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Bad old Israel? Maybe not so much?

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posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 09:08 PM

Originally posted by RizeorDie

nobody is trying to trick you here.
i'm not going to force you to change you're views on israel, thats up to you.

why do you feel like i'm using a tactic to trick you?

Because that is what happens in all discussions political or religious.

in one of the videos, they cut the olive trees of one mans house and force him to move so they can build a road.

So that would equate it to Eminent domain here in the USA. A deplorable practice but hardly a humanitarian crisis.

the technique keeps the arabs in their place!

i dont see how this is relevant. why would the USA want to destroy you're house and kill you're daughter?

For the same reason the IDF attacks and destroys peoples houses and daughters.

it doesnt make any sense!

Which is why i am a skeptic to these claims that the IDF is intentionally killing palestinian children and destroying palestinian homes for the sheer hell of it or because they are "nazis" . Are you aware of the term Collateral damage at all?

the israelis clearly want the whole land, but unlucky for them, there are still people living there who are not willing to give it up!!

Then Why did the israelis withdraw settlements from Gaza in 2005?

Again, offer me evidence that is not youtube videos. Videos and photographs can be manipulated to tell whatever story you want.

again i dont have to offer you anything, you have the internet, its all there. if you're interested then research yourself.

So in other words you refuse to backup your claims?

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posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 09:16 PM

Originally posted by thedeadtruth
reply to post by DeathShield

Are you actually blind ? I mean really man.

In one of those vids a blindfolded man is shot point blank range.

Yes he is shot in the leg with a rubber bullet. And the video clearly states that the man who shot the palestinian gentlemen is UNDER INVESTIGATION BY THE IDF.

You do understand not 1 IDF solder has been prosecuted for a war crime in 60 years. So you know you are being lied to, even if you are Pro-Israel you must have a brain that can compute the odds of that being true.

That is not true. Tom Hurndall was shot in the head by an Israeli army sniper when trying to rescue a Palestinian child in the street. The soldier responsible for that was convicted of manslaughter by an Israeli court and sentence to 8 years imprisonment.

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posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 09:20 PM
I love how Israel is the big boogey man for so many folks! I love how the FACT that Egypt is working with Israel on this blockade is over looked
As if the rest of the middle eat gives a rats A$& about the Palistinian's. They are just a tool to keep the Israelies busy. No it's the zionist etc etc etc! Such a grand PR coup, sorry but the underdog is not always in the right. Why was the "freedom flotilla" so heavily advertised? So when the plan went into effect it would be in the back of everybodies mind and they could go "oh those bad jews, look what they did to the "freedom flotilla!" A masterful manipulation of perception and it wasn't brought to you by the Zionist!

posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 09:39 PM

Originally posted by hangedman13
So when the plan went into effect it would be in the back of everybodies mind and they could go "oh those bad jews, look what they did to the "freedom flotilla!" A masterful manipulation of perception and it wasn't brought to you by the Zionist!

Yeah right? The masterful zionist media has successfully censored the work of the evil jews yet everyone is somehow aware of all of israels evil. In fact they are so evil that they allow 15,000 tons of aid into gaza every week and successfully boarded and sent the other 5 ships of the Freedom Flotilla to dock and deliver their humanitarian aide.

posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 10:34 PM
reply to post by DeathShield

Oh I stand corrected.

According to the article you posted .... After the family had to force the truth out of Israel with years of tireless work, they finally did the right thing. After the Army itself initially trying to hide the truth.

1 murder prosecuted. Only a few more thousand to go.

Shame on you for supporting that.

posted on Jun, 3 2010 @ 10:41 PM
No one has really mentioned the ISM at all.

Did you miss that little tidbit? Are you people blind to the FACT that the media is playing you?

The socialist machine is laughing their butts off at you "israeli boogyman" types.

So many folks rail against the "machine" and dont even see the bulldozer of socialism rolling our way. Look at the people on the boat. Its a "who's who" of commie world. I've even heard reports on the news that Bill Ayers and his POS wife are in Egypt meeting and coordinating some of this crap.

If this is true, it makes you wonder what the "messiah" in washington has on his mind.

Obama Friends Bill Ayers, Code Pink Top Activists Behind Gaza Flotilla

The group behind the Gaza flotilla that engaged in deadly clashes with Israeli commandos today counts among its top supporters the friends and associates of President Barack Obama, namely the founders of the Weather Underground terrorist organization, William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, as well as Jodie Evans, the leader of the radical activist organization Code Pink.

Earlier today, Israeli navy commandos raided the six-ship flotilla, encountering heavy resistance and live fire from the activists. Several activists were killed and dozens of others were reportedly injured, as were several of the Israeli commandos.

The flotilla was organized by the Free Gaza Movement, a coalition of leftist human rights activists and pro-Palestinian groups engaged in attempts to break a blockade imposed by Israel on the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

Ayers, Dohrn and Evans' Code Pink have led several recent Free Gaza Movement initiatives, including attempted marches into the Gaza Strip. Dorhn was in the Middle East just last month on behalf of the movement.

Ayers and Dohrn were close associates for years with President Obama, while Evans was a fundraiser and financial bundler for Obama's presidential campaign.

In January, WND reported Ayers, Dohrn and Evans were involved in provoking chaos on the streets of Egypt in an attempt to enter Gaza with the Free Gaza Movement to join in solidarity with the territory's population and leadership.

The three helped to stir riots after the Egyptian government refused to allow a large number of protesters to enter neighboring Gaza. Eventually, the protesters accepted an Egyptian offer of allowing about 100 marchers into Gaza. Once in the territory, those marchers were reportedly met on the Gaza side by Hamas' former Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.

At the time of the march, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., wrote a letter in support of a "humanitarian delegation from Massachusetts" to Gaza. Members of Ayers', Dohrn and Evans' group documented on their blogs how Kerry's letter was used at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo while attempting to pressure Egypt to let their group into Gaza.

If israel was so against muzzies at any cost, why are they working with Egypt?

Egypt doesnt want the vermin either.

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