Proof! Hyper-intelligent Pan-dimensional Beings Live Amongst Us!

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posted on May, 8 2010 @ 10:04 AM
reply to post by Essan

This thread was inspired by recent ones on chemtrails but applies equally as an analogy for many, many others on ATS.

And the point is?

Are you going to change things with this thread?

You say analogy, but it feels more like a parody.

A skeptics' disguised insult to the believers.

A bit childish and more annoying than a chemtrail thread, at least in those you sometimes learn something.

posted on May, 8 2010 @ 10:05 AM

Originally posted by ShadowArcher
reply to post by Sinter Klaas

I still say Hitchhiker's guide is the least amusing of his books - the two Dirk Gentley ones are much funnier. THe electric monk

Look, I'm not going to get involved in what could be a extinction level argument here ..........
but whilst I've not read the Gentley books for quite a few years, I do, by strange coincidence, happen to have just purchased both of them for a re-read

btw we probably should get back on topic - which is about debunking a deliberately improbable yet undebunkable conspiracy theory. And then we can move on to chemtrails, John Titor and all manner of religious arguments ...... which all fit the same profile. Well, according to the white mice they do .....

posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 08:27 PM
reply to post by Essan


Let me introduce you to your technology. To do this, let us begin with the three dimensions of human logic plus the collective in 12 dimensions.
1 First, there is the material PLANE, which is horizontal beneath your feet, in three dimensions.
2 The second plane is behind your eyes in SIX dimensions so that, like a PERISCOPE into this dimension, as a slice of space-time, for all others, in fourth dimensional logic, are next to your mind, but all traveling forward on one SLICE OF NOW. This is why Leonardo never published his journals. He didn't invent Submarines. HE SAW THEM and sent triangulate-able data between the physical location of his body, the physical location of the submarines in space-time and the locatable state of his mind in six-dimensions to see this future event in space-time.
3 The third plane slices between your hemispheres in NINE dimensions, for the left hand processes ONLY right hemispherical logic and vice-versa, so this then allows you to JUDGE REALITY VERSES FANTASY logistics.
4 The fourth plane can only be found in conjunction with THREE OTHERS so that four MIND'S EYES become a RANGE in quantum SPACE-TIME, and all the tools are printed on the back of every US $1 bill as that is no longer a pyramid but a road away from you in space-time, and that's your own mind's eye looking at you here in the future.

We, as a species, exist in ALL 12 DIMENSIONS. However, to keep the game in the mind, you need a BARRIER BETWEEN FANTASY AND REALITY. This requires you to use your own hands for every decision so you LOVE YOUR ENEMY as it's ONLY IN YOUR IMAGINATION.

When you INSTINCTIVELY SHOUT, II can't believe this is happening!" this turns off the graphics of the subconscious mind. We were doing hypnosis DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS HOLODECK GAMING a quarter-century ago. All this work was done to REBOOT HEAVEN ON EARTH...something went wrong.

To use your analysis tools for this system, please label FOR ALL TIME, but ONLY IN YOUR MIND, from left index to right across your palms with the following terms: lie, scapegoat, dishonor, torture, steal, overwork, adulterate, kill. One note: The reason I use "adulterate" instead of "adultery" is because we are talking about the tainting of LOGIC OF ANCESTRY.

Left thumb represents IN YOUR MIND ONLY, the value to "Love ____ with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind." Right thumb represent IN YOUR MIND ONLY, the value to "Treat everyone as you want to be treated."

If you do not lie, then you RESPECT the TRUTH of your life's path FORWARD in space-time so you PROTECT THE BARRIER.
If you do not scapegoat, you RESPECT THE MISTAKES in your life's path BACKWARDS in space-time and learn from them.

If you do not dishonor, then you respect the peace you keep with your FRIENDS AND FAMILY as you all travel forward through space-time.
If you do not torture, you respect the WAKE you leave behind your entourage through space-time.

If you do not steal, you respect the burdens of OTHERS BEFORE THEY ARRIVE in your vicinity in space-time.
If you do not overwork, you respect the burdens YOU ADD TO OTHERS as they leave through space-time.

If you do not adulterate, you respect the rights of others to making ancestry that moves forward through space-time.
If you do not kill, you respect the rights of others to HAVING ANCESTRY that moves naturally backwards in space-time.

Notice how these are paired. Please pair these with your fingers. This is NOT HEBREW. This is its own language -- an error channel that allows you to SIGNAL when you have endured ENOUGH of any of these errors.

Notice how this draws a triangular plane in space-time, and in one sweeping decision, checks and balances all against the possibility of CHAOS. This is FOURTH-DIMENSIONAL LOGIC.

Now, for the graphics supports, programming access to the matrix, and all tools thereof, having earned 5/5 stars, "The Future's Toolkit" is the first book to teach PARENTS & PROGRAMMERS how to write software for the mind. The book is filled with comedy, poetry, and TABLES so you can instantly get the success of a seasoned expert, for the tables are set up, "if you want to achieve THIS, then you might write your code like THAT."

So, now, let me introduce you to TWO DIFFERENT NON-HUMAN intellects. There's the one that made the hand tool system. There is the one that turned its shape into letters in a BRAND-NEW ALPHABET, and then set this letter to being the first of the word SHALOM so today, when you see how we were deceived, you can see all the PEACE WE MISSED

Find all these tools at

To see how I've used them as PEACEMAKER:

Help Me RAISE THE MARINES!! FBI gave green light!!!

David Brager

posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 08:40 PM
Whatever happens as far as people giving you guff just remember "DON'T PANIC"

how do I get the words to flash?
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posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 08:51 PM
I hope, I pray that your theory is wrong, dead wrong and just a really out there idea not based in any reality. To even think it takes chances...

The white mouse is along with the monkey one of the most abused creatures on the planet. Horrible thought.

posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 10:09 PM
Why wouldn't these aliens chose to be cats or dogs so they can truly observe us. I haven't seen a white mouse since I sold my snake 15 years ago. Why would beings from another dimension need to take any physical form to observe us?

I'm not doubting alien beings from another dimension, but little white mice posing as such sounds silly.

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