off completely, because the DNA can no longer code itself properly or the parasite morphs itself into a new animal. Again scary, but highly intriguing...

And now the case of the different ethnicity. The preceding statement is a fallacy and by that I mean the genetic material for whites, blacks, asians, hispanics, and everyone is essentially the same. On a genetic level there is no real difference between any of us. But many people wonder where they originated from. That is a difficult question that is best answered by a phylogeneticists, which, mind you is more of a philosophy than a science, but it has merits. And very strong merits at that:

Meet the direct decendants of our oldest relatives. The San Bushmen and a special thanks to Spencer Wells for taking this amazing journey and explaining everything in the simplest terms imaginable:

If you have time please watch part one and the entire 13 parts series. It is incredible

And this concludes the evolutionary and genetic part.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 07:10 PM
MultiVerse and The Holographic Universe

There is a serious question that needs to be answered and that question comes from the beginning. When the dimension reformed what effects did it have on the universe around us? Are MultiVerses (Not Dimensions) a mistake? Could it be possible that the world of alternative realities is a huge error? Possibly they are. After the dimension regenerated itself it used the recycled material that was once everything in the universe. This would mean that it began the same way that it did long before the collapse, essentially, ushering in a clone of the previous world. We could possibly be an "echo", so to speak, because we actually live in a holographic universe. We could essentially be, in simple terms, a TiVo'ed show from a destroyed time, that as the ability to make changes in certain areas. This is essentially a holographic universe.

In 1982 a remarkable event took place. At the University of Paris a research team led by physicist Alain Aspect performed what may turn out to be one of the most important experiments of the 20th century. You did not hear about it on the evening news. In fact, unless you are in the habit of reading scientific journals you probably have never even heard Aspect's name, though there are some who believe his discovery may change the face of science.

Aspect's experiment is related to the EPR Experiment, a consicousness experiment which had been devised by Albert Einstein, and his colleagues, Poldlsky and Rosen, in order to disprove Quantum Mechanics on the basis of the Pauli Exclusion Principle contradicting Special Relativity. Aspect and his team discovered that under certain circumstances subatomic particles such as electrons are able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance separating them. It doesn't matter whether they are 10 feet or 10 billion miles apart. Somehow each particle always seems to know what the other is doing. The problem with this feat is that it violates Einstein's long-held tenet that no communication can travel faster than the speed of light. Since traveling faster than the speed of light is tantamount to breaking the time barrier, this daunting prospect has caused some physicists to try to come up with elaborate ways to explain away Aspect's findings. But it has inspired others to offer even more radical explanations.

University of London physicist David Bohm, for example, believes Aspect's findings imply that objective reality does not exist, that despite its apparent solidity the universe is at heart a phantasm, a gigantic and splendidly detailed hologram. To understand why Bohm makes this startling assertion, one must first understand a little about holograms. A hologram is a three- dimensional photograph made with the aid of a laser. To make a hologram, the object to be photographed is first bathed in the light of a laser beam. Then a second laser beam is bounced off the reflected light of the first and the resulting interference pattern (the area where the two laser beams commingle) is captured on film. When the film is developed, it looks like a meaningless swirl of light and dark lines. But as soon as the developed film is illuminated by another laser beam, a three-dimensional image of the original object appears.

The three-dimensionality of such images is not the only remarkable characteristic of holograms. If a hologram of a rose is cut in half and then illuminated by a laser, each half will still be found to contain the entire image of the rose. Indeed, even if the halves are divided again, each snippet of film will always be found to contain a smaller but intact version of the original image. Unlike normal photographs, every part of a hologram contains all the information possessed by the whole. The "whole in every part" nature of a hologram provides us with an entirely new way of understanding organization and order. For most of its history, Western science has labored under the bias that the best way to understand a physical phenomenon, whether a frog or an atom, is to dissect it and study its respective parts. A hologram teaches us that some things in the universe may not lend themselves to this approach. If we try to take apart something constructed holographically, we will not get the pieces of which it is made, we will only get smaller wholes. This insight suggested to Bohm another way of understanding Aspect's discovery. Bohm believes the reason subatomic particles are able to remain in contact with one another regardless of the distance separating them is not because they are sending some sort of mysterious signal back and forth, but because their separateness is an illusion. He argues that at some deeper level of reality such particles are not individual entities, but are actually extensions of the same fundamental something.

This fundamental connectedness would correlate with The Fifth Element, and its mathematical proof of all aspects of the universe being energetically connected - Hal Puthoff's assertion in his work on Zero-Point Energy of all charges in the universe being connected and that further mass is in all likelihood an illusion as well -- and both of these modern day theories of physics being in accordance with ancient traditions and philosophies, which claim the same connectedness of the diverse parts of the universe.
Holographic Universe

This is an extraordinary find and this is so important, because it essentially, helps out the Multi-Verse.

