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posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 02:32 AM
Hi everyone, i ran across this topic just doing a quick search to see what was on this site that became interesting to me. When i was looking into this myself at one time like alot of other people, i had some reservations and questions as well. About 4 to 6 months of reading and studying as much as i could get my hands on i knew this was for me. However, in a book called, "The Redemption Manual 4.5" it will tell you in there that being a SPC (Secured Party Creditor) is not for everybody. This book is over 600 pages long that contains a vast amount of useful information for multi endeavors. If i was going to offer anything here concerning this topic, this is what i would add to the conversation...Once you file your UCC-1 Financial Statement to the Secretary of State along with your Security Agreement, the next thing i would do is get your other agreements prepared and notorized and recorded with the County Clerks Office in the city of the state that you reside in. These other agreements that i'm referring to are these:
1.Common Law Copyright Notice
2. Power of Attorney in Fact
3. Hold Harmless and Idemnity Agreement

There will be a fee to have these recorded as well in the county clerks office, call them to find out what there fees are or check it out online, ither way works. After these things have been completed, the next thing i would certainly do is start getting your "Chargeback Order" put together and prepared to be sent out.

You have to know what your doing before you do something, there's a right way to do things as well as a wrong way. Read, read, have to know how to defend yourself if you get into a jam.

Do you know what a judge is? He or She is a MEDIATOR to balance the levy. As a SPC you are the bank and the judge in a courtroom setting is your fiduciary trustee. Do you realize when you get pulled over by a policeman or a policewoman they are not "Officers" the only people that are officers are the ones who have been voted into office. Chief of Police - Sherriff and Political Officials are the only ones that are truely "Officers".

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