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The Greatest Conspiracy Never Told!!!

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posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 08:08 PM
What if I told you there was a conspiracy so profound and so relevant that it is there before our eyes yet you cannot see it?

What if I told you that duality is the only problem that faces humanity?

What if I told you that regardless of which denomination you belong to, which beliefs you hold or which paths your on you have in fact two creators?

What if I told you the greatest conspiracy never told was that in fact there are two gods?

Read on...

When we are born into this world through whichever miracle or act of nature, the process by which we come about has so much ingenuity to its design that a universal intelligence must be considered.

Some say we are created in the image of God. Others say we are the makings of aliens. Some say we evolved. Whatever your take the fact is we are here and we exist and there is a reason.

My belief is that we don't yet know that reason but I believe it is knocking at the door.

Let's say for arguments sake, whoever put us here or designed us is our primary God or creator. If it is evolution to you, then that energy which evolution is would be your creator.

This is the god referred to in holy books, churches, mosques, temples, scriptures but that also crosses over into higher beings, alien gods, evolution and so on.

Now I know some of you are not religious and that is fine.

But in order to over stand what I am about to explain you need to accept the fact that there is something bigger than yourself that put you here.

Something which you cannot grasp but that you feel exists.

For religious people it isn’t so difficult, you only have to think of the god of your holy books.

This is the first god.

This is the singularity that we are all striving to get back to.

A true connection to god, Enlightenment, Awakening, Rebirth, Evolution of the soul.

When we exist in this state we are existing the way the universe and nature intended.

We are living alongside the planet, in harmony with it, in balance and equilibrium with it.

This is the true state of living that was intended for us.

To understand and unlock the secrets of nature and spirit.

Many tribes that exist in the world today still have unique attributes that pertain to living the way nature intended but now even those tribes have been influenced and have lost their original identity.

So then this begs the question of what went so wrong that the world now is so dethatched from existing in harmony with the earth and in perfect relation to one another as brothers and sisters, considerate, caring, loving, supportive and in universal coexistence.

What went wrong?

This is where the second god comes into play.

You live inside a world that was created through ideas.
Ideas are what manifest in the world.

Everything you see around you right now was originally a thought or idea.

The only thing we cannot say for certain that was not necessarily originally an idea is nature.
Reason being that we don’t know who put it there.

Everything else is of our creation.

Before the second god had any effect on us we were living inside a singularity.

The second god created a duality.

This duality or second god imposed his influence on us but not in the way our creator did.

The second god created something and laid it beside us. Beside the first creators creation.

This thing that caused the duality was and is in fact today the thing which we call the system.

The creator of the system is from one mind. A mind almost perfect with the exception of its imperfection.

This is our second god.

You see we are in fact what our creator made us to be but we had something laid over us.

Call it a program if you will.

Each human has a program. It is the system that conditions him from the moment he is made to wear diapers. To being fed powered milk, to growing up and being educated at school and through television, to becoming an adult and getting a job and integrating into society to become a functional part of the machine.

This is the playing field almost every single human alive today, save any native inhabitants or tribal persons are on.

There is a battle taking place within each of us. We are born into a system created by an idea.
That system is your program.
If your program malfunctions then you are sent to get fixed. Failing that you don't even get to leave the prison the system creates for you.

posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 08:09 PM
reply to post by Spirit777

If you pose a threat to the system or the ideology of it you are boxed and compartmentalised away from the eyes of any hope of liberation.

This is the battle we all face.

To awaken to the reality that we are not who we are supposed to be.
That in fact we have two gods or two realities in conflict with each other.

That’s why we have Problems, Chaos and Anarchy in the world.
That is the reason we have war and disease....

That is the reason we fear the end of the world.

Because the system has caused us to believe it.

The solution is awakening or reaching a point of enlightenment where you are able to discern this for yourself.

Once you realise the truth that you are really the singularity and that the duality is actually your ego!

The part of you that sticks to the reality the system has created.
Be it for reasons of desire, selfishness, comfort and security, convenience, food, laziness or whatever other reason.