How so? The Multi-Verse states that even though there is an invisible barrier between each of the alternative realities, but each reality if penetrated by sub atomic particles that travel in and out of each reality. This is part of the problem and a reason why Alternative realities could be an error. Sub atomic particles have to travel through different realities and as such encounter different variations of the same thing and risk destroying that oddity that it does not understand virtually causing more harm than good. This is a chaotic mess, that the sub atomic particles are trying to bring order too. This reality is only one of many. Infact, each alternative reality is a part of the "actual" reality. In essence my friends, each alternative reality is a fragment of the once "whole" universe. The holographic reality is, at its core, part real and part imaginary. As the theory states over and over again. The reason this is so important is that each sub atomic particle traveling into the other realities is trying to maintain and create stability. To regain the original dimension that was once shattered, but not destroyed completely. Trying to maintain stability in chaotic Multi-Verses.

An impressive body of evidence suggests that the brain uses holographic principles to perform its operations. Pribram's theory, in fact, has gained increasing support among neurophysiologists. Argentinian-Italian researcher Hugo Zucarelli recently extended the holographic model into the world of acoustic phenomena. Puzzled by the fact that humans can locate the source of sounds without moving their heads, even if they only possess hearing in one ear, Zucarelli discovered that holographic principles can explain this ability.

Zucarelli has also developed the technology of holophonic sound, a recording technique able to reproduce acoustic situations with an almost uncanny realism. Pribram's belief that our brains mathematically construct "hard" reality by relying on input from a frequency domain has also received a good deal of experimental support. It has been found that each of our senses is sensitive to a much broader range of frequencies than was previously suspected. Researchers have discovered, for instance, that our visual systems are sensitive to sound frequencies, that our sense of smell is in part dependent on what are now called "cosmic frequencies", and that even the cells in our bodies are sensitive to a broad range of frequencies. Such findings suggest that it is only in the holographic domain of consciousness that such frequencies are sorted out and divided up into conventional perceptions. But the most mind-boggling aspect of Pribram's holographic model of the brain is what happens when it is put together with Bohm's theory.

For if the concreteness of the world is but a secondary reality and what is "there" is actually a holographic blur of frequencies, and if the brain is also a hologram and only selects some of the frequencies out of this blur and mathematically transforms them into sensory perceptions, what becomes of objective reality? Put quite simply, it ceases to exist. As the religions of the East have long upheld, the material world is Maya, an illusion, and although we may think we are physical beings moving through a physical world, this too is an illusion. We are really "receivers" floating through a kaleidoscopic sea of frequency, and what we extract from this sea and transmogrify into physical reality is but one channel from many extracted out of the superhologram. This striking new picture of reality, the synthesis of Bohm and Pribram's views, has come to be called the Holographic Paradigm, and although many scientists have greeted it with skepticism, it has galvanized others. A small but growing group of researchers believe it may be the most accurate model of reality science has arrived at thus far.
Holographic Universe

In order to make the transition into a completed puzzle severe changes are being made that are affecting us and quite possibly have been affecting us for some time. In fact gravity maybe a leak from one universe to the next. However, there are not infinite universes but many.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 07:10 PM
The Realm of the Bleed Through

What do Ghosts, The Brain, Dreams, Déjà vu, Telepathy, Precognition, Telekinesis, Levitation, Aliens, The Wave Theory (My Theory of Time Travel), and Cryptozoology all have in common? They are all bleed outs from the alternative realities. In fact some of our oldest bacteria may have originated from these bleed outs. According to my theory of Time Travel which is known as the Wave Theory. A person, animal, or any object is subject to three possibilities:

According to M and String theory, the smallest molecules are composed of strings that give off different vibrations and this is how they are able to travel from alternate reality to alternate reality and so forth. This is one example of a bleed through, a rather small one that has the potential to create big problems. The human body is nothing more than particles built upon each other. The same holds true for these particles as the smallest molecules, they are strings as well. At the very core of everything are waves that have the ability to flow with other waves if they are on the same frequencies. It is at this point in time when the person voluntary is able to turn there frequencies to a specific flow that it picks up the string and follows it causing time travel. It has been mentioned that the holographic universe has been shown to be revealed to people such as this point in time:

In his book Gifts of Unknown Things, biologist Lyall Watson describes his encounter with an Indonesian shaman woman who, by performing a ritual dance, was able to make an entire grove of trees instantly vanish into thin air. Watson relates that as he and another astonished onlooker continued to watch the woman, she caused the trees to reappear, then click off again and on again several times in succession

This is an example of a bleed through. Those tree's did not just disappear they went somewhere and then returned.

