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Interaction with light beings (those who have ascended)

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posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 11:28 AM

Originally posted by SystemResistor
Its as if they are trying to solve a problem/equation, and they link together human brains like a computer network.

I had that same impression once, scared me to death. Before I had the theory my mind was like a computer which I just needed to fill with data and everything was fine. Stuff I didn't like got quarantined, stuff I liked became like an application, or got backed up and neatly categorized, basically something to make myself believe I was in control and because of believing in that thought alone gave me control. Whatever others thought of me, whatever I encountered I could easily let it go, nothing bothered me.

Then I get mixed up in some kind of nightmare with these light beings and the computer in my mind got linked up to this psychic internet, confiscated for the greater good, like being made into a server where other people leech information, they just download it. Which is bad not only because it needed my attention (I had to keep making up theories or the uploading would begin) which I need to function on earth but also because people stayed lazy, not spending time using their own mind but just leeching this information I had gained by investing a lot of time and effort, while they had to just wait in lala-land. And ofcourse the people who would want to program other's computers, be it for their own good, my good or the greater good, it's all bad since everyone needs to program their own mind.

Sure it was all a psychosis, a bad dream, looking back I was struggling for keeping my sanity and this is what my mind came up with to explain to me what was happening but that didn't make it less real. I guess what I needed were hackers pointing out the flaws in my defense, or understanding of the mind's information filters (how people influence eachother), which were plenty, before it was all too late.

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 01:15 PM
I fear its getting worse, the next level is to develop enough sensitivity to pinpoint the precise physical locations in the brain and in the body (especially the eyes) that the thoughts seem to emerge from. With a more cloudy awareness, the thoughts become random and dream-like, however, with focus, the thoughts become systemmatic, and with extreme focus, the thoughts are merely frequencies directed at different areas. If you find a hole, basically, imagine the particular area, and imagine creating a kind shielding to protect your energy. What the aliens really want is the ability to randomise information, they have become so logical that they forget how to generate unpredictable thoughts. Often, it is my ability to twist/alter the incoming thoughts, and then convert them into positive thoughts that have them stumped, as it is in the realm of the imagination, and relies on the application of perception rather than the application of specific thought forms and patterns.

posted on Feb, 10 2011 @ 04:52 PM
Good luck on the next level, for me I guess I'm not going, don't want to. After years of spending up there I will be so glad when I'm back as I used to be, no connections to anything, no weird stuff, complete silence in my mind again. It's a long road and it's become a habit for me to be "up there" that's difficult to kick. In the end I think I was already on the right road and this whole ascension thing was more a distraction that caused me a lot of pain and confusion I wouldn't have to deal with if I chose otherwise, plus 2 good jobs, family, a lot of friends who didn't want to get involved (and I can't blame them) possibly a wife I never met because I was too busy with other things. It's just so damn tempting because of the excitement, the insights, the grandness of it all which makes my mundane earthly existence so much more pale in comparison.

posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 08:11 PM
reply to post by DrHammondStoat

I believe I've met the same light being as you. It was life-changing, in that it caused me to question everything I understood about Christianity.

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 04:20 AM

Originally posted by Ophiuchus 13
reply to post by highlyoriginal

1.I've been wondering what the possibilities are that those who have ascended communicate with those of us still in human/physical form.
1.I think its possible

2.I know once ascended you can take whatever form you wish, including that of a human once more, so would a light being (a being of pure energy) do such a thing, and under what circumstances would they do it?
2. I think they would only if they were requested via awakening from their lower selves BY GOD to handle some bussiness down here in this tiny lil universe!

3.We are able to travel to different planes of existence, at least our consciousness can (which is "us" basically anyway, just without our 'shell' aka body); there are no laws prohibiting us from doing so. So if we know these things are possible, under certain circumstances would some light being make contact/communicate in some way?
3. Only if permitted I assume friend.

4.I understand it may not be possible for them to interfere with our lives since we have yet to ascend, but our higher self's can help us achieve ascension - all we need to learn is within - so truly we do *know* this stuff to be true (whether you've realized it yet or not), things like telepathic abilities and the like. We choose to know the truth therefore we should be able to communicate with what we know to be true, right?
4.Depends for some may be just trying to obtain data on somethings that possess data that isnt allowed to be understood within this phase of existance. I dont see why if your energies or soul are humble in universal nature why it would be hard to communicate with them since they are divine, I assume.

Again I was just commenting on this topic because for some reason you seem to want to know from aFAR yes.....

Those are my thoughts I hope it helped you friend

[edit on 5/27/10 by Ophiuchus 13]

Thank you and yes they we're good words to read.

I'll have a longer reply for you later but for now I want to say something about this part:

Now, this was a round about way for me to say I agree, to an extent, to the statement you made that we are all meant to kill one another. But I will stipulate that by saying, we are all meant to SUSTAIN one another. Death/Killing is simply the by product of living. But I do agree that we choose how to kill.

I completely agree with you.

The thing is I stated a simple fact of life that may be hard for some to grasp but it works with anything that's true throughout humankind.

For example: It's better to be prepared for the worst.

Now I can expand that saying easily, and it has been but that's the core saying - and everyone will agree it's better to be prepared for the worst than not to be, right?

But why they believe this to be true will sound different when explained than what I say or yourself.

This doesn't mean we don't believe the same fact, because we do, we just use our experiences/memories we have 'on file' or that make us unique to put it nicely, and explain that way.

When honestly there is a best way to explain something -- In the most simplest of terms.

Simplicity is beauty to me -- and harmony comes from simplicity in my eyes and harmony is what makes things... the way they are. Period.

Hope that makes sense. If not, ask me to re-explain because it's an important topic to understand as an individual - sharing these things is what makes life worth living. Sharing simple truths

posted on Mar, 22 2011 @ 04:36 AM

Originally posted by SystemResistorThe key to ascention is to master both the light and the dark, most only focus on one side, and thus find it diffiult to reach the next level.
edit on 10-2-2011 by SystemResistor because: (no reason given)

So true! I'm literally about to exit out of the thread and happen to re-read this post and realize how true this is because I've come to realize this one many occasions myself, and have tried to break down the world around me using light/dark but I was unable to completely due so, yet.

However I was able to change so much more at one point with meditation while being awake. It was a crazy experience I need to write up soon but basically think of your mind as a computer trying to process things as fast as possible - well the faster the processing the quicker the learning & therefore the quicker the ascension.

It's very possible to bump someone up into a close to ascension state. However, they have to do the actual work themselves and be of a pure nature from what I have seen, and be of perfect karmatic standing just like anyone else.

I had just gone through with a very selfless act which was completely pure in nature, and the experience ocurred for myself and a friend. A shared experience I need to expand on - he has just passed away recently and it's made me think about everything a lot more & I've learned a lot very quickly alone, and with others much faster than ever thought possible.... you just need to be simple about things - and basic.

Simple + basic = easy to understand = quicker thought process to point = quicker ascension (or anything you'd like to [re]learn/know).

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