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2nd Question for Atheist.

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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 03:26 PM
" there will be no crime and no pollution "

LMAO!! oh shut up. And there will be no rules. Right? Free sex right? That hurts certain things, not a good thing when human emotions which GOD made enter in, then the wife comes in and the husband says.

" free sex "

God doesn't exist anymore.

Crime happens, hurt happens. Wife get's mad, things happen that are bad like the show cheaters. We have emotions of love. Athiesm can't wipe that out, but they teach free sex. There is no head to say it's wrong. That's why God instituted marriage. A bind between souls to secure those emotions of love by bond.


All the nuclear weapons are created from athiestic communist mindsets.

Those creators of those weapons alone which God told us would detsroy Earth soon in WW3, were created by non believers I garuntee you.

So that notion is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.


without God this world ends, which is where we are heading because the world is becoming Godless.

and mark those words on that.


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posted on Jun, 2 2010 @ 03:31 PM
And here's what the prophets of the latter times predicted.

Athiesm would spread throughout the World, it would become Godles, humans would become idol minded, create inventions that lead them from God, and creat weapons of mass destruction.

we are creating what our Godless idol minds wanted. Our destruction .

And saints themselves seem to mention whole cities being wiped out by "poisoness gases"


posted on Jun, 4 2010 @ 09:08 AM
God is not concerned with beliefs. Beliefs only show YOUR inner nature and WHAT YOU ARE. It is a mirror for the heavens to see YOU.

God is concerned with your nature, your inner being.

Are you a soul that seeks rewards for yourself, are you a soul willing to leave behind all the other souls that still need to learn....or are you a soul that desires to live for other beings, are you selfless in your ways in that you offer yourself back to Thee to use you in this world.

God is not that shallow to bank the salvation of souls on something they cant literally see. Many atheists have good hearts...and are forgiven for what they know not.

You can ask Thee yourself, without a fogged preconceived mind of what God is. You can carry it to the heavens...and tell them who told you such things.

Beliefs are markers...for what the inner nature is of each being. So in a way....many that are following books as truth of God...will be marked, to show that this reflects, their own nature within them. It may show the heavens, much more is to be learned here.

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