There are many examples of this throughout history the first civilizations describe objects that could not have been from there time, but closely resemble today's technology. Such as the stories of the ancient nuclear wars, ancient machines, the Egyptian artifacts portraying airplanes, the old stories of White men coming from the heavens, and many more stories of ancient times.

Another example of bleed through are ghosts. Apparent apparitions that appear out of nowhere and quickly disappear. Ghosts could be people from the other side appearing on our side due to the Wave Theory. Perhaps they are picking up signals and following them subconsciously. And maybe this is even possible in our sleep.

What are dreams?

A dream is a succession of images, sounds or emotions which the mind experiences during sleep. The content and purpose of dreams are not fully understood, though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history.

According to oneirology (which is the study of dreams). There are two classifications, Authentic dreams and Illusory dreaming.

Authentic dreams are defined by their tendency to occur "within the realm of experience" and reflect actual memories or experiences the dreamer can relate to. Authentic dreams are believed to be the side effect of synaptic efficacy refreshment that occurs without errors. Research suggests that the brain stimulation that occurs during dreaming authentic dreams is significant in reinforcing neurological pathways, serving as a method for the mind to "rehearse" certain things during sleep.

Defined as dreams that contain impossible, incongruent, or bizarre content as the types of dreams hypothesized to stem from memory circuits accumulating efficacy errors. In theory, old memories having undergone synaptic efficacy refreshment multiple times throughout one's lifetime result in accumulating errors that manifest as illusory dreams when stimulated. Qualities of illusory dreaming have been linked to delusions observed in mental disorders.[2] Illusory dreams are believed to most likely stem from older memories that experience this accumulation of errors in contrast to authentic dreams that stem from more recent experiences.

When we sleep our brain waves are under going amazing transitions and perhaps in REM sleep, the state in which we dream, we directly affect the Strings of our sub atomic particles. And we are viewing a collage of different alternate realities trying to form into one. We are essentially, seeing the universes dilemma. Dreams are powerful tools in that they allow us to see what is happening in our minds and the universe. Why is this important? Well, the brain is the guide to the body. It tells us that what we are processing from stimuli is reality. Yet, we can also become stimulated in our dreams which have no direct contact with us. We can rarely feel pain, yet we can feel many other pleasures in dreams. I believe that eventually we will not be able to tell the difference between dreaming and our perceived notion of reality. This will make the transition into the completed universe much easier, because we will already be in REM sleep, when our brain can easily flow from reality to reality. Our dreams are our gateway to our true selves and to our true reality.

Déjà vu, is from our original universe. We instantly recognize people and know them without even having met them before or recognize places and know where things are without having been there before. And sometimes it is a misfire of synapses. But the overall scope of Déjà vu is much more massive than once thought. It is a powerful tool in helping us realize that what we perceive as reality is not our true reality. The same is held true for Precognition, since we lived this before and we are essentially the echoes of our past, present and future some have the ability to know what is going to happen before it does. Telepathy is basically a concept of being able to follow strings of another persons brain and molecules. They essentially merge and form a communicative barrier where Telepathy is possible. Telekinesis is grabbing onto the strings of an object(s) and manipulating them to fulfill a purpose. Moving them or fixing them in a certain position. Levitation is the manipulation of gravities strings and since gravity could be a leak on its own, it demonstrates how our realities are rejoining together much faster than any of us could have expected. Cryptozoology also maybe a bleed out, by bringing in animals from other realities. Perhaps it is not just humans, but every animal who can dream can also manipulate the strings. And finally, we have aliens.

Are aliens other life forms in our galaxy? And if so, what does that mean? I personally think aliens are actually other realities bleeding through completely and perhaps another reality is able to do this and is much more technologically advanced than our reality. If so, this proposes a question. Was it one of the realities that caused our universe to fracture? These things become excellent questions, but in the end we cannot control any of it. These are things that we cannot understand, yet they are there. Is there life on other planets in our galaxy? Probably yes. Will we see them? Probably not.

Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Space, Time & Medicine writes: Today nearly everyone is familiar with holograms, three-dimensional images projected into space with the aid of a laser. Now, two of the world's most eminent thinkers -- University of London physicist David Bohm, a former protege of Einstein's and one of the world's most respected quantum physicists, and Stanford neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, one of the architects of our modern understanding-of-the brain -- believe that the universe itself may be a giant hologram, quite literally a kind of image or construct created, at least in part, by the human mind. This remarkable new way of looking at the universe explains not only many of the unsolved puzzles of physics, but also such mysterious occurrences as telepathy, out-of-body and near-death experiences, "lucid" dreams, and even religious and mystical experiences such as feelings of cosmic unity and miraculous healings.

