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The Primary Elections of May 18

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posted on May, 19 2010 @ 01:48 PM
Pundits are going crazy stating that the wins last night were a big surprise to everyone. I sometimes wonder if they even watch their own news channels when it comes to what happened.

In Kentucky, Rand Paul was leading in the polls by over 50% for quite a few months. His victory was no surprise at all to those who watch the races and polling.

In Pennsylvania, Arlen Specter never got above 50% in the polls and was very unpopular for making the decision to turn Democrat to save his own hide.

District 12 in Pennsylvania is a Reagan Democrat area. Blue collar workers who had a relatively conservative Democrat running (like Rep Murtha was). It should be no surprise that the Democrats won it.

It is also interesting that the Tea Party enthusiasts are crowing about the win in Kentucky, but glossed over the win in Indiana by lobbyist Dan Coats (and Republican beltway favorite). While I do like it that an outsider has won office for a change, it is not the norm so far.

If Specter or Grayson had won last night, that would of been upsets.


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