This is the thing we have to let go of if we are to ascend.

In order to reach the state of being we are intended to be in we have to die to the ego.

Be reborn, reach nirvana, die and be resurrected. Become the singularity.

This is the only way out of the system. The only way to avert the coming catastrophes that our system has conditioned us to believe will take place soon.

2012 is fast approaching and this date holds more and more significance the closer we get to it.

2012 is a marker. It is not a date on which something will happen.

The thing planned to happen will more than likely occur before or after this date than on it.

We have two realities.
One where the creator or original god wins or one where the second god/beast/system wins.

That is why we have free will and we will be put in a position soon where we will have to make that choice.

To live in the system or to awaken from it and live the way our creator intended.

The problem is that the duality is now in a state of flux.

It is powerful and yet vulnerable.

We must tread carefully over the next few years and learn to make the right choices and decisions.

These can only be made from the singularity perspective if we are going to have any chance of overcoming that which is coming.
The problem is the system will not accept the singularity. This creates a very interesting scenario. Which would require its own thread.

Without getting back to this force or reality of perfect harmony we will cling to thoughts and ideas which are a by product of the ego.

We will remain in inner turmoil and conflict, doing what the system programs us to do instead of doing things the way nature intended.
This, my brothers and sisters is the only way to unplug from the matrix.
To relinquish the ego and give up everything associated with the system.

For some they are almost already there, others are far too dependent on their reality.
None the less we must awaken as many people as possible.
When we all unplug, the system itself will become a dead foetus with nothing to sustain it.
The greatest conspiracy never told is not out in the open.

God created us and Lucifer brought us the light.
The ability to think and create ideas which manifest and make us like gods.
Lucifer/Satan is the creator of the Illuminate. He is the fallen angel, who has programmed from the very beginning, the blue print for world domination and control.
The New World Order is his plan. The father of lies. Believe it or believe it not it is the most fundamental part of the system you are inside.
We must wake up soon before the Orwellian prophecy manifests and becomes our realities.
By shedding the ego we allow god to work through us. We are not longer tainted or diluted by the system and it has no influence over us. We live and god lives through us creating heaven on earth simply by us being who we are.
This is the only way to win the war of the soul before the war of the system destroys us all.
Happy thoughts.

posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 08:23 PM
Well I was taught in philosophy class the idea of a perfect circle. We all can envision the shape of a perfect circle. It exists in our mind, but once translated onto a piece of paper or whatever, it becomes flawed. Makes sense to me!

posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 08:34 PM
double post

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posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 08:34 PM

Originally posted by The Endtime Warrior
Well I was taught in philosophy class the idea of a perfect circle. We all can envision the shape of a perfect circle. It exists in our mind, but once translated onto a piece of paper or whatever, it becomes flawed. Makes sense to me!

Now, that which you just said, is the most concise way of describing the big "the".

I hope you were`nt just taught that, and you actually understand and, dare i say, believe it?

So simple, Im glad you showed me that.

OP, I think awareness is what God is, and being aware that we are aware is what the scriptural God is...i,e an insecure ego all of a sudden.

posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 09:01 PM
"Lucifer/Satan is the creator of the Illuminate. He is the fallen angel, who has programmed from the very beginning, the blue print for world domination and control. The New World Order is his plan. The father of lies..."

This one has been told over and over again. Checked your other threads. Why not just be honest, and ask if people have been "saved" yet, and invite them to your church? Why fool people...father of lies?? Who is your father, Luke?!


posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 09:22 PM
i believe in a triality:

light, darkness, and indifference.

we all know that darkness is jealous, and envious of the light, and wants it's power and want's its righteousness to be it's own, and corrupted. but darkness isn't the opposite of light, indifference is truly evil and hateful.

darkness may be malicious and spiteful, but it is contingent on light. it's simply jealous and wants what it used to have (love, and the story of lucifer. lucifer is just a bitter angel that thinks god forgot about him, and doesn't love him).
while indifference, or being in different is the worst fate and hell of all. being totally ignored, forgotten, and not even thought of, that is the coldest, most abject hell you can endure in the universe.