But then why does the creation and evolution of ourselves matter? It matters, because it is all a build up of one cosmic truth. We are all connected. Everything is connected on a scale that no one can see or touch. The evolution of man is necessary in understanding the ever growing change of getting back "home", so to speak. We can now formulate thoughts that have meaning and purpose. We can communicate and most importantly, we can dream. We had to get to this change, because there was nothing before us. Now is the dawn of a new era where we can possibly find meaning.

So what do all of these things mean? They could mean that the fabric holding the alternative realities together is failing and the pieces of the once destroyed universe are beginning to form into a complete puzzle. A puzzle that has been broken for far to long and one that needs to re-establish itself, because it is volatile. It is seeking stillness in a very chaotic way.

The next section is the end of our journey and what a fun one it has been my friends. This is how the world, universe and everything will end, but before that we must examine the events leading up to the end.


posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 07:10 PM
The End

The Connective Event theory, is a theory that connects everyone and everything with each other. For instance:

Joe walks into a store. He buys a glass of Milk and walks of the store. He opens the door for Maggie, giving her a few extra seconds in her day. Maggie orders a cup of coffee, thanks the waitress, and gives her a tip, because Maggie was once a worker there and she knows the pay is not very good. Maggie walks out of the store, heads down the street to buy a newspaper. A man accidentally bumps into her and Maggie drops her change on the ground. Maggie has lost 3 minutes of her day after picking up the change and buying the newspaper. She begins to head across the street when a car suddenly hits her, killing her instantly. Maggie is an organ donor and her organs are given to a child who has renal failure, amazingly the child would have died without the Kidney within two days. The kid grows up to be the President of the United States of America and forming peace out of chaos.

Now there are multiple choices that could have been made here: For one the type of milk that Joe bought, he could have chosen from Strawberry milk to any sort of milk or any drink for that matter as long as the drink is in the store, he could have chosen to take it. This event does not change anything and has no affect on the larger picture of destiny which is Maggie dying and the child becoming President of the United States with her Kidney.

This is problem. If we have lived this before and are, at our core, echoes of the past universe. Does this mean that we have no control of our destiny? Is it already placed out before us to guide us into the transition of returning home? The answer seems extraordinary likely. We are being guided down a path of destiny to return to our "reality". Of course we are able to change little things here and there, but the overall picture is not changeable. Many people state that when they are close to death and reflecting upon what has happened throughout there lives, they talk about how strange it seems that everything connects like a pattern to get them here. Something that I do here, will inevitably affect someone's decision with something somewhere.

This network of destiny is a grand scale and of grand design by the universe in order to fix itself. How will it all end for us? In a long deep sleep. This deep sleep is best explained by death. Death will allow our sub atomic particles to travel into a new realm. But the problem is that our sub atomic particles cannot rejoin in the original universe, because the pieces of the puzzle are not ready to be joined together. So we either enter another alternate reality or continue on the realm we are on.

Through constant traveling of our sub atomic particles with other sub atomic particles the gradual merge will be fulfilled. And when it does everything will cease to exist, but then restart on the originally destroyed universe. Everything will be leading up to this event. After the end of ourselves, we will have a new beginning on a universe that we understand.

What is the point of life? Why does the beginning have such a remarkable story of evolution and hostile earth like environments? It is essentially a way of the universe to show us that we are much more important than we believe we are. Our genes have taken an incredible journey to document everything that we have endured and gone through to get to where we are at now. It is the journey of man. The journey of our fractal selves on an imperfect world. It is a journey that will help us arrive at the place where we belong. Somehow and someway it will guide us home.

How will it all end? With the merger of the alternative realities completely bleeding through and forcing the sub atomic particles to restart everything. But this time it will all be a completed puzzle; rather than everything thrown everyone. All of us will become whole again and start a completely different and new journey.

So is there life after death? Yes, there is and there always will be. Remember that we are nothing more than recycled molecules. In fact everything is recycled.

Is there a God(s)? Possibly, in fact there probably is. He/she or they reside on the top chain of the dimensions. They are the parent dimensions giving life to the other dimensions.

Is there a soul? Yes, this is a fundamental part of this. Our being is composed of energy that we cannot see and it is energy that cannot be sensed in the physical sense. It is the energy that drives us forever and gives life back to us. Sub atomic particles are not the soul, but rather tools used to help the soul travel.

And finally, the most important question of all.

Who are we?

I believe that if we are honest with ourselves, that the most fascinating problem in the world is, ‘Who am I?’ What do you mean, what do you feel, when you use the word I, because it’s so mysterious, its so elusive. What you are in your inmost being escapes your examination in rather the same way that you can’t look directly into your own eyes without using a mirror. And that is why there is always a profound element of mystery in the problem of who we are.

