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BREAKING: We Have Elena Kagan's College Thesis...Update: Thesis Being Taken off the NET

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posted on May, 14 2010 @ 12:09 PM

Originally posted by MarshMallow_Snake
reply to post by prionace glauca

You are right...this nation is being set up for a nose dive...but what are we or can we do about it? We (as a whole, not individually) voted these morons we have to live with it until we have the chance to vote them out...and even then, it may be too late.

Not only did we vote them in, we will continue to vote them in.
We excel at putting the worst possible people in office, its no longer who is the best Candidate but rather who is the lesser of 2 evils.

A people this stupid can not survive for long.

I am ashamed of what we have become.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 12:11 PM

Originally posted by virgom129
reply to post by prionace glauca

Great in theory but who you gonna vote for,which party?
US may end up in the same boat as the UK.
Imagine a Dem/Rep combined Goverment (assumming indepedents dont win majority)
Then there will be no opposition and they can blame inhouse bickering for bad decisions. Scarey and possible.

I will be voting for people who are against amnesty for ILLEGALS, I will be voting for people who said "NO" to HCR, who also said "NO" to another bailout package for big banks, who also want a small government not a big one, etc etc.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 12:14 PM
Anyone who has a problem with the source is an idiot. All it is is a link to a pdf of her REAL, AUTHENTIC, Senior thesis. It's not a smear, its not anything but herself and from the intro it is frightening.

I can't believe a BA paper was 120 pages; mine only had to be 25 pages.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 12:15 PM

But how anyone can get to "Kagan is promoting socialism" (the right's latest bogeyman) from her thesis is beyond me, having read through it she seems to be a very astute observer of the human condition and political forces in general.

You read it? Really? And yet you cay say that?


Finally, I would like to thank my brother Marc, whose involvement lin radical causes led me to explore the history of American radicalism in the hope of clarifying my own political ideas.

The story is a sad but also a chastening one for those who, more than half a century after socialism's decline, still wish to change America.

Change we can believe in? YES WE CAN!

Yet if the history of Local New York shows anything, it is that American radicals cannot afford to become their
own worst enemies. In unity lies their only hope.

From the collections ofthe Princeton University Archives, Princeton, N], Copyright

And this is only from the beginning and the end. lol.

Obama *loves* this woman, and it is easy to see why.

I am calling shenannigans that you read even the first page.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 12:18 PM
reply to post by Paradigm2012

And here I thought AZ was upholding the law...
Then again why not give amnesty to 20million voters...whoops,I mean illegals....

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 12:23 PM
Kagan studied under Sean Wilentz, wrote thesis under Wilentz.

On the election of Obama...the end of the Regan Era

Clearly, though, the public has repudiated what remains of a political era that has come to stand for reckless, top-dog, supply-side cure-alls, overzealous deregulation, and hapless "small government" dogma, worsened by arrogance and bungling.

A new political era may be struggling to be born, but an old one has died.

As you can see a classic modern socialist and interpretation. I love this...."hapless "small government" dogma".... You should read some of this guys work on "democracy". He is a top dog new left manifestation/aberration.


It is a safe bet that Kagan is so left as to be usless as a SP judge save for the implementation of a left agenda.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 12:33 PM
I'm having a serious bout of Etardism right now is there a link to her Thesis thats not in PDF format?

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 12:35 PM
But...the media keep saying that she's a well rounded 'conservative'...and that she considers herself as such.

Do we need any more proof that jews are trying to use world enslavement as a means to put themselves at the very top? If they do one thing well, it's grabbing power. Commie Russia is a great example, and I don't think it's going on so well for them anymore, in Russia.

They are afraid of history repeating itself, just like it did in the thousands of years before Hitler. Thus, they are making the whole world their own! They did it in the US. They can do it anywhere? We shall see. I think it's do or die mode, for them. It didn't have to be, but they insist....

All this talk of 'socialism'. What nonsense. This is far worse. Nobody is working for 'justice'. All they care about is power. Pushing the envelope of hypocrisy seems to be a perquisite feature. Think al gore. The real inequity and danger of the day is knowledge being hoarded~technological advances we will never know of~being used against us in stealth fashion. These are dark ages, more so than the original, because the advances in technology (ie., weaponry) are not to be believed.

As we are seeing: the money being stolen from the till is being handed directly to the rich jew bankers who need it the very least. Nobody's giving it to the poor. It is simply an act, because the prozac's working on us all...but by their calling themselves 'socialists', it is like the murderer saying ' but I'm only a rapist'.

They are far worse than socialists. They give only to themselves.

