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I Thought We Were In a Recession?

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posted on May, 13 2010 @ 05:24 PM
Two recent news stories caught my eye. While many of my countrymen are out of work and having trouble making it day-to-day, my government is funneling untold millions of dollars into causes that have no connection to any American I know.

First, we have the U.S. negotiating with Egypt over how many billions it will be given.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued a mildly worded statement Tuesday criticizing the Egyptian government's decision to extend its "state of emergency" another two years and urged Egypt to adhere to "legal principles that protect the rights of all citizens." Meanwhile, her department was preparing to enter into negotiations with Egypt over Cairo's proposal for a new $4 billion aid endowment that critics say would unfairly reward an authoritarian regime that has jailed or marginalized its opponents, rigged elections, and censored or manipulated the press for the nearly three decades that President Hosni Mubarak has been in power.

Next, I see that we are sending untolds amount of money to NASA to test one of Einstein's theories.

In what is billed to be the largest scientific instrument ever built, scientists plan to use three spacecraft flying three million miles apart to fire laser beams at each other across the emptiness of space in a bid to finally prove whether a theory proposed by Albert Einstein is correct. Physicists hope the ambitious mission will allow them to prove the existence of gravitational waves – a phenomenon predicted in Einstein's famous theory of general relativity and the last piece of his theory still to be proved correct, reports the Telegraph.

These are just two articles from the last few days. Is anyone at all accountable for this kind of spending? Has anyone in the government thought how many meals or homes this could buy instead of sending money to outer space or Egypt?

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 05:42 PM
Only the real people are in a recession. The government & Wall Street- not so much.

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 05:54 PM
it is just cooking the books by working over time to create the illusion that all is going well
and using the useful idiots in the main stream media to sell us a wolf ticket that this is such a wonderful and refreashing change from the good old days of the Bush man and his
way of doing things. Folks things are getting ready to come unzipped, your current government is not your friend and they are working over time along with the banker gansters to seprate you from a life as you once knew it.

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 06:03 PM
Our government gives money gives billions to countries every year. You, just figured this out?

We might have to take cuts in our services and benefits, while other countries get our money.

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 06:14 PM
It's funny (in an odd way, not laughable) that you bring this up, because I just read an article a few days ago about how the Tea Party hasn't realized yet that we are bailing out Greece.

They seemed, in the article, to find it humerous, like somehow they are sneaking one in on us.

I kind of ticked me off with the attitude and all.

Ah I found one reference to it:

As CNBC hosts Joe Kerne and Rick Santelli pointed out yesterday, the Tea Party movement seems largely clueless about the fact that a huge chunk of the $1 trillion dollar bailout heist being pushed through to save the face of global economic governance is being funded with dollars looted from American taxpayers.


“I don’t think the average Tea Partier knows we’re paying for lavish benefits in Greece for public employees over there, Rick,” Kerne said. “I think maybe you need to tell them.”

Yeah, real funny, isn't it?

Thing is, last time I checked, they were in America too. I have a feeling they won't be laughing soon.

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posted on May, 13 2010 @ 06:31 PM
What's really funny is not only are we bailing out Greece, but the Senate just killed the "Audit the Fed" amendment.

Sanders slipped in a last minute change that completely gutted the amendment and prevents any audit of the discount window and the FOMC, as well as preventing any future audits.

Instead there will be a one time audit of some meaningless shat and no oversight.

Senator Vitter offered a real audit amendment in place of Sanders bullshat, but that was voted down 62 to 37 against it.

So the people will still have no idea WTF is going on with 23.7 trillion of their money.

Praise Mao.

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posted on May, 13 2010 @ 09:37 PM
reply to post by mnemeth1

Yup and I was really glad when they passed Audit the Fed. We should have seen this coming though, because no matter what happens, they get what they want.

Don't like the internet and freedom of speech? Go to the FFC. FCC laughs at Big Gov, well fine, we will find a way around the FCC and just take over the internet, too.

What's really going to suck is when the US gets to a point we say we need help, we are going to be told, "You did this to yourselves."

How many come with their hands out that will remember US when we need that help back?

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 11:28 PM
reply to post by mnemeth1

Sanders & Kucinich have been disappointing me this year- really bad. I now feel like throw them ALL out. Literally.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 12:04 AM
that's just great - with OUR luck Nasa will have hired Halliburton to check the lasers before they are fired. We send them off into 2 different directions,a nd when they get fired, the earth ends up being hit from both directions. Halliburton has set up their headquarters on Mars so they are all safe.

It's crazy isn't it? All the money being spent as if there WERE no such thing as money? Maybe there isn't to these people. Maybe THEY know it isn't real.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 12:08 AM
*Looks at the money in my wallet and bank account*

Yep I'd say the working force are in a recession, the working force that are certainly below the jobs of wall-street as some others have stated. To be honest though is anyone really all that surprised to see America give away money? Pretty much ever since the War or rather 'Conflict' in the middle east started we [America] have been constantly throwing around money. Whether or not the citizens do not want to give up money is no longer a viable option. As giving money to other nations is now a sign of promoting democracy or something along those lines. Or perhaps just America flexing it's muscles that are generally made out of air now.

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