- Alan Watts

The most complicated and most personal question. How many of you ATS'ers and others who read this can answer this question? I was asked this question and I could not answer it. How do you start to answer such a question. Three simple words that carry much more meaning than any other words. Even more than the most common three word phrase, 'I love you.' These words are so personal and mystical at the same time that they have caused many great thinkers to ponder the question. Who am I? In my understanding, to find out who I am I had to look into others. And find myself with in them. It is not long after that, that I began to realize that 'I am' is more of a 'we are'. We are mirrors for each other. I first had to discover how others and myself interacted, believed, trusted, and grew upon each other. Then I was able to reflect upon myself who I really was. Who am I? Who is TheMythLives? Well I have no idea yet. I have all the pieces of my puzzle here, but no understanding of who I really am. Not yet anyway, but perhaps one day.

Each human discovers who she or he is in an ongoing series of revelations. Humans often have the illusion of inventing themselves from nothing. They often claim to be the authors of their own destiny, but they spend most of their time as passengers in an ancient vehicle on a journey that they have difficulty comprehending. As humans journey through life, they continue to discover who they are and what it means. If they have choices in the direction of their journey, reasonable decisions are achieved by diligent effort, learning and practice.

The process of individuation depends on the opportunities provided by the local environment and by practicing innate abilities and following innate tendencies. The journey through life is expressed and understood by telling stories. Human stories have inner and outer forms. The inner story teller is an almost continuous narrative process in the mind. This private monologue can be referred to as selftalk. Manifest stories are the daily conversations that dominate human social life. If you had to choose one feature of humans that separate them from all other animals it would be story-telling.

We are all one and the same. On a genetic, philosophical, and universal view point. Connected through complicated means and complicated beliefs. We are the story of mankind and the universe. We carry our origins in our genes and in our souls. We are waiting to become one once again with our true reality. We carry our hopes and our dreams together. We are one. We are a family.

My last question to you my friends is this:

Even though you maybe a fractal of your true self. Do you know who you are?


Thank you for reading this and going on this amazing journey with me
This journey was inspired by a dear friend of mine who passed away and he was a member of this site. We got talking about the universe and how things could all be connected on a grand scale. He agreed with my ideas and made me promise that I would release them one day. Some of the thoughts are not complete and you can tell the ones that are not, in fact it seems to enter the realm of FRINGE much more so, than reality. However, I tried my best to apply it with today's knowledge and understanding of science and the possibility of FRINGE science. And I do not fully believe everything that is listed above. It is just a theory at its most basic core. But a promise is a promise no matter how crazy, small or big. I could not have done it alone my friends and I thank you for once again taking this incredible journey with me. If you have any questions at all let me know. And once again take care and be well...... Until next time!

Case Review Investigator

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 07:21 PM
Holy smokes! I can't wait to go thru this stuff! Just wanted to say thanks ahead of time for your effort. I just finished reading Science And The Akashic Field by Ervin Laszlo that takes the next step from, but still incorporating, the TOE. These progressions brings new assurance to the notion of "oneness."
I will return for some feedback! Thanks for providing me with something useful to dig into this evening!

Peace and WHODAT!!!!

Edit To Add: Part 1

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 07:26 PM
I raced here to get in the first flag, and I'll be darned if somebody didn't beat me to it. And I got a sneak preview. Nana nana.!

Fantastic information, and this looks like an ATS great thread should look.
Well researched and interesting.

Back later to read comments and hopefully add to the discussion.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 07:37 PM
I already posted a portion of this before...

Anyway I will be posting some helpful physics links here...

About the Course This course provides a thorough introduction to the principles and methods of physics for students who have good preparation in physics and mathematics. Emphasis is placed on problem solving and quantitative reasoning. This course covers Newtonian mechanics, special relativity, gravitation, thermodynamics, and waves.

Here are the courses...

These both come complete with exams and solutions as well as video lectures.

I hope you guys like that.

Along with some tutorials on math for those who are mathematically challenged....

Here is a series of videos from Caltech called the Mechanical Universe.

There are only 4 here out of the entire 52.

Caltech mechanical Universe1

Physics Lecture 01: Introduction This preview introduces revolutionary ideas and heroes from Copernicus to Newton, and links the physics of the heavens and the earth. This series helps teachers demystify physics by showing students what it looks like. Field trips to hot-air balloon events, symphony concerts, bicycle shops, and other locales make complex concepts more accessible. Inventive computer graphics illustrate abstract concepts such as time, force, and capacitance, while historical reenactments of the studies of Newton, Leibniz, Maxwell, and others trace the evolution of theories. The Mechanical Universe helps meet different students' needs, from the basic requirements of liberal arts students to the rigorous demands of science and engineering majors. This series is also valuable for teacher professional development.