darkness wants you to be dark to empower them, light believes all to be of light inherently (and they are), but indifference, and selfishness is such a horrible poison.

i also view the triality with the most basic deicions we can make:

light would be making altruistic decisions, devoid of your ego and solely loving and caring for the well being of others. simply imagine if everyone were altruistic, everyone would be taken care of despite the fact that nobody is taking care of themselves.

a dark decision would be to simply get in the way of this machine and bring it down in anyway, or rebel in anyway. darkness is like a child, acting out for the attention of it's mother. selfish, self-preserving decision making as well that detracts from the wholesome operation of society. that's the only way it works, and can also be a victim of indifference.

what divides dark and light is the ABILITY to choose how you will decide something. that which seperates light and dark is choice.
that grey are between though is indifference. given the ability to choose. doing nothing that helps or hinders someone, you are completely useless force, a void from which nothing is gained or lost.

at least in the case of darkness, you affirm the actions and justice of the light. and vice versa.

triality makes more sense to me. positive, negative, and zero.

we as humans were all given choice. with choice, we are the objects that stand in the light to create both good and evil. do we realize our shadow, or do we realize the light which shines on us?

posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 09:30 PM
reply to post by Spirit777

Wow. Waste of time. I certainly agree with a lot of what your saying, and speak of it myself. But overall, pretty weak. You speak against education through T.V. (which I wholeheartedly agree), yet this whole thread comes across like a new Wachowski brothers script, a spin-off to The Matrix. Really, I do get what your aim is, but you portray yourself as the savior to all our problems, yet most of your ideas are just borrowed from other philosophies. Plus, your style of writing one sentence, space, then sentence, then space, is horribly annoying. But of course, thats just my opinion.

We should be able to give half-stars....MODS!!

posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 09:32 PM
The second god is a lower emanation of the first, caused by the productive principle of the absolute. There is but one and only one absolute.

posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 09:32 PM
The Hegelian Dialectic sums up your thread pretty well.

Thesis, Anti-thesis and synthesis.

Knowledge of man's need to practice duality/polarity allows the knowledgeable (PTB) to fund both sides and force both synthesis of opposing beliefs.


posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 09:55 PM
reply to post by Spirit777
You are not alone in your thoughts. I see how they play good god, bad god alot. It's no different than good cop, bad cop.

posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 06:40 AM
i believe in the stripping of duality also! but without the god. but big s+f! you are on the path brother/sister. let mind shine the way

the great wordless transmission of mind with mind.
and of course the bird soars high in the sky, the fish dives deep

peace all

posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 07:29 AM
Thanks for sharing the "idea" you had. Unfortunately, bringing that idea into reality has caused it to be flawed, meaning that some will not get the message or will read something else into it. Is that because "perfection" is different from person to person (do they call that one "subjective"? or objective?) So perfection can only exist in the mind? When experienced by other people it wont seem so perfect? Great, so we can never really have a perfect society? Because we will never agree on anything? Sorry in advance... my thoughts dont appear with indentations or paragraphs, so you`re lucky to get some punctuation & grammer here and there. We wont even MENTION spelling! ...oh crap, I just mentioned it, didn`t I? Anyway it doesnt bother me. I`ve read some books where the paragraph takes up more than one page so sometimes your just reading a solid block of words anyway. And when writing was invented there was not even a period, let alone a space in between sentences, so we should all feel so lucky... Where was I? Do we need to agree on everything in order to refrain from tearing eachother`s throats out? Is that the only way we can have a world without wars is by agreeing on everything? No, we dont need to agree on everything. We just need to agree on peace. Is that so hard? Not really, we just need to get rid of the voices in oure heads. The voices that come from those who would e choose to excersize their false authority over us... politicians, actors, news anchors, preachers, cartoon characters, employers, friends & family... YOU are your own highest authority on what is right or wrong. And those answers lie deep within your instincts.

