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What Questions would You ask Obama about this oil leak Thread

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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 02:40 PM
It is painfully obvious if you have been reading these ATS threads that ATS members have been doing some hard digging. ATS members do not always find all the answers to confirm their theories but at the least they uncover enough to present thought provoking questions that have not been asked by the established news media.

We watch the local or national news and then read ATS. It's like night and day. Can established news media reporters really be that dumb not to find any of these good juicy bits in information that ATS'ers can find?

I propose based on these threads that we put together a list of hard hitting questions that we want to ask Obama and the News Media. After a time where we have a lot of questions - the questions the news media is not asking.. that we submit these questions to our local news media companies, federal, state and local officials.

Here are two thought provoking threads that have great examples of unanswered questions that the media is not asking: Bombshell expose'. The real reason the oil still flows into the Gulf of Mexico I am sorry to report well is crippled down hole very long read

We need a new News Company. One that is not afraid to ask the President and other officials the tough questions. One that is not afraid to voice these concerns on the air. One that investigates these matters as well as ATS users can. We all love ATS News, and many of us do get our news from ATS each morning. But that news is for us.. the quacks, the loonies, the people who believe in conspiracies.

Of course we know we are not really any of these things but mainstream America does not. You could not use ATS News as a source someplace else.. they would not respect it.

Perhaps there is an ATS member who is a multi millionaire who would be willing to start such a news service. I think this country and world needs it very badly.

I for one would like to know (for starters):

Why is BP still being allowed to use Corexit after they have been ordered to stop using it by the EPA?

I have many more myself but I will leave you ATSer's to post your own.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 02:45 PM
The leak needs to be fixed as soon as possible... why isnt the army corps of front and center with a dedicated task force?

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 03:15 PM
reply to post by markdman

Apparently the US Army Corps of Engineers is involved. They are working with the state of Louisiana on a project creating barrier islands.

Quite an undertaking IMA.

Check their website.

Deny Ignorance.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 04:50 PM
I see no one else has any questions.. wow.

Come on folks.. fill this thread and I'll send the list to lots of places. I figure it couldn't hurt.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:22 PM
let me clarify, my question was in the context of actually putting a stop to the spilling, not the clean up. it's good that they are involved though. the spill is ongoing, getting worse by the minute.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:39 PM
1. How come Mr Obama that your mates at golden-ball-sacks sold a 45% stake in Bp just weeks before it blew up.

2. GW Bush has some mates at Haliburton and they got off the rig just hours before it went bang and two weeks prior Halibuton also brought up a oil disaster company so i was wondering if you have come across this haliburton company yourself.

3. How come we need a british company to drill our oil.

4. Why did you insist states needed a licence to clean up the oil and then delayed giving these licences out as oil was landing on the beaches.

5. Mr president you have a bit of string coming from your sleave and if i followed that pieace of string would it lead back to a group of people who's name starts with the letter 'Z'

Thank you for your time Mr president for NOT answering my questions.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:40 PM

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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 07:02 PM
I am going to add a few from a link here: oops-actually-doing-1 16 Burning Questions About The Oil Spill That We Deserve To Have Answered

I am just posting the questions, not the entire article.

1) What are those 17,000 National Guard troops actually doing?

Barack Obama has authorized the deployment of more than 17,000 National Guard members along the Gulf coast to be used "as needed" by state governors. So what are all of these National Guard troops going to be doing exactly? Are the troops going to be used to stop the oil or to control the public?

2) Is appointing an Oil Czar supposed to fix anything?

Barack Obama has also announced the creation of a "Gulf recovery czar" who will be in charge of overseeing the restoration of the Gulf of Mexico region following the oil spill. So is appointing a "czar" Obama's idea of taking charge of a situation?

3) Why is BP using a dispersant so toxic it was banned in British waters?

Because it is so incredibly toxic, the UK's Marine Management Organization has completely banned Corexit 9500, so if there was a major oil spill in the UK's North Sea, BP would not be able to use it. So why is BP being allowed to use Corexit 9500 in the Gulf of Mexico?

4) Why are we letting BP continue using this fish-killing dispersant?

It is being reported that 2.61 parts per million of Corexit 9500 (mixed with oil at a ratio of 1:1o) is lethal to 50% of fish exposed to it within 96 hours. That means that 1 gallon of Corexit 9500/oil mixture is capable of rendering 383,141 gallons of water highly toxic to fish. So why was BP allowed to dump 1,021,000 gallons of Corexit 9500 and Corexit 9527 into the Gulf of Mexico, and why aren't they being stopped from dumping another 805,000 gallons of these dispersants that they have on order into the Gulf?

5) If these dispersants are so incredibly toxic to fish, what are they going to do to crops? What are they going to do to people?

6) If the smell of the oil on some Gulf beaches is already so strong that it burns your nostrils, then what in the world is this oil doing to to wildlife that encounter it?

7) Is it a bad sign that birds from the Gulf region are flocking north by the thousands?

(How is this different from birds regular migration habits?)

8) Why is BP being allowed to use private security contractors to keep the American people away from the oil cleanup sites?

9) Why is BP openly attempting to manipulate the search results on sites like Google and Yahoo?

10) Why has the FAA shut down the airspace above the Gulf of Mexico oil spill? What don't they want the American people to see?

11) What is BP doing about the ruptures from the sea floor?

Senator Bill Nelson of Florida says that there are reports that there are additional ruptures in the sea floor from which oil is leaking. If there are quite a few of these additional ruptures, then how in the world does BP expect to completely stop this oil leak?

12) Why are scientists finding concentrations of methane at up to 10,000 times normal background levels in Gulf waters?

13) Why haven't people been warned about toxins in the waters?

At some testing stations in the Gulf of Mexico, levels of benzene have been detected at over 3000 parts per billion, and levels of hydrogen sulfide have been detected as high as 1192 parts per billion. Considering that these levels would be highly toxic to humans, why hasn't the general public been warned?

14) Why are so many Gulf oil spill disaster workers showing up at local hospitals complaining of a "mysterious illness"? 0of%20a%20%22mysterious%20illness%22?

15) Can anything prevent oil from eventually plastering the shore?

If "70% or 80%" of the protective booms are doing absolutely nothing at all to stop the oil, then what is going to stop the millions of gallons of oil in the Gulf from eventually reaching shore?

16) What happens to the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone?

It is being reported that the deepsea oil plumes are creating huge "dead zones" where all creatures are dying as they are deprived of oxygen. If this oil spill continues to grow could the vast majority of the Gulf of Mexico become one gigantic "dead zone"?


I would also add.. aside from the cleanup, what is BP going to do to restore the entire Gulf region to it's former healthy conditions?

And Is BP going to get fined for ignoring an EPA order to stop using the Corexit?

[edit on 16-6-2010 by JohnPhoenix]

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