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Immigration? Whats the problem?

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posted on May, 9 2010 @ 04:10 PM
Im writting this as it comes, ok. So forgige me if i lose you off ok?
Sitting here before watching the news and i really cant understand how f ing stupid we all are.
These muppets that are running for our governments are nothing more than thieves behind their authority?
One point here
Imigration, for instance.
(now before i go any further can those that cant bear opinion from someone else this isnt your thread ok sorry
But im afraid this is my opinion.
Big problem globally? ending in big problems locally?
People keep going on and on about immigrants, why? The next government isnt going to do anything about it. They never will. Thats globally too. They are never ever going to do anything about it because they can make serious money from it.

My opinion is this. If i were someone of superior intellect, say a prime minister for instance, im sure that i would have realised that to tackle immigration you need to see where it starts? Get to the core? So i whittled it down to this, Instead of banging on about immigrants and how theyre flooding your countries, ask this "why are they leaving theirs"? At what point do you get to the point where you would want to leave your home? I am not talking buisness men here im talking immigrants. I would sit and think, really hard all of you.
Would you not rather spend you would have saved on welfare benefits and various others by rooting out the problems from the start.
Now before you get me the wrong way. I dont give a crap what colour someones skin is or what religion they follow and where they live so dont start branding me a racist. Im a realist. Spend the money you would have spent on this, "The reasons why they left" Im not going to go into them all.
My point is this. Its all good moving abroad to a nice foreign country if youve got the coin and status. But what we have here is people that have git to the point where they have to leave theirs? At what point would you be? Something needs to be done from the core. Drugs? Gangs? poverty? what could it possibly be that cant be solved. Put the money there sorting it. The way it is now is exactly like a wound thats not stopping. Patch up the wounds to stop the flow? Yet again i`ll remind you im not racist or anything else. I just think that people that choose to move country should do it for the right reasons, and live a good proper life and by their own choice, i dont want to know about people that are here because they had to flee for their lives through, wars, drought, prostitution, drugs, other crimes or disaters, its a joke!!! Then been unlucky enough to have another twist where they end up either on the streets and branded an immigrant, or a prostitute, for those unlucky genuine few who have managed to escape their lives of # and end up with a one thats on par with the last.These shouldnt be happening at all.
The same goes for the politics regarding global weather and going green.
Now i may be wrong here but theyre taxing the "regular" people to fund the people that are damaging the planet. A regular house hold uses airports a lot less than the ones that are using it. Regular people cant afford holidays abroad without some form of difficulty, mainly financially. The government needs to collapse and someone with half a brain atleast take over?
Like me.
"I promise the road taxes you pay will be spent on your roads of your state, town or district, and not spent on something # that you will never have the privaledge of seeing"?

posted on May, 9 2010 @ 05:33 PM
I agree with so much of what your saying. Many Americans should not take what they have for granted. Share the wealth, and work harder

posted on May, 9 2010 @ 05:47 PM

Originally posted by Luke Idea
I agree with so much of what your saying. Many Americans should not take what they have for granted. Share the wealth, and work harder

Share the wealth and work harder. Hmmmmm... Sounds like a great
plan for socialism. Suppose you go and work harder and then share
your wealth with anyone else that needs it. Sounds like that is something
chairman Mao would preach about.

posted on May, 9 2010 @ 05:59 PM
First, paragraphs work wonders.

Second, I beg you to sit down with a calculator and actually figure the numbers. See, when there's a surplus, which there was, everybody spends like mad -- not figuring on when there won't be a surplus. But add up entitlement programs, defense spending, political expenditures, will find yourself in the red. This is not to say that it couldn't have been prevented, it could have. But it is a lot more difficult to go backwards than pushing forwards. Ending defense spending to this magnitude sounds good, until you realize that you just signed a death warrant for many of our own soldiers. Is it their fault they are in Afghanistan? I don't think so, not for all of them. Some just wanted a college education, some just needed a job, and others were simply trying to find themselves....unfortunately they have found themselves on the front lines.

Government works similarly to the American household. Bonus check? Vacation. Raise? New roof. Few people, although I am one of them, sits down and says: You know, something may happen down the road where we'll really need this money, perhaps we should save it....

Hence why America, as a whole, carries the debt we do. But that is the American dream -- what you don't have today you could have tomorrow. It was the "with enough hard work" part that somehow got lost in the generation to generation translation.

Everybody calling for the collapse of the country, simply to set things "right", has no idea what that really means. I'm older, I do.

Are you prepared to live without electricity for 20 years? Are you prepared to grow and hunt your own food for 10 years? Are you prepared to get sick and have no access to actual medicines? Know anybody with a chronic health condition? Guess what, by hoping for a collapse you just killed them off.

Anybody and everybody saying that they want the US to collapse, really needs to go out for ONE WEEKEND and be completely self-sufficient. No cell phones, no electricity, no modern conveniences. For most, they will get frustrated just trying to build a fire. It's truly not as easy as one would think it would be.

And to Luke Idea:

People only know what experiences they've had. How can you blame someone that knows no other way? I think that when push comes to shove, when polling people aged 25+, they do know how lucky we really are in the U.S. Younger generations have no idea. They've never known a time without the latest in electronics, a grocery store packed with food, etc. I try not to be too judgmental and I try to keep in mind that one can only know what one learns and nothing more. If nobody taught them how different the rest of the world is, how would they know?

As for your comment -- "Share the wealth, work harder"

All I have to say is -- if you want it, YOU work for it. I guarantee you are as capable as me, so why should I work for you to have more? If everybody in this country actually took care of themselves, there would be no problem.

I work for what I want and for what I need. I CHOOSE to donate and contribute. But I would never tell another person what they have to do with what they worked for -- that's half the problem with this country. Everybody wants what everybody else has -- but NOBODY wants to actually do the work.

Edit to add: As for immigration, coming to this country without proper documentation is a Federal offense. It's a crime. Supporting them is against the law. Period. I welcome anybody and everybody to this country -- so long as they do it legally and obey our laws and culture when they get here.

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