Caltech mechanical Universe2

Physics Lecture 02: The Law of Falling Bodies Galileo's imaginative experiments proved that all bodies fall with the same constant acceleration. This series helps teachers demystify physics by showing students what it looks like. Field trips to hot-air balloon events, symphony concerts, bicycle shops, and other locales make complex concepts more accessible. Inventive computer graphics illustrate abstract concepts such as time, force, and capacitance, while historical reenactments of the studies of Newton, Leibniz, Maxwell, and others trace the evolution of theories. The Mechanical Universe helps meet different students' needs, from the basic requirements of liberal arts students to the rigorous demands of science and engineering majors. This series is also valuable for teacher professional development.

Caltech mechanical Universe3

Physics Lecture 03: Derivatives The function of mathematics in physical science and the derivative as a practical tool. This series helps teachers demystify physics by showing students what it looks like. Field trips to hot-air balloon events, symphony concerts, bicycle shops, and other locales make complex concepts more accessible. Inventive computer graphics illustrate abstract concepts such as time, force, and capacitance, while historical reenactments of the studies of Newton, Leibniz, Maxwell, and others trace the evolution of theories. The Mechanical Universe helps meet different students' needs, from the basic requirements of liberal arts students to the rigorous demands of science and engineering majors. This series is also valuable for teacher professional development.

Caltech mechanical Universe4

Physics Lecture 04: Inertia Galileo risks his favored status to answer the questions of the universe with his law of inertia. This series helps teachers demystify physics by showing students what it looks like. Field trips to hot-air balloon events, symphony concerts, bicycle shops, and other locales make complex concepts more accessible. Inventive computer graphics illustrate abstract concepts such as time, force, and capacitance, while historical reenactments of the studies of Newton, Leibniz, Maxwell, and others trace the evolution of theories. The Mechanical Universe helps meet different students' needs, from the basic requirements of liberal arts students to the rigorous demands of science and engineering majors. This series is also valuable for teacher professional development.

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 07:37 PM

Originally posted by TheMythLives
What do Ghosts, The Brain, Dreams, Déjà vu, Telepathy, Precognition, Telekinesis, Levitation, Aliens, The Wave Theory (My Theory of Time Travel), and Cryptozoology all have in common? They are all bleed outs from the alternative realities.

Can I ask you a few questions about this part here?

You are saying that if a creature of cryptozoology, for instance a Bigfoot, 'bleeds' into our reality from an alternate reality then the creature is part of an alternate ecosystem? What about mythological creatures? Do they all have their own alternate ecosystems? Hard to imagine an ecosystem in which the Sphinx could evolve. Or a minotaur.

And could you elaborate a bit more on how a telepathic experience, for instance between a mother and her baby, could be explained in terms of alternate realities? One of my areas of interest is parapsychology and I don't think that alternate realities can account for psi. It doesn't seem biocentric enough for me.

I think a Jungian psychophysical approach can unify all of those seemingly separate phenomena without the need for alternate realities.

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 08:00 PM

Originally posted by TheMythLives
The Beginning of Life, Evolution, and Genes
What makes something alive?

It has to have and maintain cellular Organization. It has to be highly complex and maintain high order. Has to be able to respond to stimuli. Has to be able to reproduce, grow, and possess molecules that can be passed onto children. Must utilize energy. Must be able to maintain homeostasis. And finally, must be able to adapt, evolve, and most importantly, be able to survive. But now the question is what gave rise to a "living" molecule? Was it non-living molecules? The question is complex in the answer, but the short answer is that everything is alive on a subatomic scale. However, the first self replicating molecules arose from bacteria. Bacteria was the first replicating molecule that was "alive".

It's weird, for me, to think of survival as a requisite for life. Since everything living dies, nothing alive, ultimately, survives. In fact, it almost seems like the inability to survive happens to be a characteristic of life. Interesting thought, though.

It's also weird to suggest that the first living thing emerged from living bacteria. Confusing.

Still reading/enjoying ...

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 08:24 PM
reply to post by Student X

You are saying that if a creature of cryptozoology, for instance a Bigfoot, 'bleeds' into our reality from an alternate reality then the creature is part of an alternate ecosystem? What about mythological creatures? Do they all have their own alternate ecosystems? Hard to imagine an ecosystem in which the Sphinx could evolve. Or a minotaur.

And could you elaborate a bit more on how a telepathic experience, for instance between a mother and her baby, could be explained in terms of alternate realities?

I will take one at a time for easy following!

You are saying that if a creature of cryptozoology, for instance a Bigfoot, 'bleeds' into our reality from an alternate reality then the creature is part of an alternate ecosystem?

Essentially, it is very plausible that this is true. It could also be a different species completely. Remember, that alternative realities will mimic each other and in the ultimate goal of attempting to mimic the true "reality". However, there are inconsistencies or mutations in the other realities. That may result in some strange creatures that have evolved on that reality.

What about mythological creatures?