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posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 07:47 AM
I agree with you completely about striving to subdue the ego, something that is much harder to do than it is to say. This is why such rigorous spritual practices have been formulated for this purpose over the millenia, and why so few have managed to accomplish it.

I do think it slightly hypocritical of you to making such recommendations though. In light of your thread claiming to be about to become the antichrist, which you specifically related to Lucifer. Yet here you call Lucifer the father of lies.

What, really, in light of this current thread, was this post all about? Why did you end up threatening death and pain to so many people in it?

The ego you displayed in the thread linked to below, the antichrist thread, seems to contradict everything you say in this one. Am I wrong?

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posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 08:03 AM
reply to post by Karilla

The antichrist is the energy that is released in a human being to bring down the system it is the same as the Christ principle. They are one and the same duality.

It is the way the system is taken down that has two realities.

One of destruction and one of creation.

My devil inside me. The ego. The negative thrives when it sees chaos and destruction in the world. It feeds off fear.

My personal battle is with the ego.

Once I overcome my battle I will be free of the ego and will become the light.

Then the system will be dismantled peacefully.

In the interim of that process of change within i battle against ideologies and principalities.

I am fighting a war internally between the light of god and the darkness of the ego. This manifests in the real world. At the moment i cannot prevent the spillage of more negative emotions and thoughts. Mainly anger at those still asleep and at the system itself.

My purpose is to not only awaken to what is going on but also to overcome it.

I am awake but I haven’t gone through the process of peacefully taking the ego out of me.

I am close, very close.
I know the way to do this is to walk in the light.

This is what I must do inwardly so that it is projected into my reality.

I cannot do this whimsically it has to be infallible and consistent and can only be achieved once the process is completed.

The only humans ever to do this live on through our histories.

Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed...

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posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 08:16 AM

Originally posted by Spirit777
My devil inside me. The ego. The negative thrives when it sees chaos and destruction in the world. It feeds off fear.

My personal battle is with the ego.

Once I overcome my battle I will be free of the ego and will become the light.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I cannot do this whimsically it has to be infallible and consistent and can only be achieved once the process is completed.

The only humans ever to do this live on through our histories.

Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed...

I sincerely wish you well with your efforts to subdue your ego. It is something that everybody should try to do, and I don't think that complete success in doing so is necessary before benefits in everyday life are realised. The mere fact of striving to subjugate the self is enough.

I feel I must point out the inconsistency, if not the contradiction between the two statements I quoted from you above. I'm not being confrontational, I really am trying to help you. If your aim is to kill your ego, and yet you go about that with the aim of being seen in the same light as Krishna, Buddha, etc. you are actually feeding your ego. Do you see what I am saying? If the end result of your quest is self-importance, how can it possibly work? The closer you get to your goal, the more important (if not vital) you will feel, the further you will get from your goal.

I would suggest reading the Tao Te Ching and seeing what it has to say about Sages and superior people. It very succinctly shows the qualities you need and what you must deny in order to quench the ego.

posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 08:24 AM
reply to post by Karilla

Many thanks. I am aware of the Tao te Ch’ing. I have read through it many times. But I will again. It is a beautiful resource you cannot tire of.

Regarding the contradiction, you are correct. I am moving away from the idea of being the saviour. This is not to say I will or won’t become this individual in the same way that the possibility exists in you.

My aim now is to shed any desire to become something and just become it.

I have learnt it isn’t about chasing an ideology it is about becoming and accepting you already are.

That is what my aim is. I only want inner peace with the hope I can manifest this in the real world. But once I cross over it won’t matter what I want. I will no longer want anything. I think we are both on the same page.

posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 08:33 AM
reply to post by Spirit777

Here's a passage I find most applicable:

Therefore the sage holds in his embrace the one thing (of humility),
and manifests it to all the world.
He is free from self-display, and therefore he shines;
from self-assertion, and therefore he is distinguished;
from self-boasting, and therefore his merit is acknowledged;
from self-complacency, and therefore he acquires superiority.
It is because he is thus free from striving that
therefore no one in the world is able to strive with him.

Legge Translation of Tao Te Ching

Good luck with your quest.

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