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Venezuela seizes oil rigs owned by US company

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posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 10:24 PM

Originally posted by Someone336
You know, part of me wishes Obama would take a page out of Chavez's playbook and do this to BP.


posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 10:58 PM
Reply to post by buni11687

Good for them! America should do the same to BP!

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posted on Jun, 25 2010 @ 11:29 PM
reply to post by MonteroReal


Aw poor little guy did not have lights last night awww.

Well I'll tell you what you could always pray to come to america where in California they have these things called Rolling blackouts, that are scheduled because corporations like Enron need to make money on complete fantasy, Also there is this magical place called San Diego where despite all the water they had this year are pushing to make water rationing permanent.

In some States in America it is against the Law to not have 40% of your lawn green, one man was in the News because he went to jail because he was tired of paying outrageous water prices so he dug out every piece of green and replaced it with wood chips. Bad move.

You see you could always come to the wonderful land of America and be homeless.

There are plenty of Jobs in America too like attempting to smuggle diesel fuel from Mexico across the border when prices in the US hit close to 5 bucks a gallon. It's wonderful up her.

Oh an don't worry about bringing your own needles and alcohol to the hospitals in the US because you will be forced to have insurance, and if you don't have it you will be kindly billed 500 bucks for each needle and drip of alcohol they use on you.

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 01:57 AM
Chavez is a hipocrit,he wants to "expropiate"(nationalize) everything in this country.Just because some people actually made something of their life and worked hard and got rich doesnt mean they're all bad people.Some people need better things.Maybe if he did something to improve education,those people working on the government bussinesses wouldn't be so unprepared and incompetent for the job.nobody complained about BP before the spill,now you all want to see it nationalized.What the hell people.Blackouts are currently working for the industrial sector(production -40 to -60% on the small and medium industry) and in a few states. Water is a privilege,clean water is a gift.being a doctor takes like 7 years to graduate just to end up having 4 jobs like some do.And the list goes on.For what? for the ideology of communism and socialism? really? ideology? just so the poor get food.What if the poor get smarter?WHat if they get healthier what if they get motivated? GIving away stuff like that,makes people lazy,and dependant.ITS NOT THE PEOPLES FAULT.Not the rich,not the poor,not the mid-class.its the governments.its polititians.So hes(chavez) gonna hunt down every single person who LOOK like didn't got rich honestly,taking 500 honest hard working people,who also have dreams and most importantly ASPIRATIONS,wich socialism plans to eliminate,making all just ants,working so that the current president and his minions get richer and fatter.I see people here on ATS defending socialism and defending chavez and others defend their proud America(continent?) and capitalism.

WHERE IS THE BALANCE? It's disappointing to see all these people talking like this,i thought the community here would be more open minded, but they're not. Obama could learn a thing or two,i read.But guess what,people like my president CANT learn.they are blinded by the smoke of cuban cigars.God,you don't know how lucky you are by living in America,or England or Canada or Spain or even China and Russia.Im not gonna stay here forever,and wherever i end up, im sure as hell i'll be happier.i hate this country(venezuela)

Peace, and if you read this, thanks.Bye!!!

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 02:36 AM
reply to post by metodex

I'm not defending Chavez, I'm just saying that what he did was what any socialist would do. The guy is a hard core socialist and he would not have the power and love he does today if not for the USA's involvement.

But the USA Government is no better that Chavez, Education in the US is absolutely ridiculous and is the laugh of the world, with the exception of it's expensive universities that are packed full of Chinese students.

It's Medical system is down right extortion and will put you into dept faster than you can die from Ebola.

It's Oil market is a global racketeering scam, and it's sucking the US people dry.

Americans are not able to buy a home with out a 30 year mortgage, That is just down right insane!!!! 30 freakin years before you can successfully say you have a stable roof over your head for your children. Hell there is a world war every 50 years in the world and people need a 30 year mortgage to have a roof over their children's head!?!?! That's ridiculous.

Yes Chavez is a dick because he depends on the poor so he will eventually turn his entire country into poor.

But this does not mean that the USA is any better.

Both countries need a balance....

If the USA does not start giving Harvard level education to every one of it's citizens for absolutely free it will never be able to compete with China and India and Japan or any other country.

If America does not try to humanely keep it's people healthy with out turning them into pill popping pharmaceutical crack head your going to end up with a country full of obese sick people.

If America does not wake the Hell up, having a stable roof over your head will not only be the American dream but it will always be just that and nothing more.

Total socialism it bad, but so is this crazy corporate communism that exists in America.

You have to understand the USA is just as socialist as Cuba, But it's in the favor of Corporation only, Not even the Rich private interest in America are part of that party.

In America it's not rich Vs poor it's all Vs, corporations. There are plenty of private Companies that would love to be able to compete with these corporations and very few are able to with out becoming a Commie themselves.

GET THIS THRUGH YOUR HEAD Corporations = communism!!!

Corporations are not a capitalist entity like the rich oil Barron or the smart entrepreneur, Corporations are communists. People need to understand this. They are a Party and they protect themselves and suck everyone else dry. Their only interest is the Corporation.

Rich private company Good

Corporation BAD.

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 03:16 AM
Thanks for replying,kind sir(1st reply yay

I completely share your point of view.I found brilliant, to point out the difference in corporation and rich private company, this is something that needs to be spread. As for education,well,i thought about the documentary Zeitgeist(not a fan but there are a few good things), where they talked about how the american culture keeps distracting the people,with stuff like a super beer,spring break and other stuff( you name it plz). I believe this has an impact on kids.But i don't know much about education anyways.In my country,an old big house can be transformed into a private school.I had the privilege,of studying in both an expensive school and a cheap school( behavior issues with my glass-eyed,very strict german teacher). And well,the expensive one was huge with 2 floors,soccer camp,basketball court,chemistry,physics and bio labsetc.20 students a classroom.The cheap one.big house though much smaller than the expensive one,one place to buy food for all no labs and a multi purpose soccerball thing.and 40-50 students a classroom.Something is clearly wrong there.Anyways, your post was very informative,and thanks again.

posted on Jun, 26 2010 @ 09:47 AM
reply to post by buni11687

Don't be surprised, Obama will do the same here if he's in office long enough. This spill fiasco was planned. That's why he was so slow in responding. He and his controllers needed this to be catastrophic. Competency, on anyone's part, does not fit the socialist agenda. Don't think that an Obama successor would ever change anything he puts in place. Anybody recall a little resort named "Gitmo"? How'd that work out? There is nothing so permanent as the temporary. All of the major industries will be government controlled if the Marxists are not stopped. Anybody remember a little car dealer named "General Motors"? First the cars then the gas stations and what next? Well you gotta have auto insurance. Oh and tires! Somebody's got to inspect and then repair those cars. The beat will go on folks. Google Havana. Get a look at the "brave new world".

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