Again, I assume it is plausible, because of evolution giving rise to different species of creatures. Of course it is also possible that the majority of creatures talked about are just ideas or people jumping to the wrong conclusions.

Do they all have their own alternate ecosystems? Hard to imagine an ecosystem in which the Sphinx could evolve. Or a minotaur.

well I would assume that they are not all COMPLETELY different. But they probably have some different animals. Remember the alternate realities are trying to sustain themselves and keep balance with each other. Thus, they will closely resemble each other, but be different in there own way.

And could you elaborate a bit more on how a telepathic experience, for instance between a mother and her baby, could be explained in terms of alternate realities?

Well not everything is the result of alternate realities, but they do make up a good portion of "events". Remember that we are all essentially recycled material of the same cloth. Therefore, we are not different from each other and a mother being able to communicate with her child is perfectly explainable in the realm of science. connection from mother to child, because she is the host and influences the babies needs. They technically become one with each other for a period of time and learn each other. No need for alternative realities there.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 08:52 PM
Spencer Wells video with the San Bushmen was enormously enjoyable, and it was interesting to see how he engaged with them. I haven't finished watching all 13 segments yet, but am going back now.

Also, don't I remember carbon, somewhere along the way in our evolution, is what arrived upon the scene allowing all the little ooey-gooey things to stick together! Poor carbon. Everybody always neglects it and takes it for granted.

Great thread. Interesting and entertaining!

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 09:52 PM
reply to post by TheMythLives

When you say, 'ultimate goal of attempting to mimic the true "reality", I wonder what you mean by that. Mimic a true holographic reality?

Are you suggesting that a reality can have a goal? Is it alive?

How do inconsistencies or mutations in the other realities come about? I mean if consciousness is the mechanism then these realities you are talking about sound like reality tunnels to me. Have you read Prometheus Rising?

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 09:56 PM
The universe is indeed one of the greatest and unknown places of existence. It's amazing how one day humans from this planet will explore the great unknown. The universe is so beautiful, yet so dangerous.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 10:36 PM
I have been searching around for a thread on this sight that looks like the person posting knows a bit about higher level physics. I am hoping to get your input on this as it directly relates to you later postings of a 'holographic' universe, or a multi-verse, but the truth is, I would just like some honest feedback to see where this does or does not hold water. This thread seems like the perfect place.

Before Newton no one walked around asking "I wonder what keeps me
stuck on Earth. Even if birds fly, they do not wander into the Heavens". People
simply walked the Earth. Then Newton had a moment of Intuition, Knowledge
without a reasoning process, clear insight into the nature of things and he saw
there was a force that pushed down on us. I had a similar moment of intuition.
If you would, please try to suspend as much as you can this one concept: Try
to imagine things as they are, that physics perform exactly as they do, except
to get from 'here' to 'there' is not a passage 'through' time. Set aside the idea. I
still get from A to B, still walk the Earth, just w/o a concept of how long.

I'll begin by saying that the the first three spatial dimensions we know and
can describe w/o issue. The 4th is the only one, in conspiracy w/ other forces, that
literally kills us. Time is not perspective. If Einsteins twin/C theory is correct, when my
brother comes back he is alive and I am a very real kind of dead. This is not
a 'labeling' issue. It would be like saying the Human Species is a
mountain range because we live on Earth.

Weak force (A-bombs) cause EMP's and EM Force dissipates. At the edge of an event
horizon Time stops. Everyone is wondering why gravity is so weak
compared to the other forces (I did read about multidimensional theories regarding Branes), I think Gravity
is weak because Time is strong. The other 3 dimensions are not
affected by the Forces this way (the properties of the dimension). EM
Force doesn't make buildings shorter or wells shallow. But the 4
Forces can destroy/affect matter. Time does too.

We have a concept of space-time today. Why not space-gravity or
space-radiation? They are their own forces in the universe. So is
Time. Maybe because we see it as linear, because we measure change by
it, that time is a 'scale', but it behaves like a whole lot more than
that. It behaves like a Fundamental Force of Physics.

I hope that that the idea of Time being a Fundamental Force of Physics (FFP from here on) is new. I’m writing on the occasion it is, the following is the significance I see that this nature of time may have.

Time is measured from a human perspective, not in any true meaningful
amount. I mean in the sense that we might measure the half-life of an
atom. We measure it for perspective, to plan other events. No one
measures Time like we would a FFP. We wouldn't try to. I would like
to use this example to break things down: We are familiar with the
A-bomb, the splitting of atoms. That is possible because we developed
a concept of Strong and Weak nuclear force. That came about because
we developed a concept of Atoms. The concept of an Atom was developed,
adopted and accepted before we ever saw one.