I am sorry..but here's a movie I keep thinking of when surveying world jewry.

It's by Hitchcock, a jew. It says it better than I perhaps ever could.

The movie is 'Sabateur' and it is a freaking masterpiece. You have got to love those backroom chats!

Babies...THAT is exactly what's going on!!!

[edit on 14-5-2010 by davidmann]

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 12:41 PM

Originally posted by Silverado292
I'm having a serious bout of Etardism right now is there a link to her Thesis thats not in PDF format?

Lets see, maybe this can cure your "E-tardism" for the time being.

PDF of Kagan's Thesis --also the second link provided in the OP

[edit on 14-5-2010 by prionace glauca]

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 12:45 PM

Originally posted by virgom129
reply to post by prionace glauca

That was quick.
Everyones still waiting to see Obama's.

You won't.

Probably because one was never written.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 12:53 PM
I think it's hard to determine what the context of this thesis is without knowing why she wrote it or why she chose this topic. I am no fan of Kagan, believe me, but I read the intro and conclusion and it MOSTLY seems to be an analysis of why socialism has not gained momentum in this country. There are some rather biased statements such as "such a state of affairs cries out for explanation" when discussing the tendency to conform rather than demand change. This statement, in and of itself, is not something I can disagree with and I'm sure most feel the same.

There are other statements that are questionable. But I personally can't make a judgement unless I know why she chose this topic and what requirements were given to her before choosing this topic and writing the paper.

On the other hand, she could be a raving socialist!

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 12:54 PM
It would have been nice to have this sort of intellectual insight into Obama before his election. His radical and progressive views were certainly well know throughout his entire college career.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 01:22 PM
Makes me wonder about the legal advice she provided to Goldman Sach's during their 'glory' years.

This kind of document may reflect her personal views as opposed to her professional opinions. It is a stretch, but they could be different in practice, than what she portrays in scholarly work.

Either way, as enchanted as some are with her; I will not forgive her poor judgment in associating with that Bank... especially considering what she, by definition, had to help them accomplish at the taxpayers expense.

[edit on 14-5-2010 by Maxmars]

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 01:23 PM
reply to post by centurion1211

Its looking more and more like that might be the case.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 01:29 PM
reply to post by davidmann

You are aware that the "media" that has anything to do with her is particular journalists chosen by the Whitehouse that are only allowed certain questions in taped interviews?

She is not *allowed* to speak to anyone without White house approval.

This *fact* was covered on Fox News last night, no one is allowed within 100 yards of her.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 01:31 PM
reply to post by Maxmars

Did you mean she instead of he?
"Enchanted"- this is really surprising me also.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 01:58 PM

Originally posted by Moonsouljah
reply to post by Maxmars

Did you mean she instead of he?
"Enchanted"- this is really surprising me also.

Oops! Thanks for pointing that out......

Regarding my choice of the word 'enchanted' ... I suppose I use that because I expect that the reason people are so happy with her nomination is because they have fallen under a partisan or media 'spell.'

Like I said before... the Goldman Sachs connection poisons her as a viable candidate in my opinion. Her thesis could have been someone else's work, for all I know (I doubt it... but hopefully you get my point.) Her ideology doesn't matter to me much anymore; since I know who she considers worthy colleagues.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 03:57 PM
This country would be in chaos if it weren't for socialist policies. Who paves your roads? Who puts out your fires? Who patrols your streets? Socialism.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 04:07 PM

Originally posted by gopher mines
This country would be in chaos if it weren't for socialist policies. Who paves your roads? Who puts out your fires? Who patrols your streets? Socialism.

Socialism? really. How about hiring private entities to the work required and make the entities bid for contracts. I bet you not only will the taxpayers save money but also jobs will be done a lot quicker.

Fireman & Police are considered socialism? That is anew angle, but good try. The governments are in place to provide SECURITY for its citizens which we pay taxes for. That security comes in the form of Police, Firemen, National Guard, & the Armed forces.

Socialism such as SS, Welfare, Free Cell Phones, Unemployment Benefits are a tool to keep under privileged Americans in poverty & spread apathy. Apathetic people are easy to control than people who believe in freedom.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 06:19 PM

Originally posted by Paradigm2012
It is very clear that she is a very intelligent and patriotic person who is a good choice for the court. So far I can find nothing corrupt about her at all. I tried but she has a good record.

Nothing corrupt about her?
Then perhaps you also agree with the current members of the administration, admiring Chairman Mao, as well?
If it looks like a socialist, walks like a socialist and talks like a socialist...

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