Now look at Time. I’m going to ‘walk the dog’ forward here. Let’s say
that along with Atoms, Democritus thought of Time as, I’m just calling
it this, a building block of the universe. Now, we have Time on the
same level as an Atom conceptually. Down the line we develop a
concept of Time Force. Then we develop a concept of how to manipulate it. Then we build a machine that can manipulate it.

(I'm going to quickly finish with one follow up post, I'm almost done, I swear.)

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 10:38 PM
I have read about some of the issues we have with Tachyons. Our big
problem here, and Sir I am going to get about as basic as you have
probably heard in a while, is that Tachyons move faster than light. I
don’t mathematically know the specifics but basically they can’t exist at subluminal
speeds, so most people are saying ‘if it isn’t broke…’ and others are
trying to use them to disprove string theory. I’ve read a bunch of
articles that talk about ‘Blank’ and Time don’t mix so it didn’t work.
Maybe we aren’t mixing the right way. If we had no concept of atoms
and someone wanted power on the level of Nuclear Fission we’d be
thinking in circles about that too.

Time as a FFP gives Physics a whole new set of tools to reseed our
garden here. Physics is hoping for a way out with LHC, with Dark
Matter etc… We knew something was wrong when the General ToSR and
Quantum Mechanics didn’t mesh. I think this is what’s missing. Our
human perspective got in the way. It’s another ‘space is full of
Ether’ and ‘everything is made of water’ issue. If there is something
legitimate here, again, please let me know and pitch this thing. I’m
not pals with Steven Hawking, I don't have any legitimate contacts in the physics community. I truly look forward to hearing your


P.S. A friend does not see how this could be possible. She mentioned
that we pass in 1 direction (but pass through the 3 others on 2
directions per dimension). My final thought goes back to Augustine
and his 'explanation' of Time. Time as we understand it developed
because Man needed a way to leave 2 separate places and meet together
@ specific coordinates. [Hypothetical] If Man evolved with a hive
mind, his concept of time would be very different because there would
be no distance between us, no reason to coordinate departure. Time
would conceptualize to trap food and survive seasons but it's hard to
argue our view would be the same.

Not many argue today that Time would exist w/o the Human species. So
why is it that Time is so terribly impotent, it's only effect to mark
significant events? If we did not exist, Einstein’s theory would still
hold true. If you view Time as being a dimension and not a FFP, I
would ask if you think Time has 0 effect on the degrading or creation
of matter. The spatial dimensions do not, Length and Width cannot
topple a building, but Gravity and Time can. Radiation and Time can.
Nuclear Force and Time can. The other Forces affect everything,
literally everything. Light, Mass, what we're made of, what the Sun
is made of, etc... So does Time.

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 11:00 PM
reply to post by Student X

Your confusing the alternative realities which are fractures to the true completed puzzle reality of the past. Mutations take place because of a discrepancy of gene replication.

Are you suggesting that a reality can have a goal? Is it alive?

The reality itself? Yes, it is alive because of the other dimensions. Reality is 'alive' because if it were not consciousness could not take place. We are experiencing a reality that is fractured as of this moment. Due to the dimension collapsing long ago.

posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 12:01 AM
Great thread s+f

I haven't quite finished reading the entire thread yet, as I got to go to work now, actually I'm gunna be late (thanks to you). Anyway I thought I give this thread a bump in appreciation for your effort on this thread.

Looking forward to reading the rest when I get back and hopefully provide some constructive comments...


posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 12:06 AM
reply to post by TheMythLives
Very interesting article and well written. Throwing Spencer Wells into the gumbo (little cultural reference for ya
) always gets the nod from me. If more people watched a little Wells, we'd clear the ancient&lost civilisations forums of the 'lost races' BS threads.

It's early here and I haven't slept. Insomnia. This post is to 'put my foot in the door' so to speak and read the replies. I'll read your OP again when my mind feels brighter. It's obvious you've put a lot of time and effort into planing and writing it. Hopefully, members will appreciate it before they come charging in and dismiss your ideas with a two line post.

posted on Jul, 27 2010 @ 01:20 AM
reply to post by TheMythLives

It looks to me like you want a reality that is both 'alternate reality' centered and 'consciousness' centered. IMO it should be one or the other. Don't get me wrong I like a lot of what you say but it think all of that can be said more efficiently from a Jungian point of view. I'll use Occam's razor here and claim that the idea of alternate universes is unnecessary. I'll also say that the idea of a collective unconscious IS necessary. But not as sexy. :p

If we visit the alternate ecosystem that Bigfoot evolved in, then I'll change my mind. I have experienced many of the phenomena you named and so I am inclined to understand them but I have not as of yet experienced an alternate universe. I suspect a visit to such a place would be indistinguishable from a phantasmal 'fairy realm' like Avalon or Shangri-La or Eden.

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